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December 20, 2010

UK arrests: Christmas bombing intended?

Filed under: Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on December 20, 2010

I have been waiting to see if anything more detailed might emerge from the dozen arrests made early this morning in the UK.  I’m not seeing anything credible that was not at the top of the news this morning.  I will be in meetings or traveling most of the rest of the day.  So… here are a few links to three “aggregation” sites related to terrorism.  If anything new is worth telling, these are three top candidates for bringing us the news soonest:

The Telegraph  Terrorism in the UK

The Guardian  UK Security and Terrorism

The Daily Mail  Christmas plot at advanced stage

Despite the Daily Mail’s (“Voice of Middle England”) headline, most of the reports I have seen suggests the plot — whatever it might have been — was in its earliest stages. 

It is worth noting that despite the dramatic pre-dawn raids across England and Wales, the top stories in British media are all related to the snow storm and travel delays.  All-hazards makes its case once more.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

December 20, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

Did the snow help or hurt the counter terrorism response? If so how and why?

Comment by Applaud Those In the UK and Others

December 21, 2010 @ 10:08 am

We have much to be thankful during this Christmas holiday celebration for We are so fortunate to have those here and in the UK and to the many, many dedicated professionals in protecting our -humanity – civilization – from those who seek our demise, willing to kill even fellow Mulsim, never mind the innocent “infidel” a human life, a person, an individual who like these supposed “fundamentalists” are the creation of the Lord with no man to make such judgement against another and kill, yes, not even the fundamentalistmwhich many of you use and are no such fundamentalist for if you truly understood God’s intent for all mankind, you would Not act or condone violence against any oyher person.

In fact, whether reading the Quran or the Bible, such is nothing less than cold blooded murder as we all witnessed as a young woman with rich Persian blood dripping on the streets of Tehran as a reult of these “Brutes of Tehran” who have committed so many acts of violence, killing with all before the eyes of the Lord. They have misinterpreted their importance! God will strike them down before a drone or other global decisive action.

No matter whom, whether in mosque, synagogue or my Greek Church, the Quran, the Bible, no one who preaches violence against any other, hatred and intolerance of another, the cold mudering of other or victimizing or “stoning” a woman in public with men and cell phone taking pictures of such brutality, nothing can be read or construed from the Bible or the Quran with both professing Love and Peace, not such inhumane actions against “innocents” who are striving to look to God for salvation, not to be destined to hell!

If one looks at the stats this year and sees the numerous attempts to commit terorists attacks here and globally, the sickness of those willing to kill fellow Arab and innocents everywhere is appalling and this hiding behind Quran or Bible to act against another human being is damned.

We tank those at NSA, those at DoD, and so forth and so on and to those human beings vigilant everywhere ho understand that humanity is being besieged by those seeking not only the demise of our beloved Republic, but of all humanity for their evil intent is even worse than the bankers in this 21st century who lust in pursuit in power and making every attempt to enslave us all to theri dictate.

Thank you to our first responders, to those in the front line in so many places and to those in Homeland Security who dedicate their lives to assuring that humanity exists and civilization prevails over evil whose dastardly portrayals are watched by the Lord and He will address accordingly.

God Bless us all!

Keep your shovels and warm coats handy as this Winter season begins today and the global maps suggest continued record snows and cold which will not hamper those who stand guard on behalf of humanity for they understand the importance of what they do and the willingness of those who have alternative motive to strike harshly at humanity causing suffering which our history books are filled with and we must acknowledge or we will fall victim as a result. This is no time for indifference, but fortitude in conviction that We shall all stand forthright and thwart those who seek to engulf mankind in darkness and despair…for there is already enough of such with each of us must strive to clasp the hand of another and do our utmost to help one another, to bring hopefulness to humanity.

In my global business development, I see innovation in technology, the astute and the compassionate. We are very much enterprising in our ways and if we can overcome our selfishness and help another in some small way every day, we will continue to enhance Life and depict the wonderful attributes of all mankind whether reading and studying the Torah, the Quran or the Bible.

Science tells us just how familiar we are to one another and while I am a proud American and proud of the American flag of a most charitable people whose country and politicians often err like others as I see so much rampant corruption whether my work takes me to haiti, to Africa or elsewhere, yet, whatever criticizm others may have, my heritage is Hellenic and yes, my culture or religious beliefs may differ and yes, maybe I will not embrace one another, however I will give my handshake and do my utmost to learn about another, understand we are all dysfunctional whether individual or a global nation, yet it is imperative that in this 21st century we strive to make every attempt to possibly compromise or at least understand and to often agree to disagree, yet not take sword to another…

God is witness to all.

These UK arrests and if a Christmas attack planned and thwarted, well, thank God, however these killings must stop.

No one can justify killing another holding the Quran or Bible close to one’s heart on behalf of the Lord, our Creator, he is the only one to make such judgement.

To those of you who choose such action, you can utter any words, however to the many Arabs Greeks and so many others as I have walked the streets of Cairo, Athens, Hebron and Jericho, have heard the songs and poems about the infamous “Hawk” from friends in Lebanon, yes we must sttive to better mankind and we must acknowledge that everyu man-made government since Babylon, not matter what form has failed, yet we are all humans and we must strive to help ourselves and overcome deceitful ways, dysfunctional ways and to help another and to truly make a difference.

The drones, the suicide bombers, the rocket attacks, the ongoing and unacceptable plight of the Palestinian people and generation and another generation which feels so hopeless, a valued youth who must be educated, not unemployed or out of school throwing rocks or being hit with rubber bullets and other as those on the other side also feel threatened and these failed Peace Talks decade after decade from my perspective, nothing more than nations politizing and nothing achieved by people I know on both sides of the street who understand their differences, but understand that all should respect the other and togeher create opportunity as ur Creator has wanted fo each of us – not this despair.

Kudos to the defenders of civilization in the UK for their arrests averted more tragedy in a world inherent with a history of mankind which still does not understand the Blessings we have all received from our Creator!

Let us pray.

God Bless us all!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays and yes, Barry Obama and your Goldman Sachs administration, We are a Judeo-Christian society….

Direct the First Lady to place the bust of Winston Churchill back in its place and remove Martin Luther King’s bust and simply place it in the room as well. You may not be proud of America, but We here on Main Street USA see the need for Winston Churchill leadership and truly understand what Martin Luther King’s contributions meant to a better and more enlightened America!

Again thank you to all the dedicated NYPD, LAPD, UK and other individuals dedicated to assuring that those seeking our demise, preferring to use violence against fellow man whicb is unwarranted for any reason. God is witness to all and does not condone any such action toward another.

Christopher Tingus
PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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