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May 7, 2011

Al Qaeda Is Behind the Eight Ball

Filed under: Strategy,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Christopher Bellavita on May 7, 2011

This post was written by Mike Walker.  Mr. Walker was Acting Secretary of the Army and Deputy Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency during the Clinton Administration.  You can follow his comments on Twitter: @New_Narrative


Osama bin Laden is dead. Remaining senior leaders are being relentlessly pursued. Al Qaeda affiliates continue to bungle attempted attacks in the West. And the FBI keeps stinging homegrown terror wannabes.

Al Qaeda was also irrelevant to this year’s Arab revolutions. Throughout the Muslim world Al Qaeda’s support is crumbling. Key supporters have abandoned the organization.

As a result, some pundits conclude the war on terror has already been won. That Al Qaeda died with Bin Laden. And that the ideological fuel driving radicalization has been rendered impotent.

Soon, government spending for homeland security will increasingly be questioned, as will expenditures by the private sector for infrastructure protection.

Now, just days after the death of Bin Laden, we find ourselves at a crossroads. It is important to get the direction right, because the threat is not over.


Al Qaeda Central has not been run by a bunch of yahoos. Al Qaeda has been led by a group of sophisticated, well educated, adaptive men who believe they are doing God’s work on earth.

No doubt, the terrorists already had a plan on the shelf for their next phase without Bin Laden, who was, after all, the most hunted man in the world. And long before Bin Laden was killed, Al Qaeda Central and its affiliate organizations were also planning specific attacks in the West. We must assume planning for those attacks continues and that terror operatives are now looking for ways to accelerate those plots.

Just as likely, self-selected terror wannabes here at home are quietly hatching their own crude, but potentially lethal plots, inspired by internet terrorists like Anwar al-Awlaki

These are some of the reasons the Attorney General, the Director of the FBI and the Secretary of Homeland Security have all said Americans should be alert to the potential for revenge attacks by the Al Qaeda network.

Of course, the US intelligence community is exploiting every shred of evidence taken away from Bin Laden’s compound in an effort to detect plots in progress. But it would be a mistake to believe that an organization, which has deliberately decentralized since the 9-11 attacks, would leave all its secrets in one place.


Since 9-11, AQ has become a networked, learning organization. The terrorists have closely watched our tactics, techniques and procedures for a decade, and today they also have a much better understanding of our economic and social vulnerabilities.

Following the trauma of losing their most revered leader, the terrorists, though, must now be concerned about continuing to lose relevance in the Muslim world.

All these factors combine to make the next several months a very high threat period.


In the aftermath of the bold, successful operation by Seal Team Six, it’s easy to believe the Federal government will disrupt every plot. To believe that would be folly. The Federal government I was honored to serve for 32 years does have substantial capability. But that capability is not enough to keep Main Street America safe from attack.

The terrorists have made it clear: it is no longer just Washington, DC, and New York City at risk. The terrorists are planning to strike the heartland of America to shake our citizens’ confidence and harm the economy.

Dealing with the threat, in the aftermath of Bin Laden’s death, continues to be a shared responsibility. The responsibilities of state and local governments, the private sector and average Americans did not diminish when Bin Laden was killed. Already, almost a third of all terror plots have been foiled because someone called law enforcement and reported that something didn’t seem right.

So, during the post-Bin Laden period, we must continue to be vigilant. Months ago, the Secretary of Homeland security said we should assume terror operatives are already inside the country and could attack with little or no warning. We should especially be alert for a potential Mumbai in America, where lone wolves or small cells attack multiple soft targets with conventional weapons, and, perhaps, improvised explosive devices.


The good news is most analysts believe it unlikely the terrorists will be able to attack with weapons of mass destruction. For now, that potential may be beyond their capability despite efforts for two decades to achieve it. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that radicalized scientists in Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program could clandestinely funnel material for a dirty bomb or worse to their militant friends. The revelation that Bin Laden had been living for years in a community of active and retired Pakistani military officers only heightens this concern.

So, we must not let our guard down in the coming months. This is no time for complacency in America. The celebrations should wait until we deal with longer-term issues.


Al Qaeda’s strategy has been focused on attempting to persuade Muslims that Islam is under attack by the West and must be defended by any means. Clearly, the terrorists seek to provoke a clash of civilizations.

While many Muslims erroneously believe the West does want to divide and conquer Islam, the terrorists have only been successful in recruiting relatively small, but dedicated numbers to do their violent bidding. It is Al Qaeda’s own violence that has turned off the vast majority of Muslims, who are also repelled by the terrorists’ corrupt version of Islam. The failure by the terrorists to persuade Muslims that Al Qaeda is the vanguard of Islam has been the terrorists’ biggest downfall.


