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May 23, 2011

A confluence of events in Pakistan

Filed under: Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on May 23, 2011

The Monday morning newscasts in the US are largely — appropriately — preoccupied with the Joplin twister.  A couple of developments over the weekend in Pakistan are important to readers of HLSWatch, so just in case:

Friday May 20, the Dawn newspaper, perhaps Pakistan’s premier English-language newspaper, began extensive coverage of Wikileaks content related to Pakistan. A series of stories has already been published and more are planned.  Here’s one quick excerpt:

The reports reveal that US special operations forces were embedded with Pakistani troops for intelligence gathering by the summer of 2009 and deployed with them on joint operations in Pakistani territory by September that year. MORE

This series of reports reveal a depth of close cooperation between the United States and Pakistani military quite in contrast with recent accusations in both nations subsequent to the Abbottabad operation.

Beginning Sunday night there was a fierce attack on a Pakistani naval base in Karachi, the nation’s largest city.  According to Dawn:

Taliban militants assaulted the headquarters of Pakistan’s naval air force, battling on Monday security forces in the most brazen attack in the country since the killing of Osama bin Laden, killing 13 people, injuring 16 others and blowing up at least two military aircraft. Blasts rang out and helicopters hovered above the PNS Mehran base near Shahrah-e-Faisal almost 14 hours after more than 20 Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants stormed the heavily guarded building with guns and grenades, blowing up at least two aircraft and casting doubt on the military’s ability to protect its installations. MORE

The near-coincidence for the American operation against bin-Laden, the Wikileaks revelations, and this extraordinary attack will — one way or another — have a significant impact on Pakistan’s position going forward.  One judgment of the likely direction is offered by Adnan Rehmat commenting in today’s late edition:

For Pakistan the pressure is just beginning. The world is running out of patience with Islamabad running with the hares and hunting with the hounds. It will have to cooperate to hunt down Mullah Omar, Aiman Al Zwahiri and others. For Pakistan there’s no avoiding the denouement. The sham of the caricaturised accountability of security failure of the intelligence agencies in parliament is far from enough. There is no shift in policy post-Abbottabad. An anti-US, pro-military resolution by parliamentmay have only ensured Pakistan will be dealt with the hard way. Because Pakistan refuses to become a ‘normal’ country like those in the rest of the world, its extraordinary posture will be dealt with extraordinarily. Pakistan will have to admit its failing and call for help. It’s the only way to stop from tipping over. MORE

The TTP has, of course, threatened to attack the United States and was implicated in the Times Square bombing attempt.  Seemed too important for you to possibly not hear about through our domestic media.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

May 23, 2011 @ 11:49 am

It may come as a shock and my opinion is wrong but personally I believe Pakistan outranks Joplin, Missouri on order of priorities. Several competent bloggers believe that an irrevocable breech has occurred between Pakistan and the US and that the US has driven Pakistan into the arms of China. Literally because the Chinese have sold the Pakistani government 300 first line fighter and fighter bomber aircraft or pledged to sell the aircraft in the last 20 months. I assume this is true and also realize that the US has helped Pakistan become a failed state with nuclear weapons, perhaps over 100 warheads and more on the way. Failure to prioritize policy and effort because clearly the USA lacks the leadership and competence to handle the complexities of the modern world across the board means that UBL’s death was in reality a side show as to what should be going on! Specifically making sure that a rogue Pakistani government and its various factions cannot utilize nuclear weapons in some deranged policy initiative. And clearly the failure of US anti-proliferation efforts post-WWII are its most significant policy failure. This also includes supporting Israle nuclear policy or allowing its theft of special nuclear materials and weapons know how. Without NUKES and OIL the MENA would be a different level of significance on the world stage.

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 23, 2011 @ 7:36 pm

Joplin death toll exceeds 115!

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 24, 2011 @ 2:23 am

Juan Cole posted an interesting column on his “Informed Comment” blog on the Chinese GAMBIT of Pakistan.

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 24, 2011 @ 2:25 am

Pakistan spends 16% of GDP on its military and less than 2% on education. A ratio that bodes well for an informed electorate in a “democracy”!

