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October 12, 2012

Panetta: “Cyber terrorist attack could paralyze the nation.”

Filed under: Cybersecurity — by Philip J. Palin on October 12, 2012

Last night in New York the Secretary of Defense told his audience, ““A cyber attack perpetrated by nation states or violent extremist groups could be as destructive as the terrorist attack of 9/11. Such a destructive cyber terrorist attack could paralyze the nation.”

While noting the role of DHS and the FBI in cyber defense, the SECDEF also emphasized, “We defend. We deter. And if called upon, we take decisive action. In the past, we have done so through operations on land and at sea, in the skies and in space. In this new century, the United States military must help defend the nation in cyberspace as well.”

Here’s a link to the DOD news release.  I have not yet found a full transcript.  When I do — or you do — it will be posted here.


Here’s the transcript: Defending the Nation from Cyber Attack.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

October 12, 2012 @ 7:59 am

Yes the era of gasoline warfare has largely ended except for war among the techologicall challenged and war on those without technology!

Even the drone era will have ended by mid-century!

Comment by A Nation So Unprepared....

October 13, 2012 @ 10:29 am

With $1.75 billion in REE (rare earth heavy) and China knocking on the door with check in hand, no matter what I do to secure any Joint Chiefs/DoD attention to the treasure trove in rare earths I represent and those in control (ownership) of these precious rare earth assets, all seem too busy to look beyond the present.

As far as “Sleep Hollow” on both sides of the aisle, it is so apparent that special interests and Congressional self agenda has taken hold of government, a government which led by this WH expresses itself and its disregard for the People and our Constitution as well as our Judeo-Chruistian values much like Frederick Douglass stated long ago:

“Find out just what People will submit to, and you have found the exact amiunt of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both” –

Further, while I was referred to as an – extremist – by some at DHS and other when I called for an immediate “Benghazi Congressional Hearing” within hours after our embassy was attacked on 911 and four Patriots were killed by terrorist activity and I wrote” Treason I Shout and Shame on You I Say” calling for both Barry Sotoro and Hillary Clinton to be held for – treason – an intentional and willing – breach of faith – to the oath they took and to the People of not only these blessed United States, our beloved Republic and their continued contention that some practically unknown – flick – resulted oin ol “glory being burned, You can all call me whatever you want, however as a natural born citizen of natural born US citizens of Hellenic ancestry, again I quote Frederick Douglass:

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence” –

When we talk about cyber security, foremost on our agenda, as a Citizen seeing a seemingly forlorn WH and subsequently, watching the Vice President of the United States outrightly laughing in such willing and intentional – rudeness – towards an opponent representing far greater than 50% of the populace and a debate best described by Proverbs 29:9:

“When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs, and there is no peace and quiet”

You talk of cybersecurity and how it could paralyze the nation. Well, gentlemen and ladies, our beloved Republic and ol’ Glory have been far too abused and enough is enough!

Government is far too imposing and this “Goldman Sachs WH” seeking to arrest US citizen and buying hugh supplies of ammunition is “extremist” not I….

Citizens have gone out and armed themselves, why? We are a nation where we have “entrusted” those wishing to serve We the People and We are abused and our Judeo-Christian principles have been besieged by those from within and you expect us here on “Main Street USA” to have any confidence in Washington or the local town hall which continues to impose taxes and fees while unemployment and foreclosures despite all this – malarchy – from the “Rev Wright-Obama pulpit” in empty rhetorical orations while seeking to intentionally bring demise to our country for the purpose of – redistribution of wealth – which has not been and will Not be the future of this nation for Democracy must have an arsenal to defend itself and the best arsenal We have is ourse;lves who demand along with me serious and continued “Benghazi Congressional Hearings” and placing the WH and Hillary Clinton that – treason – is on the agenda –

No one is above the law – no one – We must all live by our Judeo-Christian values and conduct ourselves for all lawful purpose –

Cyber security is our foremost concern – and I don’t want to hear from Mr. Panetta as spokesperson for this “Chicago city street slicker” who leans over and – whispers – to the “KGB Putinites” about how a cyber secrurity attack could paralyze a nation so dysfunctional and so divisive, but rather hear from tose entrusted to protect our nation, the dedicated and wondefrul People listening in with their attentive ears leaning moment by moment to the “KGB Putinites” to hear of any dastardly plans they make have toward us and the intelligence community where so many patriots, often unknown to us who place their Life or limb in jeopardy for us – an intelligence community which this WH willingly placed under the bus and it is time for each of us to ask Mr. Panetta and anyone taking the oath on Bible to this nation, “What are you doing to prevent a cyber attack on our soverign soil”??

