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February 17, 2006

New Markle study on immutable audit logs

Filed under: Intelligence and Info-Sharing,Privacy and Security — by Christian Beckner on February 17, 2006

The Markle Foundation published a new report last week entitled “Implementing a Trusted Information Sharing Environment: Using Immutable Audit Logs to Increase Security, Trust, and Accountability.” It provides an interesting overview of immutable audit logs and their potential for enabling privacy and user trust in the government’s information-sharing activities.

From the executive summary:

Widespread adoption of a trusted information sharing environment (ISE) requires that users have confidence in the security of the system. To promote confidence and trust in the ISE and to help govern information sharing, the ISE should incorporate robust security and audit features, including immutable audit logs (IALs). The ability to maintain tamper-resistant logs of user activity on the network can increase security, build trust among users, ensure compliance with relevant policies and guidelines, and improve transparency and the ability to perform oversight by appropriate stakeholders outside of the system.

For those interested in security, privacy and information-sharing issues, it’s definitely worth a read.

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Comment by Charles Harding

June 5, 2006 @ 6:46 pm

The following was sent to elected officials and agencies of the government of the United States of America on June 5, 2006.

As you will learn from an investigation of the criminal misuse of the technology described in this report, Information Management is not a strong suit for the Federal Government of the United States of America. I am not reporting criminal activity by the National Security Community, but, rather, the proliferation of this once-highly-classified technology and its criminal misuse by State of Florida employees and the disturbing prospect that further proliferation has occurred.

Governmental officials that I have contacted to date have, at their best, responded with: “not in my jurisdiction.” Some replies have been quite insulting. Most appeals never receive even the dignity of a reply. A Public Demonstration will be the most effective way to focus all concerned parties on the need for action. I will greatly appreciate your help toward the resolution of the problem that I share below.

Following is the text of a PowerPoint presentation that I have made several times here in Gainesville, Florida.

Charles F. Harding III
1698 NE 16th Avenue, Apt. F
Gainesville, Florida 32601
(352) 376-6322

Microwave Surveillance-
The Florida Rendition

• “The Informer is often a stranger to the glare of publicity and full of doubts and fears. He usually does not know the news business. He does not know just whom to go to or whether his disclosure will be deemed newsworthy. Maybe, he fears, they will just yawn or even laugh at him for trying to peddle such trivial stuff and he will have exposed himself for nothing. Most of the time, the informer wants to stay hidden. Exposure will cost him his livelihood and lay him open to the most depressing harassments, for our society has not yet outgrown the hoodlum ethos, which honors the man who covers up his boss’ crime above the employee who exposes it.” (Jack Anderson, 1973)

Dear President Bush:

While our government has been devoting its energies toward the democratization of the Middle East, a comparable opportunity has arisen in the State of Florida.

A Report of Criminal Activity

• I am reporting the criminal misuse of Microwave Surveillance techniques by the Florida Public Service Commission.
• As a material witness, I will describe this technology and its effects on a human being.
• I will provide a list of State of Florida employees who are cognizant about this activity.

• Microwave Surveillance techniques have existed for over 50 years
• Information is available about this technology from public sources – libraries and the internet
• Government and Law Enforcement personnel refuse to acknowledge and pursue criminal activity in this area

Why Should People Be Concerned?
Weaponization of Microwave Transmission Technology

• It has been reported that a man who stepped in front of a microwave communications transmitter felt various disorienting effects. Needless to say, very careful and extended testing would be essential and the potential for irreversible physiological damage may be high. “Such an assault would be difficult to detect.”(1)

• “. . . microwave weapons are . . . not so new. Their concept has been in existence almost since radar was developed. It was known that the concentrated radar beam could kill, and it was explored as a potential weapon early on. The new applications for the technology possess high lethal as well as non-lethal capabilities. “They can scramble brain waves, and cause indecision, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, and uncontrolled body movement . . . humans are reduced to squirming masses.” (2)

• In his paper “Intracerebral Radio Stimulation and Recording in Completely Free Patients,” Dr. Jose Delgado observed that: “Radio Stimulation on different points in the Amygdala and Hippocampus in the four patients produced a variety of effects, including pleasant sensations, elation, deep thoughtful concentration, odd feelings, super relaxation (an essential precursor for deep hypnosis), colored visions, and other responses.” (8)

