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May 20, 2010

Homeland security enterprise: each of us, all of us, whether we know it or not

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Philip J. Palin on May 20, 2010

The homeland security enterprise seemed especially busy on Wednesday:

The natural, accidental, and intentional threats on which homeland security is focused are taking up a lot of bandwidth. Many more bullets could be listed.  It is important to note that while DHS and its component agencies are in the middle of all these issues and events, it is not just DHS nor is it only a federal undertaking.

The Quadrennial Homeland Security Review helpfully defined the “homeland security enterprise.”   In the report’s executive summary we read:

Homeland security describes the intersection of evolving threats and hazards with traditional governmental and civic responsibilities for civil defense, emergency response, law enforcement, customs, border control, and immigration. In combining these responsibilities under one overarching concept, homeland security breaks down longstanding stovepipes of activity that have been and could still be exploited by those seeking to harm America. Homeland security also creates a greater emphasis on the need for joint actions and efforts across previously discrete elements of government and society.

Homeland security is a widely distributed and diverse—but unmistakable—national enterprise. The term “enterprise” refers to the collective efforts and shared responsibilities of Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, nongovernmental, and private-sector partners—as well as individuals, families, and communities—to maintain critical homeland security capabilities. The use of the term connotes a broad-based community with a common interest in the public safety and well-being of America and American society that is composed of multiple actors and stakeholders whose roles and responsibilities are distributed and shared…

When trouble breaks — or is about to break — it is the total enterprise that is needed on-deck and readyFor me the core value-add that homeland security offers is a sector-crossing, stovepipe busting, strategic integration of risk-awareness, risk mitigation, risk-readiness, and consciously cultivated resilience.  Homeland security — the enterprise — does not always achieve this potential, but the potential remains potent.

(I will be fully engaged until very late Wednesday and begin travel Thursday at O dark 30.  I probably won’t have time to update this post (queued up at 5:30 Wednesday night).   Just in case there is a breaking story overnight, I  do not want HLSwatch to seem purposely oblivious.    Best wishes for a peaceful and productive Thursday.)

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Comment by William R. Cumming

May 20, 2010 @ 9:04 am

Back from week off for 50th High School reunion at Sidewell Friends School in DC. Great time.

Now back to work. Looks like oil spilling at rate of 90-100,000 barrels per day while WH continues to censor scientists who might help at request of BP. Commission process decided upon by WH and reorg of MMS is way too slow. Now looking like the largest contamination of a major water body in world history. The GULF states are keeping the lid on now only because of power of oil lobby in those states and congress. What should be done? All BP assets reachable by US government should be under a protective order for potential seizure. WH should let chips fall where they may politically since they will fall anyway and let loose the government’s best scientists to document problems now clearly becoming reality. And finally, all those receiveing moneies from BP whether MSM or politicians need to be identified and disclosed publically.
Note also OMB finally got FEMA into play on small business issues. WOW. Do they know there is an SBA?

Is there a statute that could immediately help in all this? Yes,the Defense Production Act of 1950, extended without committee review for 5 years last fall. The resources needed for damage control, response and recovery will end up being far more than Katrina IMO. Also this event will make Lehman Bros. collapse look like a side show. Hey 12 trillion for the banks in largely secret rescue effort by the FED try 15 trillion to restore and respond to this event before it is done. Is this the big one? Obama better hope show as he watches the Caribean lost to China and to Venzuela and did I mention Haiti recently? The US decision to pretend their was an operational Haitian government now means all donations are being scammed by the normal Haitian corruption and 2 million will be in horrible agony by Labor Day. And will Hurricane season spare the Gulf and Haiti? Hoping so but who knows.

Comment by Citizen Joe

May 22, 2010 @ 5:40 am

Prepared since 12th January with proven competencies to address prerequisite and substantial wastewater and water purification development in Haiti as I (we) do throughout Africa, the Middle East and other, seeking to bring valued assistance to capturing at least some of the oil in the Gulf with resources and technology offered by the global technology I represent as an American businessman, all with much experience to address both Haiti even with wind technology for the sw sector of the island as a pilot project, solar applications and rainwater retention systems, earthquake resistant and eco-friendly design and solution in practical and permanent housing and multi-storied buildings offered…oh…the corruption so rampant so thwarting any such ongoing efforts….

