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August 1, 2012

State Department Terrorism Report

Filed under: Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on August 1, 2012

Yesterday — July 31 — the Department of State released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism.  In a media briefing at which the report was publicly released Daniel Benjamin,  State’s Coordinator for Counterterrorism, noted that despite the killing of bin-Laden and other successful operations against al-Qaeda:

…Terrorists could still cause to significant disruptions for states undergoing very challenging democratic transitions. The report’s narrative notes, among other things, the continued weakening of the al-Qaida core in Pakistan, but it also demonstrates that the al-Qaida affiliates, while also suffering losses, increased their overall operational ability. And this is particularly true of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. So for all the counterterrorism successes that we’ve seen against al-Qaida and its affiliates, the group and violent extremist ideology and rhetoric continue to spread in some parts of the world.

The report also notes that al-Qaida and its affiliates are not the only terrorist threat that the United States faces. We are increasingly concerned about Iran’s support for terrorism and Hezbollah’s activities as they’ve both stepped up their level of terrorist plotting over the past year and engaging in – and are engaging in their most active and aggressive campaigns since the 1990s. Iran’s use of terrorism as an instrument of policy was exemplified, as you’re all aware, by the involvement of elements of the Iranian Government in the 2011 plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador here in Washington.

Download the full report.

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Comment by Ill Prepared and more to come....

August 2, 2012 @ 7:05 am

It is truly unfortunate that even amidst the most astute and Patriotic at State, the narrow perspective as to future events is so elusive to even the most avid reader.

We here on “Main Street USA” can figure out what the Terrorism Report states, however we are amused and very concerned that the lack of history and the inevitable downsizing of not we here as babyboomers with one of us turning 60 years of age every seven seconds whicb is so alrming, however it is the lack of wisdom as such arrogant demeanor as well as self serving ways continues this charade where We as a nation will soon have acrippled Naval fleet and jet fighters in disrepair looking more and more like a third world country which even for the less enlightened, this “Goldman Sachs” administration riddled with banker pals has set out to spend and spend and make us further beholden to China and its fast moving, sleek nuclear submarines off the Atlantic nearby Russian sharks led by the “KGB Putinites” and their alliance with China which is very much a concern as We have seen allowing innocent people to die on the streets of Syria without a care….

It is not the solar cycle bringing such arid conditions to nearly half the US counties or these extreme climatological record-breaking temperatures or even the sharks here off the beach of Chatham (Cape Cod) which We discuss here at the Dunkin Donuts early roundtable discussions over our morning coffee which upsets us so, however it is the fact that terrorism is becoming more and more germany’s and the Vatican’s problem and undoutedly as history repeats itself, it will be a Germany and its downsized subservient ten (10) nation EU very much suppofrted by its right hand fella, this German Pope and his entourage who will deal directly with Iran and terrorism.

We are broke. The empty political jargon and broken promise of – change – offers little assurance among us that the “good ‘ol beltway bandits” intent on not only doing whatever they can to shred the Constitution and with it the second amendment and impose themselves upon us thrusting bigger government, but heck, while we worry about the history of slavery and remove the WH bust of Winston Churchill and replace it with Martin Luther King in the year of 2012 and sepite the finding in State’s “Terrorism Report” – We are in fact terrorized by the lack of leadership, individuality, the strength in fortitude and commitment few seem to hold in the governing chambers which will be our demise.

China has lost. The culture and brilliance in its scientific and engineering feats are many and more to evolve, however China has lost for it is We who have shown China that – capitalism – prevails. Individuality and Rights of freedom promote creative genius and innovativeness….it is the greed and arrogance which We now exemplify which is our downfall and it is this dysfunction which the State Department and all its Ivy league diplomas fail to understand for the depravity of humanity will prevail an Germany and the Vtaican will lock horns with the “Brutes of Tehran” who have no business beinging in tehran among the most articulate and educated people, the Iranian people with their education and thirst to thrive, yet led by a bunch of thugs hiding behind their religious vestments much like the Vatican, two adversaries and as in history, will caus much calamity and it is no longer our hand to influence for we in America have lost our soul and while God has partially hidden his face from us, unless We reent in our ways and muster the courage as the Lexington and Concord Minutemen did on the early dawn hour standing shoulder to shoulder with strength and patriotism blue on their faces, muskets smoking, We need not be concerned about State and its report for We are a misguided nation and while a few relish in themselves, We here on “Main Street USA” are emtying the local food pantry shelves quicker than time and unfortunately, it is Not the terrorists of the Middle East which we need to fret about for Germany with its new fast deployment military forces, shining new naval ships in the Mediterannean will once again press forward and with these thus in Tehran, place mankind in much jeopardy and a worsening economy and War looms direct ahead as like the Titanic, we move in direct path of the last melting iceberg which will cast the new reemerging Germany and the world as once again a stage where tortured bodies, mutilated bodies, each a human bing, God’s Children, tossed with little regard for one another.

This German-Italian axis, the French booted out, the UK not even a participant and German leadership an enemy to America once again with German missiles to even attack US cities down the line, well, don’t look so surpised that none of this is reported in the State’s terrorism prospects, for they prefer looking at themselves and their self-importance rather than gettiong past themselves and truly seeing what the future beholds.

My front porch flag, hoisted upside down to depict the – distress – We here on “Main Street USA” see as the debt grows and the front porch light which has been left on to help us steer with decisiveness is no longer visible as is the WH bust of Winston Churchill for it is evident whether at State, at the WH or on both sides of the Congressional aisle, the notion that America will step in and pull teh shroud of darkness from the evil ways of fellow man will not happen this next time for We as a nation are wretched in our faailed insigtfulness as to the priorities before us and foremost, to repent and stitch our ways forward in a concerted effort to rid ourselves of those who do not stand in allegiance to the United State of America and as importantly, recognizing the Judeo-Christian values which bode us well in the past and created enterprize free of government and church to blossom into the Beacon of Hope to so many here and far yonder!

Trash the State’s terrorism perspective, we are being terrorized from within and it is thes eincompetent ways which will certaainly lead to our inevitable demise and Lucifer’s brief winning smile only to see it wiped off from God who sees so many wonderful fellow human beings, his most wonderful creation in all the universes he has created for us to explore and learn from….and God so utterly disapppointed once again as in history of mankind’s selfish portrayal and despicable and willing acts towards others often so vulnerable….

God Bless America!

Christopher Tingus
Harwich (cape Cod), MA 02645
skype: christopher.tingus

Comment by Alan Wolfe

August 2, 2012 @ 8:59 am

On one hand, very nice that the Obama administration has formally changed the title of chapter 5 from “Global Challenge of WMD Terrorism” to “Global Challenge of CBRN Terrorism.” Very appropriate, take the edge off the rhetorical and overused phrase “WMD.”

On the other hand, its increased brevity, to include taking out the National Strategy to Combat WMD terrorism’s six major objectives, is a bad thing. Lots of groups doing “stuff,” but the impression is that nonproliferation community is the cure to CBRN terrorism. Rank amateurism. Poor form.

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