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September 20, 2007

Welcome, Mr. Secretary, to the Blogosphere

Filed under: DHS News,General Homeland Security — by Jonah Czerwinski on September 20, 2007

Readers may have noticed that we’ll need to add a new one to the blogroll here.  Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is now blogging.  I don’t think he sleeps.  The man is dealing with one of the most motley of bureaucracies in one of the most political environments, and he still finds time to post.  Looking at my frequency of updates here lately, I’m feeling rather inadequate.

But the Secretary seems to be enjoying himself.  The Leadership Journal, as the blog is named, affords him some freedom to rebut his critics in the press without interruption.  A recent post of his took the New York Times to task for an editorial about DHS authorities and performance.  Attending to this topic would demand a daily update with all the commentary underway from the GAO to the IG to the Congress.  Heck, perhaps HLSWatch.com will rise to the attention of the Leadership Journal….

Before we get ahead of ourselves, following is the caveat set for the Secretary’s blog:

• This Journal is not to be used to report criminal activity. If you have information for law enforcement, please contact your local police or FBI office or submit a tip to the FBI online.

• Do not send in questions or status inquiries about your specific immigration or citizenship case or questions about your passport or visa. Contact USCIS directly regarding citizenship, and the State Department regarding international travel.

• This is a thought journal, not a substitute channel for services or general questions. See “Contact Us” on www.dhs.gov, to get help from the Department and components.

• Reporter questions will not be posted. Reporters should contact the Press Office through their normal channels.

However, you can always report criminal activity or request citizenship status reports right here on HLSWatch.com.

Update 9/20/07: You can not report criminal activity or request citizenship status reports right here on HLSWatch.com

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Comment by William R. Cumming

September 20, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

Incredible! A direct link to the outside world. Even accepted my posting of a tasking of HSPD-8 to issue an annual report on status of preparedness in the US. I believe it is section 24 of that HSPD. Hope the DHS Secretary’s blog doesn’t label him a rate breaker with the other Cabinet Secretaries. Wouldn’t it be fun if the AG had a blog.

Comment by Stephany Aarestad

August 6, 2010 @ 1:05 am

Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks. Sometimes, parents of children with learning disabilities just can’t be bothered, and hire their own specialist.

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