Comment by Christopher Tingus

May 24, 2011 @ 5:13 am

Joplin and mre red to show up on the radar and now over 450 souls lost to twisters, far above the norm and even w/24 min warning, when an F4 strikes dead center, the foundation is swooped up and blown away and unles your below ground, in a few moments, injury and death apparent —

While my Canadian and US hoousing team of “experts” offer an earthquake resistent home which they claim can withstand 150mph wind and even a housing solution which can float for about $35k each…winds in these type storms exceed the housing spec and 200 mph winds can be reached..

Like the brilliant and s astute William Cumming who each of us look forward to his comment, yes, our hearts and prayers and any assistance we can offer to the people of Joplin, yet priority centered on rereading the Monroe Dctrine as reports that missile launchers funded by Tehran being built in Venezuela…

Yes, missile launchers being built in Venezuela…

…and this administration so inexperienced with folded arms and looking the other way and oh, yes, Pakistan – so blatently corrupt getting its business done down in the basement in dollars being tossed around w/no transparency whatsoever to the populace and humanity at large placed in jeopardy by another “elitist” bucnh of thugs who the Chinese I am surprised willing to help tip the cart which will only lead to a less stabilized Middle East and my strong urging to my Chiese commercial trading partners in caol, iron ore and metals, stay out of Pakistan – if the WH can’t say it, I certainly will for I work w/competent Chinese commercial interests and China is applauded this end for its efforts globally in stockpiling all sorts of commodities as specificatins and orders come into my office non-stop, however never realizing the Chinese would find the need to upset the regional stability by placing any weapons in the hands of those whose head is in the sand — shame, shame on China – stick to the “commodities” side and watch the “Brutes of Tehran” present their shock and awe in the skies above the Mediterannean…and to theis incompetent and overly impressed bunch of elitists here on the beltway – the “Goldman Sachs” administration – the “Beltway Bandits” I refer to this inept Cngressional “partisan” charade gridlocked as missle launchers being placed by Tehran soon to be ready – Miami look up – Washington pls, understand that Lucifer certainly exists and We are so unwilling to make a last stand – We cannt accomodate the unruly – zero tolerance in Middle School and certainly American policy should dictate – zero tolerance – for Tehran and with sufficient evidence now presented to Congress by Iranian intelligence defectors, an Act of War shuld be proclaimed and carried out with certainty, brute firce against Tehran, a regime of thugs who have their hands so bloodied with US kids in military uniform –

To those in the Middle West and to Tennessee, keep your weather alert radios close by today, however the lead story from our perceptions here on Main Street USA, first missile installations being built in Venezuela and next, Pakistan and our NSA and other intel on each of the 100 WMD’s and if necessary, far more presence in the skies and boots on Pakistani sovereign soil by a German led NATO and US troop engagement – These are our lead stories and condolences to thse Joplin residents and families at the mercy of the fury of such brute force, the same which should swoop up both the hods in Tehran and in Islamabad…time is here and whether we truly like confrontation as so many in the Middle East contend, it is time for the media to get a grip on the reporting neecssary and for these thugs in Venezuela and Pakistan to see us snuff out Tehran and then straighten out the other rats including the Syrians committing such dastardly acts as cold blooded murders on their own people…

It is time for direct hits, not peace talks and headlines should be ablaze w/the facts of Life, reality as those in the triple letter club I am certain w/all the respect We have f those so committed to protect our Cnstitution and stand with pride, placing themselves in harm’s way for us here on Main Street USA — thank you for yiur devtion, your service and pledge –

Three headlines – German fast deployment Army, NATO, US and other – Iran, Pakistan and Venezuela – these are the pending stories which will dictate whether millions and millions will perish in the near future at the hands of those who seek teh demise of teh west, the same willing to pull the veil of darkness over humanity in the same way as less than 70 yrars ago when millions and millions suffered much agony, death, the numbers killed in US weather related I am afraid part of Life and ur environment as tornadoes are well documented, yet the world and particularly this unwilling and unknowing US nidwits oblivious to the tragedy about to befall humanity…

