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September 5, 2009

A personal story of H1N1

Filed under: Biosecurity — by Philip J. Palin on September 5, 2009

In the Washington Post’s Saturday Style section Brigid Schulte brings us a great feature story on the down-and-dirty of catching H1N1.  She packs alot of facts into a  personal context.  Read her story at How, Gulp! You Get Sick.

This week the CDC released child care guidelines.

Friday the Pan American Health Organization released a new regional update on H1N1 infection.

Friday’s Wall Street Journal had a good update on vaccine development: Swine flu remains mild as vaccine advances.

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Comment by christopher tingus

September 6, 2009 @ 7:11 pm

Swine flu is said to be “expected” to be a mild flu to affect a small segment of the population or it may be a mutation in strain to affect millions – clearly no one knows for sure so we should be vigilant and proactive in our defensive strategy.

We must be weary of those who make light of such virus as we must be cautious and updated constantly as we live and work so close to one another in large metropolitan areas where millions share close networks.

Apparently, the underdeveloped countries will once again see far less Swine flu vaccine than more developed regions placing many of our beloved children and young adults more prone to Swine flu in such countries in much peril.

It is understood that these governments often regimes of hoodlums such as the “Brutes of Tehran” who obviously care little for their people and their Rights as individuals and women – (see: Nada – her precious Persian blood which has so much richness to civilization and history spilled on the streets of Tehran by these “Brutes of Tehran”)

I, too wonder what Mr. Putin and his “KGB Putinites” as I refer to them will do to address a pandemic in their country.

It is now over a year ago when I approached the top tier of management at Coca Cola making strong suggestion that its commitment to the global community can be truly portrayed by adopting an initiative to place one (1) hospital quality face mask in each 12 can or 24 can packaging to help those customers who will have litte or no access to face masks to use instead of coughing into elbow sleeve.

With an extensive global distribution system, Coca Cola, whose customer base is often younger and is said to be more prone to the Swine flu pandemic can be assured a mask with their purchase of a 12 pack or 24 can packaging with each face mask having a small Coca Cola trademark on the mask to depict its global commitment supported by one minute informercials giving updates to the Swine flu to keep people better informed and reminded to wash hands, etc.

When people are losing so many jobs globally and much of any confidence with their respective governments whether here in our beloved United States of America which has been the beacon of hope for so, so many or the numeorus other countries which are proud of their national identity and contribution, it makes sense that people would turn to corporate commitment to the community to seek a proactive approach to thwarting the dreaded spread of disease and doing more than governmemnt again suggesting to the public that its should cough into the elbow sleeve. We can do better! We can keep our youth abreast of the latest information. We can encourage all to wash hands more frequently and not to share drinks, etc.

As the Swine flu virus takes hold of our precious young no matter where on earth, while it appears that governments such as the “Brutes of Tehran” and others who show little care for fellow citizens as they choose to disallow women their Rights and willingly spill the precious Persian blood of Nada on the streets of Tehran as an act of senseless “murder” – then it is global corporations whose profits have soared with customer loyalty over decades which must fill the void in leadership and hopefully offer one (1) hospital quality face mask to those who now cough into their shirt elbows as seen in media news photo releases – partnering with responsible news media is an advantage to us all!

Government is so lacking caring and compassion with the same who entrust those who pledge in oath to serve the public – Most are so out of touch and depict concern for their own agenda and security. As far as healthcare.. what is good for the populace is good for the elected politician and family, nothing more and nothing less.

In Massachusetts, statute dictates that if one owes income taxes to the Commonwealth, an individual’s license to operate a motor vehicle is “suspended” without due process of the law, without RMV hearing as only an income tax issue, nothing at all related to motor vehicle driving record, excise tax or otherwise – oh…how government has so imposed itself instead of using the legal process/due process as is so written….

