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October 7, 2012

DHS as the great coordinator?

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Christopher Bellavita on October 7, 2012

Interesting question and observation from a friend:

Have you, or other folks in the field, looked at homeland security as a function rather than a substantive “new” field?

In other words, maybe homeland security should stop trying to carve out substantive turf and look at itself as the great coordinator. Intelligence, military, borders, state law enforcement, local law enforcement, coast guard, TSA, emergency preparedness, etc. do not really have a good way to communicate, share information, see all the dots – let alone connect them.

Perhaps that is the purpose of the “homeland security,” to have enough visibility and interaction with all those players so sharing is happening when it is useful, but not just as a meaningless unfiltered information dump. ┬áThat would actually be a very difficult job, and in many ways, precisely the intent of the fusion centers.

One thing is certain though, if that were expressly DHS’s mission and it was roughly limited to that mission, they would have a much better opportunity for success.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

October 7, 2012 @ 8:45 am

Great comment! And still unanswered for FEMA also! Who is the real crisis safety net for domestic crisis response and recovery? Neither FEMA nor DHS constitiuted to be so IMO!

IMO the fragmentation in Congressional Committed structure is largely to blame!

Again there is no domestic crisis response and recovery system and no chain of command nor ability to smoothly integrate health preparedness into other structures.

Perhaps if the DoD budget was the size of HHS and the HHS budget the size of DoD the nation would be better prepared and able to respond.

Personally I would restrict the DoD mission solely to warfighting and that is all. It is NOT the Defense Department! Why? Because it is not able to mesh with a federal system!

Comment by William R. Cumming

October 7, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

By the way I once had a high level WH official tell me that coordination meant as little as an unanswered phone call. The Imperial Presidency also runs to the inhabitants of the Executive Offices of the WH!

And as deceased Senator Robert Byrd once stated in reference to the WH and Executive Branch “they never sleep over there!”

Comment by William R. Cumming

October 8, 2012 @ 8:09 am

Coordination can be very tough because it requires all involved to fully understand all the roles and authorities of all involved not just your own role and authorities. Few are able therefore to have adequate training and competence to fulfill the coordination role. Coordination is much more than simple liasion which largely amounts to reporting without the exercise of much discretion or judgment!

Comment by "The Nation must to a degree take it on faith...."

October 8, 2012 @ 8:41 am

“The nation must toa degree take it on faith that We too are honorable men, devoted to her service” – Richard Helms, then DCI in April, 1971

….while Martin Luther King stated, “Everything Hitler did was legal” –

“Who is the real crisis safety net for domestic crisis response and recovery? Neither FEMA or DHS constituted to be so IMO”

Well, afger I have seen Hillary Clinton prostitute herself to the “Goldman Sachs WH” on Pakistani television shoulder to shoulder with this willingly and knowingly perpetuating a blatant lie – TREASON – as a breach of faith with the American people, never mind lying to theLibyan and Iraqi and other good Middle East folks who have supported America and this week rereading the 1973 Church Committee Hearings and its summation:

“In its consideration of covert action, the Committee was struck by the basic tension — if not incompatibility — of covert ops and the demands of a constitutional system – Secrecy is essential to covert ops; secrecy can, however become a source of power, a barrier to serious policy debate within the government, and a means of circumventing the established checks and procedures of government. The Committee found that secrecy and compartmentation contributed to a temptation on the part of the Executive to resort to covert ops in order to avoid bureaucratic, congressional, and public debate.

When discussing the roles of DHS and FEMA today, should America have much faith in these two agencies for there are some troubling reports such as the DHS has been purchasing “jawdropping quantities” of ammunition – for what reason – and further, House Bill, H.R. 6566 9/28 passed and having to do with Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act – the same folks who brought us the National Defense Authorization Act and its ability to arrest US citizen on US soil who now deem it prudent to prepare for mass fatalities on US soil –

With a government insisting it impose itself in every way possible – coupled with those on both sides of “Sleep Hollow” so intent to serve their own self, We here on “Main Street USA” are weary of affording any more control to FEMA or DHS or to Executive or anyone else who can’t even deliver bottles of water to the folks as victims of Katrina and so many seasoned emergency response personnel held up for days because of required sexual harassement classes instead of being sent into the area to help those in despair –

The question remains…while We would like to afford FEMA and DHS and Executive certain discretion, We here on “Main Street USA” see the lackluster interest of those we have “entrusted” to serve Congress who seem to prefer embracing special interests and other rather than the populace and apparently this movement afoot to abuse power may possibly result in unrest and not only bring calamity to our great Republic, but it suggests that humanity at large is at the peril of those corrupted by the powwer they have been afforded or have just seized –

Many of us here on “Main Street USA” who are now elders have little trust in allowing government and especially FEMA and DHS the power to coordinate as they have thus far been too political and immersed in the disgusting political portrayal of this continued finger pointing from the WH who has failed and has breached not only the faith between government and We the People, but before God who sees such blatent lies and disregard for fellow man — it is truly frightening and many of us recall the dark days of WWII which was only seventy years ago or so —

Comment by William R. Cumming

October 8, 2012 @ 1:01 pm

If Romney wins predict that during his term he will propose the abolition of FEMA and DHS! Block grants for disaster relief and HS and the rest of
DHS will become a pure law enforcement agency with the addition of DEA as the strong linkage between drugs and terrorism as defined in US Code more apparent each day that passes.

This blog continues to evolve and has begun to stress foreign affairs as strongly correlated with HS. I don’t disagree but IMO the outcome of the November election will turn on foreign affairs as the Carter Trauma begins to stick to the President.

And the October surprise will be the huge outlays by the USA to fund the ECB and the EU banking system.

And related to HS is immigration policy and who gets aslyum status! US policy on aslyum for religious discrimination could prompt an outrage over it if revealed.

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