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November 1, 2008

U.S.-EU Strike Accord on Air Cargo Screening

Filed under: Aviation Security,International HLS — by Jonah Czerwinski on November 1, 2008

There are about 300 flights a day to the U.S. that originate from the 27 EU countries. How the cargo on those planes is screened has been an issue over which the U.S. and EU have negotiated for years. DHS wants our European counterparts to apply the same security standards we do on flights from the U.S. across the Atlantic. With a little help from a Congressional deadline, the European Commission and TSA struck an agreement yesterday to apply U.S. standards for air cargo screening for half of the cargo on U.S.-bound passenger flights by February 2009 and all cargo on all flights by 2010.

The agreement, signed on the 30th by TSA chief Kip Hawley and Zoltan Kazatsay, Deputy DG for Energy and Transport at the European Commission, meets a Congressionally mandated deadline under the 9/11 Commission Act to require screening of 100 percent of cargo on passenger planes by August 2010. Kudos to TSA and the DHS Policy shop for successfully concluding this effort.

Under the agreement, the EU and the U.S. will use the same screening equipment, provide the same training to screeners and impose the same security requirements for the facilities where the cargo is screened. Currently, 95 percent of flights within the U.S. and departing from the U.S. undergo cargo screening.

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1 Comment »

Comment by Christopher Tingus

November 2, 2008 @ 7:03 am

Kudos to TSA and the European Commission for this essential practice.

It is not often that we as citizens give a nod of approval to TSA or DHS HQ as often we see a disconnect – however as long as passenger/citizen rights are not violated, such cooperative efforts are welcomed.

This is the type of cooperation we the citizenry seek from those we entrust to make every effort to apply the best efforts to assure security especially with cargo.

We do however remain quite concerned with our ports, though the US Coast Guard should be commended as well for its commitment, yet needs further manpower and financial resources made available especially in light of the ability of governments to print trillions of dollars globally to bailout Wall Street and bankers giving unheard powers to the Federal Reserve and central banks everywhere and amnesty to those spearheading the – bail-out – rescue – efforts which was not favored by the majority of American citizens in the context applied.

We know there are those who seek our demise and AQ and others are quite committed to tipping the apple cart, however walking the fine line in protecting the rights and dignity of us the citizenry where government was to serve the people – not the people serving government empowered by an impoverished and enslaved populace – with sophisticated weapons existing here in the 21st century, we must have policies implemented such as this TSA and European Commission agreement to screen cargo.

Christopher Tingus
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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