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November 11, 2012

Appreciation for aid against adversaries and in adversity

Filed under: Homeland Defense — by Philip J. Palin on November 11, 2012

Since 9/11 a new generation of veterans has earned our thanks.   This year’s Presidential Proclamation for Veterans Day reads in part:

On days like this, we are called to reflect on immeasurable burdens that have been borne by so few. We pay tribute to our wounded, our missing, our fallen, and their families—men and women who have known the true costs of conflict and deserve our deepest respect, now and forever. We also remember that our commitments to those who have served are commitments we must honor not only on Veterans Day, but every day. As we do so, let us reaffirm our promise that when our troops finish their tours of duty, they come home to an America that gives them the benefits they have earned, the care they deserve, and the fullest opportunity to keep their families strong and our country moving forward.

In the last two weeks over 6000 troops of the New Jersey and New York National Guard have been involved in the response to Hurricane Sandy.   Federal military assets have also been deployed.  Here’s a quick overview of only a few NORTHCOM assignments:

  • Navy Expeditionary Combat Command units conducted an assessment at the Hoboken Ferry Terminal to determine the feasibility of increasing existing capabilities.
  • The Defense Logistics Agency delivered meals, fuel and disaster blankets. Over 1.5 million meals were delivered to West Virginia; 40,000 gallons of fuel were delivered to five Verizon sites in New Jersey and New York in order to assist in the effort to restore phone lines; and 150,000 disaster blankets were delivered to New York City.
  • U.S. Transportation Command, via Air Mobility Command provided C-5s and C-17s heavy airlift aircraft support to move 61 power restoration vehicles, associated equipment, non-medical personnel and cargo from Travis and March Air Force Bases, Cal., to Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York. U.S. Transportation Command also transported 63 utility vehicles and 132 passengers from Phoenix, Arizona to Stewart Air National Guard Base, New York.
  • Air Mobility Command moved 120 people into the New York City area that are a part of the Department of Health and Human Services Disaster Medical Assistance Teams. As part of that movement, the 305th Air Mobility Wing from McGuire Air Force, N.J., moved approximately 50 passengers on a C-17 from Columbus, Ohio, and the 436th Airlift Wing from Dover Air Force Base, Del., moved approximately 70 passengers from Dallas-Fort Worth, also on a C-17 to John F. Kennedy International Airport.
  • Another 15 power restoration vehicles, 1 helicopter and 32 operators were flown from McChord Air Force Base in Washington to Stewart Air National Guard Base in New York.
  • DOD has provided 100 high-volume water pumps (350 gallons per minute and greater) with qualified teams to support the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

In many Christian churches this is also the day set aside to remember Martin of Tours who — as a non-Christian soldier — is most often recalled for dividing his military cloak to share with a beggar in need, an act of particular charity and humility.  Later as a Bishop Martin persuaded Roman authorities to treat prisoners with dignity and defended heretics from capital punishment.

I do not have a militant personality.  But I honor the courage,  compassion, commitment, restraint and initiative of those who follow in Martin of Tours footsteps.

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Comment by William R. Cumming

November 11, 2012 @ 9:10 am

Yes Phil a useful reminder that all of US owe a permanent debt of gratitude to those who gave their last full measure and less on our behalf.

Also appropriate to note that the state of civil military relations is as difficult and confusing today as any time in the country’s history.

And the linedrawing between Homeland Security and Homeland Defense continues.

