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May 21, 2013

“I think I have to turn off the news. As a grown man I’m crying for those school children.”

Filed under: Disaster — by Christopher Bellavita on May 21, 2013

The quote is from an anonymous person somewhere in New York on May 20th.

The images are from Oklahoma. Also on May 20th.

Moore ok 1


Moore ok 2


Moore ok 3Moore ok 4Moore ok 5Moore ok 7Moore ok 6

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Comment by William R. Cumming

May 21, 2013 @ 1:39 am

WOW! An EF4 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Dangerous anytime anywhere. Pics both sad and amazing!

Comment by Dan O'Connor

May 21, 2013 @ 7:34 am

Yet another reminder of our fragility. Nature always wins. These events never come at the time or place of our choosing. A200 mph vortex of destruction 2 miles wide… it’s a wonder more were not taken.
It also must make lawmakers and leaders think about what they truly value. Or not.

The methodology, engineering, and “know how” is available to make schools, hospitals, shelters, etc. much more robust and resilient. I’m curious, truthfully curious how many F22’s and Littoral Combat Ships make us necessarily safer than investing in 21st century engineering for safer buildings and communities.

The issue of course is, this incident and its unfortunate and saddening destruction and its taking of life will be moved off the front page quickly.

Whether it is Apple evading billions in taxes or who knew what in the White House is, at this moment, irrelevant. Perhaps this is another method of measuring resilience; how NIMBY and dodging destruction forces the Nation to move on… just a thought.

It is difficult not to be saddened. Unfortunately, this presents an opportunity to learn and prepare. Perhaps we will. Perhaps not.

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 21, 2013 @ 9:25 am

And DAN don’t forget most of the $60B appropriated for the Sandy Event will last at most a decade before further destruction.

Please remember that event was not a CAT I on the SAFFIR-SIMPSON REVISED SCALE!

Comment by Christopher Tingus

May 21, 2013 @ 9:57 am

“Children are God’s Angels sent forth day to day, to preach Love, and hope, and peace” – James Russell Lowell (1819-1891)

God Bless each of these youngsters who are now in the Loving embrace of the Lord for eternal Life!

Christopher Tingus
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645

Comment by William R. Cumming

May 21, 2013 @ 11:01 am

Claire Rubin’s Recovery Diva blog has useful link to some free tornado research writings.

Comment by Dan O'Connor

May 21, 2013 @ 1:38 pm

And it starts;


It was only a matter of time that this would surface.

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