• Delgado’s work was seminal, and his experiments on humans and animals demonstrated that electronic stimulation can excite extreme emotions including rage, lust and fatigue. (8)

• As far back as 1969, Delgado predicted the day would soon arrive when a computer would be able to establish two-way radio communication with the brain — an event that first occurred in 1974. (8)

• In 1974 Lawrence Pinneo, a Neurophysiologist and Electronic Engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a leading military contractor), “developed a computer system capable of reading a person’s mind. It correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands. (8)

• From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), with up to 70-80% funding provided by the military, set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves. Memoranda of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, confirmed that the program’s initial goal was to “discover whether a carefully controlled microwave signal could control the mind.” Cesaro urged that these studies be made “for potential weapons applications.” (8)

In the Soviet Union a radio frequency, or RF, device has been used for over 30 years to manipulate the moods of mental patients. It’s called a Lida machine. It radiates pulses of radio frequency energy as well as light, sound, and heat. The pulse rate is in the extremely low-frequency range between 0 and 100 pulses per second. (8)

 Dr. Ross Adey is the top researcher at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Loma Linda, California. He has been investigating the effects of the Lida machine. (8)

 In his pioneering work, Dr. Adey determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field. (8)

• Adey and others have compiled an entire library of frequencies and pulsation rates which can affect the mind and nervous system. By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS Theta Rhythm (low level brain waves) on his subjects. (8)

Hearing for the Deaf?

• Drs. Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey experimented with microwaves seeking to transmit spoken words directly into the audio cortex via a pulsed-microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibration. Indeed, Frey’s work in this field, dating back to 1960, gave rise to the so called “Frey effect” which is now more commonly referred to as “microwave hearing. (13)

• I was dubious about (Microwave Hearing) until I saw rats react to low densities of pulsed radiation. The other side of the coin of paradox is exemplified by a colleague, a confirmed cynic, who, while being irradiated in my presence, said, “Well, I can hear the microwaves, but I still don’t believe it!” (Don R. Justesen, VA, Kansas City, MO) (14)

Why Should People Be Concerned?
Bioeffects of Exposure to Microwave Radiation- How Safe?

• “It is quite likely that certain human physiological systems can be affected by exposure to various specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. One conference participant noted that scientific knowledge of human physiology is progressing to the point where it may soon be possible to target specific physiological systems with specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to produce more subtle and fine-tuned effects.” (National Institute of Justice Initiative on Less-than-Lethal Weapons, by David W. Hayeslip & Alan Preszler, (pp. 16-18), NIJ, 1987) (1)

• In humans, EMFs in various frequencies have been found to adversely affect calcium binding at the cell surface, DNA synthesis, and cell division; to alter circadian rhythms, affect or alter some important enzyme activities, and affect specific glands like the pineal and the hypothalamus area of the brain as well as the production of certain neurotransmitters, . . . like serotonin and dopamine production; to increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier; to create artificial stress responses; to over stimulate the immune system initially, then suppress it and decrease T-lymphocyte production; . . . and to promote malignant tumor growth with particular concentrations in the central nervous system, in the blood and skeletal systems, and in glandular tissue. The eyes, the brain, and the testes seem to be especially prone to abnormal effects from the RF frequencies. (21)

• Radio-wave sickness is the term the Soviet researchers used to describe this clinical syndrome. It included functional disturbances of the central nervous system such as headaches, increased susceptibility to fatigue, increased irritability, dizziness, sleepiness, sweating, concentration difficulties, memory loss, depression, emotional instability, mild limb tremors, cardiac arrhythmias, increases in blood pressure, and appetite loss. Thyroid enlargement, benign adrenal-gland tumors, and rashes were also observed. Less common, but also reported were hallucinations, insomnia, fainting, and internal organ or intestinal difficulties. Also, auditory channels were stimulated when the head was exposed to low-power, pulse-modulated RF. (21)

• Louis Slesin, publisher of Microwave News, a leading newsletter on health-related information, points to a number of disturbing studies he says have not been properly followed up on, including work relating to abnormal cell growth, DNA breakage, and increased cancer incidence in mice. (9)

• Wireless Technology Research, an independent group funded by the cell-phone industry . . . to study cell phones’ effects, has conducted a laboratory study on human blood that found genetic damage from exposure to microwaves of the type that cell phones emit. (9)

