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January 15, 2011

Listening for Gabe and Gabby

Filed under: Strategy — by Philip J. Palin on January 15, 2011

We mourn the murder of Gabe Zimmerman and the others, even as we hope for the miraculous recovery of Gabby Giffords. We look and listen — in anger and in love, fiercely and gently — to discern what meaning we might make of these days suffused with deep darkness and brilliant light.


I have now come to give you insight and understanding.  As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed. Therefore, consider the word and understand the vision.

I am Gabriel. I stand in the Presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news.

And the angel came in to her and said… the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women. And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and considered what kind of greeting this might be.  And the angel said to her, Do not be afraid.

Whoever is the enemy of Gabriel — for surely he revealed to your heart God’s command, confirming what came before and giving guidance and good news for believers —  is the enemy of God and His angels and His apostles and Gabriel and Michael.

Muhammad is Yours,
Gabriel is Yours,
The Qur’an is Yours –
But this discourse,
This exposition in spoken song,
Is it Yours or is it mine?
Your world is illuminated
By the radiance of the same star
Whose loss was the fall of Adam,
that creature of earth,
Was it Yours or mine?

The breath of Gabriel
If God on me bestow,
I may in words express
What Love has made me know.

How can the stars foretell
What future holds in store?
They roam perplexed and mean
In skies that have no shore.

To fix one’s mind and gaze
On goal is life, in fact:
To ego’s death to lead
The thoughts that mind distracts.

How strange!
The bliss of self
Having bestowed on me,
God mighty wills that I Beside myself should be…

By Holy Prophet’s Ascent
This truth to me was taught,
Within the reach of man
High heavens can be brought.

The Life perhaps is still
Raw and incomplete:
Be and it becomes
Even as a voice repeat.


The quotations are drawn from the Book of Daniel, the Gospel of Luke, the Qu’ran, and the poetry of Iqbal. I have depended on the skills of expert translators, but the forms offered above are my responsibility.

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Comment by Philip J. Palin

January 15, 2011 @ 6:44 am

The attempted assassination of a member of Congress, the murder of Congressional staff, a federal judge, and others by a self-defined terrorist is clearly a topic for Homeland Security Watch.

My colleagues have already treated the issue with their usual care. I have hesitated. I wrote a first draft of this more “poetic” treatment earlier in the week and slept on it. Then I distributed a second draft to a few whose judgment I admire. One discouraged publication. Another encouraged. Two were silent. I gave it another night’s sleep.

In deciding to post I am aware of three motivations:

1) Ego, there is something here I want to say, I want to be heard.

2) A fascination with the presence of the Gabriel motif in this tragedy. For anyone who gives a modicum of attention to the varied scriptures of the Abrahamic faiths, Gabriel is the preeminent messenger. When Gabriel appears, you listen… very carefully. When Christina’s death is also involved, the religious imagination runs very fast.

3) I want to explore with you — anyone who is reading this — the range and limits of how we think together about homeland security.

In the last couple of years, those of us who write for HLSWATCH — both posters and commentators — have been wrestling to find a framework, language, some sort of rigorous approach to deal mindfully and responsibly with the profoundly complicated nature of what we call homeland security. I have not physically wrestled since junior high. I recall it as an exhilarating, slick and sweaty, weird, embarrassing, and wonderful explosion of energy.

Something is happening in our language — and therefore in our thinking — that seems to be narrowing our options. This is not helpful. We need to expand our options. At least that’s what my seventh grade wrestling coach told me.

Audre Lorde writes, “poetry is not a luxury. It is a vital necessity of our existence. It forms the quality of the light within which we predicate our hopes and dreams toward survival and change, first made into language, then into idea, then into more tangible action.”

“Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought. The farthest external horizons of our hopes and fears are cobbled by our poems, carved from the rock experiences of our daily lives.”

