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May 19, 2011

The President’s Speech: Audience reactions at the opening of the second act

Filed under: Strategy — by Philip J. Palin on May 19, 2011

A quick collection of a few early reactions to the President’s speech.

Herb Keinon writes in the Jerusalem Post: “Although Obama made an effort to give some points to Israel and some to the Palestinians, in the final analysis he essentially adopted the Palestinian position that the 1967 lines – and not defensible borders – should be the baseline of any agreement. Obama also adopted the Palestinian position that was a point of sharp contention during the proximity, or indirect, talks last year: that the negotiations should start with borders and security. Israel’s position was that all the core issues, including Jerusalem and the refugee issue, should be discussed simultaneously so that the Palestinians, and not only Israel, will have to make concessions.” MORE

A statement by Israel’s Office of the Prime Minister includes: “Israel appreciates President Obama’s commitment to peace.  Israel believes that for peace to endure between Israelis and Palestinians, the viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of the viability of the one and only Jewish state. That is why Prime Minister Netanyahu expects to hear a reaffirmation from President Obama of U.S. commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both Houses of Congress.  Among other things, those commitments relate to Israel not having to withdraw to the 1967 lines which are both indefensible and which would leave major Israeli population centers in Judea and Samaria beyond those lines.”  MORE

According to Al Jazeera English, the spokesperson for the Hamas government in Gaza said, “We were expecting a lot more from Obama’s speech today regarding the Palestinians who suffer from the hardships of the occupation, and what the Israeli occupation does against the Palestinians. But Obama did not bring anything new. What Obama needs to do is not to add slogans but to take concrete steps to protect the rights of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation. The peoples of the region are not in need of Obama’s lectures. Obama reaffirmed his absolute support for the policies of the (Israeli) occupation and his rejection of any criticism of the Occupation. We affirm that Palestinian reconciliation is a Palestinian affair and that the (peace) negotiations have proven to be pointless. Hamas will never recognise the Israeli occupation under any circumstances.” MORE

Ahram Online reported, “At a Cairo screening of the speech at the Semiramis hotel, heavy applause greeted his statement: ‘At the time when the whole MENA region are casting off the burdens of the past, the change is more urgent than ever for the Palestinians.'” MORE

The Arab-American academic, political activist, and pollster James Zogby, writing in The Guardian, concluded, “For Americans, then, it might be fair to say that the speech was challenging and uplifting. It may even have been a useful speech for US policy-makers, although our current “slash and burn” Congress may be disinclined to act in support of the president’s initiatives – dooming them before they get off the ground. But if the intended audience was in the Arab world, then sadly, the speech fell flat… Recognising the new realities in the Middle East is important. But recognising that Arabs see Palestinian rights as a central concern and have grown weary of what they feel is America’s enabling of Israel’s bad behaviour is important, too. The president got the new realities part right, but he missed a vital opportunity on Palestine. MORE

Reuters is running a collection of man-in-the-street comments from across North Africa and the Middle East, including this one: “”It was a great speech, very eloquent, full of hope, there was a real commitment to democratic transition in the Arab world. But we have heard a lot of beautiful speeches from Obama before and we don’t know whether he can deliver this time,” said Hassan Nafaa, a political science professor at Cairo University. MORE

Tomorrow after Friday Prayers it will be interesting if the Syrians in the audience have any particular response.

If the 2009 Cairo University speech was the opening of the first act, then this speech is the opening of the second act.

Last night after posting my President-as-Pavarotti opera analogy I had a dream about Mr. Obama playing the lead in Ambroise Thomas’s “Hamlet.” In March this opera, based on the Shakespeare play, was performed by the Met for the first time in 113 years.  It is an opera in five acts that has two entirely authentic and completely different endings, one happy and one not.  My dream only made it through the third act.  I’m not sure how this will end.


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Comment by William R. Cumming

May 20, 2011 @ 12:36 am

Time will tell if any significance in the speech. In the meantime the killing goes on. The USA can only be seen as tolerating death and destruction of innocents on both sides. USA should guarantee borders. Insert its own troops or allow UN to do so. Time to defuse all time bombs in MENA!

Comment by The Play Continues...Humanity Once Again at Peril!

May 20, 2011 @ 4:06 am

To you Mr. Obama and your WH staffers and especially addressing your obvious prejudices much like Jimmy Carter as we saw him embracing the “wrong side” ….it is this clarity now and in the last two years of your executive administration in your contention of ’67 borders which will be your demise and this “Goldman Sasch” administration which God is witness to and with Biblical scripture quite clear when it comes to what posture this Judeo-Chrisrian must take and your Rev Wright mentoring where he, too outrightly has condemned Israel in every way, how dare you place this nation in direct peril for it is quite clear that anyone who chooses a position contrary to the covenant between God and Hebrew will be addressed accirdingly, thus placing our beloved Republic in much compromise foor you have been quite transparent since yur immediate departure early on to Egypt making gestures, appeasing the Muslim and Arab, the same who surrounded this small and Democratic nation of Israel with sword, thirsting for the blood of Hebrew and they fell one by one – You, Rev wright and anyone with such prejudice, hatred, scorn as you portrayed towards the Prime Minister the last time he came to Washington….

