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February 14, 2010

This Year’s Valentine

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Mark Chubb on February 14, 2010
A poem by Philip Appleman (Courtesy of Phil Palin)

They could
pump frenzy into air ducts
and rage into reservoirs,
dynamite dams
and drown cities,
cry fire in theaters
as the victims are burning,
I will find my way through blackened streets
and kneel down at your side.

They could
jump the median, head-on,
and obliterate the future,
fit .45’s to the hands of kids
and skate them off to school,
flip live butts into tinderbox forests
and hellfire half the heavens,
in the rubble of smoking cottages
I will hold you in my arms.

They could
send kidnappers to kindergartens
and pedophiles to playgrounds,
wrap themselves in Old Glory
and gut the Bill of Rights,
pound the door with holy screed
and put an end to reason,
I will cut through their curtains of cunning
and find you somewhere in the moonlight.

Whatever they do with their anthrax or chainsaws,
however they strip-search or brainwash or blackmail,
they cannot prevent me from sending you robins,
all of them singing: I’ll be there.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

February 14, 2010 @ 9:02 am

Don’t know much about this guy but first apocolyptic valentine I have read. Interesting to me that an actor I respect has a new movie out called the “Book of Eli” which on low budget is doing very well. Sending a Biblical message to the Judaeo-Christians in the USA and elsewhere I guess. One of the many things the culture and polity of the US never quite understood is that the jump from the “A” bomb to the next level was not just an arimethic increase in the threat to mankinds survival but in fact a geometric increase. It almost forced the adoption of “MAD” [Mutual Assured Destruction]as strategic posture, in particular as “CEP” [Circular Probable Error] for missile strikes was reduced to about 3000 yards or less. What does this have to do with Valentine’s Day or Homeland Security? ST. Valentine’s day is now the second largest single commercial event in the US after so-called “Black Friday” after thanksgiving. If ST. VALENTINE was a martyr and believe he was he might wonder that for which he sacrificed. Just as the rapid onset and erosion of privacy, civil liberties and other Constitutional protections continues after 9/11 if you trended the liklihood of apocolypse from July 1945 I am afraid the graphic would be down or up to the apocolypse. Failed US non-proliferation policies have lead to the increasing likelihood of the flat out prediction of a deceased CIA friend to me in 1990. He stated the so-called “30-30” rule! That rule which was a shorthand code for the anti-proliferation experts in the US was that by 30 years down the road it looked increasingly like 30 nation-states with both nuclear and ballistic missile capability. I state to him at that time that if that is the case [and I firmly believe it will occur–Nostradamus here} then that in itself will lead to the equivalent of an “apocolyptical” world in which “survival” is very uncertain. “Peace” is not the “absence” of “War”! So much for my Valentine for HLSWatch!

Comment by christopher tingus

February 15, 2010 @ 5:06 pm

Well, William Cumming, I do hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day especially given the scenario you present for after all you sound terribly pessimistic for Valentine’s Day, however I assure you not as pessimistic than what I see taking place as mankind’s greed, his self-agenda become paramount and result in very bleak days ahead!

What is so disheartening is to see lawmakers turn their cheek to the abuses of the an individiual’s rights today, while the non-citizen derives so much from the system.

Local, state and federal government officials, those we have “entrusted” for the most part by precious vote, having sold their soul to special interest
groups and to those who have made substantial donations to their coffers.

Happy V Day! Happy Victory Day to those including government officials and agencies here who are hell bent on creating a new world for as this nation continues to print fiat dollars and sinks further into bankruptcy and oblivion, hope is really snached from the succeeding generations and from those in present day who still look to America as a beacon of hope. Despair is not far yonder, but here on Main Street USA!

The void in leadership, the US populace unwilling to embrace term limits and make it quite clear that political office is not a long-term career, but a commitment to the public for a designated length of time.

WMD? AQ? The Taliban? Hamas? Hezbollah? The “KGB Putinites” the “Brutes of Tehran” tripping over one another like the Koreans all seeking our demise when we here on Main Street are more concerned these challenging days with the waning internals of America and the obvious void in leadership.

People are fearful in speaking out against the abuse by government of the people, unjustified punishment of the good and most charitable citizen. Open disregard for the US and State Constitution, the Rights of the good citizen. Far too much government now seeking to expand its reach by taking over healthcare….Not so fast fellas!

It is obvious that no one has solutions, just money in their coffers to run many, many ads with empty promises using the word “change” with the only change we see as taxes and fees, more taxes and fees and whatever change we used to have in our pocket, stripped of us, leaving us much less to buy the chocolates, flowers and card bringing harmony to the home.

Happy V Day to the politicians in your deviousness and usurping power which does not belong to you, however you, too have been duped for an “enslaved populace” of this soon to be third world country will portray a population far more anxious, even more mistrusting of government’s ways and the promise of a country much less productive.

Christopher Tingus
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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