“As they become known and accepted to ourselves, our feelings, and the honest exploration of them, become sanctuaries and fortresses and spawning grounds for the most radical and daring of ideas, the house of difference so necessary to change and the conceptualization of any meaningful action. Right now, I could name at least ten ideas I would have once found intolerable or incomprehensible and frightening, except as they came after dreams and poems. This is not idle fantasy, but the true meaning of “it feels right to me.” We can train ourselves to respect our feelings, and to discipline (transpose) them into a language that matches those feelings so they can be shared. And where that language does not yet exist, it is our poetry which helps to fashion it. Poetry is not only dream or vision, it is the skeleton architecture of our lives.”

I hope my primary motivation for posting these words, in this context, is to honor those who were attacked and work with you to craft a more expansive architecture of our lives.

But I also notice this explanation is longer than my original post. I expect that is ego, continuing to embarrass as always.

Comment by William R. Cumming

January 15, 2011 @ 7:55 am

Thanks Phil and glad you posted. I would vote for more POETS and fewer SOLDIERS!

Comment by John G. Comiskey

January 15, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

Hate cannot drive out hate:
only love can do that.

HOPE is a sizzling hot summer day
With a cool breeze running through my hair.
HOPE is the possibility of something ironic.
There is only a small percentage.
Hope is envisioning tomorrow.
To live today and not in sorrow.
I stay positive when times are rough.
Even when I had enough.

Erin Comiskey, age 13 c. 2009

I offer MLK’s words and the above poem written by my daughter Erin two years ago when she was an eighth grader. Both have sustained me through a trial or two.

Poets instead of soldiers -love not war -hugs not drugs — ad hoc wars on terrorism, drugs, poverty, illiteracy, and prejudice seemingly going nowhere.

Recently, I challenged my graduate students to offer strategies that might improve the homeland security landscape. Their ideas were sometimes poetic, grandiose, and imaginative. The scope of those strategies ranged from 100% government transparency to educational reform. Perhaps they listened to the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations to bureaucratize the exercise of imagination and particularly providing an example of moral leadership. The ghost of John Lennon pervaded some of those strategies.

The events of January 8, 2011 are a stark reminder of both the frailty and resilience of a great nation. Pericles’s funeral oration is instructive: we honor those who have passed most by leading exemplary lives.

The perpetrators of this event were/are IMHO deadeners -unstable and mostly unreachable individuals that society is unable and in some cases unwilling to incapacitate, i.e. monitor, institutionalize, and disarm as appropriate.

Two recommendations:

1. K-12 and public awareness campaign predicated on civic rights AND responsibilities to foster tolerance and peaceful coexistence of those who oppose each others’ views.

2. Public awareness of social misfits who espouse violence and procedures to report to the authorities, i.e. 911, e.g. my neighbor is exhibiting socially irresponsible conduct and says he/she is going to do something bad –he/she has or says he has weapons — other behavior as appropriate and always, erring on the side of caution; if you something —anything —-say something — do something.

Sir Robert Peel famously said the police are the people and the people are the police. This theme has been adopted by DOJ-approved and financed community policing programs. I have adopted this theme to homeland security stakeholders.

Chris Bellavita (also famously) said homeland security is in a pre-paradigm stage. The HLS-Paradigm, IMHO includes a true public-private partnership predicated on the U.S. Constitution. I welcome the blessings of Gabriel et al.

Comment by Claire B. Rubin

January 16, 2011 @ 7:50 am

On the topic of listening — and analyzing the anti-government sentiment that prevails currently — see Frank Rich,Op-Ed Columnist NY Times, Jan. 16:
“No One Listened to Gabrielle Giffords”


Comment by The Whispers Have Grown Loud

January 16, 2011 @ 10:37 am

“Few truly listen to the wisdom of the Lord, our Creator and his forewarnings” should be what is written….Yes, maybe we should listen to the Congresswoman and others who truly care about our nation, yet government has failed to hear the whispers in the pews which have grown to much apparent distrust and concer for Our homeland secuity….

The partisan ways, this administration held captive by Goldman Sachs, the special interest groups who back in the early ’80’s grasped the throat of our beloved Republic, once the beacon of hope for all mankind where people coming to America were proud of their heritage, yet became citizens and adhered to the law.

