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September 25, 2012

Growing more homeland security ideas

Filed under: Education — by Christopher Bellavita on September 25, 2012

On September 21st, the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security graduated its 39th and 40th master’s degree class.

To suggest the ideas explored by those graduates, here are the titles of their theses.

Most of the theses — adding to the storehouse of what we know, do not know, and might know about homeland security — will be available through the NPS Dudley Knox library in a few weeks.

(If you know of any other recent master’s or doctoral theses related to homeland security policy and strategy, please let us know – – along with enough information to find the documents.)


  • Leveraging National Guard Intelligence: Analysts in State and Regional Fusion Centers
  • The Future Mission, Tasking and Resourcing of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • The FBI is Leading the Way by Making the Private Sector Part of the Counterterrorism Homeland Security Enterprise
  • Policy Options to Address Crucial Communication Gaps in the Incident Command System
  • Utilizing Social Media to Further the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative
  • Federated Search Tools in Fusion Centers: Bridging Databases in the Information Sharing Environment
  • Creating a Learning Organization for State and Local Law Enforcement to Combat Violent Extremism
  • Start Making Sense: Exploring an Emergency Learning Framework
  • Evolving the Local Fire Service intelligence Enterprise in New York State: Implementing a Threat Liaison Officer Program
  • Shaping the National Guard in a Post War Environment
  • Effective Municipal Emergency Planning for People with Disabilities and Others with Access and Functional Needs
  • FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Teams: Considering an Improved Strategy for an Evolving Homeland Security Enterprise
  • Internet Radicalization: Actual Threat or Phantom Menace?
  • Incomplete Intelligence: Is the Information Sharing Environment an Effective Platform?
  • Ready for the Future: Assessing the Collaborative Capacity of State Emergency Management Agencies
  • Unity of Command for the Federal Operational Response to a Catastrophic Disaster
  • Social Media, Social Networking, Facial Recognition Technology and the Future of Law Enforcement Undercover Operations
  • Emergent Social Software Platforms for Sharing and Collaboration on Criminal Information and Intelligence
  • The Provision of Public Health Services for Illegal Migrant Populations: Policy Options for Improving Homeland Security
  • Applying Deterrence Strategy to Agents of Asymmetrical Threats
  • What is the Best Approach to Crisis Intervention?
  • Hunting a Black Swan: Policy Options for America’s Police in Preventing Radiological/Nuclear Terrorism
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Where Do We Go from Here to Bring the Fire Service into the Domestic Intelligence Community?
  • Violent Mexican Transnational Criminal Organizations in Texas: Political Discourse and an Argument for Reality
  • Understanding “Swift Trust” to Improve Interagency Collaboration in New York City
  • Theory to Practice: How Developing a K-12 Curriculum in Emergency Preparedness, Life Safety, or Homeland Security can lead to Resiliency
  • Community Engagement for Collective Resilience: The Rising System
  • Integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems into Modern Policing in an Urban Environment
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment of the U.S. Crude Pipeline Infrastructure
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Comment by William R. Cumming

September 25, 2012 @ 9:20 am

Congrats to the grads! Would these papers be considered basic or applied research?

Comment by Seconded Mr. Cumming....Kudos to these men and women...

September 26, 2012 @ 6:22 am

Seconded Mr. Cumming! Kudos to these men and women who will serve us at a time of much needed intuitive as well as educated strategy in an economic and political changing environment which will see a further strengthing in this Russian-China axis as well as this German-Italian axis while as the centuries have dictated, Christianity and Islam will continue with sword in hand in their respetive quest to control Jerusalem which neither shall claim victorious for Jerusalem is God’s designatd throne and no one else!

While this present WH and now even the Secretary of State have thrown our Judeo-Christian values to the wind and have perpetuated this outright lie in order to distract from this administration abysmal foreign policy in its biased and self-serving narrow perspective which has now sparked new protests agaunst America in this sham placing blame on some flick which few knew about and to date have not seen causing an intentional and disruptive stirring of the pot which I refer to as a nother ploy of distracting from the thugs who ina small band of arms overtook this lock and key embassy. A hugh insult to Libyans and even Iraqis who have shown so much support towards our country’s efforts to rid the world of the scum, only to see this WH who attends only 38% of daily intel meetings so to run off and campaign in striving to enslave us for another term which We as Independent voters promise to thwart any such effort and cast this WH aside no matter….

Congratualations to the graduates and I sincerely hope you realize the seriousness in global events taking shape in the Middle East where our enemy, Germany with its fast deployment Army and the Bungestag seek more and mlre control over any decision making within the EU and Germany’s soon to be downsized ten (10) nation state will be a menace to many just as it was less than a century ago!

Blessings to each and every one of you who have chosen to commit yourselves to protecting our sovereign soil for We are a weakened America and the reality is that We no longer at the helm ready and able to lend a handclasp to the oppressed for if this “Goldman Sachs WH” is allowed another term, it will not only be to the chagrin to those so hopeless, but here in our cities and towns where no w one in five Americans are living in poverty and with every seconds, another elder turning 60 years of age and homes under water and little savings, a stock market poised over these next twelve weeks for a preciptious decline further eroding anything remaining in 401k, while your task will be daunting at times, yet begin to sign the National Anthem and your spirit will be revitalized for We are a nation of wonderful and chritable people who have given far to much to those seeking to usurp powewr in their lustful and self-serving ways….

Gd Bless you all!

Christopher Tingus

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