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September 9, 2008

WMD Report Grade Released Tomorrow

Filed under: International HLS,Radiological & Nuclear Threats,Strategy — by Jonah Czerwinski on September 9, 2008

The bipartisan Partnership for a Secure America gave the U.S. an overall grade of C in its progress toward preventing a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on U.S. soil and combating the proliferation of WMD abroad. Three D’s, eight C’s, and seven B’s.

Spencer Hsu at the Washington Post first reported the story today in advance of tomorrow’s roll-out at the PSA offices in Washington, DC. Lee Hamilton, co-chairman of the 9-11 Commission and Obama adviser will introduce the findings with Republican Slade Gordon, also a member of the 9-11 Commission and former Congressman from Washington. Both 9-11 Commission chairs, Hamilton and Gov. Tom Keane, sign the report’s introduction.

The WMD Report Card will be released tomorrow. Get the information on attending here

The WMD Report Card is not only a report for well-known experts no longer in government to criticize those still in. The WMD Report Card offers advice. On the nuclear threat, for example, it recommends that the U.S.:

Conduct a comprehensive re-evaluation of the changing threat of nuclear terrorism

Eliminate bureaucratic obstacles to proliferation prevention

Strongly encourage foreign partners to live up to commitments under G8 Global Partnership, UNSCR 1540, and other agreements.

Resolve outstanding bilateral legal disputes to facilitate continuation and expansion of the Proliferation Security Initiative.

Strengthen existing science and human engagement programs to leverage US science and technology capacity, global development assistance, and other potential inducements as a means of building deeper and sustained cooperation for the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, materials and know-how.

Full disclosure: I serve on the PSA’s Board of Directors. However, this project was well underway before I joined. Executive Director Matt Rojansky, led the charge on this with PSA’s new Associate Director, Michael Landweber. I look forward to seeing how tomorrow’s roll-out unfolds.

Fortunately, PSA’s report comes as the Congressionally mandated WMD Commission, which is charged with expanding counter-terrorism efforts to prevent WMD, is slated to report out soon. Members of the WMD Commission are consulting the PSA report according to the Washington Post and what sources tell me. Let’s hope this gets on the radar of the presidential candidates, one of whom will inherit an evidently average effort to deal with one of the greatest threats to national security.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

September 9, 2008 @ 9:27 am

This report sounds like it makes an important contribution. The findings of the Nunn-Lugar “Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction Act” (Title XIV of 1996 Defense Authorization Act had important Congressional findings and some appear restated here. Nuclear weapons proliferation is a fact of life so safeguards and other systems to protect agains their misuse is crucial. The Deutch Commission report in 1999 is also paralelled here. Let’s hope in the future these landmarks in the history of WMD prevention and defense are not looked back to as “I told you so.” Personally, I think the WMD CZAR idea parallelling the DNI or the War on Drugs Czar might be a necessary choice. The continue fragmentation and lack of cooperation and collaboration and information exchange persists. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks for highlighting the reports release.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

September 11, 2008 @ 7:48 am

“The continued fragmentation and lack of cooperation and collaboration and information exchange still persists. Let’s hope for the best.”

I ask why? The infamous date of September 11th has come and gone ans so have billions of dollars in expenditures by – both sides of the aisle – and the question persists…why? “The continued fragmentation and lack of cooperation and collaboration and information exchange persists” – unacceptable!

The partisan and ever so bureaucratic beltway mentality will be our own demise for those who seek our demise are quite enlightened as to our vulnerabilities.

Time is of the essence.

Stop the politicizing and bring immediate efficiency to especially our DHS HQ and other organization and shared proprietary communications. Never mind the politics as we, “Mr. & Mrs. Joe Citizen” entrusted both sides of the aisle to use the “billions of fiat dollars” to thwart any and every effort.

– Be vigilant – For your enemy looms within the crowd –

Your committed diligence and love of Freedom and remembrance of those who perished on the beaches of Normandy, the islands of the Pacific and yes, the Trade Center Buildings portrayed the reality of Life.

This is your watch! Never mind the partisan politics!

Christopher Tingus
Harwich, MA 02645

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