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April 25, 2007

Emergency War Supp Funds the Homefront

Filed under: Budgets and Spending,Congress and HLS — by Jonah Czerwinski on April 25, 2007

Whatever the fate of this war supplemental, it is hard to accept the argument that all of the domestic spending included is out-of-scope.  The House-Senate agreement (HR 1591) provides about $2.25 billion in funds directed at homeland security needs.  The original request included zero homeland dollars. Below is a comparison chart provided by CQ Homeland Security that the Congress released showing the breakdown of funds.

Congressional comparison chart of Emergency Supp

Among the highlights:

  • $978 million for aviation security
  • $458.5 million for border and container security
  • $652.5 million for security grants to ports, transit systems and states.
  • $115 million for the Secure Freight Initiative and SAFE Ports Act. 
  • $325 million for rail and transit security
  • $223.5 million the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office to acquire and deploy a fleet of next generation Radiation Portal Monitors.

I’m in Berlin for the next few days courtesy Aspen Institute.  In the meantime, please offer your thoughts on the war supplemental. 

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Comment by William R. Cumming

April 26, 2007 @ 4:25 pm

Funding the GWOT by supplementals was the choice of the Executive Branch not Congress. It sends the message implicitly that the Executive Branch is unable to think long-term for the “Long War.” Better known as shooting yourself in the foot. Now the real impact is about to be revealed in a veto and now both feet will have holes in them.

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