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January 16, 2010

Al Qaeda’s plan for defeating Al Qaeda

Filed under: General Homeland Security,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Christopher Bellavita on January 16, 2010

The devastation in Haiti remains at the front of media and human attention.

But homeland security does not allow one to pay attention only to one issue at a time.

In this 4 minute video, Jarret Brachman (former director of research for West Point’s counter terrorism center) explains Abu Yahya al-Libi’s ideas about how to defeat al Qaeda.

al-Libi is an al Qaeda official who apparently believes the US is too inept to do anything with this information.

Perhaps this is old news for you. But maybe not. al-Libi talked about his six step strategy for defeating al Qaeda in September 2007.


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Comment by William R. Cumming

January 16, 2010 @ 8:41 am

Well it is an interesting clip from several perspectives! Al-Libi’s tutorial certainly contains evidence of a thinking opponent even if a somewhat overweening bravado. But then often the US demonstrates the same.

My formula for defeating AQ is somewhat different and highly technical. First, tracking of financial assistance to AQ including using skills and knowledge of allies. Those who refuse to help US would suffer some kind of economic sanction. Second, reengage Islam on a more fundamental level with much more effort to understand the impact generally of Islam on Christendom, Judiasm and Western Civilization, including learning the languages and cultures of the Islamic World. Just as over 10 million Chinese are fluent in English, and less than 10,000 US citizens are fluent in Mandarin much less the other 56 dialects spoken in China, the scholarship on Islam in the US is woeful. Hey, the octagenrian Bernard Lewis, and the more youthful Juan Cole cannot carry the load that is needed. With almost 25% of world population by 2050 we (the US) had better have a better grip on the Islamic world. What has always fascinated me is that the MISSIONARY movement for want of a better name largely failed in the Islamic World while achieving some success in Asia! We can no longer afford President’s or members of Congress that are dilentantes on foreign affairs and ofter learning on the job. Wake up American polity. Learning the languages and culture of other people is not a wasted effort and English may or may succeed as the language of Globalization. No one can be sure. Third, there needs to be a much closer analysis of international drug production, distribution and usage, and its relationship to terrorism. Personally I believe this is already well documented but that documentation is resisted by Executive Branch organizations that might be reorganized if that reality was recognized. Basically Congress should hold hearing and put under oath each of the key Executive Branch leaders including all 16 leaders of the INTEL community as ask one simple question of each! That question is “Does the globalization of drug usage and its servicing by criminal elements support or assist terrorism? And if so please provide documentation! And if not please provide documentation. Fourth or fifth–Let’s recognize that the current structure of the Department of Justice and FBI is just not working to pull their fair share and full load on terrorism. Why? Maybe professional administrators and not politicized lawyers need to be at the top! Maybe other things. Personally, I would cut the FBI loose from investigation of personal background investigations. Also the terrorism analysis function should be totally eliminated and reassigned to other parts of the INTEL community. Noting that “Domestic Spying” was considered sensitive when DHS was formed and that DHS would have the lead then perhaps that combined with the fact that DHS was supposed to be the domestic INTEL lead means those funds and staff of the FBI should be transferred to DHS. DOJ as a whole should be looked at to be returned to its litigation function and it should have the best of the best to run its litigation and pay them to do so. Litigation in my experience is a young persons game and a 20 years and out appointment or even shorter is necessary. What would DOJ gain–all the litigation sections in the Executive Branch agencies would report directly to and be funded and staff by DOJ and also trained. I am sick and tired of the government losing cases it should not loose. This is totally because where the defendants or oppositon have deep pockets they can outthink and outfight DOJ and this may include alleged terrorists.
Finally, the DOD needs to rethink the 21st Century and the liklihood of military threats and the organized violence potential of other nation-states, or the unorganized potential of non-state actors. Perhaps the whole of DOD should be divided into two parts. Nation-state threats and non-Nation state threats. Perhaps the INTEL community should also be divided into two parts and eliminate the 80% of INTEL funding and staffing that is run by DOD. I have a few more but hope this provides some food for thought.
Oh, and given current events again Haiti will definitely have domestic US fallout on politics, immigration issues, Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and response and recovery. Do you again notice that critical failure–there is no real chain of command for the Haiti earthquake?

Why? Because so many want to play even when they bring nothing to benefit Haiti except to say they were there. An old Executive Order, issued without much thought and when AID was on life support under the SENATOR JESSEE HELMS reign of terror gave the lead for all foreign disasts to DOD. Why you might ask when there is an OFFICE OF FOREIGN DISASTER ASSISTANCE as part of AID. Who knows but perhaps that needs review. Looks like a decade long occupation of Haiti is underway in the thinking of the current Adminstration leadership. I could be wrong of course.

Comment by christopher tingus

January 20, 2010 @ 5:02 am

While the DC logistics folks are working evet moment and the US should show a most impressive response including serious consideration to utilize up to 50,000 trailers (Katrina), working w both Canadian and US officials as well as numerous collaborative commercial interests, our group are proposing environmentally-friendly 200 sq. ft. houses w solar, earthquake resistent as well as portable water purification units that can use even a mDuddy puddle and clean up for good drinking water….We are making every attempt to prove up the useage of even using our units taking salt water and bringing valued solutions.

Recall the past when every Tom, Dick and Harry caused much stress on the system offering their products and solutions to FEMA, let’s hope we have a much better grasp of addressing serious demands requiring a bureaucratic system to respond expediously, professionally.

Hait’s ten (10) year renewal will hopefully motivate the Haitians as well for the world is now pouring in infrastrucure monies and relief aid. What about earth moving and heavy equipment no longer needed in Iraq,
will it be utilized in the HERO effort all nations should be applauded for such immediate response to those who desperately require such expeditious commitment.
Christopher Tingus
CEO & Managing Director
GlobalH2OSolutions, LTD.
London – Boston

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