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September 15, 2012

Key questions and some early answers

Filed under: International HLS,Radicalization,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on September 15, 2012

Friday morning just as mid-day prayer was beginning across the heart of the Muslim world Mike Hayden, retired Air Force General, former Director of the National Security Agency and former Director of the CIA, appeared on CBS This Morning.

At the top of the interview he set out a helpful framework for observing what would unfold.  Hayden offered,

“How many people demonstrate in how many cities?”

“How close to American installations are they allowed to get?”

“How violent are they?”

“What do these governments… do to protect Americans and American installations?”

“We are going to learn an awfully lot about how much power, how many legs this movement has.”

I might want to edit Mr. Hayden’s comment to reference “these movements have”, but otherwise let’s look at how his questions were answered.

How many people demonstrate in how many cities?

The  Friday demonstrations were quite wide-spread, ranging from Morocco to Indonesia.   There were related protests in Australia and elsewhere on Saturday morning.  Precise numbers are difficult.  But media reports most often estimated hundreds rather than thousands.  In Cairo Bloomberg News report “more than 1000 people” joined the protests. By Saturday morning Egyptian police out-numbered protesters in Tahrir Square.

How close to American installations are they allowed to get?

In Tunis and Khartoum the embassy perimeters were temporarily penetrated during clashes with security forces.   But even in these two cases host governments demonstrated considerable commitment to containing the demonstrations (more below).

How violent are they?

The “protests” ranged from signs and shouts, to throwing rocks, to petrol bombs, to looting a school, to a sustained attack by the Taliban on Camp Bastion in Southern Afghanistan.   Other than the Taliban attack and raids on Sinai peacekeepers, there was apparently no repeat of the para-military operations that seems to have characterized the capture of the US Consulate in Benghazi and the death of diplomats there. (I heard rumors of an organized after-sundown attack in Sana, but cannot find it confirmed.)

Below is a map developed by Max Fisher at The Atlantic.  He explains, “I’ve charted the violent protests in red and the protests that did not produce violence in yellow. It’s an imperfect distinction; I’ve counted the stone-throwers in Jerusalem as a violent protest but the flag-burners in Lahore as non-violent. But it gives you a somewhat more nuanced view into who is expressing anger and how they’re doing it…”


What did the (host) governments do?

Police and security forces were effectively deployed.  Attacks were condemned.  Arrests were made.   In Egypt — allegedly after a push by the White House — significant steps were successfully taken by both the government and the Muslim Brotherhood to dampen demonstrations.  Despite the domestic political risk from Salafists, the current Islamist government decided to deploy its political and religious legitimacy to fulfill international — and some would say, religious — obligations.  They have also been proactive in framing the issue by having State media highlight condemnations of the offending video by Secretary Clinton and others.

What did we learn?

Well… you tell me.

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Comment by David Frier

September 15, 2012 @ 10:01 am

That map is wrong. I seriously doubt the Muslim population of India is 100% or more.

That’s just the first of several obvious glaring errors.

Comment by Philip J. Palin

September 15, 2012 @ 10:19 am

Mr. Frier: Yikes! Thanks much for the catch. The colors on Fisher’s map are not intended to reflect a percentage of the nation’s population. The “%” caption is an error. Glaring and troublesome, but I did not notice it and evidently neither did Fisher. The parens should read “millions of residents”. So the Muslim population of India is in excess of 100 million, the Muslim population of the US is 1-to-15 million, etc. The issue he is raising in the piece is whether the violence tracks the reach of Islam.

I have removed the misleading caption on the image and uploaded a corrected map.

Comment by Hurricane Merkel and the Leopard Tanks To Qatar and Saudi Arabia....

September 16, 2012 @ 11:13 am

What an interesting post which should get far more media attention than what this Chicago city street slicker or his committed and patriotic American presidential adversary said for the host governments seem to have kept a lid on what could have been a far more Middle East regional conflagration, however folks, while this “Chicago City street slicker” whispers to the “KGB Putinites”….

