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March 26, 2009

Tough days ahead

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Philip J. Palin on March 26, 2009

National weather patterns are stacking up for a treacherous few days. Tornadoes in the south, blizzards in the western mountains and high plains, floods in the far north. There is a chance for a major tornado outbreak.  The blizzard could be “epic” according to some forecasters.  Flooding is projected to break prior records.   It is worth scanning Weather.com’s top stories for what’s ahead in the next 48 hours.  Maybe Secretary Napolitano was not so concerned about the weather in Port Arthur, as she was concerned to be in D.C. to deal with what is unfolding.

UPDATE: Tornado in Mississippi, blizzard in Colorado, a volcano exploding in Alaska, and flooding in North Dakota (note involvement of US Coast Guard in North Dakota response. The National Guard is, of course, in the thick of things too).

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Comment by christopher Tingus

March 27, 2009 @ 8:10 am

Whether it is the distinguished and enlightened blog contributor to this essential web site – the respected William Cumming – or just the guy on the street like me (us) who wonders on a sunny day whether a 911 call will be responded to for local fire and police departments are being faced to cut back personnel, close necessary stations as well as curtailing much needed ongoing training…Never mind looking upwards and seeing dark skies with tornado and thunderstorm warnings….

You the federal government can find monies to bail out Wall Street and to bail out your friends – the bankers – and global central bankers can implement their obvious plan to impoverish us “Mr. & Mrs. Joe Citizen” no matter where – however we demand that the Federal government who we “entrust” by vote to stand tall for the majority interests of us who are America – we – demand – that federal monies be designated yesterday to our much respected first responders – police officers, firefighters, EMT’s and that the 250 metro cities be first on the list to receive billions as well for we are worried about responding to a 911 call, never mind a tornado and certainly not the real possibility of a California earthquake and day now, never mind a terrorist plot using chemicals for such a calamity – another real possibility….

We see the prices rising at the gas pumps – of course summer is coming – we see increased taxes while we see unemployment rising – the usual talk of a national healthcare system by the same ‘ol Washington insiders which to us is only small talk as so many 47+ millions have no healthcare and the numbers are rising – we see clearly the lack of transparency – integrity and for those of us on the street, we are astute enough to know that talk of China establishing a pan-Asian currency standard, even a world standard will cause us to fall into a third world status overnight and we truly understand how important our first responders are to us, our families and to our neighbors and friends – to our community – to our nation – com’on my “beltway boys” – America has been a beacon of hope to so many and while the German-led EU soon to be downsized though having 245 million Europeans capable of speaking German fluently, the Iranians should not look past Germany and we, too should be addressing the real calamity – politicizing America and never underestimating “We The People” for we demand from the executive and Congressional members a group of men and women prepared to repent, truly represent us the people and assure the dedicated men and women who are our first responders that they are fully staffed, trained for every scenario identified by DHS and FEMA.

We obviously have numerous concerns and the clock is ticking…For those unemployed and/or for those calling 911, the moment of desperate need is quite apparent….Let’s clasp hands and get the job done and wrong the injustices!

Christopher Tingus
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA USA

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