Despite the terrorists’ own failures, there are important long-term challenges we must address before we will tame the threat.

Gallup and Pew polls indicate that of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, hundreds of millions want to rid Muslim countries of Western influence and perceived exploitation.

The American military footprint around the world is a leading cause of radicalization both here at home and abroad. How we project power and protect our own vital interests in the future will make a difference in terrorist recruiting. As we saw in Abbottabad, it doesn’t take military divisions to deal with terrorists.

Likewise, the West’s addiction to oil and drugs, much of which comes from countries in the Middle East and South Asia, continue to weaken our influence and increase our image as exploiting Muslim countries. Moving toward alternative energy sources and reducing the national appetite for illegal drugs must become a higher priority.

The perceived plight of the Palestinians continues to be a major source, if not the major source, of frustration in the Muslim world. A final agreement for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians would take this issue off the table.

Here at home, a growing misunderstanding of the religion of Islam actually increases the potential for radicalization. The terrorists continue to persuade disaffected Muslims that the handful of Americans who burn Korans and those who oppose the so-called Ground Zero Mosque actually prove America is at war with Islam.

How we deal with all these issues will have a significant impact on future radicalization inside America and overseas.


Radicalization in America will also be influenced by whether or not we remain true to our ideals and civil liberties. The terrorists are counting on us turning against our own fellow citizens out of fear, because they believe that will ensure jihad in America and help them buy time to build new capabilities.

The death of Bin Laden has given us a window of opportunity to seize the initiative at a time the terrorists are off balance. Today, the threat remains. In the short run we must remain vigilant. In the long term, we have some significant policy decisions to make.





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Comment by William R. Cumming

May 7, 2011 @ 4:19 pm

Terrific post by Mike Walker. Had his recommendations been followed during his FEMA years as Deputy that organization would not have been so vulnerable to the gross misunderstandings of Bush, Cheney, and Allbaugh as to its fundamental purposes. They were not the first to misunderstand the key federalism role of FEMA and in fact were open advocates for undermining federalism. Mike Walker understood the Constitution well and provided able counsel during his FEMA time. Too bad he was viewed as a threat by James Lee Witt that never did understand FEMA’s National Security role and because of direct orders from President Clinton was able to ignore that aspect of FEMA’s charter even when Clinton reversed course in PD-39!

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 8, 2011 @ 3:13 am

Juan Cole and others supporting view that death of UBL has had direct impact on AQ and Taliban. But also indicating that USA INTEL community had no idea that UBL was still actively commanding AQ. WOW! For $75 billion a year perhaps these guys and gals could be doing better.

Actually I always thought UBL was living quietly in DETROIT!

Comment by John Comiskey

May 8, 2011 @ 5:31 am

Ours is not a time for complacency. Still, UBL’s demise is a milestone for hope and something along the lines of reflection.

Total transparency, I have sheds some tears this week. I and many of us have reflected on our fallen friends and comrades and on the near-last 10 years. OMG we did so much ….we said so much. We said we wanted to make our world a safer and better place. We did some good and we made some mistakes, but mostly we did well in a complex arena.

“Not like yesterday,” still the USA is a wonderful place in our global society primarily for its relative freedom and opportunities.

The question is how might/should the USA be a wonderful place in the 21st century?

My 21st century recipe for USA wonderfulness includes:
1. Victory sentiment fields: self-reliance.
2. Victory energy fields: energy portfolio of production and conservation.
3. Victory education fields: pre-K-life-long -real-world learning.
4. Victory health: start with national obesity campaign. Biggest losers too.
5. Victory technology.
6. Victory faith. Non-denominational TBD.

Fidelis Ad Mortem

John. G. Comiskey

Comment by John Comiskey

May 8, 2011 @ 5:33 am

No. 7 Victory-non-spending. KISS-spend less by spending less.

Comment by Philip J. Palin

May 8, 2011 @ 5:53 am

I don’t disagree with any particular that Mike Walker has written. But I perceive an opportunity in bid Laden’s death to which I don’t see Mike or many others giving much attention.

When the news first broke, we all heard “closing a chapter” used again and again, as when Congressman Jim Langevin said, “We are finally closing a chapter on a terrible moment in US history…” This metaphor was almost always followed with a caution that the book is not finished and many more chapters in counter-terrorism stretch ahead.