As I protest such “absurdity” and intentional strategy of Massachusetts State Legislators with seemingly malicious intent to harm the individual, to crush the taxpayer possibly owing income tax or in Appeal of assessment, instead of urging an individual to get to work, not jeopoardize a person’s job by such unjustified government action to work through the challenges he/she finds before them, it is so difficult to believe that in the 21st Century here in Massachusetts and elsewhere, not even in Beijing, where a car is a necessity as well especially to working families with distamce to travel and living expenses so high that a “suspension” means that one’s necessity to be able to drive to work, to pick up meds, to help spouse with childrens’ needs and transportation, all in jeopardy, all compromised woth the Taxachusetts lawmakers adopting such blatant violation of Constitutional Rights and pledge in oath to uphold the Massachusetts Constitution not to punish an individual and to afford every citizen the due process of the civil judicial system.

I address this issue as related herein as I engage in present campaign at the steps of Boston’s statehouse holding a sign in protest of such abuse for if one truly owes the Commonwealth income tax monies, whether in proper Appeal of tax assessment or not, whatever the income tax only issue at hand, the State should not be taking a person’s ability to earn a living from them to care for self and family, but by placing bank accounts under levy, placing lien on property and even securing a court decree to “garnish” one’s wages, if necessary, however not to whisk one’s license to drive a car. It is not reasonable.

Levy of bank account, lien on home and garnishmentof wages is certainly a more reasonable remedy in the law than to also invoke a $100 fee for any release or department of revenue ordered reinstatememnt of said suspension of one’s Right to operate a motor vehicle acted upon without due process contrary to Constitutional Rights….It does not make sense to strip one naked of such Rights here in Massachusetts. As Mr. & Mrs. Joe Citizen, I call for the immediate reinstatement of any such Rights to operate a motor vehicle by proper license for it is such blatant abuse in tactic and there is no place for such….

This an example of “Citizen Tingus” seeing government interested in personal agenda rather than the Rights of the individual and compassion for Mr. & Mrs. Citizen Joe as we see the beltway and Wall Street fellas taking care of themselves and the turning of cheek to the citizenry which should be calling for term limits for all offices.

We ask given such demeanor whether we can rely on government to protect us with substantial quantity of vaccine to protect us against the Swine flu? One truly wonders these days….More and more people are asking whether those elected can be entrusted to act on behalf of the majority interests or the interests of the select few….

In turning to Coca Cola once again and its corporate commitment to help us the people for apparently government by the people and for the people has little or no meaning even here in America by those we “entrusted” – never mind on the streets of Tehran or Baghdad.

You, Mr. President, have made your election day promises mostly void as mere seductive statements to the good people by you, the illustrious Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Hank Paulson et al and the still missing initial $750 Billion stimulus loot cause much concern –

Mr. President and Congress, we want to believe. We cherish those who gave their Lives on foreign soil and on beaches gunned down in their effort to afford us Freedom and Liberty from the oppressors only to see the same rise up within the halls of justice for all. It seems we worry far too much about the fundamentalist who kills innocents and US and ally soldier and permit a Libyan agent to be welcomed home to crowds of people who see such injustice and….

Mr. President, your face has been depicted with a similarity to Hitler, such facial markings renew hatred and they have no place in America, however your obvious own agenda, your lack of respect as well as the same by both sides of the aisle towards the Rights for fellow Americans, neighbors to decide on each and every issue by “detailed” national referendum has already placed even further division among the populace and as portrayed by your waning numbers of popularity.

Let’s see if we can clasp hands and adopt policy enacted by the majority itself for such photos and rememberances of Hitler and his dastardly deeds in such murder, such hardship afflicting so many cannot return for then we have given ourselves to the devilish ways of those whose preference of shroud of darkness over all will thwart the promises of Blessings given us by the Lord for he must weep to see such disheartening ways….

To Congress, loud shouts to government to stay out of the pockets of our American worker are heard from town meeting to town meeting.