• Another study that looked at actual brain-cancer cases found a more than doubled risk of one rare type among cell-phone users compared with nonusers, says WTR head George Carlo. (9)

• “Researchers have been shafted,” says Ross Adey, a (VA and) University of California at Riverside neurologist and longtime contract researcher for Motorola who is regarded as one of the field’s best. “The industry has fostered the view that (microwave frequencies) have been proven safe with no evidence to back it up. I’m frustrated with the power of money to manipulate the research and government regulators.” (20)

Why Should People Be Concerned?
Stun Effect and Overheating

• Mission Research Corp. of Albuquerque, N.M., has used a computer to study the ability of microwaves to stimulate the body’s peripheral nervous system. “If sufficient peripheral nerves fire, then the body shuts down to further stimulus, producing the so-called Stun Effect.” (9)

• Stun Effects on a targeted individual rise proportionately with the strength of the transmitted signal.
Very Annoying
Extremely Annoying
The Technical term for this capability is Variable Lethality

• Typical of some of the more exotic projects are those from Clay Easterly. Last December, Easterly- who works at the Health Sciences Research Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory- briefed the Marine Corps on work he has done for the National Institute of Justice, which does research on Crime Control. One of the projects he suggested was an electromagnetic gun that would induce “epileptic-like seizures.” Another was a “thermal gun” that would have the operational effect of heating the body to 105-107 degrees Fahrenheit. Such effects would bring on discomfort, fevers, or even death. (9)

Effects of Overheating
• Microwave Radiation heats the body’s water molecules
• Between 105 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit the targeted person will experience a Seizure
• At 109 degrees Fahrenheit Death occurs

Active Denial System- “A New Breed of Weapon,” Associated Press, July 13, 2005 (17)
• Directed energy weapons could play a role in fighting conflicts in coming years and bring numerous advantages to U.S. troops who have to deal with a hostile but unarmed crowd
Active Denial System- Sends a nonlethal beam of energy to repel people without injury
Beam traveling at the speed of light, penetrates the skin to 1/64 of an inch, causing a burning sensation
Antenna focuses the invisible beam ( the range of the beam is classified)
Transmitter produces energy at a frequency of 95 GHZ (A 2-second burst can heat the skin to 130 degrees Fahrenheit)

• “About a half a second after ‘One’, I felt a warm spot on my back. A millisecond later the heat intensified dramatically, as though someone were pressing a burner on my back. I expected to hear sizzling, to smell burning flesh. The pain exploded to the point where I was no longer actually thinking, and I certainly wasn’t in any control of my reactions . . . I had lasted about two seconds.” From Popular Science, 5/03. (18)

• C-Band Pain- The same painful effects from Overheating and the Stun Effect are felt by an individual targeted by a microwave satellite transmission generated in the Range of 3.7 to 4.2 GHZ, C-Band satellite operations.

Why Should People Be Concerned?
Microwave Surveillance
Commercial Satellites

• Surveillance from Satellites- Microwave Surveillance from space has been conducted by governmental agencies and corporate entities using commercial communications satellites against unsuspecting citizens since the 1970’s.

• In October of 1945, Arthur C. Clarke reasoned that if a satellite were positioned high enough above the Earth’s equator, its orbit could be matched by the rotation of the Earth. In recognition of his pioneering vision, this band of outer space “real estate” is called the Clarke Orbit. (10)

• Each satellite is both a receiver and a transmitter. First, the ground station, also called the uplink, sends a signal to the satellite. The satellite automatically changes the signals frequency and retransmits it back to stations on the ground. This second path is called the downlink. (10)

• Throughout the Americas, numerous satellites are available that operate within the frequency spectrum ranging from 3.7 to 4.2 Gigahertz (GHZ). This frequency range is known as the “C” Band. This is the frequency range of observed Microwave Surveillance operations. (10)

• The satellite’s transmission area covers a certain part of the Earth’s surface, called a footprint. A satellite is much like a broadcasting tower 22,300 miles high, an automatic relay station that can transmit into a coverage area, which encompasses up to 42.4 percent of the Earth’s surface. (10)