As a reader I sometimes finish a chapter, put the book down and never pick it up again. As an author I sometimes finish writing a chapter, review it, trash the entire manuscript, and start over again. In each case I am usually rejecting the plot being used to organize the narrative.

Since 9/11 our counter-terrorism plot has been the United States — even Western Civilization — facing an existential threat from a handful of evil conspirators. In some “books” there is a parallel plot involving an inevitable — even Manichean — clash of civilizations.

In his day-after-the-death post Chris Bellavita offered some quick-fire impressions. Let me retrieve two and tether them:

The meaning of his death is not something to be discovered. It is something to be created.

Bin Laden’s death presents a historic opportunity for American leadership to alter the meaning of American history.

For what do leaders do if not create an image of a possible future and enlist others to work to make that future happen.

What should that future be for homeland security? Do we drift? Do we take advantage of this opportunity and disrupt complacent routine?

A few paragraphs later Chris wrote:

Yes, there is still a threat. But is it that big a deal?

Where do we go to find an answer to that question? Is there someone in government who will say? Think tanks? Universities? Google?

John Mueller and Mark Stewart remind us of Stephen Flynn’s 2004 test for when the United States knows it has enough security: when “the American people can conclude that a future attack on U.S. soil will be an exceptional event that does not require wholesale changes in how they go about their lives.”

Are we there yet?

Much is sometimes made of September 10 thinking. Prior to and immediately after 9/11 the top American TV show was Friends, an entirely pleasant, completely unrealistic celebration of group narcissism. Despite taking place in New York, the series never dealt with the attack on lower Manhattan (other than removing footage of the twin towers from the opening montage). American Idol premiered in 2002 and has remained at or close to the top of our national narrative ever since. We have, it would seem, advanced our shared storyline from pleasantly unrealistic fiction to artificially competitive non-fiction.

Chris called for leaders — author, screenwriter, director and producer types — to consider a different plot progression. That would certainly help. But in modern media it is audience demand and consumption that pulls the plot. Will an audience that feeds off Simon Cowell’s cruelty and delights in a mythology of sudden success, “tune-in” to a more complex, other-aware, and self-critical narrative?

It is not impossible, remember how the Athenian demos embraced Sophocles and Shakespeare found popular acclaim. But somehow it seems unlikely.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

May 8, 2011 @ 8:35 am

As”intellectuals” and authors, how many times have you read Biblical verse and as intel folks, all should be aware of the immoral ways, the “corruption” whether in the basement of the palace or in ensuing discussions w/s many who prefer – dastardly deeds -and seek our demise, particularly here in America!

I recall a story told to me by a an ex WWII Navy when he told me he was ordered to take six flag offiers to an idland ff of Japan where the Japanese cmmanders supposedly wanted to meet and surrender and the after dropping them off and later going back to pick them up, heads of these same good intentioned American flag officers were placed on top of their rifles and lined up on the beach for his pick up – so gullable we often are and so willing to think others are so much like us — though America has changed and here on Main Street USA, we see the change in many obvious ways….We are at peril! We fear for Not our children or Grandchildren, but for ourselves….

Listen, where is Whitey Bulger? Massachusetts is the epitomy of corrupt ways and the injustice of citizenry here so abused by the MA/DOR for instance denying folks rights under the State Constitution, taking action against citizen w/o trial, stripping folks of their monies and even drfiver’s license for a tax issue and even when in proper tax appeal, to supposedly intimidate, to deny access to grocery store for sustenance, drug store for Life-saving meds and spcially isolating a Massachsuetts taxpayer who has filed timely and has right of appeal for any such decision as provided…abuse of taxpayers when Right of Appeal afforded under statute — it is time to revamp taxation and the power structure given to less than competent and prudent administrators….

….Listen, we have so, so much wrong here in this country for all we have to see is this arrogance when South Carolina “politician” – the Governor himself leaving to join misstress and walk the streets of not Charlestn, but South America on public payroll, denying his pledge in oath to the Constituency and imagine, the audacity w/o telling anyone including DHS he will be away, leaving the State of South Carolina and the good people of South Carolina, never mind his kids and Wife truly depicting his character for days w/o senior executive and no one knowing, a President who chooses intern over the values of the Presidency…having rendevous at the WH in the middle of the night….oh, the lust of corruption, the real story of the lust in power, the lust for sex as we see on CNN a former AG of NY running a major news show today giving his perspective on issues when he shamed himself and family as well as his oath of office….The good ‘ol fellas can cover all up even when exposed and tap the hand in some formof public scorn, however it is this arrogance, this demeanor which has failed us —