Here on “Main Street USA” even as – elders – which this WH would prefer giving no medical attention to after te age of 70, well, We understand what – further paralysis – this nation could face in such a cyber attack scenario, however with none – not an ounce of confidence in the present “Chicago-Hollywood-Washington Express” especially in standing up for our Judeo-Christian values and the security of our United States where we see this “Chicago city street slicker” attending only 38% of intel briefings and along with his supposed first lady who sits on a folding chair to somehow impress us and to again show us how – uncouth – she is and how biased her sealed graduate thesis truly portrays her – well, folks, whether it is a cyber security attack or this “Goldman Sachs WH” who loses $750 billion in initial stimuylus monies and no one has asked during this debate from this WH charade where these monies went – with reply, “They were lost” – to whom? The President of the United States and his Treasury Secretary should have ben halued in before Congress and this question squarely answered with names – however this so corrupt US Congress with your long tenure and life-time perks, well, as dedicated and Loving citizens of our beloved Republic Mr. panetta, is it a cyber secruity attack which we concern ourselves about – you bet, however it is the paralysis and divisveness and our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and our second amendment especially where We see tattered and soon, if those from the WH through the ranks are Not brought before Lady Justice, well, the paralysis which has been intentionally set forth by this WH and those sponsoringw hat some say is a conspiracy which for many of us we have doubted until lately, well, as a US Citizen first to stand in one man majority shortyly after the terrorist attack on our US Embassy and a lovely man who even the Libyans Loved and three others murdered by terrorist and not some little known flick —

We demand an apology to every intelligence official and representative to this nation other than those who have been willing to compromise themselves to this WH – folks from the NYPD to PAPD to local law enforcement all the way uo the rankls to those at NSA and other intel folks are all working night and day to protect ‘ol Glory and while this WH – knowing intent – has led to our flag buring while unfurling its own Obama flag altering our Bright Stars and Stripes, this damn WH and Congress must apologize to the intelligence community and Mr. Panetta, just to let you know, We here on “Main Street USA” have little confidence in what We see and hear and We demand from this supposed Vice President whoi will hopefully see his term of service ended very shortly as We the Independent Voters shall oust these rascals – this Vice President should get on the this adminsitration’s favote late night show – Letterman – and Jope Biden – the fool – should apologize to his opponent for such outragious behavior so unubecoming of the Vice President of the United States – you, too Sir have been censured by We the People who will hand you your retirement papers for you are not – Axios – as we say in Greek, you sir are – Not worthy – nor is your boss to hold the “elected” executive leadership for you have so easily forgotten the words of your pledge with your hand on the Bible for like most in government today, You have placed your self-importance before the values of integrity and how We must all respect another…

‘Treason I Shout and Shame on You I Say” –

Soon, once I feel a bit better healthwsie, I will come to Washington despite the efforts of TSA to keep me grounded for I am labelled as some type of extremist and every time I fly, I am subjected to such insult, however whether by plane or horseback or on the back of “Big Bird” with PBS taking some of its $350 million from its coffers to pay for mybtrip, I will stand shortly at the Congressional stairs and hold my sign, “Treason I Shout and shame on You I say” –

Cyber terrorist attack on our cities. This WH with biased and narrow perspectuive in ganeda, seeking only to get relected to further its attack on our values from within, kneeling before the Middle East and kissing the ring of those who have done so much wrong to our nation, bowing to Cairo and their stated nvalues seeking in every way to bring demise on our greaat Nation, the same Muslim Brotherhood which refers to us as Satan… this WH which will not use the word terrorist until after the election..how preposterous!