The good people of Haiti again at the mercy of Mother Nature to produce a number of hurricanes this season beginning 1st June! What a pity as the world sees the color of skin and looks the other way at a scenario estimated at $14-15billion in rebuild, while Teddy and Kerry had no problem finding $16-$18billion to remake the “Big Dig” and seven miles of Boston’s inner roadways….What a shame and how clearly man shows his self-agenda, his lack of compassion for other, seeking only to fill his/her monetary gain while even in the Big Dig enterprise supported by federal tax dollars, seven people have been killed related to construction – and roadway fault –

Very much part of this “enterprise” working closely with experts to make a difference, even my trip to Haiti last Wednesday was cancelled as all good intent to bring in the technology to forge ahead, to enable the resilient Haitian to engage in the direct, hands-on masnufacture of these houses and buildings, to first address much needed wastewater and water purification, well, let’s say, nothing much looks different than since the earthquake struck…From within to outside, greed has usurped all and despite the wonderful, dedicated efforts of those truly committed to the less fortunate, despair prevails….

As far as the affect on Homeland Security and with this much oil flowing, despite the fact that I know first hand that BP has and should have all personnel dedicated to the spill, exhausted and frustrated, even with the funds available to at least partially address this devastating, unfortunate and evolving scenario, We must all be very, very concerned and with prayer and hope that next Wednesday, BP and industry experts are able to stop the flow, if not, even with the technology We have offered BP awaiting reply from them, what a pity that given the brilliance of being able to dig so many miles down in the sea, find the oil and yet, so unprepared for the unexpected, though truly having No excuse not to be prepared for any such event so endangering the preciousness of water and nature….

BP has the assets and cash to fix this “accident” and every resource must be used. I (we) are working with “experts” in the scientific and engineering communities, employing the expertise needed to address Haiti and the “oil spill” with response teams and proven applications, however to date, the heavy rains and winds will not only dampen the hopes and aspirations of the good people of Haiti who have been left in their tents and on the streets which can be categorized as being left to die….

….A world riddled with corruption, central bankers printing all sorts of currencies which will eventually lead to more despair and real War and the promise of high surf caused by hurricane(s) will wreak havoc on the shores and kill magnificent sea life while mankind continues to seek to kill the innocent rather than look in the mirror and in the pages of the Koran and see that all the manipulation, the intended deceit in using good people in dastardly deed, the arrogance, the ourtright dysfunctional, ignorance witnessed by the Creator, will Not result in mankind aspiring to higher standard and to excel, to lend a hand to the less fortunate, to realize the great potential of mankind in science and technology, to transition Life for the better for so many, No, mankind seeks its own demise as portrayed by history, every form of government since Babylon and you Mr. President and your administration so bent on promoting your – change – the rodent seen earlier today at the White House depicts the rodents found from government to government, to the “Brutes of Tehran”, the “KGB Putinites” terrorists everywhere who prefer placing mankind on the threshhold of extinction as it did only 65 years or so with depression, war and famine…

I am in the global “water” business, working night and day to give access to nearly 1 billion souls, each a creation of our Lord, who do not even have a clean glass of water to drink!

I ask for $100million from Wall Street or from hugh coffers from the European investment funds to lend a hand to help address and expedite the many, many projects at hand, all profitable, all very real, all necessary to prerequisite infrastructure development, inspired by the latest technology and Wall Street replies, “We understand the projects you seek to bring solution are indeed profitable and humanitarian, yet We are too busy…” My reply, “Yeah..too busy writing out bonus checks…”

The Homeland Security enterprise, the same that allows your Aunt Mr. President to stay in this country illegally and then grants her all the privilieges of staying here in America when people line up at 6:00am and before each and every morning often waiting up to two years outside their respective country and that of US Embassy to hope and pray that they will be granted a visa to escape their Life to come to America and pledge Love for America and its freedom adhereing to policy and procedure and coming to America only to see those who break immigration law benefit, very much contrary to the “Homeland Security enterprise” and the laws of the land….A nation without the fortitude to enforce laws, to make sure that each and every entry into the United States of America is followed per the procedure of the Homeland Security enterprise requirements as stipulated by law!