The insightful American with compassion in heart for fellow man, knowing what is best for themselves and family, why would anyone listen to you Mr. President or for many in Congress as they see hugh deficits being accumulated in such a short tenure of office and you traveling twice around the globe in your short tenure as President, never setting foot in Israel – our allies, our friends who were once surrounded by armies and now being told to expect a WMD to destroy its people by the same “brutes of Tehran” who murdered Nada so representative of the well educated and savvy youth of Iran proud of its culture and embarrassed as we are becoming for our leadership or lack there of.

…. You (we) do not need to appease the Middle East and Muslim – the Arab League and those who have erected such marble structures with billions and billions in oil money revevnues in Dubai using the good and hopeless Palestinian as pawn to urge division among Hebrew and Palestinian to foster more hatred with my walking the streets of Hebron and Jericho and seeing wonderful families who whisper of the injustices not only as a result of a defensive Israeli, but whisper of how fellow Arab builds the tallest buildings to go beyond God’s clouds only to see them become empty as the Chinese employ 128,000 bright, educated scientists and engineers to manufacture batteries for automobiles and other technological and innovative products taking China into the 22nd century and the palestinian youth who deserves so much more in education, opportunity….

….As I refer to it as the Middle East version of “most students indeed left behind” – with the Arab League and other empty leadership but substantial coffers, supposed mentors to the precious youth in Lebanon, in Egypt, throughout a region whose respective people have much richness desite diversity and similarities to contribute and who are so intentionally oppressed, so utterly oppressed – not competitive whatsoever with – not the American student who has his / her issues, but the graduating classes in India and China, global leaders of this next century.

We here in the west have already become more and more
burdened by fees and taxes and “impoverished” by imposing hands of ever growing government. The same lawmakers locally, state-wide and nationally who turn their cheek to basic Civil and Human Rights as afforded by Constitution. A Judeo-Christian value based nation which has been the beacon of hope to so many as they line up daily by the dawn’s early light to wait in embassy lines around the globe hoping to secure a visa to America, sometimes taking two or more years, while the Mexicans and others dig underground or jump the fence or hide with dozens crunched up in a van driving through our porous borders with our border patrol endangering their lives without proper equipment and empowerment to safeguard from those not choosing to follow citizenship requirements and processing –

Mr. President, we need NOT your almost seemingly revisionist or socialist ways, we need our red, white and blue spiritual government’s awareness and caring for all of us here at home with the majority rule….

I remind you, Sir, that if we remain so divided here which we are as a result of your transition from community organizer to your tenure as President and assertions that are contrary to the America we cherish.

We know the history of the American Indian and the Irish, the Greek, the Jew, the Arab here in the United States and the bounded Black by the chains of Black and White history, but your election was by White casting ballot as well and we need to move forward, not take steps back…

We need leadership with both sides of the aisle working together and in consensus, we can move forward, however if not, it is with much regret that you should step aside for we cannot reach to embrace the world with broken stride and a populace you have inspired more division.

We are a most charitable people and a people who not only conern ourselves with the affects of a pandemic in our own society, but truly care about our neighbors for if we did not, our precious youth like no other, dressed in proud uniform with flag on sleeve are on foreign sovereign soil at the request of nations which are besieged by those whose agenda is much like the Massachusetts State Legislature and the Massachusetts Department Revenue who adopt and implement statutes of empowerment contrary without due process or reasonabless in tax collection and to the very doctrine which supposedly assures every citizen that it will not be punished without due process of the law, protection of Civil Rights/Human Rughts to be able to earn a living and care for self and family with mode of transportation a necessity for most to be able to drive to the pharmacy to pick up meds, to drive to grovery store to buy food, to be socially included, not isolated and unable to have the ability to pay all obligations including income tax to State government which the voter now demands much more transparency in its spending budgets and questions healtcare and “perks” by Legislators which seem to think entitled to….

Christopher Tingus
aka “Citizen Tingus”
64 Whidah Drive
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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