It is inexcusable and especially w/US deaths, We here on “Main Street USA” ask how a US Marine, the greatest warrior even since mt fellow Spatan Hellene stood with such forthright conviction against neighbor…

We ask how a US Marine is advised to stand guard w/o bullets loaded and any time and on the infamous 911 date? The other pending and real question remains, did US consulate information act accordingly from direct dictate from this “Goldman Sachs WH” so tainted by such narrow minded Rev Wright-Obama rhetorical and empty orations? “Treason” I shout once again as I have done towards this WH executive leadership which some refer as inept and as an independent voter waiting to run to the polls and oust these deliberate beratings of the Constitution and our “Judeo-Christian” values and this intenytional class war promoted by such devisiveness and leaning on Black America to vote even in this next election when Black Americans and especially yoiuth see soaring unemployment rate far greater than in 2008!

While a proud Amrican of grandparents born in Sparti, as a Hellenic American and one who has travelled into the Middle east and today and for many years in very much involved in global energy business interests, I have walked the streets of Cairo, Jericho and Hebron. I, like many fellow Americans have relatves scattered throughout Europe and the Middle East and many Israeli and Palestinian friends…

To even the surprise of the “Hawk” (Hassan Nezrallah) will be surprised when Hamas and Hezbollah line themselves up with Germany against these “Brutes of Tehran” however what will be transitioning will Not be because of America, but because 10,000+ innocent folks in Syria have been slaughtered and because America, our beloved Republic who has always reached far ashore to help the oppressed and now because of this limited perception by this WH gang who are so self-absorbed…

….well, Russia and China as well as this German-Italian axis are now running global affairs and as a second rate team who – orders – its well prepared and best US Marines as soldiers to stand guard in the midst of those who seek our demise and stand there without bullets in their weapon. What about their own safety?

For almost 18 months, this civil war in Syria along with this supposed “Arab Spring” with a WEh willing to first set its tone in a speech in Cairo to Muslims and flying right over Israel…This “Arab Spring” which has destablized the Middle East but heck, much like this new generation which take sno responsibility for its actions, this WH points to good ‘ol Georgie boy who is sitting in Texas when in fact with all these illustrious Ivy League degrees and Ms. Hillary at State, what narrow perspectives….

600-800 Leopard tanks manufactured and all soon to be delivered to Qatar and Saudi Arabia by our enemies, yes, enemies, Germany with its fast deployment Army and new destroyers and battleships in the Mediterannean and We have US Marines, the greatest soldier standing in the Middle East without bullets loaded in the chamber to at least protect themselves? This should be on the agenda this week by Congressional members for imemdiate investigation and action, yet thsoe win “Sleepy Hollow” who I have asked to purchase $1.75 billion worth of REE (rare earths heavy) to thwart China’s effort to grab these REE and place them in their coffers which will greatly help them to dominate the rare earths and lead innovation into the 22nd century…these self-serving Congressional members should also be cast into space with the brilliance and innovativeness of Peter Diamandis’ next X-rocket!

God Bless Philip Palin who holds a Bible in his hand and has such astute knowledge and shares HLS Watch readers and those freely commenting….At least Philip has pointed to some Key Questions and some early answers and this Max Fisher presentation is very enlightening and more such analysis should be forthcoming hopefully bringing clarity to a number of issues re the shameful and dismal US foreign policy and the explosive Middle East where Germany and its downsized ten (10) EU nation will soon fill this power vaccum left by a Congress on both sides of the asile which is so in touch with themselves and out of touch with reality that term limits and recall initiatives and ousting from “entrusted” public servant abd such privilege to serve which has been forgotten as insider trading and even participation in small arms and ammunition deals all condoned and now we have some Taxachusetts liberal challenging Scott Brown who unseated Uncle Teddy and did his utmost to counter even all the efforts by Uncle Johhny Kerry and his arrogance and consdescending demeanor towards constitutent!

Key questions are not asked and I would like to begin by again asking where the $750 billion in inital stimulus monies went and We were told to shut up and We would not have such information becaude this “Goldman Sachs WH” and Hank Paulsen’s pals along w/good ol Ben care little other than for their own admonisions in caution because the real story may be told….We are now $16+ trillion in national debt and You and I here on “Main Street USA” in such despair for the only – change – we have seen is the few pennies stripped from our pockets by the same King George III mentality to impose taxes and fees and to impose government onthe people and the question I ask folks on the Lexington Town Green as every May qe watch the enactment of the battle which took place on the Lexoington Town Green and the Concord Bridge, do we have any greater representation today from our “entrusted” public servants who by precious vote….

