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August 22, 2014

Friday Free Forum

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Philip J. Palin on August 22, 2014

On this day in 1949 an 8.1 earthquake struck a sparsely populated area off British Columbia and the Alaska panhandle.  There were no deaths.  But it demonstrated the potential energy of the Cascadia fault system.

On this day in 2008 a train derailed near Luther, Oklahoma.  Crude oil and ethanol being transported exploded.  The fire continued for over 24 hours.

On this day in 1831 Nat Turner led a slave rebellion in Southhampton County, Virginia.  Up to seventy died in the rebellion.  At least 100 were killed in the aftermath.

What’s on your mind related to homeland security?

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Comment by William R. Cumming

August 22, 2014 @ 3:20 am

IPAWS and EAS! Interesting entries on the Emergency Alert System and the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System on Wikipedia.

A National Commission Produced a rather excellent report early this Century on Alert and Warning for the American Public. Its recommendations not totally ignored but not not totally implemented.

There is a significant body of study scientific and otherwise on both “Alert” and “Warning” that are in fact very different processes.

ThenPost Hurricane Katrina President George W.Bush issued Executive Order 13407 of June 26, 2006 at 71 Fed. Reg. pp 36975-77.

Yhe E.O. establishes the following policy:

It is the policy of the United States to have an effective, reliable, integrated, flexible, and comprehensive system to alert and warn the American people in situations of war, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or other hazards to public safety and well-being (public alert and warning system], taking appropriate account of the function, capabilities, and needs of the private sector and of all levels of government in our Federal system, and to ensure that under all conditions the President can communicate with the American people.

The E.O. cites the Robert T. Stafford Act and Homeland Security Act of 2002 for its legal authorization. Two problems. Neither of these states to my knowledge actually cite “public safety” as a purpose but certainly implied. Perhaps that goal should be added to both statutes. The second problem is that the FCC is the principal communications regulatory body in the USA.

Under Section 4 the Secretary DHS is supposed to submit annual reports to the WH on implementation. These should be of great public interest. And under Section 5 the Secretary DHS is to issue guidance within 120 days.

Also perhaps a problem there are NO DEFINED TEREMS in the E.O.!

I do know that the FCC has made a major effort through rulemaking and other guidance to implement the policy of the E.O.! But in the rules dockets on those rules there appears to be little in the way of formal comment from DHS or FEMA.

The one significant public test of the IPAWS in 2011 was announced as successful but IMO it flunked.

Time for another test? Time for more Congressional and Public scrutiny of this system?

Any interested public out there?

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 22, 2014 @ 3:26 am

A BLAST FROM THE PAST-from an old blog post of mine pre-Storm Sandy:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nor’Easters are Cyclonic Storms!
In early 1978, a ferocious Nor’Easter hit the Massachuett’s coast! The response drove then Governor Michael Dukakis from office. I visited that coast early that summer. Scituate and Hull were badly damaged. Interesting, a 35 foot sea wall in Scituate was breached by the storm and while memory may fail there was a fascination to the 3-6 foot pile of smooth stone rocks that damaged the first row of houses on the ocean and even penetrated the second row. Geology friends said a study was later done to see where these cannon ball size to 4-5 foot diameter rocks has come from during the storm. They claimed no answer ever found but they guessed the ocean floor as far as 50-100 miles offshore.
Dukakis returned to the Governorship later and of course he ran for President against George H.W. Bush in 1988, losing in a campaign featuring the picture and parole of Willie Horton a convicted murdered who on parole murdered again.
Prior to that event many meteorologists and climatologists took the position that cyclonic storms could not occur in the Norther Hemisphere. It happened however that a weather satellite was directly over the event and the picture showed a perfect cyclonic storm with a narrow eye that to outwards appearances could have been any spectacular hurricane. Thus technology advanced science and rebutted ignorance.

Now as the NY City area digs out from a massive event it is time that just as with hurricanes, more preparedness for massive storms and their winter fallout should occur throughout the northeast. This even may still yet turn into a tragic demonstration of lack of preparedness. But perhaps the anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism forces in the Big Apple can be given snow shovels to help out.

In any event this is a huge huge event and Mayor Bloomberg is definitely looking his age and perhaps dreams of a Presidential run are ending in the deep snow. Food and shelter and emergency medical care already show evidence of a highly stressed capability and not much ability to mobilize effectively. This would be a great event to study the preparedness of the metro NYC area and its capabilities.

Well at least the snow is not as far as I know a contaminating agent. See the glass is half-full!
Posted by The Vacation Lane Group at 12:14 PM

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 22, 2014 @ 3:39 am


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TRAPPED-The Transportation Dependent and Federal Policy

Recently the Press has been filled with follow-up to the NY Times story “Thinking the Unthinkable” and its focus on sheltering in place as opposed to evacuation as a protective action should there be a NUDET or RDD incident or event.