We’ve had it – We shall as Independent voters take back our nation and We pledge that those in Congress on both sides of the aisle who continue to place themselves as agenda versus giving very serious consideration into the outragious “Banghazi” calamity and direct breach in faith to the American constituency, well, your own paralysis will be dealt with as well, We shall oust you with these scoundrals and we’ll see if “smug-smiled Pelosi” w/her multi-million in assets who supposed care so much about thos eless advantged, oust these scoundrals WE shall do so on election day!

Apologize to the entire intelligence cpommunity from the officers who you were so condescending to by staging your “White House Beer Fest” as elistis and so condescending to our police and first responders.. Your intent and your insults and abuse is no longer tolerated!

Mr. Panetta, We already know what a cyber attack would do to any nation and We already know that our nation and our wonderful People are being attacked daily, hwoever tell us Sir, what it is you are doing to avert this and what about Mr. Panetta our electric grid being protected against cyber attack for it seems that the lights are out in Washington for most of every day affording little confidence that you or this charade in executive leadership will ever find your way out of the shroud of darkness you all seem to find yourselves….

Christopher Tingus
“Main Street USA”
Independent Voters of Cape Cod
Harwich, MA 02645
skype: christopher.tingus

Comment by A Nation So Hoodwinked....with cyber attack the leats of our concerns at the moment in American History

October 13, 2012 @ 11:03 pm

When we talk about cyber security and we talk about “Benghazi” and We see the WH attending only 37% of intelligence briefings Mr. Secretary of Defense, We the People here on “Main Street USA” who did not know Barry Obama the first time and somehow he persuaded us and made us feel good in voting a half white man which was America’s accomplishment when indeed this inexperienced Congressman and his slogans suggesting solutions and a better America, well Mr. Secretary,you bet cyber security is on our agenda and we want to know what you are doing to prevent any such attack, however with the election soon, I again reflect as I have that when I saw Winston Churchill’s bust removed from the WH – for after all Mr. Secretary – to many Winston Churchill perpetuated colonialism which has been quite contrary to Barry Obama’s intent to carry forth his Father’s dream and Frank Marshall, Edward Said, Bill Ayers, Robert Unger, his surrogate father, the Rev Wright, Barack Obama’s forefathers and friends, certainly not any one of these individuals believing in the Judeo-Christian principles and values and in fact quite the opposite –

From 2000 until 2012, the national deficit has gone from $5.6 trillion to in excess of $16 trillion and if Barry Obama is reelected, he will fulfill his Father’s dreams for our national deficit will exceed $20 trillion and guess what Sir, in 2008, we had 5,000 war heads and today as Secretary of Defense, what do we have some 1500 only?

There is no question that as Secretray of Defense you will have a cyber security attack and far more Sir on your hands for if allowed by reelection, Hussein Obama’s friends who were very much a part of the Third Wolrd Liberation party will have succeeded and the printing presses of the Chicago Star will be embracing Obama’s Father’s dreams which are far different than America so help me before God!

The intentional anti-zionist rudness conveyed to Israel, this divisive tactic in manipulation of Black and White America where Black Americans may have now seen through this un_American who has left not only all of us unemployed and or seeing our wealth diminished, but a Black America with higher unemployment and its precious youth have even less opportunity today than in 2008!

Barry Obama should be held for – breach of faith – “Treason I Shout and Shame on You I Say” –

….and this intentional act in disregarding repeated concerns for safety and leaving our Ambassador with little protection despite these prior warnings and 911 soon to arrive, coupled with this utter indifference to security briefings attendance, well Mr.Secretary, as one proud American citizen willing to stand in majority and demand a “Congressional Benghazi Hearing” where I was appaled to see your colleague, the Secretary of State, Ms. Hillary prostitute herself to this administration for she, too should be held accountable….the “Brutes of Tehran” know full well this “Rev Wright-Obama pulpit” which stated just prior to the election by the Rev Wright that he saw no reason why Iran should be denied nuclear weapons….We Sir, have been duped and hood winked to the degree that our beloved Republic has been so weakened and divided by this half white man, not even a Black man who so many belive Barry Obama is and his genetics disprove!

