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October 12, 2009

Homeland security this week

Filed under: Events — by Philip J. Palin on October 12, 2009

Following are a few homeland security events for the coming week.  For more information access the embedded links.  Please use the comment function to identify other events you would like to bring to readers’ attention.  If you are attending or monitoring any of these events, please use the comment function to report out to the rest of us.

Monday, October 12

The National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) annual conference opened in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday and continues through Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 13

The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum hosts a special exhibit on Reporting Terrorism.  The exhibit examines “how acts of terrorism are covered and conveyed” by the news media.  The exhibit continues through the end of November.

Wednesday, October 14

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officers (ASTHO) annual meeting opens in Vienna, Virginia and continues through Friday.

11:45  am (eastern) Washington DC, The Center for Strategic and International Studies hosts a lecture on Global Health in the 21st Century: Identifying the Big Priorities.

8:00 pm (eastern) Davidson, North Carolina, Davidson College hosts a lecture on Can a Counterterrorism Policy be both Successful and Moral?

Thursday, October 15

The 2009 Cyber Security Expo opens at the University of Memphis with a focus on Global Cyber Security.

The University of Maryland will conduct an emergency vaccination drill.

Friday, October 16

150 years ago today, John Brown and nineteen followers captured the federal armory at Harpers Ferry, (then) Virginia.  Was old John Brown a terrorist or freedom fighter? Both?

john-brown1 …. Mural of John Brown from the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

October 12, 2009 @ 5:08 am

Whatever the labels applied to John Brown his capture and trial and hanging electrificed the circuits providing energy to the abolitionist movement and helped ensure that the long post-poned judgement day on the American experiment would be decided. Lincoln’s words (perhaps a paraphrase) “A country half slave and half free cannot long endure” still resonate as we see the top 5% of the population controlling an extraordinary portion of the nation’s finances. The increasing frequency of the question just as in John Brown’s time in the south is becoming clearer as we enter the 10% or more range in unemployment–Do the financial and political leadership want and need an underclass to survive? Sometimes the “Shock Doctrine” opportunity creeps in on little cat feet (Sandberg) as opposed to the earthquake of John Brown. Time to end amatuer night in governance whatever the merits of the AWARD! $12-23 Trillion out the door without transparency and almost 10% unemployment using a rigged system that is not accurate. Not a receipe for a “City on A Hill”! “The lights are going out” as another stateman who did not mince words orated in another time. Just finished Nial Ferguson’s “World at War” and he argues that the ethnic cleansing and economic disarray occurring as empires and leadership collapased in the first half of the 20th Century set the stage for deadly conflicts that still resonate this almost new century. History clearly has “not” ended, as surely as John Brown knew his martyrdom could not be silenced. We do seem to know that however misguided, how much we disagree, it is difficult to fight a foe willing to die for its beliefs! Are we willing to die for ours? What is leadership today in the political and economic and military governing class? Are there any? Mankind seems to want leaders but clear they don’t grow on trees. Perhaps a better question Phil would be was John Brown a leader?

Comment by christopher tingus

October 13, 2009 @ 6:59 am

Imagine 150 years has past this 16th October when Robert E. Lee’s account of the Harper’s Ferry insurgence involving 16 white and 5 black men making an attempt to capture the cashe of weapons stored at the US Arsenal, referred to Brown’s plan as an “attempt of a fanatic or madman which could only end in failure” –

Brown’s ultimate goal was to destroy the slave system in Virginai and throughout the South by using these weapons if secured to attack slave owners in Virgina and to seek others to put an end to slavery throughout the South.

For this he was a leader as he was willing to stand against the injustice he witnessed.

Very few men and(women)in history are willing to stand and be counted. How many today will stand and be counted by the lack of transparency and the void in leadership of government(s) today impoverishing many and in particular placing our beloved nation and our US Constitution in great peril – how many? Besieged by the many who seek to make political and economic attack on our Judeao-Christian values and principles, few individuals and soon to be too late to pull ourselves from the depths of deceit and intent to enslave us from men we “entrusted” to serve the public, but rather have chosen to prioritize their self-agenda, their greedy and arrogant demeanor towards citizen and state!

God Bless America! A call to take up arms as you are doing and speak with clarity to Congressional leaders and aothers to thwart those that have so much disrespect for a nation founded by individuals willing to stand and be counted….to flee the King and his fees and taxes and to become a beacon of hope to so, so many even today oppressed by men who care little for the preciousness value of God given Life and the Right to individual freedom….

To Robert E. Lee, John Brown was not a fanatic or madman as he saw right from wrong and the injustice of men against other men and stood to make a difference.

150 years later this week, while you Mr. President seem to prefer to bring divide rather than uniting a people that have overcome much of the racial injustices of the past and we need not dwell in this issue more than the issues that affect the great majority – both black and white – for our political and economic will have been lessened and our nation is at risk, it is not a poster that your predecessor sought to be plced at the local post office of Bin Laden’s photo, but a poster calling for action from all (legal) Americans who understand that it is time to stand, to stand tall for the values of this nation and the individual and to bring the “fiat” dollar printing presses to a halt for we are becoming enslaved by the elitist and hard working men and women today and their families, a very charitable folk, have little to give for government is becoming more and more! Taxes and fees, taxes and fees and very little effort is being mustered to bring valued solutions to very serious issues.

The smugness in Pelosi smile standing in back of the President speaks to the partisanship which is the demise found on both sides of the aisle and calls for term limits and far less perks for all who choose to hold public office.

This great Republic needs you, real heros and local, state and national leadership not with a theme of “change” but to stand tall in – action – for addressing the pertinent issues as a mandate at this time of desperate need to repent and seek the good of the nation and its people to enable us to continue to reach out and help those who are hopeless and so compromised by other governments who are indeed the madmen – the “Brutes of Tehran” and the “KGB Putinites” as well as others –

Christopher Tingus
Harwich, MA 02645

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