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August 6, 2012

“Dare Mighty Things”

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Arnold Bogis on August 6, 2012

Yesterday began with the horrible news of yet another mass shooting incident, this time at a Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb. Yet it ended (late) with the amazing news that the newest Mars probe landed successfully. I am not trying to demean the lives of the victims of this latest tragedy, just attempting to focus on the amazing positive outcome of the latest space science success.

Yes, I know this has nothing to do with homeland security.  But it is still a reason to celebrate and congratulate NASA employees and the all the other people involved with this amazing project:

With its rover named Curiosity, Mars Science Laboratory mission is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the red planet. Curiosity was designed to assess whether Mars ever had an environment able to support small life forms called microbes. In other words, its mission is to determine the planet’s “habitability.”

Why is it a big deal?  It’s the largest and most sophisticated rover ever to land on the Martian surface.  And the first since the seventies where the express mission is to search for potential signs of life. And getting it there and on the surface in one piece was never expected to be easy.  How would you deal with the “7 Minutes of Terror?”


Despite all the daunting challenges, it got there.  Don’t believe me?  Well, the rover has a Twitter account, so you can follow it yourself…

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Comment by Michael Brady

August 6, 2012 @ 9:17 am


Symbolically the successful landing of the Curiosity rover has everything to do with homeland security and emergency management and all the myriad challenges we face. As a nation we have – still have – the knowledge, skill, and daring to accomplish complex, almost impossible tasks in a manner that reflects honorably upon America and our common humanity. We need all the smarts we can muster, all the bravery we can summon. We must meet our challenges not with division and anger but with teamwork and passion.

Comment by From here and beyond! Well done! Bravo!

August 7, 2012 @ 3:48 am

Despite this worsening economy and despite the dysfunctional behavior which will again invite the veil of harshness from one to another w/few here to recall just 68 years ago when Europe was strewn about and all was so desperate, We have once again dared to dream, to look to the wondrous heavens and even peering beyond our own galaxy. Bravo! Kudos to the brilliance of minds, men and women pledged to tirelessly focus their discipline to explore, to open our minds and hearts to the unknown and to seek more information for all to share.

To so many where such accolades are conveyed to each of you and then to all of you collectively for God has truy Blessed you and because of you, We the People of this beloved Republic and ‘ol Glory…once a Beacon of Hope to so, so many often in despair.

Now, given the political landscape riddled with outright corruption conducted as well in such arrogant demeanor and We here on “Main Street USA”, knowing full well about the dangers of intent led by the “KGB putinites” and while We see thios German led EU and its side kick, the ever powerful Vatican led by a German Pope and a strong Germany once again…a new axis in power this German-Italian axis having booted out France and tbe UK never a part of this present and to be downsized, only ten (10) nation EU….

…it is China which I am quite surpised at, though having expected this Russian-Chinese resolve which dismissed the Rights of humanity as 161 souls, men, women and children in Syria just this past day, mutilated and corpses dead at the hands of bullies…much like the “Brutes of Tehan” have held hostage such a young and qell educated People in their homeland, Iran, led by men who have much hatred, much like the germans and evidenced by not only the reentry of War and all its tragedies, but the disconnect between men who genetic makeup is of course different from one to another, yet men never understanding how similar each are to the next!

As I reach out in promoting – graphene technology – and raise investment towards – http://www.novusfoliumventures.com – a cutting edge technology which will enrich our Lives given the properties of graphene technology and application to a host of manufacturing enterprise and innovation, while We are so Blessed to have such astute perspective and men who dare to clasp hand and even cry together in their achivement, God Blessed us with such foresight, such unigueness one and all, however despite the REE (rare earths) I am promoting in $175 billion worth of precious commodity to the highest bidder as this treasure trove in rare earths (heavy) will carry further innovativeness well into the 22nd century, unlike NASA, both sides of the Congressional aisle are wallowing in “Sleepy Hollow” and this present devisive and – Goldman Sachs – mentality of the WH and both parties having no solution to the calamity We rightly deserve, still among us, like Dr. Peter Diamandis and other brilliant men and women create and orchestrate excellence like Williams in his diligent way of creating a score and effecting so many….

To the next rover to be thrust into the heavens and beyond…I name such vehicle Perspicacity for not all men and women, children like Peter who dared to dream at 12 and through much focus and dedication w/books and knolwedge his weapon, dare to not only dream, but like those at NASA and to so many others who have an inherent sense of American enterprise and thirst for knowledge and to explore and bring new solutions to enhance the quality and longevity of Life…well, Bravo! You all deserve and and all accolades for it is you who know the exhuberance to excel…others it seems prefer to carry AK weapons in hand and kill innocent civilians on the streets of Tehran or these unfortuate souls adding to the list of Syrian people who were beaten, their bodies strewn everywhere to show God how Lucifer’s soldiers are among us and depict such willingness to make judgement, to cause depravity and create disharmony among We the People….

You are a Democrat you say..or a Republic you say..what? Each of you are individuals and need not have any such affiliation, but to identofy with your perspective values not as an organized party willing to kick the other where it hurts, but rather, You as We the People surely can disagree and give our perspective, share whatever opinion We prefer, however not to prostitue ourselves to others and besmirch the Judeo-Christian values which this once great nation was created and our enlightened forefathers warned us that freedom and capitalism could be threatened from within and We must hold our Rights and weapons for all lawful purspose in hand ready to not necessarily fire our muskets like the early dawn on the Lexington Green when those courageous and spirited patriots, standing amidst the Red Coats, stood shoulder to shoulder against the tyrranny of an every too powerful government.