Listen, it isn’t AQ I worry ’bout, I worry that the rampant pornography, the selfishness of this western society so degrading of selves andf so disrespectful to family, men (and women) however men who at the helm and play out such games over a birth certificate which should have been opened prior to election – never midn all this charade —

The Hawk, AQ, the Taliban, anyone who kills another human being, Lucifer aka as the “Brutes of Tehran” and the “KGB Putinites” as I refer to them, unless We as a nation clean ourselves up and each budget expenditure from the local school Superintendent to the WH shows their books, well it isn’t AQ I so worry about, it is the neraly $15trillion and ever so growing budget deficit and the scums, the hoodlums, the bankers of WS who are enslaving us as the “beltwway bandists” represented by eignt sitting Presidents and nineteen Congresses have – intentinally – failed to establish an energy program, drilling oour hugh oil reserves and We here on Main Street are being left to the wolves who will again show hugh monetary gains in their corporate books at the cost of enslaving us and our children —

AQ, those that besmirch the Qur’an and care little what God has given us, nt a Prophet, but God’s very words, his dictates from Holy Scripture and while I see the “politician” sitting in the pew in front of me shaking the hand of fellow parishioner from left to right, not mine, his hands are unclean, his heart nt pure and his intent ever so filled with selfishness, self-greed as we see partisanship daily, this crap from Democrats and Republicans so exemplifying the demise from within and my front porch flag flying upside down depicting the real story…a flag of distress, nation willing to abuse as the MA/DOR good citizens w/rights of appeal and Barry et al willing to intentinally make every attempt to circumvent the Rights of the Constitution, to amend it so…AQ?

Listen, the budget deficit is far greater than any attack AQ could even dream of…The “beltway bandits” gave the keys of this nation to “Big Business” the corrupt who still write hugh bonus checks and Mobil/Exxon for instance which will report hugh earnings on the backs of American school kids whse parents are being enslaved to pverty, a middle class America hijacked overnight, $5 fiat federal reserve notes by the most corrupt of all led by Paulsen and this Treasurer as nothing but an arrogant and articulate spokesman of Luucifer, $5 fiat federal reserve notes, a currency some call dollars which we saw gold and silver intentionally taken away from support of….$5 to fill my small gasoline engine, com’on guys…this rampant and intentional corruptness in manner by so many right here and the FBI and Massachusetts pols canno find Whitey Bulger…He, too like OBL is probably living plush at his brother Billy’s place — Imagine, more and more kids here are living poverty, mal-nourished and we are sending monies to the basement of the palace doing “deals” and billions and billions are being sent even today – this moment – and no one has frozen funding to the Pakistani government as We here on Main Street USA are appalled at OBL living down the road from West Point — com’on, give us a break…

Stop all social security checks leaving this country. Stop all funding to not only Lucifer in Pakistan, but heck, I know We here on Main Street USA are only third grade readers and do not espouse your intellectualism and can indulge ourselves in such accolades of selves, however stop giving “aid” to China, that’s right, follow the money…aid to China?

I have always advocated that no one should underestimate AQ, nor the Hawk, many very educated, sme even here at the best universities, however take a look at the education of Chinese officials — science and engineering grads, not self-important litigation types w/their law degrees who don’t know a damn thing about WMDs and the potential of laser weapons used from our upper atmoshere – how limited in scope we have begun…how few can recollect Ike’s farewell speech and his wearnings to us, Jack Kennedy’s words of wisdom, even thouygh he, too like his brother and Billy Boy often disgraced and misused the President’s ofice for illicit activities — imagine, every Mother was forced to tell their daughters of Billy’s ….oh, and we have smething to say ’bout others —

The bottom line and I surely didn’t write it and as one so abused by the MA/DOR and its”uniqueness” as they refer to themslves, an agency which itself should be under investigation for its unruly ways…I only read Biblical scripture and its clarity of telling tomorrow’s destiny points to a nation, this our beloved nation, inherent with evil and the corrupt, a nation led by a treasurer who couldn’t even get his taxes filed timely, a treasurer who tells us that yes, Congress will pass a debt limit increase and the continuation of printing fiat notes down in our own basement will inevitably continue for w/o government interference, we will fall into depression…

