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February 3, 2006

The Senate sets a timetable for the border bill

Filed under: Border Security,Congress and HLS — by Christian Beckner on February 3, 2006

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist set a timetable today for action on the border security bill in the Senate. Per AP:

Majority Leader Bill Frist told a group of key lawmakers involved in immigration legislation the Senate will take up the issue on March 27, Sen. John Cornyn said Thursday.

“That’s when the fireworks begin on the floor,” Cornyn said.

Sen. Cornyn also discusses some of the key areas of contention in the bill, and provides his sense of the prevailing opinion in the Senate:

Cornyn is optimistic the Senate bill will include President Bush’s proposal for an expanded immigrant guest worker program to help curb illegal immigration….

Cornyn said he doesn’t see a lot of support in the Senate for a provision denying children of illegal immigrants born in the United States citizenship or for building a fence on the southern border. But he said differences remain on giving any sort of legal status to people already in the country illegally.

Cornyn contends in the article that the House will be amenable to accepting a softer bill at the end of the day. In doing so, he perhaps underestimates the tenacity of many of the House members on this issue. I’m expecting that any compromise between the two chambers will be difficult and protracted.

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