The articles also focused on the multi-agency document issued in June 2010 Preparedness for a NUDET. That 2nd Edition focused to some degree on new subjects like Emergency Public Information. The January 2009 version issued in the last days of the Bush Administration was heavily criticized on technical grounds. Neither edition has gone through with review by the NAS or NRC (national research council) and that should be done.

There is a place for evacuation as a PAR [protective action recommendation] but oddly the new policy guidance has appeared just as the transportation dependent population has grown dramatically. Many in urban cores benefiting from improved and heavily subsidized public transportation regimes have abandoned owning a car for reasons of economics, convenience, expense and other reasons.

The CENSUS did not specifically examine or document those who are transportation dependent in the US. There is some ancedotal evidence that the better the public transportation modalities the more likely those areas are to thrive population wise and economically. So there is that return on investment.

Unfortunately, few public transportation systems have emergency plans or anticipate increased usage in crisis and disaster situations.

FEMA historically picked up the evacuation emphasis from the federal civil defense program and its predecessor organizations. The fact that during Hurricane Katrina, over 80% of NOLA successfully evacuated thereby meeting FEMA long published standards for success did not prevent those trapped and left behind from being documented as subjected to government misfeasance and nonfeasance charges and in particular leveled at FEMA. Evacuation is complicated and its origins in the federal civil defense effort goes back to the NIXON Adminstration when it tried to deal with the “fallout” from the failure of the JFK civil defense shelter effort [some would say that program was a success]! Also the full benefits of the National Defense Highway System (Interstate) were beginning to become available by the last 60’s for the program started under Dwight Eisenhower in 1958. His effort was premised on his own personal knowledge from convoy efforts in the 1930’s and the German {NAZI] autobahn efforts in the 30’s.

So where does that leave the US? My point is simple. Shelter in place designed to protect against fallout but not heat or blast is a short term solution perhaps as short as 2-3 hours even assuming properly sealed single family residence. Ionizing radiation from an core-melt accident comes in two forms. Airborne and depositional material. Oddly the technical arguments over dosate, safe and lifetime are driven by EPA and FDA, one for the population and response community the other for the food ingestion pathway. These so-called PAGs need to be studied and understood by everyone not just the response community or health physics community. What is of interest is that it might not be an either or decision, shelter or evacuate but some elements of the area surrounding the incident/event might need to shelter and others to evacuate. After all a pie usually is served in slices.

This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the availability of sound data and measuring systems, and there are at least 18 available atmospheric dispersion models available through federal sources with no real agreement on the model to be used in even a core-melt accident.

It also terrifically burdens the Emergency Public Information load because it is so technical yet needs to be accurately translated in announcements over the EAS, WEB and other means of communications. And the distinctions between WARNING, Alerting, and notification must also be observed.

So plenty of work to be done. Hoping this issue will be receiving more attention in the future by all concerned or impacted from First Responders to Citizens and residents of major urban areas. Good luck and remember the testimony of my panel at the Seabrook Nuclear Power station licensing proceeding is that sometimes, despite the fallout, it might be best to just walking away from the center of the incident/event, hopefully with wind blowing in opposite direction. Hey keep in shape! Get those walking shoes.

Posted by The Vacation Lane Group at 10:25 AM

Comment by Christopher Tingus

August 22, 2014 @ 5:33 am

2014 National Preparedness Report

This report marks the third National Preparedness Report. Required annually by Presidential Policy Directive 8:National Preparedness, the National Preparedness Report summarizes progress in building, sustaining, and delivering the 31 core capabilities described in the National Preparedness Goal (the Goal). Each year, the NationalPreparedness Report presents an opportunity to evaluate gains that whole community partners—including all levels of government, private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations, communities, and individuals—have made in preparedness and to identify where challenges remain. This year’s report focuses primarily on preparedness activities undertaken or reported during 2013.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

August 22, 2014 @ 5:54 am

Thank you Bill for again bring attention to the need for preparedness among the populace.

Oh yes, the Blizzard of ’78, reminiscent of a great nor’easter (www.bluehill.org) where I ordered and distributed (sold) some 11,000 (white and blue yardsticks) “The Official Blizzard of ’78 Snow Stick & Measure” to leave a memory of this storm with youngsters about the storm which crippled the City of Boston for days and a time when we got to know our neighbors and when transportation unavailable, much like past generations, walking became necessary and I decided that by printing stats on the – snow measure yardstick – folks would recall such a storm and for many, “The Official Blizzard of ‘78bSnow Stick & Measure” became an official snow measure stick for many Meteorologists and TV news folks used even today to compare present nor’easters and future mega storms storms against the fury of Mother Nature not seen since the 1700’s and 1800’s….We shall never forget the Blizzard of 78!