Oh, how we should lament. Homeland Security so preoccupied in Yemen by those who also are so evil in disregard for humanity, however Homeland Security who points to good citizen mistrust of the “beltway marauders” as I refer to them led by the Bernanke & Paulsen Raiders” w/spokesperson none other than “Mr. Barney!”

With Congress engrossed with self agenda, grid-locked in its sinful ways, many lusting with federal reserve note in hand….We are a generation of “vipers” bankrupted not only $14 trillion federal reserve notes neither backed up by gold or silver, but $2 trillion in this debt ridden governance in only this past year alone led by you Barry and your Goldman Sachs regime riddled with corruption who placed our economy at the precipice of decline to then rape us of even our coins of “change” spoken by you and your elitist pal, Deval Patrick here in Massachusetts where the Department of Revenue disregard State Constitution and intentionally acts as a “unique agency” as itself boasts and fails to afford taxpayer the due process of law even when one is in proper appeal of tax code and strips one of license to commute to work, to enable one to earn a living for mere sustenance, to go to drug store for medication or to grocery store for food and directly and intentionally interferes w/a business and its ability to continue to function as it has for consecutive years with no other means to support itself…oh, the lust for power and the degradation and the immoral ways of those we have “entrusted” and have pledged to be servants of the citizen and protectors of our US Cnstitution, the Bill of Rights and State Constitution! It is time for an “internal investigation” of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue anmd its methods and tactics…just as the Parole Department’s ways and means has come before the publc for further scrutiny….

Is it the Congresswoman we should be listening to, maybe, however it is Congress which surely must listen to the people for we are not – terrorists – or even those with Right to carry weapon for all lawful purpose, intending to take any action contrary to civility, yet Homeland Security means much to us here on Main Street USA for We stand with pride at the words of the National Anthem, not like you Barry who like your Wife “for the first time” finds pride in America..give us a break…for if it were not America and its fortitude to challenge evil, You would not have the internet to share your perceptions and you would be fluent in German! We stood our ground and with the Brits and the Australians who suffer today such calamity from flooding and we offer prayer to you and hear of the story of how one brother gave his Life so that another could be saved as his other brother and Mother flated away…Oh, the tragedies in Life!

Homeland Security and despite all the efforts of civilized mankind, much evil prevails for all this religious confusion in the west has failed to heed: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” If the “KGB Putinites” and its predecessors could not make change in the region with their ruthless ways..we will neither alter the stonewalls erected between family and neighbor for generations….

Homeland Security…use your sword and attack the “Brutes of Tehran” with the sharpest of your blade for if not, far more despair will enslave mankind. Even among the tyrants, whispers have been uncovered by Wikileaks…Strike they beg for they know the extent of the evil intent! Hoodlums who willingly spill the rich Persian blood n the streets of Tehran, stone a woman in the streets with cell phone camera in one hand and judgement of stone in the other making judgement on another which only the Creator can make any such judgement.

All is witnessed by the Lord.

These hoodlums in Tehran who manipulate the Loving and Kindness of the Quran verse towards all men to bloody their hands of not only our precious youth in uniform, but have vision of creating far more wrath on mankind that you can imagine.

Homeland Security…well if you do not clasp hand among the good nations and charitable people and put out this evil, the shock and awe in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and so forth will illuminate the earth with the death decree of evil intent never seen before….The “Brutes of Tehran” must be thwarted now in the name of the Lord and for the goodness of mankind for now with trigger technology in hand an soon the weapon of mass destruction, history will repeat itself and it will not be the massive profits of Exxon-Mobil which causes anger as you know so much oil is beneath the good ‘ol USA and this is a charade w/oil prices going over $4 and more which will “enslave” you further…, but you will fall to your knees for reality is reality and We have become a nation led by the corrupt and it is our Right during this our “watch” to – lawfully – exercise whatever means to demand line by line accountability starting with the local school superintendent. Demand that the local, state and national budget be placed on the same internet this growing government would like to control – this is the meaning of Homeland Security here on Main Street USA as we see such abusive tactics not only by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue itself, but many who serve far too long in “elected” positions so embedded that “accolades” of incenstuousness are far too apparent, their pompous ways where they construe themselves as being elevated by the very people they serve..see: “Mr. Barney and Freddie Mack” and ask him again, “Where in the $750 Billion – the $750 Billion in stimulus moonies which have been lost, unaccounted for….??”