In a glimpse from the past as to the relationship please refer to the following [also available on my website under documents at http://www.vacationlanegrp.com with listed contact information no longer accurate]


Cumming, W. R. 2004. The civil defense legacy. Journal of Civil Defense. 37 (2). Florida. (Word file – 4 pages)

Comment by William R. Cumming

November 11, 2012 @ 11:32 am

POSTSCRIPT: Some may wonder why in my prior post I placed Civil Defense in the context of civil military relationships?
My original very lengthy comment was lost somewhere in time.
Basically 90% or more of the world’s military forces also administer the disaster efforts for their country. IN the USA almost uniquel the disaster mission is considered largely a civil function with the military in a supporting role. Of course no one questions that DoD budgets have largely drained the National Preparedness Budget for Domestic Crisis Management and Systems. Despite a civil defense budget that was in the HUD-VA Approps from 1981 to 1994 when Public Law 920 of the 81st Congress was repealed by Public Law 103-337, DoD provided annual testimony before the Armed Services Committees, which authorized the CD programs, functions, and activities, and also Senate Armed Services was the confirmation committee for the key National Security position in FEMA during those years also. Strikingly the CD program did not include the COG/COOP effort that was separately funded and authorized also by the Committees on Armed Services. The Associate Director for National Preparedness during the years of the CD program had no authority over CD issues which was largely a grant program to the STATES and Locals for preparedness. It had no operational status and in fact the principal mission was funding in part STATE and LOCAL EOC’s and Emergency Preparedness staffs.

A really good history of the US Civil Defense effort has yet to be written although garbled versions have been written by Emeritus Professors Garrison and Perrow both of which were largely biased against CD efforts as misleading the American people and a waste of money.

My point is that although housed in DoD from 1958 to 1979, CD was heavily influenced by the Nuclear Priesthood that largely opined that a Strategic Nuclear Strike [still a possibility] on the USA would lead to indefinite military adminstration of the country. Of course during the years 1079-1999 I opined that would be unConsitutional conduct with which DoJ large euN

Comment by William R. Cumming

November 11, 2012 @ 11:51 am


Of course during the years 1979-1999 I opined that would be unConsitutional conduct with which DoJ largely agreed! Mary Lawton was the senior person knowledgable about the issues. And she authored the 1980 Monograph Military Support to Civil Authorities or some variation of that title.
And since this is Homeland Security blog perhaps should point out that NO repeat NO planning,efforts at budgeting exists on protecting the population from a Strategic Nuclear Attack and only the OOP/COG effort gives partial anticipation to the protection of Enduring Constitutional Government [ECG]!

Since nuclear strike doctrine for the USA is still MAD perhaps that is appropriate.

I suggest that the Armed Services Committees and the Committees concerning HS be combined into a new permanent NS-HS Commmitte with oversight of both HS and HD.

I will now laundry list the key federal missions overwhich Congress as of this date has no oversight capacity:
1. Homeland Defense;
2. Homeland Security;
3. Military Civil Relationships;
5. Domestic crisis management;
6. Domestic crisis management systems and processes;
7. Critical infrastructure protection;
8. Cyber Security;
9. Physcial security issues;
10.Protection of privacy and civil liberties while collectio

Comment by William R. Cumming

November 11, 2012 @ 3:16 pm

And of course November 11, eleven 0’clock GMT Western Europe started its own suicide as a civilization only completed on May 8, 1945!

I wonder if it is any coincidence that of my 7 friends I have known owning each over 200 guns three have committed suicide?

Comment by ....and the Infamous General Falls This Veteran's Day!

November 12, 2012 @ 11:15 pm

….and the infamous General falls this Veteran’s Day!

Oh….how We are witnessing the deceitfulness of this dangerous man, Barry Obama becoming so apparent to so many each and every day as these stories of breach in trust, treason unravel on this Veteran’s Day where so many men and women serve with pride and willingness to give Life or limb only to see those in pub,ic service under oath so arrogant in lust for power and greed salute to this unfurling of the Obama flag which has clearly portrayed the Secretary of State prostituting herself in compromising her own integrity to stand shoulder to shoulder on Pakistani television and apologize and blame a – flick – few knew about while these same sat and watched our wonderful Ambassador and three brave soldiers – patriots – murdered in cold blood – How dare you all?

“Treason I Shout and Shame on You I Say” –

To the General so willing to spend time sending a flurry of emails to a fellow Lt. Colonel, a woman also responsible in her pledge and oath in duties and commitment to our beloved Republic and you General compromising yourself and our national security and those agents and others who stand with so much willing honor and you abused us all….How Dare You?