Footprints to Surveillance

• An agency with access to a satellite’s operating codes can “commandeer” the services of one of the satellite’s transponders and conduct surveillance of a targeted individual and intercept all conversations and sounds within the surroundings of this individual. “(The National Security Agency is) charged with intercepting and interpreting Signals Intelligence…Satellites deep in space listen as if they were on an old-fashioned party line.” (From Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen’s book One-Eyed Kings. (p. 44)) (11)

• A subsequent passage refers to GLOWWORM, which allows individuals to be tracked “under ground, under water, anywhere”. Think of tracking a person based on their dental work such as “gold bridges”. (11)

• Building from the definition for “Radar”- Radio for Direction And Ranging- the radio signal beamed as the downlink from a satellite transponder functions as radar picking up the much denser gold bridges. The greater density of the gold bridges relative to the predominately water-based quality of the human body and the even lesser density of the surrounding air, make such a person an easy target.

• Meet a person who has been tracked as far North as Montreal, Canada and as far South as San Juan, Puerto Rico, including transit on the Metro subway system of Washington, D.C. and an airplane ride to Puerto Rico, by the staff of the Florida Public Service Commission using a 3.7 to 4.2 Gigahertz Microwave Signal bounced off a satellite 22,300 miles in space targeted on his three gold bridges, to track his movements, his conversations, his thoughts, his dreams, and to conduct Terrorism Without Fear of Prosecution.

• Black Operations deserve some level of accountability.

• Why not ask the National Security Agency (NSA) for their input, since they use this technology? (24)
California Chronicle: Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On …
NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring
… NSA SigInt uses EMF-transmitted Brain Stimulation as a communications …

Why Should People Be Concerned?

 The measurement of Brain Waves, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta, by Electroencephalography (EEG) is an accepted practice around the world.

 Signals Interception and Manipulation of Brain Wave Activity are among the most fascinating and troubling characteristics of Microwave Surveillance Operations.

“Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans?” Jonas Holmes, May 19, 2006

 NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950’s, which included neurological research into “radiation” (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as “Radiation Intelligence,” defined as “information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear detonation.” (24)

 The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all the electrical activity in the brain continuously. (24)

 For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain’s auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). (24)

 NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia. (24)

 Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject’s brain and show images from the subject’s brain on a video monitor. (24)

 NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject’s eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject’s brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes. (24)

 NSA SigInt can remotely detect, identify and monitor a person’s bioelectric fields. (24)

 The NSA’s Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to remotely and non-invasively monitor information in the human brain by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in the 30-50 hz,.5 milliwatt electro-magnetic emissions from the brain. (24)

 Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 hz, .5 milliwatt electromagnetic (EMF) wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called “evoked potentials.” (24)

 Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event, and visual image in the brain has a corresponding “evoked potential” or set of “evoked potentials.” The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject’s brain. (24)

 EMF Brain Stimulation works by sending a complexly coded and pulsed electromagnetic signal to trigger evoked potentials (events) in the brain, thereby forming sound and visual images in the brain’s neural circuits. EMF Brain Stimulation can also change a person’s brain-states and affect motor control. (24)

 Two-way Electronic Brain-Link is done by remotely monitoring neural audio-visual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex (bypassing the ears) and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex (bypassing the optic nerves and eyes, the images appear as floating 2-D screens in the brain). (24)

 RNM requires decoding the resonance frequency of each specific brain area. That frequency is then modulated in order to impose information in that specific brain area. The frequency to which the various brain areas respond varies from 3 Hz to 50 Hz. Only NSA Signals Intelligence modulates signals in this frequency band. (24)

Examples of EMF Brain Stimulation:
 (Brain Area)
 (Bioelectric Resonance Frequency)
 (Information Induced Through Modulation)
 Motor Control Cortex
 10 HZ
 Motor Impulse Co-ordination
 Auditory Cortex
 15 HZ
 Sound which bypasses the ears
 Visual Cortex
 25 HZ
 Images in the brain, bypassing the eyes
 Somatosensory Cortex
 09 HZ
 Phantom Touch Sense

Tracking a target, capturing the sounds in the targeted individual’s environment, the Stun Effect, Overheating, and terrorism via the transmission of “Voices” and “Images” with a satellite-based communication signal into a human head create a starting point for understanding the Danger of Covert Microwave Surveillance Operations.