Homeland Security to those of us on Main Street USA asking….”Imagine what our children, competing against Chinese and Indian engineers and scientists graduating in surplus numbers could do to enhance their educational and productivity with this “lost” money as we see a 9%+ unemployment rate inconsistent with your pre-election promise in priority Barry…as the “bonus checks” here and in the UK among the bankers and traders continue….

Read Biblical verse for the answers are simple and the ways of our nation if it is to continue require commitment to our people, to each of us who chooses to convey Love of our Republic, a Judeo-Christian based nation with bond to help the Hebrew protect its covenant w/the Lord as well as reach to the good people of Palestine whose brothers have chosen to build marble sky-high towers of Babylon on sand instead of helping the many youth in Palestine who need education and to replace despair and generational dysfunction into hopefulness and productivity which every human deserves in dignity and individuality!

Christopher Tingus
PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

Global security is at stake as never before.

The voice in the wilderness is more and more

Comment by Philip J. Palin

January 16, 2011 @ 2:51 pm

Mr. Tingus, you are a challenge!

Your mix of insight and outrage, prejudice and broad concern aggravates and bewilders me. What you offer is also a helpful reminder of a range of opinion that I do not usually encounter, yet realize exists and has significant influence.

A request: Please stop using dismissive personal references. We can critique our leaders policies and positions — and each other — without the use of demeaning words or tone. Often I strongly disagree with you. But I seek to honor you and listen to you.

The tragedy in Tuscon should, it seems to me, encourage us to reclaim the simple courtesies by which we affirm our shared humanity.

Given your Greek heritage, perhaps you are familiar with the Epistle reading assigned for Greek Orthodox worship today. In the third chapter of Collosians it is written, “… put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and foul talk from your mouth.”

With respect,


Comment by America: Its Challenges From Within!

January 17, 2011 @ 12:11 pm

Phil, thank you for sharing your reciprocal Respect and your “fustration”….I truly share the same!

….”Mr. Tingus, you are a challenge” and your words and expressions that “I am a mix of insight and outrage, and broad concern” which “aggravates and bewilders….” ….

….neither you or anyone else should be so concerned as to my personal expressions to ponder so and express such concern, but rather, it is in your well intentioned vigilence and shared Love for country and the very peril our beloved Republic challenges, WE as the people, forewarned by our forefathers and their insight as to the real possibilities of our nation which faces besiege from within….

…Not a Homeland Security seeing citizenry as threat and labeled as “terrorist” – pulling me out of line waiting to go thrugh TSA security looking at the stitching of my briefcase, opening my cell phone, frisking me, placing me in bomb sniffing machine, making persnal inquiry of me that even the very much respected El Al security does not ask of me…with TSA asking me whether I would like t go to another room so passengers do not see such scrutiny while being silent and encouraging TSA to do what they must within reasonableness….

Phil, We on Main Street USA are citizenry lawful in manner, spirited in concern for community and country w/many of us as elder citizen, myself, a proud natural born citizen with transparency including “birth certificate in hand” and passport available for all, an individual who would give his Life for Our “Beloved Republic” – like so many before me have done to allow my ability in expression and even “dismissive personal reference if need be..our precious youth on foreign soil whether WMD or not, understanding that Freedom has a price and like Viet Nam, billions and billions of “fiat” dollars backed up by neither gold or silver to finance an unwinnable war among people who must figure out their own way…a war which has led to nothing more than incenessed hatred towards America and its most charitable people, a nation until recently a “Beacon of Hope” to so many oppressed, so many in despair…and the failed mission of not only a President who wears a flight jacket and lands on an aircraft carrier stating that we have achieved our objective when in fact, while he waved the Texas style – “Wanted” poster of Bin Laden or his successor with Bin Laden in “sight” and only strained dress to show for his contribution, or Barry who has even less experience and cannot even stop smoking as an example to our youth and his narrow perspectives and speending time with his “elitist pals on the Vineyard…

Pls note, since 2008, more nations have turned away from democracy and the generational stonewalls erected by Afghan, Iraqi, and other, stonewalls erected whether by Sunni or Shite, neighbor to neighbor, what makes this wet-behind-the-ears White House so demaning and “dismissive” in its treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister, himself brilliant, astute and well educated, so intentionally dubbed with he and his nation in special covenant to the Lord!

