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November 26, 2010

A reason to give thanks

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Arnold Bogis on November 26, 2010

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ate well, drank well, and most importantly, spent time with family and dear friends.  On a personal note, given the focus on the TSA this past week, I found it somewhat amusing that a TSA employee was a part of my own Thanksgiving dinner experience.

In terms of homeland security, we should all give thanks to those who protect us everyday.  At the top of the homeland security enterprise pyramid, obviously, are all the private citizens of this nation who are the true first preventers and responders. Then the professionals (first responders, law enforcement, DHS workers, intelligence employees, and military personnel who risk their lives to protect us everyday), politically appointed leaders, and everyone else who play vital roles in this effort.

Given the constant focus on terrorist threats and other risks, today might be a good time to get a slightly different perspective.  Though the threats we face are real and while our economic problems continue,  is it possible that perhaps we miss a bigger truth: that we still maintain a position of unparalleled strength in the world.

I will let Harvard professor Stephen Walt explain:

Although we are constantly bombarded with alarmist reports about grave dangers facing the nation from outside, the United States remains remarkably secure compared with other states. The U.S. economy is still the world’s largest and most diverse, despite its recent woes, and it is still more than twice as large as the number 2 and number 3 economic powers (China and Japan). We spend more on national security than the rest of the world put together, are the only state with global power projection capabilities, and have the world’s most sophisticated nuclear arsenal. Many of the world’s significant military powers are our allies, so our actual lead is even greater. There are no major powers near to our shores, and we are insulated from many global problems by two enormous oceanic moats.

The United States does face a modest problem from terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, but that is due in good part to our own ill-advised meddling in the Middle East and elsewhere. And assuming it never acquires a nuclear weapon (which we can prevent by working with others to enhance nuclear security around the world), Al Qaeda is not an existential threat to our prosperity or way of life. Even if all their thwarted plots had succeeded–and I’m very glad they didn’t–the damage would pale in comparison to the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Indeed, if history is any guide, international terrorism at its worst poses less threat to American life than auto accidents, nut allergies, or falling in a bathtub.

In short, although perfect security is beyond anyone’s grasp, the United States is as secure as any state could ever expect to be.

As worrisome as the security situation can appear sometimes, perhaps we can be thankful that things are not always as bad as they seem.

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1 Comment »

Comment by Reason(s) To Be Concerned

November 27, 2010 @ 9:10 am

“As worrisome as the security situation can appear sometimes, perhaps we can be thankful that things are not always as bad as they seem.”

I we differ greatly in opinion on this Thanksgiving 2010 from here on Main Street USA.

We have an obviously one term President not much more popular than George Bush and you Barry with your stitches in lip from playing basketball at a time when many Americans have no work, losing their homes to corrupt bankers and the good people of Haiti are so much in despair as the world frowns and turns its cheek away, Americans are hooked on pharamaceuticals by physicians and other who benefit from supporting big business and a bigger and bigger and more intrusive government involved in healthcare, to the many millions and millions in Africa, those in the Middle East and throughout the EU, abused and in despair, in anguish suffering far much more than anyone should….a beer on the White House lawn will not address the injustices at hand – much more is needed and the intellect, the sensitivity, attentiveness to listening to other, and inherent compassion required obviously void of any real depth….and real caring towards others.

….and at a time when I myself and a team of dedicated and experienced professionals work seven days a week and have no time to play basketball for we keep trying to help the people of Haiti with housing and prerequisite wastewater and water purification project development, offer whatever asssitance even in tablet form against cholera wherever it was derived from…cholera taking lives away at this very moment….and you sit in window holding ice against your lip – when people are “stuck in the mud” and never mind having ice, they do not have a clean glass of water to drink! Get over yourself and get to work!

….those in Ghana, Rwanda who desperately need help and so many others as I reiterate, nearly 1 billion people, one billion fellow human beings in this 21st century, despite all the technology, all the advancements in science and research, nearly 1 billion people with little or no access to water – unacceptable and we here and in collaborative effort with other US and Canadian entites are reaching out with little help from the Prime Minister of Canada or the State department and few others….

While the you, the President plays basketball, enjoy your vacation(s) out in the Vineyard, public schools not good enough for your two daughters, a Wife and daughter as well as gal pals visit Spain and drop by who in Spain? Why not a visit visit with daughter in tow to Lexington or Concord, maybe the Grand Canyon, far less expensive and far more informative for the President’s daughter to learn that American history is not all about slavery….

We keep knocking on doors in Haiti and Africa, the Middle East with US and Canadian professional “expertise” and all to no avail as – corruption – and man’s self-indulgence obviously are first priority to most….who could open the door and allow us to lend assistance to those less fotunate and truly in desperate need!

We the US hated so, – misunderstood – in so many ways and a President whose budget deficit is spiralling to one of the most outer of the 160 or so universes beyond our own….and like our universe and all others expanding outward, both sides of the Congressional floor are only exacerbating the situation with your modication of mortgage applications failed and Americans in droves…little children and their parents foreclosed upon, sudden divorce, children marred by “Mr. Barney” his Fannie Mae dudes and of course the Goldman Sachs administration, your administration Barry whose promises remain broken, millions of fellow Americans out of work and guess what, the numbers next year will grow as the economy here and globally falters – and you have time to play basketball….The score here on the Main Street court, Goldman Sachs every time!