….and despite what is said from the Rev Wright-Obama pulpit these past four years and the ongoing foreclosures where American families once living in homes are now living in cars and trucks washing tehmselves in hospital and other public facility bathroms and food pantry shelves cannot keep up with demand and empty 401K’s and a Black America who voted in 2008 and will Not do the same as in its sophistication and even among fellow Latin Americans, unemployment is high and We here on “Main Street USA” all say “no” when we really look to see if our interests as Americans are being represented by these “Beltway Bandits'” who should have a six year term and then out of office and only limited funds for any election to spend…Enough is enough!

The axis which Merkel et al are strategically forming Now w/a Confederation of Middle East States, an alliance which has never taken place in history, yet it is well underway. While the unions here in America and folks looking for 80% perks when retiring from public sector jobs continue to erode our American way of Life….Gebel which is home to Hezbollah and can see German naval ships just off the coast of Lebanon and this week some of us looking past ourselves watched intently as this German Pope visited Lebanon sending aclear message to Christians and a message directed to the “Brutes of Tehran” who think America is their enemy and whose hands are covered in our youth’s precious blood as Iran has killed so many of our US soldiers either directly or indirectly and We have allowed even one young man to be killed without retaliation…just empty rhteoric much like this oast week as four more brave Americans lost their lives despite consulate warnings even a month ago….

The Philistines are very much supportive of the inhabitants of Tyre..yes, Ivy League State Department folks, get out your history books and go down to the bookstore and buy a Christian Bible and read Pslam 83 and even the Book of Job which Philip Palin often cites….yet it is Pslam 83 which has forewarned us, yet this generation so oblivious even texts while driving despite the warnings and fatal accidents occuring every day on our higheays…

Yes, ask questions and get enlightend as the Philistines or the Palestinians – youngsters – the Palestinians of Gaza will indeed break their alliance with the “Brutes of Tehran” to the horror of Tehran who killed in cold blood a brilliant young Persian woman very much like the wonderfully educated and enlightened Persian (Iranian youth) today whose rich in heritage – rich persian blood to spill on the streets of Tehran as she stood defenseless in protest to this charade.

Edom, too which has such a burden to maintain stability in the Middle East as Turkey knows as has been pointed put many times that Egypt would fall to Islamic fundamemntalist faction and cause much disturbence as we now see taking place and as I have pointed out simply by reading scripture for a long time, Egypt will fall far from US interests and Turlkey will have its hands full, however given the weakended US with its aging airforce and aging nacal vessels and a lackluster political willingness to assert as we have seen by these narrow minded WH who removes the bust of Winston Chruchill and replaces it with Martin Luther King and does its utmost to retell the history of US slavery and in every way be devisive and instead of bring harmony throughout America has souyght in every way to promote a class war here in America where We here on “Main Street USA” are proud of the diversity We do have in America and while We all respect Marin Luther King and so many others, We are looking for Winston Churchill and he has gone and even remembrance of him has been dashed from this tainted WH – so out of touch and so involved in shredding our Constitution and our Rights including our Second Amendment Rights! How dare you and we will run as Independent Voters to the polls and oust this “Chicago-Hollywood-Washington Express” from its reins and demand accountability not only from public servants but as We have seen a dwindling number watching CNN with its tainted views…we have already changed the Channel and guess to what channel?

Merkel’s unofficial German doctrine in strategic policy is well underway. Berlin’s arms policy has changed. Arms deals for Germany whose economy continues to abound are more than profit making aims and by leveraging Germany’s weapons exports into the Middle east it is winning friends and casting out – as We shall do with this “Chicago city street slicker” – any hope of continued alliances which Tehran has never anticipated being so castigated….Listen closely to the “Hawk” and to the words of Ismail haniya from Gaza as those in the WH will be shocked by what they hear as they have no clue, none whatsoever including Ms. Hillary!