You state that in my comments which are a “helpful reminder of a – r a g e – of opinion that I usually do not encounter, yet realizes exists and and has significant influence.”

You kindly ask that I “stop using dismissive personal reference” and that We can “critique our leaders policies and positions – and each other – without the use of demeaning words or tone.”

Moreover and quite interestingly you whose enlightment in HLSWatch.com contribution and offerings exemplifies such opportunity to share concern, to express ourselves and if necessary, belittle the “politican” who cares little for us other than self-agenda, ego, incestuous accolades of ne antjer as they pass laws at midnight like the “vipers” they many times are…

This blog which should be natinally syndicated with such dedicated people like you, William Cumming and so many more…this blog affords various emotion, enlightenment, such astute insight, an opportunity to communicate, to enable us to stand tall for the Judeo-Christan based nation and those “entrusted” by precious vote of We the people in these individuals who tell us that they would like to serve the public -We the people – “electing” them whether at local, state and national office with they with hand over heart and hand on the Bible, pledging themselves to upholding the US Constitution and State Constitution!

As a younger man and as a local elected New England small town Town Meeting Member represting my precinct and constituency and very much politically charged community, what I saw early on in debates and demeanor as what I see today at national level, the same result as history dictates, all man-made governments since Babylon which have failed…

What I was seeing at the local level was in fact, inherent with prejudice not only in racial tone, but among fellow Town Meeting Members themselves, neighbors and often family members, enraged by opinion, yes Philip, inherent with “dismissive personal reference” and “wrath, malice, slander and (real) foul talk”

To the extent that the “locals” were willing to politicize” just as “Barry et al” his “Goldman Sachs executive administrators” and yes, “Smug-smiled Pelosi” and “Mr. Barney” and “Uncle Teddy” and ya know, the yacht owner and would be tax evader, “Johnny Kerry” and so and s forth..the abusive tactics towards taxpayer by the Massachsuetts State Legislature enacting law that even if one has filed his/her taxes timely, is in proper “appeal” and making proper inquiry of tax dispute, the MA DOR takes one’s license to drive a motor vehicle away from the person now unable to commute to work, get to the grocery store or to the pharmacy for sustenance, socially isolating the taxpayer, the citizen, one who again is in properly filed Appeals while bank accounts levied and house with lien…all without a moment before peers and judicial preceedings, a Right given to every citizen…and interference in business and earnings which is the Right of all citizen with no agency having the Right to undly harm a citizen as per the State Constitution! Many think it time that We as a constituency call for a hard look at the State legislators themselves here in Taxachusetts as well as the Department of Revenue and its internal policies and this “unigueness” it boasts of itself – just other examples of this “elitist” rhetoric and abusive action towards the people…

When my community and its people were subjected to this “politicizing” often criminal from some perspective as a result of the abuse of the people, when I realized that the community and “first respnders” were in peril, I staged a one-man silent protest utilizing the media as JFK showed us and willingly standing with sign in hand for three years and 1,491 hours with sleet bouncing of my face, a right hand always swollen from arthritis with hand rain soaked and cold standing in -3 degree F temp on behalf of community “politized” by dismissive and condescending “politicians” willingly and knowingly placing fellow resident in harm’s way and finally with six thousand fellow citizen’s signatures in hand and with the support of first responders (police officers and firefighters as well as EMT’s local and far away, the Milton (MA) fire station which shuld never have been closed and fellow citizens so jeopardized, placed in peril, remains open today and is the busiest Atherton Street Fire Station serving 911 calls and despite the pain in my hand years later from stiffness, it is only a reminder that one-man, willing to stand and be counted, with the fortitude and Love of nation and community, very much appreciating those who came before me to sacrifice s much, even their own Life, has inspired me to share my viewpoint whether another concurs…