Well folks, while many of you “intellectuals” w/your undergrad and master’s degrees, law degrees, few having any idea of science and engineering principles, well, the treasurer and some of the corrupt fellas at the quasi Federal Reserve playing on the golf course, members of the “country club” who deny inflation, the cost of a gallon of milk will be 11 fiat notes and yes, gasoline will exceed 5 federal reserve notes, in fact more like 8 federal reserve notes and our currency will not be the world currency and ya bet – for I am a gambling man as the folks at MA/DOR full know, sure the “beltway bandits” will pass the debt ceiling, however the inevitable demise of this beloved nation, not AQ, but the corrupt within as Lucifer has taken the reigns and short of full repentence, inflation is here, depression is soon to come, the revolution of the Middle East which will turn into a far much more radical Islamic threat which will provoke the German led EU with full support of the ever powerful and corrupt Vatican as it was during WWII, yes, as a gambling man..oh yes, w/an under grad degree and Master’s myself and one who Biiblical verse, You say we must be vigilant, ya think so as special interst groups, corprate America with “trillions” that’s right, “trillions of these federal reserve notes” sitting in their coffers, and America ever so hoodwinked as We here on Main Street USA are bankrupted, our kids being thrown out on the street, their security compromised as foreclosures are more today than ever and ya, you Barry and your WH staffers so interested in having a beer on the WH lawn portraying your mentality…the bankers kicking kids and their parents out of the homes, leaving vacant homes – this is America today and I assure you all – intellectuals – you, too may think you are ok today and even your banker buds, however God is witness to all and while we have “entrusted” you w/our precious vote, you haqve asconded w/the monies very much like the “deals” in the basement of the palace – what does goo on in the basement of the WH, never mind the “corruptness” which we support at the compromise of our own citizsens, the abuse of our own while you conduct backroom door meetings with the “Brutes of Tehran” and Jimmy Carter can walk into a closed meeting with Syrian officials and no one knows what he has told these sob’s who kill their own in cold blood and when I asked for a full Congressional investigation and the possibility of holding Carter for treason…for as a citizen, whether he is a former President of this nation or not, what did he tell the Syrians as he once had “the codes” and his clearance the top – thus, my question is not only why we still have nt frozen all fuding to Pakistan when we found BL down the road from West Point and where is Whitey Bulger and certainly let’s not ask his brother Billy to open his basement, however our questiin here on Main Street USA as mere fledglings, why are we sending our missles in Ghadaffi’s sovereign nation because he has been killing his own people and Not sending our drones and Tomahawk missiles into Syria as they are killing innocent Syrians every day — oh, that’s right…good ‘ol peanut farmer Jimmy who botched much of what he did and I saw him one day in Athens and in the same week in Cairo walking around w/some dubious politicians from these two respective countries, in Greece, with former Communist sympathizers, well yes, AQ and to be vigilant in this War on Terrorism, I believe possibly that in our apparently dysfunctional ways, we should look into our own shortcomings as let me assure you and from reading far above the third grade level the scripture and warnings from ur Creator, no one is beyond reproach, all are sinners and soon Ethiopia will come into the fold and soon, the Middle East will become a ball of conflagration as you permitted the “Brutes of Tehran” to master the WMD and it is not the 100 WMD’s in Pakistan that worry me so, but the fact that now the growing German econmy and the soon to be downsized to ten (10) nation EU will use its new fast deployment army, its new shany battleships and challenge the soon to be far from democractic Middle East, but a hotbed of radical Islamic tendency where Egypt will soon follow and even Turkey to turn to an even more Islamic fundamentalist way…

To those at AQ, listen OBL tried twice and finally succeeded in his stabbing of our financial center heart and he did kill innocents very much like you and he, like you will pay the inevitable cost of spending your time with Lucifer, not the “overrated” time you believe you will spend with virgins… The problem was w/OBL, he overrated the US for we have been in decline fare before that for morally we have been bankrupted from the local level where it costs over $20,000 to run for a local Milton, MA “selectman’s” campaign to win a post which pays $200 yearly…why would anyone spend 20,000 fiat federal reserve notes for a post to share with two others….that word “transparency” which so many local “school bureaucrats and even teachers to the politicians having “discourse” with interns in the miidle of the night, transparency is no where to be seen and AQ must look at the German-led EU as its adversary, not the US as we are broke, however do not underestimate the German and its intl services and its far reaching arm for OBL cost us trillions of fiat notes let me assure you, he did more than stab us in the heart, however ur hearts were already sickened from within – riddled with corruption and deceit, disrespectful of every man and some women who have given their lives for freedom, so many who have stood with pride on behalf of our forefather’s gifts and the Constitutin, the Bill of Rights, a nation filled with pride as its stood against Lucifer side by side with Winston Churchill who warned us and today, less than 100 years later, this once great nation, a “Beacon of Hope” to so many who filed papers properly and passed the Statute of Liberty fleeing oppression, it is now We here on Main Street USA who are oppressed, not in fear of AQ, however certainly in fear of the ineptness in sound leadership we see, the ways of hoars as the “beltway bandits” and their corporate america sponsors abscond with the dwindling coffers taking all for self and leaving special needs children in this country and certainly here in Massachsuetts “left behind” much like the education here in america where we rank far down the list in so many, many ways —

