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September 4, 2008

Air Transit Still at Risk

Filed under: Aviation Security,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Jonah Czerwinski on September 4, 2008

Suspected terrorists have recently been tracking airplane crew members of the Israeli national airline, El Al, in Toronto, purportedly in preparation for an attack on airline personnel. Al Haaretz reports today that Israeli intelligence thinks Hezbollah seeks to attack Israeli targets abroad to avenge the February assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah’s number two and suspected of being involved in the 1983 bombing of the U.S. barracks in Beirut. Hezbollah blames Mossad for the assasination.

I wouldn’t exactly call this alarmist either:
• July 2002: Two people are killed by a gunman firing on El Al passengers at LAX before an Israeli security official shot and killed the gunman.

• May 2003: EL Al canceled a flight to Kenya after receiving an intelligence warning of a planned attack.

• September 2003: An El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles diverts to Montreal because of a warning of a terror attack planned for its layover in Toronto.

• November 2005: Seven Dutch youths arrested for planning to attack an El Al plane.

• June 2006: Swiss authorities uncover an attempt by a Muslim terror cell to attack an El Al plane in Germany.

• November 2006: Germany arrests six on suspicion of planning to blow up an El Al plane leaving from Frankfurt.

• Summer 2008: Hezbollah cell caught collecting against Israeli targets in Canada, including the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa.

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1 Comment »

Comment by Christopher Tingus

September 7, 2008 @ 10:04 pm

Your article prompted me to read about Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah, a gentleman some ten years my junior who is obviously quite revered by many in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East with many referring to him as, “The Hawk!”

In fact, this gentleman, who has led the Hezbollah and has reportedly portrayed his compassion to many, is reported to have at least one song to his tribute, “Yalla Ya Nasrallah.”

I believe many would find it interesting to read this younger man’s autobiography and his global perspective, though he may need more time to better formulate his leadership views of the global community and share his writings so we can learn and maybe even objectively criticize one or two of his views, if necessary.

There is a undoubtedly a difference in a man’s perspective at 55 that that of a younger man. Life becomes even more precious as we age in our devotion to serve our Lord by making every attempt to understand our fellow brethren and while see so much dysfunction in individuals and various forms of government, we must strive to at least reach to the other side, if possible, and look to its overall agenda which may indeed conflict.

Notworthy, the Bible references the fact that all man made governments since Babylon will fail. It is God’s laws which must be adhered to.

As we grow older, we often see the world with some varying degree of willing versatility in making an attempt to listen more sensitively and to understand.

The depiction of man as quite similar and yet different as well, necessitates the need for more respect for these individual attributes and leadership skills which can bring peace, unity and harmony, not choosing weapons at the first instance.

As a proud American of Hellenic descent – not as a kafir, but a – Greek Orthodox Christian – who proudly sees America and its populace as the most generous people anywhere, a “melting pot” which saved the world at its darkest hour on the beaches of France and the islands of the Pacific and has offered many choices for most of the 21st century. I am proud of my Orthodoxy values and respect those of Islamic and other faith.

Obviously the ideas and principals of our nation’s founders did not guarantee that our country would be free of problems or would have less than a perfect governmental body of those we have entrusted with policies that should be in the best interests of the majority, but often see the special interest groups and related politicizing and subsequent decision-making contrary to the public good.

Yes, the American government leadership may stand on behalf of Israel especially because of its democractic government and covenant conveyed in Christianity to protect the lands described in the Bible, however these United States of America, the government has certainly stood up for many and yes, not all its decision-making has been correct.

Today, we see such differences within the two party system. Whether Chinese, Russian, American, Lebanese, Israelis, and all others must be held to the same – civilized – standard in “respect” for one another in differences and similarities and civilized law. For those who do not act in the majority interests of the global population in assuring peace in the world, ramifications must be imposed for their unwillingness to strive for peaceful objectives.

For those with differences, I often hear that all can repent and strive to at least determine if there is any level of possible discourse. Sometimes, there is not, however using the sword versus an array of other tools and employed strategy is not often the best choice.

Unquestionably, all should be accountable for the atrocities against innocent civilians, men, women and children who are just trying to cope daily and etch a Life for themselves and family, despite politics and self-imposed agenda whether in the Middle East, the beltway or anywhere else.

We are on the cusp of great technological advancements for all of mankind where all will benefit. Such advancement does not necessarily require a form of western democratic government to benefit, though the advantages of a more independent governing may be better – may be better….

We must not revert back in any way to the dark ages and the crusades. Christianity must understand the teachings of Islam and vice versa. The children in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, north and South America, Africa must all be granted an opportunity to learn much about themselves and one another.

Here in the United States, people are very unfamiliar with Islamic religious devotion and just like anything that is different than let’s say in this case, Christianity, for those that truly believe that Islam endorses terrorism, this is not fact and while suicide bombings are employed as a strategy for revenge or to bring note to a specific scenario, can we all do better than making such choices placing the world in fear and promoting a less than desireable place.

And the same holds true for Christianity….look at how many have perished over centuries on behalf of religious and spiritual views. No one should impose their values on another, however mankind should strive to understand one another from many viewpoints.

We know very few – innocent civilians – who have no direct access to anyone in our respective government. Write your Senator and unless you are a big campaign contributor, he/she will give you no time of day….

Yet we still see men and women who perceive themselves as “freedom fighters” choosing to blow themseleves up along with innocents…individuals who have so little to do with government, policy or whether democracy or any other form of government.

It is truly a pity that in the 21st century, people of this world must kill others instead of sitting down, sharing their views and making every effort not to necessarily embrace the other person, but to at least better understand their views which should prompt further discussion. From this understanding of one another, Life can continue.

Despite continued differences, one’s choice can be respected and this ridding the world of the Jew like the Nazi intended is not shared by the global community even today.

As my reading continues of this younger man, Hassan Nasrallah and his continued leadership role and contribution to a Hezbollah, he has much burden on his shoulders and in potraying his leadership, most of us would hope that he is a man of peace, yet he and Hezbollah are not always described as so….Remember, it is the perception of the author we read to derive

God Bless “The Hawk” – the Isrealis and all others who are able to make decision-making agenda on behalf of the innocents who work everyday and pay their government taxes and fees by demanding accountability for monetary spending.

In the article herein, it talks about revenge. It talks about the possible planned Hezbollah revenge against Israeli targets for the assisnation of Hezbollah’s distinguished Imad Mughniyeh.

While few in the west probably know much of this gentleman as I, too were unaware until reading this article and will take a more avid interest in his decion-making, I am sure that he, too contributed to many, yet is revenge the only way to address this unfortunate loss.

Maybe a stronger social policy and even more of a greater involvement by Hezbollah in the political process in the name of this gentleman who was assasinated would be an appropriate choice and affecting many Lives….Maybe the Lebanese people do not want this..it is their choice.

While the Israelis must be watchful, all eyes must be vigilant. No nation should be adverse to asking its citizens to stand tall for their country, its principals and traditions where in Lebanon there is much in such pride in custom and richness.

I have visited Lebanon and the Middle East and I have walked the streets of Hebron and Jericho and there is much and so little. We must all strive within our neighborhood to make a contribution and from there, th world will be that much safer and sharing in respective similar traits and values.

Christopher Tingus
Harwoch, MA 02645

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