When I was told by local police officers and firefighters that there were no defibrillators oon responding apparatus or police crusers, I once again stood knee deep in the snow outside town hall doors, subjected to “anger, wrath, malice, slander and foul talk” by the elected and when the door opened and the politician yelled, get out, I stayed the course and stated emphatically with sign in hand, a stretcher with two pillows on it resting on top of snow with sheet pulled over pillows and stretcher and sign saying it all, “This is a Resident who has been Politicized rather than Defibrillatored” and I refused to leave the Town Green and promised to stand until my last breath or until the units were oordered…two hours later, the door opened once again and the units were ordered and today, serve the community saving fellow neighbor and friend and even the same “politicians” who were corrupt in their ways with self-agenda and criminal in their ways, their decision-making, unreasonable…(see: bigdiglifevest.com)

I have been subjected to scrutiny on this web site. Some have even offered help and the – strong – suggestion that I set up my own blog and do not write in this blog.

Your words are eloquent Phil and well intentioned when you write of this tragedy in Tucson which should “Encourage us to reclaim the simple courtesies by which we affirm our shared humanity” – how beautiful, yet when I must stand during this my watch as respnsible citizen and adult, mentor to those coming up the ranks, with sign once again in stiffen hanmd in front of a Cambridge Police Station again in inclement rainly weather demanding that “Barry” apologize to two police officers responding to a 911 burglary call and he as President of the United States having no facts and no business in such local police matter willing to get involved beause was a fellow “elistist” buddy from the Vineyard and then calling for “beer summit” on the White House lawn, I knew then that the “Brutes of Tehran” and the “KGB Putinites” who I refer to them as would clearly see not only inexperience, but the promises of jobs…jobs and a better economy only promised that more and more foreclsures would occur and America as never before was being duped by those undeserving Phil of anything than “dismissive personal references” ….

….for We as a nation and people are subject to far much worse and We are a nation which is unprepared for not only Katrina or an oil well calamity, but far worse and it will be citizen and taxpayer willing to stand tall against those writing “bonus checks” to themselves and demand accountability, clarity, line by line (internet) budgetary transparency which may help us as we are presently on course for third world and substandard quality in living and ultimately World War as today’s econmic challenges, not “Mr. Tingus as a challenge” which we should fret over, for our serious economic situation is man-made and if we truly had the solutions, this jeopardy of this beloved Republic would not be depicted by my front porch flag flying upside down screaming, “Distress” and warnings of more foreclosures and despair, never mind the unfortunate people I pray for in Haiti in tattered tent or the flood victims of Pakistan or in Australia….

God Bless America!

Christopher Tingus
Main Street USA
PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

Comment by Philip J. Palin

January 18, 2011 @ 6:10 am

Mr. Tingus:

Thanks for considering my request and your response. We are listening to each other and we are agreeing to disagree. Or in this case, we are acknowledging two very different rhetorical purposes. I hear you saying that pompous people with power who do not listen need to have their ego-bubbles punctured. I am saying we live in a treacherous time when there is a particular need to honor – even love – one-another.

Perhaps… you are consistently advocating for the integrity of the individual against the “machine”, while I am seeking to heal wounds that divide our shared community. As such we are each engaged in a dialectic on which the Constitution depends, on which healthy community is built, and through which individual potential is best realized. It is a dialectic that ought never be resolved. In this tension freedom and justice may each be advanced.

I will confess that — with Socrates and others — I mistrust extravagant emotion. Whatever the object of intense emotion, I worry the behavior is more self-aggrandizing than anything else. As a result, I have chosen in my own life and in my engagement with others to bring some restraint and particular care to the expression of emotion. There is danger here as well… it is a stance that can easily become pompous. But this is my part in our play.


Comment by Emotion; Reality and a Nation In Much Peril

January 19, 2011 @ 10:16 am


Thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate yur taking the time to consider our shared Love for Republic and our silimlar and somewhat differing viewpoints on some matters.

