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August 7, 2010

One day, two dots connected in Pakistan

Filed under: Catastrophes,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on August 7, 2010

To highlight the screamingly obvious, two headlines from Thursday, August 5, and a few related headlines since.

Over 500,000 to Evacuate from Sindh (DAWN) –  “Pakistani authorities began evacuating half a million people living along the swollen Indus River in the country’s south on Thursday, as floods caused by the worst monsoon rains in decades threatened new destruction.  The floods have already killed an estimated 1,500 people over the past week, most of them in the northwest. An estimated 4.2 million Pakistanis have been affected, including many in eastern Punjab province, which has seen numerous villages swallowed by rising water in recent days.” (Saturday morning the BBC reports that over 12 million are now affected.)

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan Top Threat (BBC) –  “Al-Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan and its affiliates in Africa remain the biggest threats to US and its interests abroad, a US government report says. The annual terrorism report states that al-Qaeda encountered setbacks in 2009 but has proved to be ‘resilient and adaptable’.”

Quite often the difference between disaster and catastrophe is a cascade of coincidence.  Cause and effect cannot be predicted because the interaction of events cannot be forseen.  Only in retrospect do we recognize  the straw that broke the back was neither one nor the other (nor the other), but a combination.

I am not predicting anything.  Two dots connecting  — even colliding — do not necessarily cause an explosion.  But without disciplined attention we sometimes seem to miss the obvious.

Left, below: BBC Map of Pakistan food zone as of August 5. (More detailed maps will appear in a new window by clicking on the images below)


Right, above: BBC map of Taliban influence in Northwest Pakistan (2009).  Since this map was generated the government has reasserted substantial control in Swat and neighboring districts in the North.  The situation in FATA remains volatile. South Waziristan is occupied by significant elements of the Pakistani military.  North Waziristan continues to be under the control of the Taliban-in-Pakistan and is thought to provide sanctuary to al-Qaeda.

For further consideration:

Hard-Line Islam Fills Void in Flooded Pakistan (New York Times) (Thanks Eric for the link, embarrassed to have missed it.)

More rains hit flooded Pakistan, Islamists step up (Associated Press)

Forecast: More rain, expected to be especially heavy on Sunday (DAWN)

Sunday Update:

Landslides kill more in flood-hit Pakistan (AFP)

Pakistan pleads for help as disaster worsens (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

U.S. assesses own plans after Pakistan floods (Reuters India)

Monday Update:

Pakistan floods could swamp Sindh (BBC) (Note: the flooding is now wiping out much of this year’s harvest in the Indus river valley. Over the next 24 to 36 hours the flooding will peak in the urban centers of Karachi and Hyderabad

Landslides cut off Swat Valley (Aljazeera)

No respite in sight as more rains forecast (DAWN) “With water flows continuing to increase at Guddu and Sukkur, weather pundits have forecast an extended rainy spell, at times heavy, raising fears of aggravation of the ‘super flood’ in the Indus.”

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Comment by William R. Cumming

August 7, 2010 @ 5:02 pm

All the great desert religions seem to have discussed the impact of flooding on them.

Comment by Lack of Resilience and Respect for Another

August 8, 2010 @ 6:03 am

When the news broke about the cold blooded killings of people simply trying to help others w/medical problems needing attention and the statement issued that these people were spies and were promoting Christianity, well that’s what this is all about – a Taliban or anyone else including the Vatican who choose to kill in the name of religion – what absurdity.

The fact of the matter remains – Germany in the process of reviving itself and the Vatican will not tolerate much of this and once again history repeats itself – Germany’s and the Vatican’s agenda will take its hand and do what it may with the Taliban, the “Brutes of Tehran” and despite these killings as God is witness to all and no man should judge another or take a Life, yet it seems that whether Muslim or Christian and despite all the teachings of Life from generation to generation, narrow perspectives prevail and man’s unwillingness to be tolerant of another is man’s greatest demise, the lack of compassion and respect for those who differ.

The Bible’s pages are turning quickly now. Mankind and his lust for prowess, his selfish and incestuous accolades of one another as central bankers and “thieves” as noted by every manmade government since Babylon, no matter the form.

Well fellas, unfortunately this world will neither be all Christian or Muslim. Both can co-exist and neither must embrace the other, however in the truely and unfortunare void in entrusted leadership, our destiny is in peril, very much so as the clerics and the priests use their position in manipulation of another.

Oil prices will skyrocket, global economies will falter and the top tier investsed in the stock market will see preciptious fall in the markets. Unusual atmospheric events such as heavy rains, eathquakes and wildfires will reign.

The outlook has clearly been written as man’s lack in willingness and inbability to grant dignity to another of God’s children. the killing of “humanitarian” people, those with tolerance and compassion, Love not hatred, respect of another’s differing perspectives. This lack of tolerance of Christianity of Islam or other, who is one to impose his/her belief on another.

It is not the good youth of America who Islam must fear for again they are on foreign soil without malice towards another, however it will be this new fast deployment army and the new shiny vessels of the German led EU not far offshore which will be the demise of the “Brutes of Tehran” and the Taliban and will thrust the world into another calamity.

Once again, mankind even with his brilliance in technological advancement enhancing the quality of Life for so many in some ways, as I reach professionally to address prerequisite infrastructure – substantial ($50millon-$250million) wastewater and water purification project development throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia in an effort to address nearly 1 billion souls who today, in this 21st century, do not have access to a clean glass of water, as I profesionally strive to rekindle interest in a project to bring “water” from Turkey to Palestinian and Israeli via specailly designed barges as climatological predictions for the next three decades suggest arid conditions…so many dedicated professionally in improving all Life in the work of their respectwed discipline and all we see are those in “entrusted” leadership roles with weapons in hand ready to strime neighbor and even kindred as we saw Tehran spill the rich Perian blood of its youth on the street.

God Bless us all for the bankers and the politicans have forgotten the way and the Taliban and the Vatican and whomever else whether up in the northwestern sector of Pakistan or wherever, quickly we are promised much anguish and shock and awe and when the dust is scattered, mankind has merely depicted his capacity in dastardly deed, not religious tolerance nor compassion for another.

If we do not repent, all will certainly be destined to even more hardship. So much to achieve, to excel, to make Life better, to understand one another and no, greed and selfishness prevail!

Christopher Tingus
CEO & Managing Director
GlobalH2OSolutions, Inc.


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