Further, while this present “Goldman Sachs WH” should be making plans to change its residence as no longer neded on Pennsylvania Avenue, even Ismail made the choice to move its politburo from Syria to Qatar! State Department officials have never even thought of wondering or asking questions like Philip Palin and trying to figure out why Khaled Meshal met with both Egyptian and Turkish heads of state and why Meshal returned to Jordan after being kicked out in 1999 and meeting now with the wonderful King and his lovely and intelligent Wife, the King of Jordan, King Abdullah who is such a wonderful and compassionate individual who truly care about the Miiddle East and humanity! To what will be the astonishment to the Ivy League self-absorbed youngsters at the WH and over at State, Hamas has been very openly making a shifty to align its friendships and strength in numbers with Jordan and Turkey. Will it be Martin Luther King asking why or Winston Churchill? Will see in this upcoming US Wh election, however my bet is that the – change – necessary before our flags are shreddeed even further by not only those on the streets of the Middle East, but by those from within besieging us – “Main Street USA” – who clearly sees the few oennies we had in our pockets stripped from us and the continued – underwater values – We as elders relied upon and the 401k values from the stock market as well with a transport average from a dow theory tech’s perspective failing to confirm this Dow’s advance and shortly seeing a dramatic downturn in the US markets only to further the exasperate the reality of far less secuirty as We turn sixty (60) years of age every seven seconds and We are damn concerned for ol “Glory being torn to bits in the Congressional chambers and at the WH as well as seeing few like Philip Palin asking pertinent questions…

Our question of the day as we look at Max Fisher’s well presented map herein cited with much appreciation…We here on “Main Street USA” who do not see the US as having much conviction in its gut remaining to stand tall with the good people of the Middle east who I have seen as a silent majority who do not utilize the Qur’an or follow these clerics who send innocent children to their death starpped with bomb while these cowards sit back with a beer in their hand made by the only and best brewery in Palestine whos ebeer is far better than this elistist WH chooses to offer in a – beer summit – on the WH lawn with devoted Cambridge Police officer who responded to a 911 call and in carrying out his professional responsibility in serving and protecting with honor, this WH and its narrow-minded perspective intervenes in a local Cambridge police response which exemplifies just how close-minded and little thinking this WH mentaloity professes by action and if any police officer or firefighter or EMT in this country votes for this ” Chicago city street slicker” after such a condescening tone towards fellow officer, don’t expect me as an elder to stand as I have done for 1,491 hours in silent protest against town hall also politicizing w/my intent no matter the plight to assure the reopening of this unacceptable closed fire station and Engine 4 pumper which when out of service jeopardized not only fellow neighbor, but undermanned first repoinder and as a proud American of proud Hellenic roots and determined that on my watch, my standing in three frigid winters at much cost to my well being, yet klnowing full well that so many before me had fought and even given the Life to allow me to stand in protest – see: http://www.bigdiglifevest.com – and enlighten fellow citizen that something was wrong and today, much is wrong and if it is you as one individual who can make a difference and readily come forward despite badgerings and even worse…. stand tall with head high and vote in this next election and ask questions not like this media so slanted and so wet behind its ears…sitting behind the Ivy League diploma much like the clerics and priests today hiding behind their vestments duping so many as to the real Peace and Harmony which our Creator intended for all including all Sgiite and Sunni and this growing anti Hezbollah movement in Lebanon must be a grave concern for the “Hawk” and with thousands of missiles in Syria, Hassan Nasrallah who is said to be a bright fella must know that Hezbollah’s tance in Syria is hurting his group and unlike this narrow-minded WH executive, I would hope that the “Hawk” sees this growing anti-Hezbollah movement We here on “Main Street USA” see despite US State department’s blatent ignornace towards the Middle East, the newly forged German-Italian axis which booted out the French and a Russian-Chinese alliance which We have alraedy watched taking place and placing its thumb On the eloquent and competent Rice standing so frustrated as China and Russia placed its vote to block US led movement against this terrible Assad regime…