Surely emotion plays a part in engagement especially in such a serious matter as our nation is in peril. To profess honor and Love for one another is very much inherent in emotion.

We are $14 trillion “fiat” federal reserve notes in bankruptcy. I have seen many at the local level “entrusted” with the books and the decision making far from concern of “We the People” – only their own arrogant and pompous selves and unfortunately Phil, I cannot and do not Respect such individuals as I must be realistic for their indisputable clarity in portrayal of condescending and disrespectful manner towards those of us on Main Street USA is threatening to our existence and to the security of family, to American ethics and values, yes, in loving and respecting family, friend and neighbor…

It is Not the licensed – gun – owners that I worry about, upstanding citizens and having possession of gun in hand for all lawful purpose, to protect themselves and family and whether it was this wonderful Congresswoman, a person and nothing different from she to anyone of us or the little wonderful and aspiring 9-year old or a federal judge, again a title and a job, however nothing more that anyone of us who are subjected to the violence which is unfortunately found on our streets and in homes in domestic dispute…

The only difference from any other time which is affecting God’s Blessed creation, the person, the indivdiual, you and I and whoever else title, degree or not..is that many on Main Street USA see government as arrogant, with nly self-agenda, a grid-locked group of folks we entrusted by precious vote disrespecting the Constitution and their pledge to serve We the People rather than their grandiose selves…A partisan, grid-locked Congress, deaf to our pleas and bliss in their high alter which We the Pwople bestowed upon them and gave them the opportunity to pick up their Congressional license plastes and yes, make a right turn at K Street even if the light is red and camera clicking away for they obviusly care nothing about our Judeo-Christian values and will not have to pay the $300 fine!

It is ok to be emotional and it often inspires us to stand 1,491 hours in snow, cold, every element and amidst the wolves who tear the people apart and dig deep into the past of another to threaten them, to scare them away, to draw attention away from their dispicable ways, their dastardly deeds…I have seen government in action on local Town Meeting floor and State (MA) Legislature and the oh..the bandits among us – Far fom the democratic and Godly ways we understand with repentence can overcome what is sure to follow –

The people are scared of what they see, Phil and while you, William Cumming, Chris, and many of the thers willing to share their experienced perspective only for the sake of prompting ensuing discourse and maybe or maybe not coming t sme sort of resolution.

I am most appreciative of those willing to stand on the Lexington Green and attend with so many other fellow citizens the wonderful reenactment on the Lexington (MA) battlefield every May 19th. I have even stood next to the Minuteman Statue with much pride and honor in another one man protest against an imposing local government making every effrt to assert itself against the wieshes of parent. It to was turned away. This is America, the same America where the previous NY Mayor spoke about his Mother coming from Italy and as a younster remembering her crying and asked her, “Mother, wny are you crying, do you not like the apartment?” The Mother overwhelmed that she had – running water – a sink in her own small apartment and offering such to show how simple and appreciative those who came before us were and how they shared family and good neighborly gesture and how far We who have so much, like Kings and Queens, legislatures and Congressional members who have forgotten their origins for the most part and have little too share for their hands are in their pockets, not in reach with clasp-hand to constituent!

Unfortunately, Phil, unless government “changes” and in fact repents, with broken hearts and a wonder why so many have willingly served and given their Life whether in the military service or the police officer on the street, you and I and so many thers will be holding many more prayer vigils for families in America, never mind in Afghan/Irag and other, men and women, husbands and wives, children are quite emotionally charged for they see sugar skyrocketing $40/ton just yesterday, groceries and gas prices escalating, the cost to live far too burdensome for many and seeing Mobil/Exxon’s earnings skyrocket and Wall Street writing “bonus checks” –

…it is very worrisome and this MA/DOR, local legislators, the beltway “charade” must all end for the good people of America, the most charitable people cleary are emotional and truly worried, not necessarily about this obviusly dishelved and deranged young man who pulls a weapon and fires to harm another quite contray to those of us who understand that having a weapon and licence to carry is a Right, yet a responsibility.