On this Veteran’s Day, a four star General bringing such shame upon yourself and bringing such travesty to our nation’s history…it is bad enough we have this “Chicago city street slicker” signing executive order after executive order and imposing the EPA and limiting drilling on government lands…How dare you?

The first to call for a full “Benghazi Congresional Hearing” and the only to state clearly my intent to place both Barry Obama nd Hillary Clinton under “Citizen’s Arrest” for suspicion of breach of trust, treason!

Listen, everyone in the intel community so dedicated to keeping our nation safe has been insulted by the “Chicago-Hollywood-Washington Express” and this “Rev Wright-Obama pulpit” whose intent is to do nothing as these “Brutes of Tehran” secure their WMD in hand –

Rockets this weekend in the hundreds have been hurled towards Israel. Israel will retaliate now as far more treachery will be directed to Israel for those who would hesitate because of a once strong America supporting the Israeli now see a WH and its cohorts in such weakened manner in so many ways….

On this Veteran’s Day, We are now facing far more danger than ever before and when a CIA Director cannot even keep an extra marital affair hidden, the question arises, just how effective is the CIA and how will the “KGB Putinites” yes, you recall, the “KGB Putinites” this Barry Obama – whispered – to….

11th November, 2012 a nation in horror of “Benghazi” and the intentional disregard of pleas for help and our men left behind and now a General and Director of the CIA playing politics and even he and this decitful WH administration keeping an Act of War by these Iranian thugs in their firing missiles at one of our aircraft and all held close to the vest so as to not disrupt the relection process…How Dare you? By the way, what is this about votes in Philadelphia nd other precinct where the votes were so manipulated….

….and on this Veteran’s Day and our nation because of the likes of Harry reid and “Smug-smiled Pelosi” and this socialist/Marxists pal, Barry Obama, following his mentors promises to bring America to its knees economically and in every other way possibly…ya know, Frank Marshall, Hussein Obama, Bill Ayers, Ungor and Saiid to name just a few and Barry Obama pointing his finger as always the other direction and this time to his own demise towards the intel community….

…the Fiscal Cliff is really not the only issue for you must understand that this WH hopes that such fiscal cliff becaomes a reality unless it can impose only its intent and with the fiscal cliff, a run on the banks for on the 31st of Decemner folks, the expiration of the – Transaction Account Gurantee (TAG) Program kicks in…

Ya know folks, the (TAG) initiative at the height of the credit crisis where these “beltway bandits” and their – banker pals – you recall, the $750 billion so easily lost, well obviously you forgot that as well for it seems you have short memories by the way you vote and it is the (TAG) Program which was initiated to stem depositors for fleeing banks and the FDIC upped regular deposit insurance from $100k to $250k and under the Tag banner, established unlimited insurance for all non-interest bearing transaction accounts – and given the lack of confidence and the eroding flaws of all these folks – the WH, Secretary of Defense, Seecretary of State, the Director of the CIA who has comprmised security and brought shame to those who have pledged their Life to keep ol “Glory flying and our nation protected from those outside and from those within besieging us so…well, the (TAG) Porgram expires on the 31st december folks and while few of you obviously have good memories, on this Veteran’s Day when our nation is so weakened, just wait for corporations, businesses and enlightend individuals w/ $1.4 trillion in deposit accounts will flee the smaller banks in particular and these monies will rush into money market funds and short term treasuries if in fact the Democrats do not compromise with the majority of the US Congress for 50% of this nation did Not forget and did Not support this “Chicago city street slicker” – nor all these Executive Orders and an EPA hovering over our oil and coal drilling…

– Benghazi – the “Brutes of Tehran – A Compromising CIA Director who cannot even keep a personal secret – the “KGB Putinites” – Terrorism – Israel under rocket attack…and now the Fiscal Cliff and as importantly, the expiration of the (TAG) program and the run on banks to being shortly….