….let me assure you Mr. Obama, the Middle East will most assuredly present a – shock and awe – in conflagration shortly and those who embrace the lust of Arab Islamic fundamentalist perspective in hatred to infidel seeking in every way for our demise, the hatred which not all Arab has towards Hebrew, but so, so many taught such dysfunctional way, you will never be elected a second term and you, like Rev Wright and those like the Arab who had no problem launching surpise attack failed, failed so that those who took up sword have been at unrest since and will also fail to God’s wrath –

The world so corrupt, so riddled with hatred, this Muslim/Christian quest for control of Jerusalem will fail and only lead to more slaughter as it has in history – there is no doubt and historical account is quite clear as well —

Study the map – the German led EU and its new fast deplyment Army, a Middle East with its political upheavals. Act one and Act two, this play has been going on for generations and unfortunately for humanity w/not even 100 yaers passing, the world is poised to conflagration – take heed!

The global map is clear, Histry is clear and Biblical verse clear whether in Daniel Chap 11 – verse 40-44 or so many other notations –

Anti-western Islamic forces will gain the upper hand in this evolving regional unrest and particularly in Egypt and North africa as time passes –

The stakes in the Meditarannean could hardly be higher for this German led EU and they have been preparing and will eventually pounce — and all hell will be unleashed and those nation – even our own country led by such outright narrow minded, ineptness in leadership will suffer far much more than We here on Main Street USA quickly being enslaved by a government led by ypu Mr. Obama and a partisan and gridlocked Congress which allows you to enter Libya, however not Syria or Iran with the same innocents being killed in cold blood, Arab killing Arab, a government imposing itself in any and every way…our flag turned upside down in distress as you and your cohorts print fiat federal reserve notes causing the value to eventuall drop preciptiuly and inflation already here at the grocery counter and interst rates to soar, far from your control…

We as a nation are young, we are a Judeo-Christian nation much to your obvious dislaike and manners towards Israel, a nation which just celebrated its anniversay and from street to street across the Middle east, not all, but so many Muslims, Arabs celebraded a day of sorrow, saddness – how absurd…such hatred and this in the 21st century where Biblical verse, the same in the Qur’an directing all people maybe not to necessarily embrace one another, but surely no ne having the right to judge another, no one to have such hatred in their hearts for yes, we are different in so many ways, yet we are also similar in more ways than people understand and hatred wether from Arab to Hebrew or vice versa and all wtintessed by our Creator is not a wijning scenario for anyone — Arabs/Islamic teaching, the biblical teachings of Hebrew, this hatred does not exist, yet rather respect and love, affording each dignity. Not a world which stands by and see such oppression by so many thugs using their leadership positions to dampen the hopes of people like the wonderful people of Palestine where I have walked the streets of Jericho and Hebron, youth who seek opportunity, hope, not depair while those with gold in their coffers build megabuildings in the sands and others abuse these wonderful people – youth who must be afforded more…

One of the more strategic assets in the meditarannean is the Strait of Gibralter said to see some 80,000 ships transiting carry goods – only 15 miles away, Morocco….a nation which is comprised of some of the most wonderful people living peacefully, 98% Msulim, they themselves now besisged by terrorist organizations working with drug cartels and seeking to overthrow the government. You talk about the play you see, Act one and Act two, well the people of Morocco who have lived with Hebrew and have enjoyed such prosperity will soon find their lives altered – what a shame – they, too deserve better –

the map then depictes as well Algeria which is a threat to Eurpe and those in southern Europe are very worried by the plitical changes taking rapid place in Algeria..where radical Islam is taking footing and disrupting mre and more…

Yes, the Act from one Act to another clearly portray a map showing Sunni Muslim terrorist elements taking hold of Algeria, Tunesia, Libya, Mauritania, Moroocco and soon Ethiopia –

The rising dominance of radical Islam enjoining the Arab world and their swords of blood impsing themselves on the overall peaceful and Loving Arab Muslim, well, it is not a new play, just a continuation of the cntinued hatred, the lack of tolerance among men whether Christian or Muslim and how unfortunate for my being of Hellenic (Greek) ancestry,

I know both sides well and so many wonderful people, tolerant of one another, working together and even living side by side, respective of ne another and humanity must onec again be threatened by the soldiers of Lucifer and you Mr. Obama and you James Carter have been very clear before the Lord as to your narrow perspectives, your embedded hatred, what a shame because whether Msulim or Christian, We must live here on earth and enjoy God’s Blessing being respectful of one anothers choice in prayer and devotion. Each whether Islamic or Christian worshippers, nne should impose themselves and theuir values on another —

As we see with each passing day the rise of Islamic fundamentalist challenge to the Vatican and Europe’s Christianity, few of you will know Winston Churchill’s reference as this Mediterannean as the “underbelly” and with the “Brutes of Tehran”and the “KGB Putinites” building missile launchers presently just to our southern border in Venezuela and only whispers of the Monroe Doctrine are being heard from the pews, references to the Cuban missile crisis, while this play, the charade of mankind which clearly exhibits the “limitations” of mankind, even here in the western hemishpere, at some point this weak and inept Congress will have to take the reigns away from the President and demand counter measure be imposed in Venezuela and the dastardly intent of Iran is to lauch attack on American soil from Venezula — wake up – get a grip on the threats which are all too real.

God Bless America!

God Bless Arab, Muslim, Christian and all others who are part of humanity, who are willing to be tolerant of another’s choices, not belligerent nor imposing their respective values on another — lending a hand to one another for We are all the children of our Creator and We for the mlst paret have been taught to Love, scripture of our Judeo-Christian Bible and verses found throughout the Qur’an profess Love, not this hatred, this ongoing history of Christianity and Islamic quest for control of Jerusalem, willing to kill innocents for neither will be victorious for Jerusalem has only one throne and our God, our Father has made it quite clear in this play as you refer to it, our evolution in this technologically promosing 21st century, that only he can make judgment on another and He wil, sit on the throne, no one else!

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