The civil war in Syria will without question pry Hezbollah and Hamas and Lebanon away from support of these “Brutes of Tehran” who should have been dealt a devastating blow long ago when the US was once respected and had fortitude and when the good people of the Middle East viewed us as steadfast in our Judeo-Christian values and respective of all faith and while Biblical verse held over heart, the Qur’an respected for its views of harmony and peaceful handclasp towards humanity as the Prophet so eloquently described, yet the Qur’an permitted by may of the Islamic faith to be abused by clerics and those with their forefather’s stone walls still erected and still in tact with such unrelenting mentality that dysfunctional perceptions have been allowed to fester generational disagreements while the Qur’an has preached Love and caring and rather than taking up sword, striving to find ground to just as Jeus Christ clearly pointed out when saying in (John 10:10) that “people might have Life, and that they might have it more abundantly” – all people and all faiths with no one necessarily having to embrace another, but surely as all God’s wonderful ceration with far more similarities than differences though ecah of our DNA distinctive, do not allow the Qura’an to be so abused by those who supposedly read it and follow it and promote killings of innocent or anyone as God is the judge and if reading and following Biblical verse, Christian in values, then do your utmost like those truly following God whether reading the Qur’an or the Bible to thwart this lusting of power for generations to control Jerusalem for while the present US political party has offended God and Jerusalem by having to deliberate whether both should be included ina recent political agenda referendum, Islam and Christianity led by leaders are continuing this thrust towards who shall control Jerusalem and the question has been answered long ago and after so, so many have been slaughtered so, Life in its preciousness and Gift betowed upon us by all our Creator so easily taken from another by sword, while strife may break out again in East Jerusalem and the Germans will again hoodwink so many with ever powerful Vaticana and this German Pope at its side…stand individually and with handclasp towards one another to halt this killing and devisivness for Jerusalem is only God’s city and whether Islamic or Christian dwellers regard it any differently, just as in ’67 and no matter when, God’s face might be half hidden from the shameful and dysfunctional potrayals he sees from America to Europe to the Middle East and as history repeats itself and the world’s political and certainly economic woes become even worse, it is through faith and peacefulness by all those following the Qur’an and the Biblical verse who understand and for those who can reach past themselves, kindly read, Pslam 83!

Watch Germany once again with its Greman-Italian and Vatican alliances create even further disharmony and become once again an arch enemy to the wealened US we live so very much as our beloved Repoublic who until recently stood with merit and willingly gave its youth to stand against oppression from zealots and its Beacon of Hope could be seen from all humanity, yet today, while We here on “Main Street USA” stand in silent prayer as indivdiuals and together with handclasp towards all of humanity whether Qur’an in hand or Bible and while we do take offense when walking nearby the Dome of the Rock w/Bible in hand and we are offended…Germany will soon lead all of us to calamity and unless the US can muster itself and show conviction and strength and halt Germany, the scouge of famine and disease and so much more just as some seventy years ago when Germany led the march as its soon will into Syria as more calamity is destined to overshadow hope unless We all together with the Qur’an and Bible in hand – Respectiveful of one another – stop the killing of one another and while we retain our respective genetic and cutural differences, We must ask questions and acknowledge one another with dignity for humanity as so mucb technological advancement has been identified these last fifty years which promise enhancement for Life and hopefully We can address one of my passions in striving to give a clean glass of water, yes, a clean glass of water to the one billion fellow human beings who today in 2012 have little or no access to a clean glass of water for all deserve to assure that our children have a clean glass of water as a basic premise to Life which we supposedly covet so dearly as we reach to the universe to look for Life and water!

Let’s ask questions and get a bit more educated which includes fellow Amricans who see far more engineers and scientsist graduating in China and India and they do not have worthless White House education czars and bureaucratic administrative unions with incredable perks and 80% retirement pensions which a broken economy cannot fund…and let’s try to understand one another better instead of this global infighting as Germany marches onward and in your direction and War looms ahead!

Thank you Philip for asking questions and let’s ask more from our own media and politicians who have failed so blatently to even understand why our Judeo-Christian values are so important and whether from Chinese or Hellenic or Persian or Arabic history and cuture, We are America and We value all People as long as no one imposes themselves on another and to the men of the Middle East, do not be so afraid of a woman lipstick for women like men are individuals and are very much interested in promoting Life so let’;s move into the 21st centure and together bring harmony and peace to the world instead of this bitterness which for generatons has not dode well for humanity!

Be weary of Germany once egain in history as she marches once again….

Christopher Tingus
Managing Director
Bibles With Love
PO Box 1612
Hawrich (Cape Cod), MA 02065

Comment by Alan Wolfe

September 17, 2012 @ 7:04 am

Reminds me of Thomas Barnett’s “The Pentagon’s New Map.”

Comment by William R. Cumming

September 18, 2012 @ 3:16 am

Conventional weapons manufacture and distribution by gift or sale might produce an interesting parallel to the map in the post. THE USA of course is the leading MERCHANT of DEATH on the planet. Why is the concept of BLOWBACK so difficult for the USA Empire to understand?

There is some fundamental misunderstanding on all sides as to what is at stake in MENA and the world this century? My view is rather simplistic–can mankind live at peace individually and together! Th

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