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January 7, 2008

Terrorism and Iraq Give Way to the Economy in Voters’ Minds

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Jonah Czerwinski on January 7, 2008

Polls of adult Americans over the last year show trends in threat perceptions and priorities in the terrorism and homeland security domain. I converted some of the findings from this CNN/Gallup poll into the following charts. These two questions captured an important metric about how a cross-section of the electorate is thinking.  (The poll includes other questions that deal with Iraq, Iran, and Middle East peace specifically.)

When asked how worried they are that they would become a victim of terrorism, most said that they were “not too worried” across the seventeen-month span of the survey ending in December. Being “somewhat worried” ranked second consistently, but those asked were almost twice as likely to be not worried at all as opposed to very worried that they or a family member would be a victim of terrorism. Either there isn’t all that much fear-mongering these days, or it isn’t really registering.


And its still the economy, stupid. When asked about the “most important” issue for determining who should be the next president, terrorism and the war in Iraq gradually give way to the economy. In fact, terrorism rarely ranks 12% as the most important issue. Last summer, Iraq dominated with 31% of the voters’ attention. But through the fall and into December, despite the constant debate about funding our troops and whether/when to bring them home, Iraq could not compete with the credit crisis and job losses. The economy is the number one issue.


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January 7, 2008 @ 8:49 am

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Comment by William R. Cumming

January 7, 2008 @ 9:40 am

It would be interesting to correlate news coverage with the Iraq/Afganistan wars. Are they inversely proportional?
My guess is that stricter censorship and danger to reporters has reduced accurate coverage of the wars. At the same time the focus on the economy is partly a function of the need for an issue for the Democratic candidates. Without unanimous opposition to the war, the DEMS have played into the Republican message and even though the economy is the stated primary concern it is unlikely that any of the DEMS will if elected actually withdraw from Iraq or Afghanistan. It is truly the “Long War” now. There is little to energize an anti-war movement and only another large-scale domestic attack would refocus on the issues raised by 9/11. My guess is that AQ is smart enough to want to avoid stimulating further activity of a military nature by the only Nation-State willing to fight militarily. Better to allow a doctrine of “Salami Tactics” (a slice at a time) and demographics undermine Western Judaeo-Christendom. Look for Israel to be the real beneath the horizon foreign policy issue in 2008. Especially, if Bloomberg enters the Presidential race after the S.C. primary a week from tomorrow.

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January 7, 2008 @ 9:54 am

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Comment by Christopher Tingus

January 8, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

Surely the economy is in the forefront of today’s citizenry for Americans must fill their cars with gas and heat their homes, pay their interest only mortgages and credit cards and associate charges while fiding their respective credit scores spiralling downwards causing costs to borrow spike..

Neighbors and friends everywhere are hearing not-too-distant talk of possible lay-offs, of cuts in bonuses, and more contributions required by employer for benefits.

Sure they are concerned about the Palestinian who often has no electricity for sometimes eight or more hours a day..Mothers and children in Africa often in dire need of subsitance and simple necessities. We talk about issues not only affecting us, but everyone. We work hard to earn our living. Dollars do not grow on trees as some believe….Christians, Muslims, Jews and all others work to make a Life offering opportunity for the present and future. No one says it is easy.

In fact, Americans on the street feel we are in a recession and fear the whispers they are hearing of depression not only for Americans here, but for everyone everywhere….for we as a people Blessed to work together to be allowed to express our individuality and resourcefulness to create, to produce and taking pride in our work realize that the void in leadership on behalf of the majority, the void of leadership globally on behalf of our children will cause more despair for so many and not at all acceptable….

On the street, more and more are becoming ever concerned about the cost of living and hearing that unemployment is beginning to rise causing anxiety and mortgage payments are getting paid later and later if at all!

While we are the most generous people in the world giving more to charity than anyone in history and do not hate Arabs as a few may believe in the Arab world even as we support Israel which we must do in covenant to the Lord, however respectful to one another and certainly a compassionate people to Arab and Jew alike in the same relationship with the Lord.

In the world of globalization, we are all working to overcome poverty and diseases. None of us can afford a recession and certainly not a depression and our children no matter where are tired of trusting those leading government and economic decision-making and finding their world in so much disharmony.

As citizens, we strive to dictate to our officials entrusted with our vote to convey support for all parties hoping that all understand that everyone should be invited to the table and every and all issues must be discussed. Everyone who is willing to respect one another should be afforded the opportunity to present their concerns, their hopes.

Much progress is being made in Iraq and throughout the Middle East and those seeking our demise hope that you don’t hear any of this news.

Here in America, the majority are dissatisfied that so many manufacturing jobs have beeng “outsourced” for the sake of corporate profits. They call their credit cards or department stores and someone in India answers the phone. What’s the matter with customer service being answered by American workers. Nothing!

Voters look to Washington whether Democrat or Republican and ask what “politicians” are thinking as the mistrust among voters of those in Washington is quite apparent.

We have a void in leadership and those who have chosen to serve the public interest have placed their personal agenda first with no accountability to the diligent individuals of this country who pay their taxes to support the majority interests.

People are tired as Americans work more hours at their job than most. Sure people are worried as banks are charging $3.00 fees just for the use of withdrawing $20.00 from an ATM machine.

Sure people are worried about the spending overseas not only in Iraq, but in so many countries globally where we as a people have spent countless dollars to help people everywhere despite many political perspectives.

It is not the criticism we mind from time to time as we agree with you that Democrats and Republicans alike fail us as well just like many of your political leaders, but it is the lack of respect that we don’t appreciate for our trying to help.

Like here in the States, often political personal agendas by the few seem to undermine what the majority truly desires in improving Life for all and to live with one another with respect for values and cultural as well as religious differences.

To the EU and its leadership, stop undermining the United States in trade initiatives and military objectives and clasp hands with the United States and instead of trying to become the more dominant, work together to encourage others in leadership to thwart terrorism which only take the lives of innocents and to make responsible leadership decisions to promote a better local and global economy promising a better world for children and all striving to improve Life everywhere. The politicizing here and there must stop. We must volunteer and help one another not only in time of natural disaster, but in time now ehen the world faces the real possibility of global depression.

Science and technology promise so much for so many. This is your watch and every individual can make a difference to improve relations and understanding which will lead to progress and quality in economic benefits for every child, man and woman no matter their longitude and latitude! Together we can overcome the perils which are imposed on us by others who care little for the real meaning of Life and caring for one another.

God Bless all!

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