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December 23, 2011

Shaking the Tree

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Philip J. Palin on December 23, 2011

“That certainly shook the tree,” she pronounced brightly.

“What do you mean?” said I.

“The apple hit his head,” she said.

“Who? What?” I laughed.

“Newton,” she smiled.

We had just finished presenting the results of a minor study to a Board of Directors.  I found their response impenetrable, much more a non-response.

But within nine months nearly everything we proposed had been implemented.  The firm thrived from the changes.

I was an outsider.  She was very much inside.  She needed me to say aloud what she already knew.  She needed me to shake the tree.


In the Quran’s story of Jesus’ nativity, Mary shakes a tree (19:22-26):

The pain is real. The isolation is real. The anxious suffering has good cause.

The cool stream is also real, but unseen. The ripe dates are as real, but neglected.

Our needs can be fulfilled. Opportunities are within reach. To claim them we must notice and be willing to shake the tree.

The Quran continues: “So eat and drink and be contented.” (19:27)

Listen. Look. Rejoice.


Most do not argue that as the Roman Republic collapsed into the Empire a Jewish baby was born and came to be called Jesus.

There is considerable disagreement regarding nearly every other aspect of the boy’s life and death.

Over the centuries these disagreements have been used to justify horrible violence.  It will happen again today.

Sunday hundreds of millions will celebrate the Jewish boy’s birth.  Another 300 million will wait until January 7.  Two billion Muslims do not celebrate Christmas, but honor Jesus and most anticipate he will return in the last days to reconcile the earth to God’s intention.

No matter what else, perhaps we can agree this man knew how to shake a tree.

And most of us are blind to the ripe fruit his shaking has scattered all about us.

May these next days help us to see and even to taste.

Merry Christmas.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

December 23, 2011 @ 12:33 am

Happy Holidays to all posters and readers. I suppose Steve Jobs had this story in mind when naming his Corporation? One who shook the tree and if you ever try it is very very difficult to do once the tree is grown.

Comment by Humanity: Pick'n Fruit Till It's All Gone

December 24, 2011 @ 7:49 am

Pick’n fruit has been humanity’s theme ever since Eve persuaded Adam to pick’n the fruit despite his best judgement knowing quite well it was against God’s directive!

Adam, who did not have the inner strenth to adhere to the simple rule just as man dismissed the ten commandments mankind in its ever so dysfunctional ways in portrayal, torn by Lucifer was the first of so many men to pick the fruit rather than think with their heads!

Still today, instead of ploughing the fields and simply living in a righteous way each and every day, lust for Lucifer’s ways just as we see the “good ol beltway bandits” put self serving ways before the best interests of our beloved America, on this Christmas of 2011 and New Year of 2012, the course is for certain, the depravity of men will bring further anguish and War to mankind once again and this time, when in your pews during this time when as a proud Judeo-Christian natioon, pary this Christmas and New Year, bow your heads in silence and clasp hands for War is before us simply because men have shaken and shaken the tree, often far too much for Eve and for many today, the fruit is all gone and so is their integrity as we see so much oppression, so much killing of another of God’s child as God is witnes to all and while he sheds tears, he will soon take his hand of might and cleanse the earth gripped so tightly by Lucifer!

God Bless us all!

Christ suffered so for such blatent sins, however to see Washington sin in the way it has when We as a nation have been and no longer the beacon of hope to so many, so oppressed…well, you have all shaken the tree and shaken the tree and filled your pockets, however wake up, $15 trillion times in deficit, little children living in automobiles, the campaign slogan “change” having meant taking every penny remaining from us here on “Main Street USA” and unless we have an immediate call for a national day of prayer seeking to repent, asking forgiveness for our sinful ways and more importantly doing what is Right before God understanding he is witness to all, not only here in America, but throughut the world and especially this coming year, watch as so many will prefer to follow Lucifer and lust for more, when God gave each of us everything we needed as babies entering this glorious world…

William Cumming says it right and the dysfunctions of one generation passed on to the next will continue to place mankind in much jeopardy, compromise until all wise up –

God Bless us all! God Bless our beloved Republic, America where I ask Americans everyweher to hang their American flags upside down like many of our front porch flags here on “Main Street USA” for We must demand clarity, accountability and of those governing and those we have “entrusted” to preserve the core values our enlightened forefathers passed to us with caution….

Christpher Tingus
“Main Street USA”
PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

Comment by hgrattan

December 24, 2011 @ 7:53 am

I apologize for the pseudonym, sometimes anonymous tree shakers shake best.

Recently, I approached a colleague about a number of irregularities that I had found. He replied that the person of interest hired him and at his interview asked him if was inclined to stir things up.


Shaking trees can be perilous in the immediacy and often times it is best to shake strategically (lightly) to win the end-game.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Comment by Philip J. Palin

December 24, 2011 @ 12:59 pm

Mr. Grattan, Mr. Tingus, and Mr. Cumming:

There are, I will readily agree, many sources of concern. In recent weeks unfolding events — some commented on here at HLSWatch — have caused me about as much concern as I have ever had regarding homeland security, the future of the republic, and international trends. At the very same time there have been displays of great courage, profound generosity, and unfolding grace. In the Hebrew Bible, Christian gospels, Quran, and the texts of other great faiths and philosophies there is regular encouragement to recognize what is good, even as we do not neglect what is bad. It is too easy to just bemoan the bad. For the year ahead I want to focus on how can I be more creative and constructive to encourage the good… even the Good. I know one of you as a person. Two of you I know only as words-on-a-screen. Yet the four of us are in relationship. We sometimes disagree. Yet we share common concerns. So much better, perhaps especially when we disagree, to recognize what we share.

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