This successful NASA mission is thrilling, so inspiring!

While the brilliance of Dr. Peter Diamandis envisions rocket fueling in outer space to propel in a cost effective way mankind deep into our universe for the good of all mankind and despite all the the benefits to be derived by – graphene technology in manufacturing application in a host of sectors affecting us all and these precious rare earths (heavy) ready to be placed into the coffers of the highest bidder for the purpose of wide uses again promising to enhance the quality of Life for all mankind, unfortunately mankind’s easy dismissal of our Creator’s dictate to us as God shared simple and reasonable laws for each of us to follow and giving no man the Right to make judgement against another in such reckless way as We see in the history of such arrogant demeanor, the exploitation of others only lending to God’s witness of such indifference and disrespect of other of God’s children….

Barry Obama, We need not your lessons in 2012 of Black slavery as teh majority of us understand the cruelty of man, the dire consequences at our threshold as we are on a precipitous decline in morals abd values and to Mitt Romney and to the entire Congressional body We have so “entrusted” by precious vote for you to lead, to notvstand by as our US Constitution is intentionally shredded and our numbers slip in each category against those who are not as great as we are in such passion and commitment to seek to find our way once again and bring brighter lighter to our fading Beacon of Hope to those in much despair…

…yes, our naval vessels are in disrepair with many needing replacement and yes, our military jets are aging and need replacement and yes, We are as Americans some $15 trillion, yes, $15 trillion in debt and any – change – we have seen in broken election rehtoric has stripped us of our last pennies as fellow Americans hoodwinked by the bankers pals of these “beltway bandits’ have already thrown so many families into the street, children living in cars and parents unable to secure a meaningful job for have you gone to the grocery store or filled your gas tank, if you still have a car and even Frankin this far does not have the glitter once available to buy much more….

We saw men and women, shoulder to shoulder, despite personal differences, sharing their God bestwoed talents and skills to collaborate and work together in a US team spirit and again venture into the unknown, not necessarily embracing one another, however with respect of one another, willingly working together to work cohesively and with fortitude and commitment to excel, to bring promise to humanity.

Many among us seem to seek our demise and to cast us into the depths of calamity. We cannot allow those with such dysfunctional and outright hatred towards others to overcome the genuine compassion, the spirit of man which God has bestowed upon those of us who can listen atteentively to another’s perspective, to allow another to live together in harmony, not to dictate or impose themselves upon us and if not agreeing, holding weapon to our head for us to be hostage to special interests and this lust for power in such an arrogant and deceitful manner….

Dark days lie ahead. Today’s uncertainties quite apparent and the outright killing of another human being in front of God, our Father, he to make any judgement and You who threaten the existence of mankind even in such portrayal of excellence which abounds in so many among us, dreams and a willingness to dedicate ourselves to improve Life where some one (1) billion fellow human beings today in 2012 have little or no access to even a clean glass of water!

Kudos to NASA! Thank you to the folks at NSA, to the DoD and to so many men and women in this USA who night and day pledge to protect us from the darkness which fills the news wires today as journalists themselves seem to have for the most part, little regard for the responsibility imposed upon them as journalists and let us be quite clear from here on ‘Main Street USA” we see the tainted newscasts and the distorted news influenced so by the coffers of the corrupted and unless We all Repent, printing more fiat federal reserve notes, no longer backed by gold or silver, will once again cause soup lines to form and even today’s local food banks who cannot keep up with demand to close their doors to the impoverished American hungry here on “Main Street USA” and you better believe this reality for one only look back a shortg while ago to the 20’s and 30’s to remember men and women and children, in soup lines waiting for a cup of soup and a piece of bread…

God Bless us all! Let us Repent in our ways, stand together shoulder to shoulder again with no need to necessarily embrace another, however to seek understanding and harmony for as children of God, each and everyone of us, we must rekindle our ability to dream, to endeavor with all our Blessings to reach out for truth and prosperity, not the unfolding sdepravity to soon grip mankind once again as history once again repwats itself because of the narrow perspective where one removes the bust Winston Churchill at the WH of just the leadership We must once again secure and replacing Winston Churchill with Martin Luther King who was a true leader and dared to dream and has seen so many achieve despite the hatred ofthose seeking to thwart such achievement, however as the veil of death for all mankind is led by Lucifer and his soldiers, soon to embattle all of humanity, it is the likes of Winston Churchill We seek to step forward and share his conviction, his foresight as God is witness to all and it seems he is partially hiding from us in disgust from what he has seen by the daily portrayals of how We are willing treat one another with so much disregard, so much disrespect and indifference to the principles bestowed upon us and found in scripture which few it seems read and cherish, claspsed tightly and close to our hearts.

God Bless us all!

Let us dream and let us reach to another and together by our own actions, make a difference in a good way in helping others.

Christopher Tingus
“Main Street USA”
PO Box 1612
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA
skype: christopher.tingus

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 9, 2012 @ 2:02 am

Recently returned from a six week 3500 mile trip not to MARS but to 20 states in the North East and Midwest wondering how long it will be before several of my visions will be appearing on the RED PLANET– specifically CELL TOWERS, CASINO signs, and WIND TURBINES?

Again predicting CHINA will colonize the MOON this century and MARS the next–Seizing the HIGH GROUND?

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