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March 20, 2012

“About the stupidest thing anyone could ever do.”

Filed under: Aviation Security — by Christopher Bellavita on March 20, 2012

Here’s a thought a friend sent me:

“Three stories about arrests at airports for trying to carry a gun through a checkpoint.  This happens about 4 times a day on average and it is up to state/locals to press charges, even though it’s a Federal offense.

Sometimes they tell Bubba to put the gun back in the car.  Some authorities book ’em.

I find it interesting in Texas the middle aged white guy is released on $5,000 bail, while in Chicago the 61 year old African American woman has bail set at $75,000. Do you find this odd?”


TSA: Man tries to take gun through airport security

[March 19th]

A man has been accused of trying to take a gun through security at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Transportation Security Administration officials said an agent noticed the weapon at checkpoint on Sunday.

[The man], 45, was arrested and charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. He was booked into the Harris County Jail with bond set at $5,000.


Woman charged with trying to bring gun on plane at Midway

[March 16th]

A 61-year-old Chicago woman was ordered held today on $75,000 bail after she was charged with trying to bring a gun on to an airplane at Midway International Airport, officials said.

[The woman was arrested} Thursday after a Transportation Security Administration agent noticed a gun in her carry-on bag as it went through a security checkpoint and X-ray scanner, police said.

The .25 caliber RG Industries semi-automatic handgun was unloaded, police said. After the agent spotted the gun, the woman told authorities that  that the gun was hers but said she was unaware that the gun was in the bag, police said.

She appeared in bond court today, officials said. She was charged with trying to board an aircraft with a weapon.


Man charged with trying to carry loaded gun onto a plane at Midway

[February 19th]

A Chicago man was arrested at Midway Airport on Saturday morning after an X-ray scan of his luggage showed he was carrying a loaded handgun in his laptop bag, prosecutors said.

[The man] said he forgot the chrome semiautomatic .25-caliber Beretta pistol, loaded with eight live rounds, was in his bag when he went to the airport to board a flight to Atlanta to visit family, said his attorney…

[The man] was charged with attempting to board a plane with a weapon, and Cook County Judge … ordered him held on $30,000 bond Sunday.

The gun formerly belonged to [the man’s] deceased aunt, his lawyer said, and a police report indicated he has a valid state firearm card.

[The man, a public employee in the city], would not have intentionally carried a loaded gun to the airport, [the man’s attorney] said, because that would be “about the stupidest thing anyone could ever do.”


And in a completely unrelated and totally fabricated story–

Potential Matchup Between Black Man and Mormon Poses Dilemma for Bigots. Nowhere to Turn, Disgruntled Haters Say

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – With a fall presidential contest between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney seeming increasingly likely, America’s bigots are finding themselves in a quandary over which candidate to support, prominent bigots confirmed today.

Across the U.S., voters who describe themselves as bigots are complaining that a first-ever matchup between a Black man and a Mormon, while historic, is forcing them to ask a difficult question: which group do they hate more?

“I’ve always seen myself as pretty versatile, bigotry-wise,” said Herb Torlinson, a hardware salesman from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. “But I guess this is going to be an election that really puts my different hates to the test.”

At the Clapboard Corner Café in Youngstown, Ohio, a group of bigots who gather for breakfast once a week to discuss their dislike of various racial and religious groups echoed Mr. Torlinson’s sentiments.

…[David]  Colehurn said that his bigotry towards both Black people and Mormons was making him entertain thoughts of voting for a third-party candidate, but that he was “turned off” by the possibility of a bid from Texas congressman Ron Paul: “I hate old people.”….

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1 Comment »

Comment by The Doomsayer

March 21, 2012 @ 3:54 pm

Anyone who has been issed a license for a firearm knows full well such weapon should not be carried aboard an aircraft. There are No excuses whatsoever.
A license to carry a weapon for all lawful purposes is issued to a responsible individual who must know the law and be aware of the weapon in his/her possession.

Whether someone is 21 years of age or 81 years of age, if one has a license to carry a weapon for all lawful purposes, the law must be adhered to no matter who is carrying such weapon. The law is strict and must be so especially on our aircraft, however wherever and whenever a weapon is carried.

Race, ethnicity, whatever as the youngsters say these days…every indiviodual responsible for a weapon must be held accountable.

Any weapon in the possession of any individual is a serious matter.

Christopher Tingus
PO Box 1612
Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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