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October 22, 2011

US as mother-in-law: If Pakistan is the bride, who is the groom?

Filed under: Radicalization,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on October 22, 2011

I assume readers of HLSWatch are otherwise accessing the extensive news reports on the Secretary of State’s mission to Pakistan.  I was struck by the following small piece by the Associated Press.  It was published on the front-page of Saturday’s edition of DAWN, a Pakistani English-language daily.


ISLAMABAD, Oct 21: Washington’s troubled relationship with Islamabad has triggered plenty of heartburn for US officials, but rarely side-splitting laughter.

That changed on Friday when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton erupted in amusement during a town hall meeting in Islamabad when a participant described the US as Pakistan’s impossible to please mother-in-law.

“We all know that the whole of Pakistan is facing the brunt of whatever is happening and trying to cooperate with the US, and somehow the US is like a mother-in-law which is just not satisfied with us,” said a woman who identified herself as Shamama and elicited a round of applause from the crowd.

“We are trying to please you, and every time you come and visit us you have a new idea and tell us, ‘You are not doing enough and need to work harder’,” said Shamama, who works for a women’s group in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Laughing at length, Ms Clinton said she could personally relate to the woman’s perspective because she too was a mother-in-law. The secretary of state’s daughter, Chelsea, married an investment banker last year in New York.

“I think that’s a great analogy I have never heard before,” Ms Clinton said. “Now that I am a mother-in-law, I totally understand what you’re saying and hope to do better privately and publicly.”

She said: “I personally believe this relationship is critical, important to us both, and therefore we cannot give it up. Once a mother-in-law always a mother-in-law, but perhaps mothers-in-law can learn new ways also.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

October 22, 2011 @ 4:52 pm

In the distant past “Mother-In-Law” was a song. I think Dutch Uncle might be closer to reality.

Comment by Turbulent Family Troubles Ahead....

October 23, 2011 @ 7:27 am

Well, we know much about the dysfunctional relationships found in family relationships and there is no family relationship w/the US and Pakistan nor any of the other relationships this Judeo-Christian nation shares with any of these Islamic countries as we, despite the efforts of this present US administration, have much to differ with and are merely used because as a Sugar Daddy, we have the willingness to send dollars gladly accepted.

The US should pull its WMD’s frm the soil of Europe, its troops from everywhere abroad and never mind this involvement in everyone’s else’s business. Let the Germans and the chinese worry about the challenges certain to bring us to War shortly.

US foreign policy has not worked for many years and throwing fiat federal reserve notes from the coffers which are US$14 trillion in bankruptcy to supposedly change cultures who have traditionally taken up swords against one another, never mind surrounding Israel and God taking his hand and setting the course of a land in which he has covenant w/the Hebrew which so many detest and to their demise.

It is time to move on and that is to protect our borders. It is to revamp drug laws and make it tougher for those involved…and it is imperative that we spend transparent monies on ur children better arming them w/books and an education of a world leader not a country 29th on some list andChina and India graduating scholars…Our naval vessels are in bad shape, begin shipbuilding, get folks employed…Get people to build new Air Force planes as well as the fleet of ships and squadrons of aircraft in defense of our nation are becoming old, much like this aging US population….

Iraq will fall to the Iranians, theree will be no democratic rule in Egypt, Turkey falling away more and more to far much more Islamic fundamentalist rule and we have a woman heading up the State Department talking about her personal Mother-in-law relationship and the US somehow has a mother-in-law relationship, we are regarded by most in the Middle East far differently than perceived by State Dept folks or anyne else for that matter…we are being used only for our willingness to involve our monies, however We are seen as interferring in long time dysfunctional relatinships throoughout the Middle East, factins against factions and We d noot see the N Trespassing signs psted by generational stone walls from property to property, often family to family…

Get some reality about you…let’s get term limits implemented in any and all elected offices. Nonenof this good ‘ol boy game and I mean from the local, to State to federal, enough is enough as those of us on “Main Street USA” know the dynamics of family relationships well and these relationships are very often not as perceived and we only have to look at the number of grandparents raising kids and the divorces, never mind the other family relatinships…The dysfunction of US foreign policy should cease and let the nations deal with their own challenges…frm what We see here on “Main Street USA” we want to dump the present US administration and we will in this next election, however surely these candidates from Beantown and Texas or anyone of the present presidential hopefuls may be a step up from this administration in at least changing our course and making everyone adhere to the laws of this nation demanding that everyone illegally in this country be required to learn English and go through a process to become a citizen and if they fail, boot ’em out…as far as funding any illegal citizen, we don’t have any money and our own population of citizens are becoming nearer and nearer to the poverty line with so many American children undernourished….and fattened up by sugar coated juice drinks…

Get a Life Mrs. Clinton. You have failed and so has your husband in such control over monies in haiti for instance which are sitting in the bank while people on the street nearly two years shortly in January are without the prerequisites…You cannot even take care of your own relatinship and you pretend to understand Mrs. Clinton what Afgan/Iraq require…get out and take the US out of the aim of so many using our foreign policy which kill our youth who serve with pride and are in harm’s way and involved in family feuds far distant from their own families…

Let Democracy be strengthened here. Let the people struggle abroad and given the internet and their Will, they can overcome, yet not with our involvement because we truly do not understand the dynamics of these cultures and differing faiths….We are not anyone’s Mother-In-Law…We can’t even parent ur wn nation of young people during this our watch as their education itself leaves much to be desired and the lack of transparency, these inept and too long served Cngressional members should be booted out of office and let’s understand we are bankrupt monetarily and truly bankrupt in leadership….

God Bless our beloved nation and its most charitable people! Get on the right team and support Israel for God has made it quite clear in scripture and in history who he will stand tall for and let those nations planning to rise and attack Israel fall w/thir raised swords…

Christopher Tingus
PO Box 1612
Harwich (Cape Cood), MA 02645 USA

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