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August 4, 2008

The Eastern Front?

Filed under: International HLS,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Jonah Czerwinski on August 4, 2008

Two presumed terrorists crashed a truck bomb into a state police station Monday and threw two grenades, killing 16 policemen and wounding 16 others. It wasn’t in Iraq or Afghanistan. Nor was the attack even in the Middle East. This was in China.

Chinese officials have warned that Uighur extremists with links to foreign-based Islamist extremist organizations pose the greatest security threat to the Beijing Olympic Games.

The attack killed patrol troops from the People’s Armed Police, a paramilitary force responsible for putting down riots, guarding embassies and safeguarding the border. Last month, police in the regional capital killed five Uighurs in a raid on an apartment. Authorities accused them of preparing a holy war against Chinese rule.

Chinese authorities have identified the East Turkestan Islamic Movement as a key terrorist group in this situation. The Washington Post reports in its coverage of today’s bombing that China executed three people in the restive Xinjiang region July 9 convicted of being East Turkestan Islamic Movement members. The Uighur population is overwhelmingly Muslim seeks to break away from Chinese rule.

In April China announced that it had broken up two Uighur terrorist cells plotting to kidnap foreigners and bomb hotels during the Olympics. 45 people were arrested and accused of ties to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

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Comment by Christopher Tingus

August 5, 2008 @ 6:13 am

Any terrorist group wishing to conduct a terrorist plot on Chinese soil should have their head examined even more so….I find any individual or group willing to kill innocents to acheive their objectives nothing less than outright murder and cowardly deeds and indifferece of the Blessings of Life afforded every human being on this earth.

I have worked with Chinese business and government leaders at senior level in numerous commercial project initiatives and today while very involved and quite focused with my pan-Asian teams comprising compassionate and intellectually-oriented individuals with very challenging projects and people quite savvy and educated, committed in their wish to excel in achievement in a China which is very slowly transitioning itself to accomodate some of the 21st century mannerisms as young people everywhere seek more freedom in thought and a government entrusted to convey proper respect to the populace.

Human rights are paramount to a healthy and truly representative and productive environment where individual thought and creativity can create a nation such as my beloved country, the United States of America comprised of a melting pot of individuals who have evolved into the most charitable people found, a compassionate and very hard working people who entrust those they place in office wishing to serve the public interest. Today, the populace at large are are becoming distrustful and weary of the corruption and lack of harmonious ways, the inability of both sides of the aisle to work together other than for special interest groups, am entrusted leadership unwilling to enhance the goodness, to further the entrepreneurial successes of the industrial revolution to use the technology to achieve so much for so many people everywhere.

The United States stood tall to stop Germany as its swept the globe with its agenda to enslave the world. We are beginning to look at the demise of our inherent principals as we see a void in Congressional integrity, pride and honor in position afforded by the people, for the people!

The Bible speaks of every nation and form of government since Babylon which has never truly prevailed because of man’s self-serving nature and unwillingness to repent to truly look to the majority interests. People will pick up the sword rather than sit together and make every attempt to compromise and to my dismay, kill innocent men, woemen and children for no reason.

Dysfunction certainly prevails as its is evident that lack of respect for one another, our similarities and our differences, and patience in making an attempt to be enlightened as to all perspective and making a mature decision is far too often unfortunately, too much of an effort! We change history books at our whim to suit personal agenda.

We fail to learn invaluable lessons from history and unless we look back, our tecnological progress will sadly be lost to the sword and the apathy of global leadership in edicating our young and offering hope and peace to a world where the Chinese saying is so true, “there is no peace under the tree of Life!” Adam and Eve continue to their self-indulgent ways despite promise of happiness and peace throughout.

We must note that it is the United States that is the only nation to do so much in stomping out slavery and human abuse and while China has much work to its continuing efforts pertaining to such matters, the terrorists and in fact as some refer as the freedom fighters challenging the complexity of a nation which has survived much over these last five-thousand years, best be prepared to suffer the consequences as Chinese officials are well prepared to thwart any such efforts and will do so in a convincing way.

As the 21st Century presses forward, China is in fact changing. It is making an effort to amend many of its practices and while this political, economic and social process is slow to transition, as China leads the pan-Asian sector and its wonderful people into the next century as a leader in business and pther sectors as a result of its commitment in diligence and achievement, terrorist activities will undoubtedly be closely monitored and addressed with heavy hand.

We must look to the stars and sky as sophisticated technological advancements mean much promise as well as the need for cyber and universal challenges and we must look to the horizon and beyond to see our environmentally woes and promise as well.

We must stop this outrage of terrorist plots which kill innocents and we must clasp hands and demand accountability, integrity and the willingness despite our profound differences to seek understanding of our similarities.

We must willingly sit down even in distrust to meet face to face and make every effort to understand one another and respect one another as men and women responsible on our watch for formulating a level of dialogue permitting ideas and agreements not just picking up the sword!

Demand accountability and intergrity and begin with yourself for all of us are responsible for our actions to one another and before the Lord.

The trillions of dollars wasted on security everywhere from one another could have been used to create a wonderful Life for every man, woman and child for generations to come and we seem to only choose selfish agenda and corruption as man’s choice. Reality yes, however, what a shame and a disgrace before the Lord who has blessed each of us with this day to clasp the hand of a loved one, a friend, a neighbor, a stranger and the killing of innocents and acts of cowardly terrorist acts are the seemingly the choice of some in this generation which will learn that such choices are not truly man’s way….

Christopher Tingus

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 5, 2008 @ 4:28 pm

The suppression of the non-HAN population continues. It will be interesting to see the “TIGER” ridden by the Chinese Communist heirarchy in the next two decades. Wow! Probably will have to be the most skillful performance of politicians in history to avoid breakup of China that many other nation-states will encourage when they realize what the Chinese can accomplish as a single political entity. Some decisions like the one-child rule and female infanticide and religious suppression may just be the straw breaking the camels back. Interesting how young English speaking Chines still trying to flee elsewhere. This means something I believe and not good for long run for the heirs of MAO. But as always I could be wrong. Good post and comment by Chris.

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