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February 13, 2009

Agreement to Stimulate the Homeland?

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Jonah Czerwinski on February 13, 2009

As of 5:30PM last night, the stimulus agreement reached a compromise on the funds to made available for homeland security-related investments. House and Senate negotiators agreed to dedicate $2.75B to homeland efforts. In negotiations strategy, there is something called the “zone of potential agreement,” or ZOPA. Before yesterday, the ZOPA looked pretty small with the House offering $1.1B and the Senate at nearly $5B.

According to the agreement released as of yesterday, the House pulled the Senate its way into the ZOPA. (The Senate came down $2.21B, while the House moved up only $1.65B.) Other trade-offs in the $789 Billion legislation just may balance this out. Here is the text of the announcement last night from the current conference agreement on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009:

$2.75 billion for the Department of Homeland Security to secure the homeland and promote economic activity, including $1 billion for airport baggage and checkpoint security, $430 million for construction of border points of entry, $210 million for construction of fire stations, $300 million for port, transit, and rail security, $280 million for border security technology and communication, and $240 million for the Coast Guard.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

February 13, 2009 @ 12:22 pm

It will be interesting to watch the Governor’s use of their portion of the stimulus. While no one is watching there has been a defacto cut on average nationwide of Public Safety First Responder programs, functions and activities. It was interesting to see DHS public affairs make a big deal out of FEMA funding National Guard ops in Kentucky when that is the usual case in Presidential disasters. Hey the Governors control the non-federalized National Guard in these events and FEMA pays for it. Also of course almost 90-95% of NG training, equipment and salaries during the time the NG is not federalized is paid for by DOD. So DOD is glad of course for FEMA’
s helping out covering the distributed costs. Another instance where the civil agencies help DOD that should be studied closely. FEMA produced a study arguing that DOD should fund state missions of the NG more–but that study and its analylsis and implications for civil/military issues was allowed to let lie. Anyhow, it seems to me that a stimulus might have included protection of the current ranks of responders salaries and training and for the first time funding fully interoperable responder communication systems. Not to be I guess. I really wonder how much the Governors and Mayors were allowed to weigh in on the stimulus, because I am certain that the ego and hubris of the House and Senate were in full play. Those elements typically don’t want factual information to interfere. Obama is now seeing at first hand the moral (if not actual) corruption in Congress first hand from the Executive Branch. WOW! We don’t need to worry about a unified gummit! dncucorrp

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