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August 16, 2006

UK aviation plot: mid-week update

Filed under: Aviation Security,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Christian Beckner on August 16, 2006

Below are links to key stories related to the UK terror plot from the last 48 hours that I haven’t previously mentioned:

1. British officials took the first steps yesterday to extradite the apparent mastermind of the plot, Rashid Rauf, from Pakistan. And The Independent reports on potential links between two of the people arrested in the aviation plot and 9/11 conspirator Said Bahaji.

2. Sec. Chertoff opines in USA Today on the changes to aviation security, saying that the two core principles for aviation security efforts are flexibility and a layered approach.

3. The New York Times looked yesterday at the passenger pre-screening element of aviation security, and the recent spats between the US, the EU, and airlines over the provision of information to the US government.

4. The Wall Street Journal looked closely on Tuesday at another area of vulnerability in the aviation system: air cargo on commercial flights. The article examines a current pilot project in San Francisco to test an air cargo screening system, and looking at the challenges associated with efforts to address this vulnerability.

5. BAA, the private sector operator of Heathrow airport, is being roundly criticized by public officials and airlines for their inability to quickly adapt to the changed security regime, largely as a result of short-staffing – a lesson to those who think that private sector screening is some kind of panacea. And the new security rules in the UK apparently have a loophole for people transiting through the UK (although I always recall being rescreened at Heathrow when transiting there).

6. EU interior ministers prepare to meet today to discuss European-wide consequences of the plot.

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Comment by Ballstonian

August 16, 2006 @ 3:53 pm

Thank you for tracking the investigation so carefully. You have the best homeland security site on the web.

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