Killing another human, God’s creation is not the intent of the civilized and only for God to make judgement on another, yet I remind you and all others that far more will be killed and it des not matter whether on our soil or in distant land, we all share genetics and we are all creation of the Lord, whether Christian, Hebrew or Muslim!

With trigger already in place…while we should be so angered and “emotinal” of the senseless killing of six people whether Congresswoman, Federal Judge or a 9 year old aspiring kid and so, so emotional and difficult to understand how this young man or anyone else can take the Life of another, to kill in cld blood a 9 year old, an innocent just like the cold blooded murder and dastardly deeds of the “Brutes of Tehran” willingly spilling the rich Persian blood of another youth on the streets of Tehran, seeing – backroom door – meetings failing and a bunch of bandits seeking far much more killing even among Muslims, the “Brutes of Tehran” which threatens our way of Life and soon to present its own “shock and awe” which will light the sky over Saudi Arabia, the UAE promising global conflagration and while we are willing to portray so much anger about the unfortunate calamity in N. Tuscon, it is time lcal, state and national government get off its throne with its incestuous applaud and accolades of self-agenda and listen to the people…

…as well as depict the same outrage over the “Brutes of Tehran” and understand that Freedom comes with a price and very ften, We must show fortitude, the conviction to thwart the intentions of those who seek ur demise and ones who already have bloodied hands in killing our young men and woman in distant land.

Phil, it is the lack 0f emotion, the uncaring of We the People, our flag, our National Anthem Barry you prefer not to sing, it is the mistrust of Congressional members and others we elect who serve self-agenda versus stand tall for our Cnstitution, the Bill of Rights, the State Constitution and responsibility not to harm citizen, it is the mistrust of this “Goldman Sachs” administration which Americans are now becoming so enlightened of its intent to “change” America in a way they perceive and it is obvious that only broken promises by you Barry reflect this for your “priority” in your campaign was “Jobs, jobs and jobs” – unemployment up – 9.4% and sustained w/little hope of recover as depicted by the fact that foreclosures are up and so many despite your broken promises are underwater! We have heard the “emotionally” charged speeches of both you Barry and thse on both sides of the aisle and yes, Phil, such extravagent emotion should be mistrusted – this We here on Main Street USA agree with you!

God Bless America for the days to follow will unfortunately be shrouded in more hardship, far more mistrust of government as the “beltway charade” will continue and arrogant dismissal of We the People will continue. We have allowed ourselves by such self-agenda and lack of leadership to transfer power and position to China, to India as folks here are standing in line collecting in some cases, unemployment and soon waiting for a cup of soup in the soup line as We habe been raped by the special interest groups, the big corprations and Hank and Barney’s “boys” on Wall Street!

We are at great peril!

Emotion Phil, you bet! It is the tears streaming down our faces by the “enslavement” of our nation by those with personal interest allowed by a Cngressional membership on both sides of the aisle, a failed Congress which has no intention to send a message among its ranks of “change” and stand tall for constituent, flag and Republic…an obvious lack of fortitude to truly challenge the “Brutes of Tehran” – which Wikileaks presents evidence of others very much supportive – and I just calling a local merchant’s customer service and talking to Bangladesh rather than giving a job to someone in Michigan unemployed and America! Anger, emotion, mistrust and so on an so forth, We are in peril!

Phil, Love and Respect is earned…That’s reality and while my front porch flag is turned upside down screaming a nation and wonderful people in “distress” — let us hope We can repent, truly repent and stand firm with Hebrew and their covenant with the Lord and use Barry’s and Deval’s crafty campaign slogan “change” to really mean that this government – Congressional membership – whuch has allowed our budget deficit to “Change” and grow by $2 trillion in this past year!

You bet We here on Main Street USA are worried for we have heard stories of the despair of depression, seen the pictures of concentration camps and we only have to look to Tehran and We have much to be worried causing much anxiety for we see few who are willing to portray the leadership required!

Phil, let us pray together! God Bless our beloved Republic!

Christopher Tingus
PO Box 1612
Hariwch, MA 02645 USA

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