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April 20, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev arrested

Filed under: Investigation & Enforcement,Radicalization,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on April 20, 2013

According to the Boston Globe between 7PM and 8:30PM on Friday night the following transpired:

Police found Dzhokhar ­Tsarnaev hiding on a boat stored in a backyard on ­Franklin Street. Police ­exchanged gunfire with him before capturing him alive. Spontaneous celebrations erupted across the region, from the ­Boston Common to the Back Bay streets near the bombing.

The boat’s owners, a couple, spent Friday hunkered down under the stay-at-home order. When it was lifted early in the evening, they ventured outside for some fresh air and the man noticed the tarp on his boat blowing in the wind, according to their his son, Robert Duffy.

The cords securing it had been cut and there was blood near the straps. Duffy’s father called police, who swarmed the yard and had the couple evacuated, Duffy said.

Residents, who had barricaded themselves in their homes for nearly 20 hours, were still deeply shaken. “I’m so happy they got these guys,” said Tom Sheridan, 35, an interior painter from Watertown, as he cheered police cruisers and ambulances as they drove by on Mount ­Auburn Street. “But I’m worried there are more people out there like that. It won’t be the same.”

Tsarnaev was wounded and taken to a hospital. In an interview late last night, Patrick said he is “hoping very deeply he survives those wounds, because I’ve got a lot of questions and I know investigators have a lot of questions for him.”

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Comment by HGRATTAN

April 20, 2013 @ 4:15 am

Please, deep breath ….the Boston investigation is ongoing!

Please no rush to judgment. Other than those that must act now (law enforcement), lets gets as many facts as we can before we rush to judgment.

The large issues will not be decided today or tomorrow.

Yes, monitor the investigation; “deep dive” (dig) into the suspects (and those around them)affiliations and doings.

The Boston Bombings retrospectively will tell us much.

To those who way we should have done x/y/z; why did you not say that the day before the bombings?

Please remember that we will be judged tomorrow for what we do today.

Comment by Michael Brady

April 20, 2013 @ 9:00 am


I believe history will record the response to the marathon bombing as a fine example of purpose driven law enforcement leveraging high technology and community involvement to resolve a very dangerous situation in record time. Hats off to the cops, firefighters, paramedics, and citizen volunteers who mounted a skilled and dedicated response. Very nicely done, Boston!

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