Again to the Chiese floding my desk with orders of Grade A Steam Coal from S. Africa and less quality of coal from Indonesia, seeking every MT lf iron ore I can provide w/colleagues to meet global demand by China – to China, these competent science and engineering types leading Chian into the next century, stockpiled with enough t care for its people, hood winking the west and leaving us with bare cupbooards, stay out of Pakistan r we’ll reneg on our prmises to pay our debt — after all, as a nation We are only $14 trillion federal reserve notes indebted and only promise of more stiumlus rather than making cuts for We must feed the banker pals –

To the young and inexperienced media of the West who for the most part have little awareness of the crelty of Lucifer who has had his grip on every manmade government since Babylon, no matter its form, all failed governments because such indifference to the devilish ways of mankind when strength required, have always led to the to the newspaper headlines documenting ghastly acts against humanity — histiry repeats itself portraying the truly dysfunctional attributes of mankind and to the babes wet behind their ears at the WH and other, soon the headlines will see the Joplin story on the last page for far more are truly in jeopardy and thank God he is witness to all fr its seems that again the West will strive and find Winston Churchill almost when too late and unfortunately all we have to offer is Barry et al and that incompetent and glorified idiot from Alaska….

God Bless our beloved Republic! Gd Bless humanity and its continued tolerance of the bullys soon to have more than the trigger to kill millions, millions with thirst at the tip of their sword and mouths foaming as they proclaim Lucifer again overcomes the goodness of mankind, willing to repent, unwilling to allow the cleric to mainipulate the Qur’an promoting Peace and Love among all, and those at the Vatican willing to take up sword contrary to Biblical verse proclaiming the beauty and hope for all mankind!

The headlines each and every day should remind each of us that God is witness to all and no man has the Right to judge another, to stone a woman on the streest of Tehran with rock in one hand and cell telephone camera taking photos of this child of God….I am in Haiti and as I try to introduce much needed, prerequisite wastewater and water purification systems, rainwater retention systems, solar packages for shelter home design which would afford the dignity to every haitian man, woman and child, housing “experts’ readied for thes elast eighteen months when again Mother Nature’s fury killed so many, such loss…hurricane season soon t begin 1st June and still, despite teh compassin, the willingess of such “experts” to lend their capabilities, corrupt practice and far less global “humanitarian” funding especially from corprations and the “bankers” who care little that so, so many are sitting in tattered tent – where are the headlines..I abhor this world so filled with self-agenda, greed and lust for power, few willing to portray respect for another, only those willing to force their agenda w/little concern for the wellbeing f each and humanity overall…a world where a team of “experts” I strive to introduce and get funded understand that today in this 21st century, nearly 1 billion fellow human beings have little or no access to a clean glass of water! Shame on you and shame n you to allow Lucifer as we see in Tehran, Syria, Pakistan and in Venezuela you turn to the sports page — don’t fret Yanks, the Bosox will sweep it all away, lur concern here on Main Street USA, who will sweep the streets of these hangouts of Lucifer, apparently no one willing or competent to put out the trash!

Keep a vigilant eye to the skies, it may not only be Mother Nature you should be weary in concern….soon witness to conflagartion throughout the Middle East and stay tuned, to affect all humanity once again who have little recount of the “dastardly’ capabilities of fellw mankind — often at the helm safeguarding their coffers of gold and silver, the riches of the people stolen in deceitful manner w/Tehran’s gold safeguarded in Asia..what a coincidence…

China — stay out of Pakistan! Mind your business…

Christophert Tingus
Main Street USA
PO Box 1612
Harwich (Cape Cood), MA 02645 USA

Comment by Philip J. Palin

May 24, 2011 @ 5:41 am

Today’s print edition of USA Today has the headline: Like a Nuclear Bomb above a picture of dramatic destruction in Joplin. The analogy is apt in a couple of ways. These sort of very hard hits — whether the cause is natural, accidental, or intentional — are sufficiently infrequent and beyond-the-ordinary that too many of us (individuals and jurisdictions) fail to reasonably prepare for the worst.

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 24, 2011 @ 10:33 am

Any HAZMAT contamination in JOPLIN?

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