When you talk of a cyber attack paralyzing our nation Sir, as I said previously, We are fully aware of what such attacks might achieve and while I asked what it is that you are doing to thwart any such scenario and to assure us that our electric grid is not to be jeopardized in such manner, given the lack of any solutions by these empty slogans of 2008, you Sir may watch your colleague the Vice President act as a fool, however WE the People will cast our vote and thwart any further installation of those we will refer to as Anti Colonial Freedom Fighters supported by Barack Obama who has put a stop to drillinga nd exploration, but encouraged such off Soith America and has stood by Argentine, not the UK and suggested that the Falklands be returned and the list goes on and on and while after the Vice President’s debate and the fool so rude and the Secretray of State who again prostituted herself to this administration by compromising her own integrity in perpetuation a blatant lie on Pakistani television and to We the People of America more importantly, when We hear you talk about a USA paralyzed, if We do not cast these scoundrals from office on election day Sir and hold them for – Treason – as well, our lives will be far worse off and it will not be necessary for a cyber attack to paralyze us for the anit-zionist rhetoric will become far worse, the Middle East will become further engulfed by conflagration, a weakened America both fiscal and psychological will carry forth what Barry Obama and Frank Marshall and fulfilling the dreams of Barry Obama’s Father and his friends who have sought to not only remove Winston Churchill from the WH, but to undermine our Constitution in every way possible, disregard our Judeeo-Christian values as we saw the convention discussing whether God and Jerusalem shoukd be include din the DNC agenda and We will see that firm handshake to the “KGB Putinites” in making his – whisper – bring further erosion to our beloved Republic!

Cyber attack – that’s your job to protect us and to assure that every possible scenario is addressed…

To Barry Obama, his Father and his Anti-Colonial Freedom Fighters, his pal Bill Ayers, the Jew hater, Edward Said, Roberto Unger the Rev Wright and others who seek the demise of our nation and the west, unfortuantely Barry your aspiration to carry out the dastardly dreams of your Father and his pals along with the many you, too have been mentored by, this is one American – Independent voter – who will no longer buy your empty rhetoric and ill intentions for no other US Ambassador will be beaten, sodomized and dragged through the street without You Sir being held accountable by We the People who are not as foolhearty as we may appear for the weakness you believe you have taken advantage of was compassion toards others, however Not at the compromise – any further – of our values and our wealth for WE need not to redistribute wealth as We in 2012 are fully aware of the opportunity for all and You will be ousted with far greayter numbers than you so arrogantly perceive and with you, take CNN along with Wolf and his bias and his cohort Gloria and much of the media who are nothing more than an extension of the WH press office and certainly not journalists!

Start packing your things and to the UK, begin to repackage the bust of Winston Churchill for we will kndly ask for his return to the WH!

To you Mr. Secretary of Defense, when this “Benghazi lie” was perpetuated by this WH and this fool as depicted at the Vice Presidential deebate so arrogantly rude in his demeanor and to the Office of the Vice President of these United States as well as pointing the blame to our heros, those in the intelligence community, true Patriots, You Sir should have resigned for none of us want to be part of any of this “Chicago-Hollywood-Washington Express” leading us intentionally to our fiscal collapse by 2016 and in all lawful manner, We shall vote and rid ourselves of these scoundrals –

Restore our arsenal to protect our Democracy and We need Not apologize to anyone and it is time that We the People take back our country and restore its values and its strength….

Let’s convene a full “Benghazi Congressional Hearing” for far more will be uncovered at the WH and let’s make sure the wonderful and dedicated people at NSA are listening into even the faintest whispers made from the WH to whomever – We no longer trust You in any way…. We the People Barry Obama have no intent to allow you to carry out your Father’s Dreams! We shall exercise our Right to Vote and cast you aside – good riddance….

God Bless America!

Christopher Tingus
harwich (cape Cod), MA 02645
skype: christopher.tingus

Comment by William R. Cumming

October 21, 2012 @ 10:11 pm

A wonderful scenario for cyber secuity policy was posted at http:www.homelandsecurityroundtable.com recently!

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