Happy Veteran’s Day and now Uncle Johnny to be off to the Defense Department, oh, Johnny Kerry, as dangerous in his perceptions and willingness as Barry Obama for certain….We as a nation, our beloved Republic in so much peril!

‘Treason I Shout and Shame on You I Say” –

God Bless America!

Frederick Douglass writes:

“Find out just what People will submit to, and you have found the exact amount of injustice and wrong doing which will be imposed upon them; and these Will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both” –

At this time of such treachery, I remind my fellow Americans to hold your spirit high as well as your muskets for all lawful purpose and recall Frederick Douglass as an inspiration as We march in silent protest of these calamities brought on by these dastardly acts as he said,

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence” – Stand in memory of all the brave men and women who have served and serve our nation, the intel folks who tirelessly stay vigilant on our behalf to kep us from harm even during these times when even those we have “entrusted” by precious vote chhose their own self-servingw ays so contrary to the Constitution now so tattered by the WH and to our Judeo-Christian values which this WH chooses to dismiss in every way…

God Bless America!

God is witness to all!

Christopher Tingus
“Main Street USA”
PO Box 1612
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

Comment by ...and now General Allen and the "Massacre at Benghazi" !

November 13, 2012 @ 6:25 am

and now, General Allen…We have a – supposed – Commander-in-Chief who with his “Rev Wright-Obama pulpit” really thinks its ok for the “Brutes of Tehran” to hold WMD in hand as long as the “Zionists” have them as clearly stipulated by the good ‘ol Rev and this supposed Commander-in-Chief who has only attended 37% of intel meetings cause he doesn’t care seeking only to promote his daddy’s and pals socialist/Marxists objectives and now we have two top US Generals who have compromised themselves, their careers, family and our beloved “Republic” and our Judeo-Christian values so easily besmirched, God is witness to all and more to come for We here in America with some 50% of the population having to debate God and Jerusalem as their DNC agenda, read Pslam 83 for we are ona very precipitous decline for the decay within us – God Bless us all!

As proud Citizen of these United States of America, I place Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton under “Citizen’s Arrest” per the US Constitution for – breach of faith – and as I have done since the first few hours of the “Massacre at Benghazi” of our finest, our wonderful Ambassador and three brave American Patriots while Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton contrary to their pledge in oath to stand tall for our men and women, left our men behind!

“Treason I Shout and Shame on You I Say” –

To the Generals and whomever has disregarded the stars and stripes so, your star sown into uniform should be ripped from you for you have embarassed the proud uniform of the best soldiers, men and women who serve us and protect our Liberty and to all, how astute our forefathers were in warning us about those from within who may someday seek to harm us from within….

To the NRA and to all those who stand strong on behalf of Liberty and our Constitution and 2nd Amendment, carry your muskets high for all alwful purpose and with your pride in this wonderful nation and most charitable People and be prepared for this WH to strip you of your Right to bear Arms for Hitler did the same and remember that Hitler as well amended the laws for his own self-serving and dastardly ways and his way became lawful…How dangerous these men and women are among us — We are obligated to stand tall for our country and Constitution and Bill of Rights so with all lawful purpose, do not frown and turn your cheek for this actions of those who took oath and pledged their allegiance – your duty to fidelity to thos belovedd Republic – as I stand as I have from the first few hours of the “Mssacre at Benghazi” while others within referred to me as an extremist when I have chosen to stand tall against these dastardly acts and they pointing finger at me and other proud Americans have shirked their responsibility to stand strong with those who serve America with such pride and commitment in willingly sacrificing Life or limb and to see such intentional and self-serving ways among those who We have “entrusted” to serve ol ‘Glory, not their biased ways seeking as Barry Obama does to be so divisive, to divide this nation and perpetuate class war! Unacceptable and our Justice system will prevail where our electorial college did not….

God Bless us all!

Christopher Tingus
“Main Street USA”

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