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March 27, 2006

DHS provides new details on DPW deal condition

Filed under: Port and Maritime Security,Privacy and Security — by Christian Beckner on March 27, 2006

The DHS privacy office has published the Privacy Impact Assessment for DHS’s agreement with Dubai Ports World (at the time when DPW was still pursuing the acquisition) related to the Department’s ability to screen P&O’s US-based employees to assess their terror risk and be able to uncover an insider threat. The document discloses the terms of this DHS-imposed condition in greater depth than has been publicly disclosed to date:

TSA will collect the name, job title, date of birth, and social security number, as well as alien registration number if applicable, from P&O NA for all of its employees operating in the United States. Individuals will be compared to watch list information held by the Terrorist Screening Center in the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) and will be checked for immigration status. In the event an individual is identified as a security threat, a redress process will be available. This process will entail the collection of additional information about the individual in order to resolve any issues regarding misidentification. The additional information sought will vary based on the reasons for any misidentification. The redress process is more fully explained in section 7.2 below.

The importance of this document is now largely historical, but it provides an interesting window into vetting processes for people working in high-risk positions. For more information on the Privacy Impact Assessment process, see this page on the DHS Privacy Office’s website, which contains a full collection of PIA’s.

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