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September 11, 2012


Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Christopher Bellavita on September 11, 2012

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Comment by Alan Wolfe

September 11, 2012 @ 7:23 am

I can’t not remember. It’s ironic that today is such a brilliant blue sky without clouds, just like it was on 9/11 in DC – except that on 9/11, there was this one dark plume cutting diagonally across the sky, originating from the Pentagon. How can I forget the day when there were no television sets in office lobbies, so we all ran down to the Marriot to watch the news coverage? How can I forget the crush at the DC metro and the inability to use cell phones? How can I forget the utter lack of any noise from airplanes constantly flying overhead?

It took me years to not be despondant about the annual 9/11 remembrances. Yes, it’s important to remember, but it’s more important to move on. It feels as if our leadership (irrespective of political leanings) continues to lean on the crutch of having to protect us from “Teh Terrorists” as envisioned on 9/12/2001 instead of having realistic views of the threat and developing sustainable strategies that balance risk and investments according to probable impacts.

Comment by William R. Cumming

September 11, 2012 @ 8:19 am

AQ chose to attack symbols which they succeeded in doing. Three or Four or more fully fueled airplanes could have created even more shock and awe. Those who died were very unlucky and thus will always be remembered for their untimely deaths.

The USA is lucky that better targets that would have created even more death and havoc were not chosen.

AQ continues to survive in the HORN of AFRICA and elsewhere thus that story is not yet closed.

When will historians document fully the outrages against innocents of the three desert religions and against each other? Perhaps important to note that none of the three have renounced violence. Why? Mostly all three spread by force of arms!

Comment by Michael Brady

September 11, 2012 @ 11:32 am

I remember, but a decade and a year later I choose not to be crippled by fear or to let my judgement be clouded by anger. AQ spent $500,000 on their martyrdom operation. In response we have spent $2 trillion (and counting) on the GWOT, we let the alphabet agencies gut the Constitution, and stand in orderly lines while the TSA gropes our grandmothers and takes naked pictures of our children. Perhaps the outrage should be directed toward those who have guided and perpetuated our reflexive and jingoistic response to the original and reprehensible sucker punch.

Comment by Donald Quixote

September 11, 2012 @ 1:25 pm

I remember very well as hopefully so does the vast majority of the nation and much of the world. The victims of that day and the subsequent causalities during our response to that day will hopefully be remembered and honored for many decades or more to come.

The larger questions may be: What do we plan for, prepare for and do in the future from that vivid memory? Should it vary from what we remember that already happened? Is the threat the same? Should our planning be different?

Comment by Philip J. Palin

September 11, 2012 @ 2:57 pm

Why do I remember? I examine their living and dying for meaning that might inform my own living and dying. In this particular case, my remembering is motivated to understand the purposes and practices of evil. Closely related, though it goes beyond this particular day, I want to better understand how to effectively engage evil.

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