Mr. Roubini, your forsight into a possible 20% correction in the financial markets, you are kind Sir for you are a technician and as much as I admire you, read your every word and listen to you attentively, you fail to take in account mankind’s self-agenda, the greed as evidenced by the grid-lock, the agenda of smug-smiled Pelosi, “Mr. Barney” and his Freddy Mac buds, Harry Reid who is so far removed from the 21st century and affording man the opportunity for creativeness, innovation, liberty and assuring that every individual be granted Rights as dictated by Constitution, yet each of the nearly 7 billion souls to inhabit this earth be required to adhere to the law, whether immigration or otherwise.

Yes, the incumbent will be voted out, however the oil flows, the Hebrew remains an outcast, the Germans and the Vatican empowered to revival once again and the Iranian leadership is allowed to place aside its richness in blood and contribution to mankind as the “Brutes of Tehran” with the Germans and the Vatican and all those preferring to manipulate the real meanings of Love and compassion towards fellow man despite difference, well, all these an others are leading us straight to destruction and you Mr. President seek to share our military strategy, tactic, embrace the Islamic community when itself does to responsibly deal with those within the community who seek theur own agenda, much in direct conflict and a certain conflict which will involve religious factions throughout the Middle East confronting one another and promising to create a conflagration where all are involved –

How sad mankind fails to learn from history and chooses to promote only dysfunctional values, agenda which has no place to allow another with differing perspective the dignity and freedom of choice –

God Bless America for apparently much of the world seems to be afraid of a woman’s lipstick, affording her the Right as individual, person, to be educated, to attain prominence in the community, to express nurturing attributes rather than this ongoing warlike mentality…

….fellas, let’s hand over the keys to women for they really understand the magnificance of childbirth, our Creator’s Blessing, the value of Life, not this generational theme that my way, or no way…allow mankind to be nurtured, not stuck as Palestinain pawns who seek a better way of Life, yes, even with Hebrew brethren side by side….Haitian people who deserve more than covering by tent only to wait for the big wind of further despair, available funding to allow me to bring in the experts to build the $100million wastwater project in Ghana, the $50million development project in Rwanda, com’on fellas, “Mr. Barney” and Hank Paulson et al sway they have no idea, there is no transparency to the $750billion in stimulus monies “lost” – well, I need $100million in real, prerequisite infrastructure project development again for those with dark skins, from Rwanda, to Ghana, to Sri Lanka, to Nigeria, to Egypt, throughout the Middle East and now to Indonesia, to India and even to China…I ask, where’s the money…all these “fiat dollars” which can be so easily printed and unaccounted for that can provide “water” to those drinking from the Ganges River!

What a world and obviously the Homeland Security enterprise is busy, however its ranks employed with scientists, engineers, experts in intelligence, It folks understanding the reach into space to use weapons for blackmail…cybersecurity to protect our electric grid and soldier in the field….

It is not the comet headed for impact that worries me, it is mankind’s unwillingness to be responsible and caring for another….

I see folks sending radio waves, communication from earth to other universes, for what, do these folks truly believe that a more intelligent, far less dysfunctional and insightful creation of God would be interested in responding….

We place a hole in the earth and cannot plug it, the plates from within buckle and people living on the crust are in upheaval and others shun them, the Massachusetts State Senate, so dysfunctional itself and riddled with prowess in power, vindictive towards citizenry, indifferent to the principles of the Constitution, these supposed legislators have the audacity to make comment about Arizona law…com’on, wake up for God has been witness to all and hears that killing innocents, outright cold-blooded murder of his Creation promises virgins, get a hold of yourselves as neither Islam or any other will exist and your responsibility, even you Mr. President to overcome your own limited background, to quit your smoking for after all, you are mentor, maybe not the brst, however as entusted in your leadership role, others do as you do and the first question a physician asks, “Mr. President..Mr. Citizen Joe, doyou smoke?” Ans you talk about healthcare and costs as a result of smoking?

God Bless this beloved Republic and remember, vote the professional politician, the incumbent so impressed with credential and themselves, while I am a pessimist and the lack of repentance of fellow man is obvious, your vote does indeed make a difference! See you at the pols….

Christopher Tingus
CEO & Managing Director
GlobalH2OSolutions, Inc. – Consultants

*By the way, I have Bonny Light and many barrels of it available which could replace only partially the underestimated loss in oil from beneath,

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