No as we sat together here on Thanksgiving Day on the Main Street USA, at our table sat veterans so misdirected and forgotten, raped as We of the trust We once had in those “entrusted” by vote and we see an America where new taxes and new fees in 2011 whether local, state and/or national will hammer the last nail in our coffin and so many, even at our Main Street USA table, who may have had nothing to hardly eat if not invited –

No, we are being looked at in naked form as we seek to travel, we are being “groped” at young and old, some of us never having been so touchedby another where we have been taught neither to touch another or to allow another to touch us in such intrusive manner – a touch and feel government which I refer to as a “Government Reaching Out to Pissoff Everyone” – grope – yet, as We thank our Creator for all that we have been Blessed to have….our dailky discipline in professional global diligence, our personal compassion to reach out to those less fortunate depict so many with far less and a world which prefers to turn its cheek to help another…

No, this Thanksgiving at Main Street USA, we see a government – both Republican and Democrat like children doing only what is in their interest, a people in Haiti, in Rwanda, in Ghana, here in the USA being foreclosed on as you Mr. President never followed through on those so abused by the banker scum bags and the Freddie Macs and those like “Mr. Barney” and Hank Paulsen et al…we are being raped and “felt up” stripped in identity, the “change” we see in the last few pennies remaining taken from our pocket by you and Deval, our children scarred for generations so abused by the void in leadership, knowing what it will take to stimulate a real economic recovery….no, we are slipping quickly to a third world status and while we may seem so strong to you, our vulnerability as a nation, a most charitable people, was quite evident in many homes and on the streets here on Main Street USA –

Heed the warnings of Mr. Roubini – be vigilant for many are manipulating the real meanings professed in the Koran for Love and Respect for one another with clerics and others of influence using the Koran to promote violence and hatred toward innocent, not the context’s intent whatsoeever and read the Biblical scripture where no other should make judgement whatsoever other than the Lord, all of our Creator.

All is witness by the Lord.

As I left the Main Street USA – turkey – table thinking of the richness in Love, compassion towards others, the creativeness, the innovative people of America whose descendents fled the King and his taxes and fees, we have failed…and we do not need your wife, Barry, replacing the bust of Churchill with Martin Luther King, a man who many of my friends marched with and whose work has contributed much to our heaing, undrstanding and Respect for one another, however it is only with “Churchill type insight, fortitude and damn leadership” that America will heal its dysfunctional ways and once again be a beacon of hope within and to those so oppressed by so many others –

many prefer to spend time looking forward to the grand “Spring” wedding when in fact, as I and colleagues strive to help the good people of Haiti “stuck in the mud” by rampant corruption and mankind’s indifference to those less fortunate, we have no time for gawking at the wedding and those attending for it is they that should be holding the wedding if I may suggest in Haiti or in Ghana, Rwanda maybe here on Main Street USA to bring much needed focus on the reality of a world so dysfunctional and so much in despair…it is so unfortunate that massive marble buildings have been built in the sand, while another generation of Palestinian kids are used as pawns by the Arab League nation and others and it is so unfortunate as I call and plea for ‘humainitarian’ funding in loan to enable our teams to address those “stuck in the mud” and I (we) am told that “We are too busy, don’t bother us” this from people like George Soros’ team and the likes of those whose agenda is apparent….

God Bless America as once again as the history of mankind has shown us that since Babylon and even before, deceit, greed, arrogance and certainly indifference to the less advantaged, prevail.

It is our beloved Republic, despite the politicians seeking in every way to circumvent the Constitution, strip us in their attempt to “redistribute wealth” as long as not taking anything from them, it is we the people who can thwart this serious intent to hoodwink you and I and halt this “Goldman Sachs administration” which I refer to it as so inherent with evil intent to dupe us in every way, to promote disharmony and discontent as it, too is quite apparent here on Main Street USA and beyond into the hearts and minds of those we reach to in clasp in hand and heartfelt compassion to assist in aany and every way.

We are all children of the Lord and despite those among us who seek their own benefit, with fortitude and commitment to one another, “We shall overcome! We shall overcome” –

The flag on my porch flies upside down to portray the distress we feel our nation presently embraces and the peril not from the Taliban or AQ, the infamous Hawk and others whose perspectives certainly differ in many ways, however it is the peril We as God’s children we see and we must clasp hand and together stand steadfast in our Lord’s insistence that we rid the world of such evil, those who choose dastardly act like the “Brutes of Tehran” who willingly choose to spill rich Persian blood, the Persians like my Hellenic ancestry who contributed so much to a civilized way of Life, not to promote despicable acts on another….

Barry, just like Uncle Teddy at the bridge and your broken promises whereby you stated in your campaign that if you could not address the woes of fellow Americans, you would not seek another term and you would step down….

One cannot sail on his yacht or play on the basketball court to wash away or sweat out reality, the corruption and indifference, priorities in less than admirable ways riddled in most of what we see and choose to do after we leave our Thanksgiving table here on Main Street USA differ greatly from those who choose to irresponsibley and maybe even criminally run from the bridge or maybe even be deceitful in your pledge with hand on Bible or Koran, to uphold the US Constitution and the values of We who are proud to be Americans with no need to diminish our stature while others seek our demise.

The reality is that a “beer” on the White House lawn with your fellow – elitists – your pals, are not representative of America here at our Main Street USA – thanksgiving table – where we differ greatly is the assessment that “perhaps we can be thankful that things are not always as bad as they seem.”

With respect, We stand with many fellow Americans, the good people of Haiti, those in Ghana, Rwanda, the Congo, the Sudan, Ethiopia, the Egyptian who will see his government fall to “fundamentalists” shoryly and cause much consternation and disharmony in the Middle East….

….those who truly understand the Koran as professing Love and compassion towards other not that in which Clerics profess and in manipulating the preciousness in word and meaning for the sake of personal gain and influence over innocent youth, those of us who reference Biblical scripture and understand God’s concerns and dire warnings…

We are in indeed in great peril!

God Bless America!

Christopher Tingus
PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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