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August 21, 2006

TWIC dispute stalls new regulations

Filed under: Port and Maritime Security,Technology for HLS — by Christian Beckner on August 21, 2006

The Federal Register today contains a notice from the Coast Guard and TSA regarding the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program, announcing a decision to modify the earlier Notice of Proposed Rule Making, following pressure from members of Congress about the rules:

TSA and Coast Guard have concluded that facility and vessel owners and operators will not be required to purchase or install card readers during the first phase of the TWIC implementation. Additionally, a requirement to purchase and install card readers will not be implemented until the public is afforded further opportunity to comment on that aspect of the TWIC program. The details of this approach will be explained in the next rulemaking.

Washington Technology reported last week that biometric industry representatives are upset about this change, which presumably cuts into their revenue estimates for TWIC. If there are legitimate concerns about which technologies to use (an issue that is hamstringing the similar PASS program) then it makes sense for a slight delay to work these out. But this change should not permanent, because it undermines the core rationale for the TWIC program of being able to reliably validate the IDs of workers at a port.

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Comment by William Crawford

May 22, 2009 @ 1:15 pm

Honokohau Harbor in Kona,Hawaii is a Public Facility with all the Public Amenities Gas Stations,Sundry Stores,Restuarants,2 Boat Yards,2 Public Beaches,2 Launch Ramps(5000 Trailer Boats Use)and Flow Through Traffic.Homeless People Live in Honokohau Harbor and Drug Dealers use the Payphones,But the Licenced Captains(37 Years) with Million Dollar Insurance on “U.S.C.G.Documented Vessels”need the TWIC Cards?The U.S.C.G.Honolulu has Letters of Recommendation and Sea Time on Me from 1968 and Renewed 7 times all Noterized and Documented.Also we have Consortium Cards,Passports,Drivers Licences,Commercial Fishing Licences,Business Licences,Commercial Slip Permits,Homeowners,Fathers,Taxpayers Ect.Honokohau Harbor is Home to Sportfishing Boats,Dive Boats,Whale Watch Boats,Snorkel Boats in a NON SECURE Open Harbor.Thousands of Rental Cars per year Come and Go through the Harbor Area and is a Gathering Place for the Locals and Tourists Alike,But the Licenced Captains Need the TWIC Cards?Crusing Yachts Sail and Power also come and Go,But the Honokohau Captains need TWIC CARDS??In Honokohau Harbor theres a Bare Boat Rental Business where Anyone with $300.oo or a Credit Card can rent a 20ft boat and go anywhere they want?It just dosn’t make any sence?TWIC’s for Honokohau?When Boarded by the U.S.S.Coast Guard Cutter”Kiska”back in March the Uniformed U.S.C.G.Officer when showen the TWIC Card Laughed and asked for a Hawaiian Drivers Licence and said we in Honokohau Harbor would NEVER NEED or USE the TWIC Card Except to save our MMD or Livilyhood of 37 Years?Even D.Inouye(D-Hawaii)one of the Founding TWIC Senators said when first asked back in May 2008 said that Honokohau Harbor Did Not Need the TWIC Cards?But changed his mind a couple weeks later?200 of the U.S.C.G Licenced Captains in Honokohau Harbor have there TWIC’S and Not One has been Used!Please Help Stop this Madness!! S-3377 was a Start but got lost in the 111 Congressnal Session Somehow?? Thank You for what you can do..Captain Bill Crawford “Chiripa Sportfishing” Kona,Hawaii……

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