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December 6, 2010

WikiLeaks lists ‘targets for terror’

Filed under: Risk Assessment,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on December 6, 2010

According to the Times of London (subscription required)

WikiLeaks raised the stakes in its battle with America last night (Sunday night) by releasing a secret list of all the global industries and assets that the US most wishes to protect. Security experts said that the cable, published by the whistleblower website as part of an unauthorised package of diplomatic correspondence, was a gift for terrorist organisations. It spelt out hundreds of pipelines, undersea cables and factories across the world, including a number in Britain, that would cause most damage to US interests if destroyed.

The BBC has a related story that is available without subscription: List of facilities “Vital to US Security” leaked.

The Office of Management and Budget has instructed federal employees not to access the still-officially-classified documents.  A copy of the memo is provided by the TPM blog.   Avert thy eyes O ye innocents!

Now that nearly everyone else — including our adversaries — have access, we evidently are trying to contain the damage by restricting our own public servants access to the information. 

P.J. Crowley, the State Department spokesperson, suggested the OMB counsel’s office may be a bit “overzealous” here.  In the midst of all the serious fallout that PJ is in the middle of handling, I expect he had some choice words — behind closed doors — regarding the late Friday OMB circular.

As of Monday morning WikiLeaks continues to be available via a Swiss domain: www.wikileaks.ch

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Comment by William R. Cumming

December 6, 2010 @ 8:22 am

The real objective of the memo in my opinion was to ensure that regulated entities outside of the US don’t increase their transaction costs by providing enhanced security and certainly since most of the sites listed are subject to regulation by governments or even owned by governments to give USA regulators ideas that those items they regulate might need security upgrades and then lobby the Congress to pay for those upgrades.

Longest sentence ever posted on HLSWatch.com?

My point is simple. Since 9/11/01 the primary struggle in Homeland Security policy formulation, implementation and operations in the US is who will pay for the enhanced security? Hey an analysis of how security costs for various industries are or have been lobbied since 9/11/01 would be fascinating. Of course as we know, the Airlines have received the largest single subsidy ever through TSA and other means. Thanks Mrs. (Former Senator) Daschle.

Comment by William R. Cumming

December 6, 2010 @ 1:42 pm

Notice that Leslie Gelb has come out publically saying that the leaks support the notion that US diplomacy is skillful and competent. Respectfully, I disagree.

Comment by Arnold Bogis

December 6, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

“Since 9/11/01 the primary struggle in Homeland Security policy formulation, implementation and operations in the US is who will pay for the enhanced security?”

Bill, in my opinion that is an incredibly insightful statement. It covers not only the private/public issues, but also federal/state/local tensions, considerations of risk, and ideas about what a policy of national resilience will entail.

Comment by DHS Deputized Walmart Shoppers

December 7, 2010 @ 9:12 am

– To the esteemed William Cumming, I have a local Boston newspaper which bestowed me with having a 108 word sentence which to date has been unmatched and with my wordiness and ramblings, a record which should stand as no one has even come close –


What rubbish in anyone stating US diplomacy is anything close to skillful and competent….

We are broke and void of leadership. People from continent to continent have far less regard for us than in previous years despite Barry Obama and his Goldman Sachs administration as well as those on the other side of the aisle who are not much better! These tax cuts should not have been for anyone earning more than $250k, however the perks in elected office continue….How absurd….

We are at a mess domestically and internationally. We fail to recognize our failings and our youthful and inexperienced bliss, our self-serving agenda on this Pearl Harbor anniversary morning, our nation bankrupted by both sides of the aisle and a people enslaved by the “bankers” —

We are very much at peril!

A note of interest – Let me remind everyone that the US family in child care and education comprise 17% of the $220,000 it costs an American family to raise a child, a substantial increase and all we see is spiralling costs with fellow Americans seeing broken promises and the only change, the last few pennies in their pockets taken from them. We are in trouble. Who will help us, certainly not those serving self agenda!

No matter my international business pursuit in addressing wastewater, water purification project development in addressing prerequisite infrastructure requirements (including housing)- Haiti – to afford those less fortunate dignity and opportunity whether in Ghana, Rwanda, Indonesia, the Middle East and elsewhere on the ground or at loading or discharge port, the Chinese presence is very evident as it is in our Walmart cart!

We have given away the keys, our manufacturing and soon our identity. No new jobs, unemployment at a rate which will only grow and the continued erosion of our beloved Republic as leadership is void whether Democrat or Republican.

As far as Assange and Wikileaks and the case of Freedom of Speech, we will let the competent US Justice Department and the EU pursue whatever case it sees in this unfortunate compromise in many ways quite telling of the incompetencies and manner in which we pursue diplomacy. The fact is that We are broke here on Main Street USA and the government is bankrupt many times over and we continue to the same dysfunctional way.

However, with all this said and quite evident, I see that Walmart and the DHS has teamed up as Madame Secretary your television message to Walmart shoppers to be vigilant when shopping tells much about how DHS and just how intrusive government intends to be in our lives even at the checkout counter!

Let’s get real and Madame Secretary, let’s rid ourselves of all the DHS political appointees, never underestimating the real targets of those who seek our demise.

From at least my perspective here on Main Street USA, your having the time to talk to Walmart shoppers is very telling of either you having little else to do or other agenda as dictated to you by the “beltway bandits” who find it necesssary to impose themselves wherever and whenever possible.

Madame Secretary, do not diminish or disgrace those in law enforcement community at federal and state level who place themselves in harm’s way each and every day for each of us in taking their responsibility to thwart those who seek to do us harm very seriously and do a damn good job!

God Bless America!

Christopher Tingus

PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

Comment by the pilatesbiz

February 8, 2012 @ 10:49 am

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