To those of us quite interested in emergency preparedness and who have studied urban and city planning especially, I point to the City of Berkeley CA as a city affording much preparedness planning and direct programs for citizens to participate.

More of our cities and towns should use the City of Berkeley as an example of how to train much of its citizenry in disaster preparedness and certainly a city which deserves our accolades:


Christopher Tingus
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 22, 2014 @ 9:16 am

Thanks Chris and Blue Stick great idea. We often are trapped in the paat. Ms. Amanda Dory led an effort on detail to CSIS to produce a study entitled CIVIL SECURITY that concluded family preparedness in the Age of Terror would have to overcome the shibboleths of the federal civil defense era [1951-994]!

Somehow misplaced the link to Amanda’s study. She now works at the Pentagon as a civilian.

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 23, 2014 @ 7:46 am

Another blast from the past!


Contrary to federal law and policy the Robert T. Stafford Act used to regard the 50 states as if they were guardians of the federally recognized Native American Tribes and this past post on a blog of mine was written in that context:

aturday, December 18, 2010

Native Americans and EM
One of my Grandmothers taught on an Indian Reservation at the beginning of the last century. She also told tales of Indian relationships first in her childhood hometown of Sparta, Wisconsin and then in the Dakotas. Amazing woman and three time train tripper to DC to march as a sufferagette. Long married at that point.

Anyhow this is about the Native Americans and their continued problems and also American problems in EM.

First the background from a recent article that prompted this blog:

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Small Area Poverty and Income Estimates for 2009, the 10 U.S. counties with the highest percentages of their population living in poverty are:

1. Ziebach County, S.D. – 62 percent of residents in poverty

2. Crowley County, Colo. – 53 percent

3. Shannon County, S.D. – 51.6 percent

4. Holmes County, Miss. – 48.4 percent

5. Issaquena County, Miss. – 45.5 percent

6. Todd County, S.D. – 45.3 percent

7. Martin County, Ky. – 45 percent

8. East Carroll Parish, La. – 44.3 percent

9. Humphreys County, Miss. – 44.3 percent

10. Clay County, Ky – 43.3 percent

The national average was 14.4 percent (rounded).

Three of these counties (Ziebach, Shannon and Todd) are located largely within the Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian reservations in South Dakota; four (Holmes, Issaquena, East Carroll and Humphreys) are in Mississippi and Louisiana, while two (Martin and Clay) contain towns in which coal mining still is or has been the major industry.”

Under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act the recognized tribes [recognized by the Department of Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs] are treated as LOCAL GOVERNMENTS and funded through the grants that go to the STATES for disaster relief. I was never given a cut at this issue but I believe despite the regulation it is incorrect and because legally the Tribes when recognized have some sovereign status under US treaty, law, judicial decision and history they should be directly funded the same as the STATEs. Well my point is not disaster funding. Although I must state that I several times tried to get Directors of FEMA to sign off on creating a specifically dedicated Office for Native American Affairs and while getting former Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado interested in the issue it never became policy or was established by law.

Many who have worked the issues relating to the fire hazards in the wildland/urban interface are well aware of the brave men and women who fight those fires, including Native Americans. My thought is why not give the Indian Nations more than casinos and a gambling basis that can undermine the dignity even of those who make money off of that business. For background see CASINO JACK. When I left the ARMY in 1970 and returned to DC about 7 firms specialized in Indian Affairs issues and none were huge. Today in DC over 50 law firms have some dedication to the Indian Tribes and mostly over gambling and casino issues.

I would provide training and education for willing tribal members in EM and initially many of those might even become DAE’s in FEMAs disaster cadre. I doubt very many Native Americans are in that cadre now.

At one time the leading factory for dosimetry was located in Rolla, North Dakota and staffed and runned by Native Americans under GSA auspices. Today after heavy lobbying to take away that factory from the Native Americans dosimetery is now a totally private and totally inadquately run and managed enterprise.

The efforts on behalf of Native Americans was not without costs to FEMA staffers. Without a Native American office the issues involving that population ususally arose because of events or special concerns and backgrounds of FEMA permanent staff. Several who relied on Department of Interior designations, which is required by law, saw their careers adversely impacted because FEMA RD’s or even higher punished them career wise for following the law.

It happens that Juliette Kayem, a Lebanese American, now runs the Intergovernmental Section of DHS that once was housed in FEMA for the whole department. It was moved to a direct report to the Secretary DHS by an enacted appropriation bill several years ago. I strongly recommend that Office create a subgroup of specialists on Indian Affairs and perhaps memory fails me but some statutory blessing to such an office now exists.

