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December 11, 2005

Risk-based funding: good UPI story

Filed under: Risk Assessment — by Christian Beckner on December 11, 2005

Shaun Waterman at UPI has an incisive story that just hit the wires on the subject of risk-based funding for homeland security. This issue got a lot of attention in the last week due to the “F” grade in the 9/11 PDP report, and the article does a good job at clarifying the facts on the ground for this contentious issue.

The key points of the story:

– The percentage of funding that is risk-based has increased significantly for FY2006 (from 42% to 84%).
– But, critics argue, this is a “one year fix” due to the discretionary compromises of the appropriators. The underlying law (Sec. 1014 of the Patriot Act) remains in place to provide state minimums in the future.
– The question of how one measures risk and prioritizes resources is still unsettled (and likely will remain so).
– The spending backlog for HLS grants remains at around $8 billion.

It’s worth reading the whole thing.

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