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June 8, 2006

Changes to HLS Watch

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Christian Beckner on June 8, 2006

As you may have noticed, I’m testing out a new template for Homeland Security Watch.  I’m still planning to tweak it, but I think that it’s an improvement over the old template, which was functional but a bit drab.  Your comments and suggestions about the blog’s new look are welcome.

In addition, I’m launching two new features on the site today: first, a set of bulletin boards where people can discuss homeland security issues, post employment opportunities, announce events, critique the site, and otherwise rant and/or rave.

Second, I’ve set up the software to create a wiki for homeland security here at HLS Watch.  One of the challenges that I’ve noticed in the field of homeland security is that there is no single good reference source for understanding the missions, programs, people, agencies, acronyms, technologies, threats, etc., etc. that are relevant to homeland security.  Several textbooks have emerged in the last few years that attempt to provide an encyclopedic approach to homeland security, but their linear character doesn’t necessarily capture the complexity of homeland security as an integrated concept, and events are moving so quickly that written materials are often dated.

Right now there is very little content on the wiki, but I plan to start building its content in the coming days and weeks.  And of course, the whole point of having a wiki is that it is intended to be open-source and collaborative.  I invite all of you to contribute or edit a page (or more) where you have expertise.  Over time, I think this type of process can lead to an deep trove of knowledge about homeland security, useful to experts and non-experts alike.  That’s the goal anyway.

You can access the forums and the wiki site by clicking on the tabs underneath the banner picture of DC.

And finally, I’m still planning to add a roster of occasional posters into the mix in the near future – if you’re interested, drop me a line.

Update (6/9): The initial round of minor fixes to the new template is complete. Thanks to those of you who sent comments and suggestions yesterday!

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