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January 9, 2009

Brennan to be Obama Homeland Adviser Under New White House Structure

Filed under: Organizational Issues — by Jonah Czerwinski on January 9, 2009

John Brennan, the former C.I.A. case officer who served as the first director of the National Counterterrorism Center, will report to Marine Gen. James Jones, the retired SACEUR/EUCOM Commander who will serve as national security adviser.

This reflects changes underway for the NSC-HSC structure at the White House. As written about here and recommended in reports from the Center for American Progress, Congressional Research Service, and elsewhere, the HSC staff will become part of an expanded National Security Council staff, which will have a second deputy (Brennan) reporting to the national security adviser (Jones) for counterterrorism and, presumeably, homeland security.

I’ll update this more later today as I get the details.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

January 9, 2009 @ 10:03 am

Brennan had a wonderful intelligence career. But he has no clue as to the Federal System mandated by the Constitution. Another poor selection by the Obamanians. The Administration may not get out of the starting gates. And as most know I am a fuzzy headed liberal.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

January 12, 2009 @ 6:36 am

Reading Mr. Cumming’s response and with the utmost respect for his experience and commitment in seeing a stronger America in the face of true adversaries, as Mr. & Mrs. Joe Citizen, I am sorry to read this Cumming response.

We are desperate for brilliant leadership at this time in history and we must demand the best of the best from each individual designated by the President-elect. There is no tolerance for anything less than clarity in decision-making and assuring progress not to deterred by the limitations of notions of the individual responsible for bringing valued solutions.

– The tasks of governing today are indeed numerous and daunting to be sure, however let us together clasp hands in harmony and seek enduring hope for those in Palestine, Israel, Africa and in our cities and towns among ourselves –

We hope that non-partisanship on the floor and brilliant choices in those we entrust to commit to public service will truly address the security and economic issues confronting all of us – globally – today as time is of the essence as evil runs rampant.

Our Life of compassion and goodness as a people who choose to reach out and help others no matter where as the most charitable in this great nation reflects our commitment to improving Life for those who seek justice and mankind that looks to the future, not to tear down the advances that continue to offer the beacon of hope to those belittled and oppressed by those at the helm pervaded with self-agenda only.

I keep hearing about our children’s and Grandchildren’s future – well in my 50’s, while I, too am concerned as a mentor to the succeeding generations, I have to say that reading this wonderful blog and staying quite enlightened as to local, national and global newsworthy commentary and events, I am first worried about today as President-elect Obama et al has only 1450 days or so (first term) to address a world of strife and greed, let’s help him starting with you and I and then our neighbors and so on and so forth and let’s in our demand today as elightened individuals, citizens – the transparency from local, state and national assemblies of men and women who we have entrusted to reach out and with God’s help seek truth and justice and strength – to share great technological advances and a future of hope for all to share no matter where –

Whomever is chosen by the new administration, pls do your utmost to excel! Pls truly represent the majority interests or we are destined to be further impoverished and enslaved and Life will turn to despair and a future of uncertainty for all people here and there –

God Bless America!

I am hoping President-elect Obama will call for a National Day of Prayer as he commences his journey and quest to address the arrogant indifference towards one another that has placed us in great jeopardy not tomorrow, but today! Let us proceed….

Christopher Tingus
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA USA

Comment by William R. Cumming

January 13, 2009 @ 3:37 pm

Actually most of Chris Tingus postings reflect my thoughts also. But my concern is that the consensus is that Obama will be tested internationally or DOMESTICALLY by terrorism and events in the BRIC nation-states or the emergening Nation-states or by non-state actors in the first 6-8 months. Hoping that the Consitutional framework, severely threatened by the very uncurious and ignorance of the Bush Administrations does not get threatened again in the same fashion by Obama and his appointees. I don’t look for a 100 or a 1000 days of complete success in any event but do hope the institutions that led to a successful first 200 years for the US are strengthened rather than weakened in this Administration. The CIA as warned by President Harry Truman had definitely through its failed culture weakened not strengthened the US despite what its supporters may believe. Brennan is a product of that failed culture which at its core believes through its own hubris and ego that it is the real savior of the US. Personally I believe that does not reflect an honest appraisal of its history, no matter whether you are from the left or right in political beliefs If the crisis turns out to be a domestic one let’s hope that the CIA is NOT influential in responding to it.

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