Stand up, demand the whereabouts of Whitey Bulger for if we can find OBL after spending billions and he was in the basement, check his brother Billy’s basement for everyine fears even questioning Billy here in Massachusetts and demand a comprehensive investigation of the MA/DOR and this “uniqueness” it proudly boast when describing itself, above the law, above protecting the Rights of fellow citizens as the Massachusetts State Constition dictates, never mind what these less tha competent and revengeful local State Congressional legislators pass for abusive law, stand up to the ways of the Treasurer and the Federal Reserve and the “beltway bandits” and to AQ and to the “Brutes of Tehran” and to the “KGB Putinites” and demand that we attack as we have, Ghadaffi, the Syrians fr outrightly killing its own wonderful peple just as we failed to attack Tehran when it intentionally killed demonstrators and left a courageous and young bright woman protestor dying on the streets of Tehran and rich Persian blood, a Persian ancestry which has contributed so much to the world very much like my Hellenic ancestry and the Greek contributions to the world where as an American born Hellene, I am proud of America and what it has stood for, however no longer, for I see the saddness on Main Street USA, the foreclosures, little kids, 3, 5 years old w/doll in hand, suitcase with clothing crying as they must leave their homes w/banker right behind getting a kick back from the government for every American falily and neighbor being foreclosed upon….

To thse of you at AQ, while I do not underestimate your competencies, I do deplore yur ways, I detest your uncivilized ways and two wrongs do not make right as all in this eroding world must repent….as time is quickly appraching where Lucifer’s gains are apparent….Yes, you are correct in laughing as we send billions in aid to Pakistan for instance and all they can talk about in the aftermath of OBL’s passing is the fact that our brave men crossed over into sovereign land – what a sham and yet, the US Congress, yes, the same which has never passed a comprehensive US energy policy, yes, the same corrupt, knows how to order frozen assets, yet cannot call for a “stop to all foreclosures” in the US and divert funding to a corrupt Pakistani leadership to our kids to help their parents pay for $5 gasoline prices, increased energy – electric bills – heating oil which now costs some $400 for every 100 gallons of home heating oil….

We have little tikme remaining and neither AQ or anyne else poses a threat more to us here on Main Street USA than those we have “entrusted” w/precious vote and We send a message today with much clarity, “Do not underestimate us, election time draws near and We will cast our precious vote, not along party lines, but for America, our beloved nation which is under siege from within!

God Bless America! Our flag flies upside down in distress, let’s redirect our nation and restore pride in our manufacturing for isntance and take back the keys so easily handed away for corporate gain! Let’s blow the whistle on the trillions stashed away in the coffers of corporate America and numerous politicians!

Christopher Tingus
PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 8, 2011 @ 9:07 am

Question for bloggers and commentators! What exactly has changed since 9/11/01 in USA attitudes and policies in MENA [Middle East and N.Africa] leaving out USA organized violence in the form of warfare and drone attacks?

Has the USA learned at all what really drove UBL and his followers then and now?

Do they hate USA for our FREEDOM? Our way of life? Of course not.

So please post on exactly what has changed internationally except of course the economic collapse of the middle class in the USA ensuring that American Consumer no longer the driver of international economy!

Do we have any more scholars, linguists, analysts fluent in the languages and cultures of MENA? In or out of the government?

I now confidently predict the collapse of the EU and EURO this decade due largely to adoption of USA style of corporate socialism. Meaning that government is for the corporations, by the corporations and of the corporations!

Comment by Philip J. Palin

May 8, 2011 @ 1:03 pm

Mr. Tingus:

In the Greek Orthodox Church today is the feast day of Saint John the Apostle. The Epistle reading for today is taken from John’s First letter in which we find:

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not live according to the truth; but if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another…

Best wishes for Pascha and for finding and keeping the paschal light.

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 11, 2011 @ 10:39 am

Post Script! Apparently the real discovery from the UBL compound raid is that the USA is short the analysts
necessary to process the INTEL take in any kind of timely fashion.


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