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April 27, 2006

Senate report recommends abolishing FEMA

Filed under: Congress and HLS,Organizational Issues,Preparedness and Response — by Christian Beckner on April 27, 2006

The headline story this morning is the Senate’s partial release of their report on Katrina, and the report’s first recommendation, to scrap FEMA:

Foundational Recommendation #1- Create a New, Comprehensive Emergency Management Organization within DHS to Prepare for and Respond to All Disasters and Catastrophes.

Hurricane Katrina exposed flaws in the structure of FEMA and DHS that are too substantial to mend. We propose to abolish FEMA and build a stronger, more capable structure within DHS. The structure will form the foundation of the nation’s emergency management system. It will be an independent entity within DHS, but will draw on the resources of the Department and will be led and staffed by capable, committed individuals. We must create a robust National Preparedness and Response Authority (NPRA) within the Department of Homeland Security. The NPRA would fuse the Department’s emergency management, preparedness and critical infrastructure assets into a powerful new organization that can confront the challenges of natural or man-made catastrophes. It will provide critical leadership for preparedness and response by combining key federal personnel and assets, as well as federal partnerships with state and local officials and the private sector to prepare for and respond to terror attacks or natural disasters.

Here are the direct links to the executive summary, findings, and recommendations. More detailed analysis to follow.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

April 29, 2006 @ 10:16 am

I guess this means that David Paulinson’s nomination as the Under Secretary for the Federal Emergency Management Directorate submitted by the Administration in early April is dead. So we go into the new hurrican season leaderless.

Comment by Eulah Bucanan

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