• Most citizens are completely unaware of the use of focused Microwave Radiation as a weapon against unsuspecting victims

• Long-term biological effects leading to cancer and death follow the brutal victimization via the thermal and nonthermal effects of such an assault

Taking Microwave Surveillance to Court

Information can be readily compiled from public sources and the provisions of USCA, Title 18, Chapter 119 covering Electronic Surveillance allow government, through the authorization of a cognizant court, to utilize multiple avenues toward the assurance of an effective demonstration.

The real difficulty associated with reporting Microwave Surveillance technology abuses is that this technology sounds like something from science fiction and a description of its effects fits nicely into the clinical definition of paranoid schizophrenia.

The Tenth Judicial Circuit in Oregon has considered a comparable technology, FLIR or Forward Looking Infrared Radar. FLIR detects even the tiniest differences in temperature and enables its user to detect what is happening inside buildings, by more or less looking through the walls themselves.

• The Tenth Circuit, however, has raised questions about the new technologies, including FLIR. The Court threw out a case in which agents had used FLIR to locate marijuana by detecting the heat of artificial lamps used to grow the plants. “To hold otherwise would leave the privacy of the home at the mercy of government’s ability to exploit technological advances.”

• “The government could always argue that an individual’s failure (or inability) to ward off the incursions of the latest scientific innovation forfeits the protection of the Fourth Amendment.”

• “The government would allow the privacy of the home to hinge upon the outcome of a technological measure/counter-measure between the average citizen and the government, a race, we expect, that the people would surely lose.”

• This decision was upheld in the U.S. Supreme Court by a 5-4 decision. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the majority that the court could not cast away the Florence, OR, man’s Fourth Amendment protections against illegal searches to allow police to use “sense-enhancing technology.”

• “Any evidence obtained from the interior of someone’s home, which could not have been gathered legally by a physical intrusion, constitutes a search,” he wrote. “That’s especially true,” he said, “when the technology is not in general public use.”

• Once the Court system is allowed to consider Microwave Surveillance, a comparable determination will undoubtedly follow.

So why not have a Public Demonstration?

• Would it really be all that hard?

• At the Florida Public Service Commission in Tallahassee, Florida, a Teleconferencing Station centering around a Microwave Transceiver and Parabolic Microwave Transmission Dish is used to create an uplink to a Commercial Communication Satellite from which they conduct Surveillance and Terrorism. The returning, downlink, signal is then demodulated allowing the sights and sounds of the targeted person’s environment to be presented on television and recorded.

• Any television station with a mobile news van can demonstrate Microwave Surveillance techniques.

• The U.S. Commerce Department’s “Critical Technology Assessment of the Optoelectronics Industry, 1994” (available through the University of Florida Science Library) identifies the University of Florida as a center of research in this area. The Larsen Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building is less than a football field distant from the Psychology Building.

• Considering how simple a demonstration of this technology will be, how exciting is the prospect of an interdisciplinary review of Microwave Surveillance techniques?

• The potential good to be derived from the open sharing of Microwave Surveillance techniques far outweigh the negatives.

Why Should People Be Concerned?
Potential Benefits-
But Governmental Oversight
Must Be Established

• Law enforcement, the legal community, sleep research, psychology, and psychiatry are all professional communities which will dramatically benefit from the availability of this technology which allows the images and sounds from within a human head to be presented and recorded- visually onscreen and audibly.

• “John Norseen, a scientist with Lockheed Martin, is often able to discern when subjects are thinking of particular numbers. He predicts that by 2005, brain mappers will be able to automatically scan the skulls of everyone going through airports to search for potential hijackers.” (15)

• Space technology would be adapted to receive and analyze brain-wave and heartbeat patterns, then feed that data into computerized programs ‘to detect passengers who potentially might pose a threat,’ according to briefing documents obtained by The Washington Times. (15)

• NASA wants to use ‘noninvasive neuro-electric sensors,’ imbedded in gates, to collect tiny electric signals that all brains and hearts transmit. Computers would apply statistical algorithms to correlate physiologic patterns with computerized data on travel routines, criminal background and credit information from ‘hundreds to thousands of data sources,’ NASA documents say. (6)

 Dr. John Norseen, a Lockheed Martin neuroengineer, in an interview with a reporter about the misuse of the electronic inventions said,


(1) National Institute of Justice Initiative on Less-than-Lethal Weapons, by David W. Hayeslip & Alan Preszler,
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