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September 7, 2009

Three responsible for 3-1-1 are convicted

Filed under: Aviation Security,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on September 7, 2009

The BBC is reporting, “Three men have been found guilty of plotting to kill thousands of people by blowing up planes flying from London to America with home-made liquid bombs.”

The convictions, announced late on Monday, stem from arrests made in 2006. Law enforcement authorities indicate the plot was close to execution at the time of the arrests.

According to the BBC, “The plot is believed by intelligence sources to have been directed by al-Qaeda. The BBC understands that the key contact for the plotters in Pakistan was a British man, Rashid Rauf. He was reported to have been killed in November 2008 by a US missile strike against militants in Pakistan.”

Uncovering the plot resulted in a sudden ban on passenger-carried liquids. Regulations have since been regularized to manage the risk while allowing small amounts of liquids in carry-ons.

The Transportation Security Administration allows, “3-1-1 for carry-ons = 3.4 ounce bottle or less (by volume); 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. One-quart bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring. 3.4 oz. container size is a security measure.” Other TSA carry-on guidance is available here.

According to the Guardian, the 2006 operation exposed substantive differences — and strained relations — between British and US counterterrorist organizations.  There continues to be a US tendency to make arrests earlier, while the Brits extend surveillance as long as possible in order to flesh-out terrorists connections.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

September 8, 2009 @ 6:49 am

Personally, I believe the British approach is the correct one but certainly a delicate balance between NOW and LATER that needs careful study and administration. What is interesting is that because arrest has often preceded indictment since 9/11 the actual application of the criminal code applicable occurs only after arrest in the US. Interesting how little real comment by the criminal defense profession are the issues raised by indefinited detention and arrests of citizens on “suspicion.” Also of great interest to me is the failure of the Senate to question the newest Associate Justice on any national security legal issue or issues of federalism. Since these are likley to dominate the next decade remarkable lack of acuity by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hey a thought! Why doesnt the Senate and House Judiciary Committees review both those issues and then compare notes?

Comment by christopher tingus

September 8, 2009 @ 7:09 am

I understand that UK and US intelligence folks who we are indebted to for their astute and proactive methods of reaching into AQ and utilizing extensive global intelligent networks – while still differing to some extent in the strategies they respectively employ to “catch the bad guy” – have nurtured their relationship and are much better suited today to work in a more cooperative manner to safeguard us on the ground and in the air from those truly seeking our demise.

Let no one underestimate the extent of those with malicious and dastardly attempt to kill innocents for they are muderers and nothing less.

I shall never be one who portends that the good people of the west should be complacent in any way relying on very diligent and respected intelligence people dedicated to protect the individual as portrayed here in such convictions for each of us must be vigilant and let it be known that there is zero tolerance for killing inncocents, people who have very little say in what strategies military leaders use in employing ground tactics which sometimes does in fact lead to the peril of folks embedded among those that cowardly use women and children as shields.

Kudos to the men and women at NSA, British and American intel folks who work around the clock to protect us from the ruthlessness of those whose self-agenda chooses cold blooded murder such as NADA and the willful murder of this young, vibrant woman in Iran, a regime who I refer to as the “Brutes of Tehran” willing to spill the rich, youthful Persian blood on the streets of Tehran.

As an Amwerican born Hellene, proud of my beloved America which will always prevail as a beacon of hope to those so oppressed and well versed in the fact that Persian history as well as the history of so many throughout the Middle East have contributed much to the development of mankind, not torn it to shreds by those shrouded today in the darkness of their own self-agenda.

We have so much promise before us and with nearly seven 7 billion souls in global population more similar than different so let’s look to one another and clasp hands in standing tall for human rights and the dignity of mankind and expel those who seek to strip children of their smiles and dreams –

God Bless are all!

Christopher Tingus
64 Whidah Drive
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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