My point is one of my reoccurring themes. Just as the unemployed and disabled might be viewed as assets for EM and given training and education and perhaps even a small stipend for developing their EM skills I would also focus on the Native Americans and what they could bring to the EM table.

Perhaps this post derives from many visits as a child to Minnehaha Falls near Minneapolis.
Posted by The Vacation Lane Group at 7:50 AM

Please see my next comment!

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 23, 2014 @ 7:57 am

The Robert T. Stafford Act was amended in 2012 to allow the President to directly provide disaster assistance through his delegates to federally recognized Native American Tribes. There are over 500 such governmental units and they no longer need be supplicants to the states.
See extract from Stafford below:
Indian Tribal Government – The term “Indian tribal government” means the governing body of any Indian or Alaska Native tribe, band, nation, pueblo, village, or community that the Secretary of the Interior acknowledges to exist as an Indian tribe under the Federally Recognized Indian Tribe List Act of 1994 (25 U.S.C. 479a et seq.).
Thus FEMA suddenly had over 500 new units of government to deal with officially in disaster!

I have asked this question on this blog before! How is FEMA doing and what exactly is the regulatory posture of FEMA and what guidance has it issued?

I know of no official documentation of the impacts of the change in federal law to have the Stafford Act conform to federal law and policy on federally recognized Native American Tribes.

Can someone enlighten me?

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 23, 2014 @ 8:25 am

I should have mentioned that Administrator Fugate was not only a supporter but an advocate of the amendment of the Stafford Act concerning federally recognized tribes.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

August 23, 2014 @ 5:10 pm

On the 150th anniversary of the the Vienna PhilSALZBURG, in this 21st century, in this 2014, 100 years since World War I and some seventy years from the end of the treacheries of World War II and many global conflicts hence adversely affecting millions upon millions of innocents, victims of those lusting in power and greed, while it is so troublesome to know that some 1 million fellow human beings and many of these individuals, children, with little or no access to a clean glass of water at this very moment! Outrageous! The veil of darkness seems to be pulled by many who self-serving ways do not bode well for humanity despite all the wonderful technological advancements of mankind and identified by the brilliance of so many working together to enhance the quality and longevity of human beings on this very small planet.

While the world and so many are at the whim of tyrant, subjected to abuse by those permitted to promote divide rather than unity, not necessarily to embrace one another, but to respect one another and honestly, it is so, so disconcerting to see the evident disconnects to one another, rather than to see our handclasp to one another in celebrating our individuality as well as our similarities to one another which are many more than our differences which should be our focus….

The “generational stonewalls of dysfunction, hatred and such bias” as I make reference to this saddened world unfortunately remain firmly in tact which is so troublesome, women, children so abused and despite the heightened knowledge of mankind and communication we share via the internet for example with one another, so many remain uneducated and within the domain of tyrants, enslaved to poverty and ignorance….yes, even to inhumane sufferings here in the year of 214! Outrageous!

With – Rome – now in the sights of ISIS and a Germany and Vatican who are far more enlightened, educated and understand the lessons of history far better than Tehran or ISIS, Germany and the ever powerful Vatican, cunning and articulate in their strategic organization and policies, a fast deployment Army well trained and shiny new battleships already in the Mediterranean where the “Brutes of Tehran” are slowly being intentionally surrounded by the substantial manufacture and distribution of weapons in nurturing a New Confederate of Middle East States as allies to Germany soon to pounce on Tehran and to dupe many in the Middle East including Hamas who will also partake in peace agreements presented by Germany, it is unfortunate that War looms ahead and a paralyzed America under the helm of one who very much and clearly professes divisiveness and chooses to skirt and even circumvent the US Constitution….

….and despite pledge in oath to uphold and enforce laws as the eight (8) year resident of the executive WH has intentionally weakened the US military and will choose to continue to use Civil Rights and his US Treasury, Justice Department and other agencies of an already imposing government to weaken domestic law enforcement and handcuff local police department personnel from protecting the public against those who choose to steal from a local store, choose to disobey and disrespect the orders of a police officer as we saw in Ferguson when the same youth knowingly walked in traffic to disrupt and while no one truly knows just yet what then transpired between youth(s) and police officer, again seeing this eight (8) year WH resident as he did in Cambridge (MA), acting without fact and engaging the federal government and forced to hold a beer fest on the WH lawn later in what is a local enforcement issue.

A youth who – may have attacked a police officer in his car – and with accomplice, some reporting that these youth were seeking to steal the officer’s gun and because the victim’s pigment of skin is dark, excuse after excuse and calls for arrest and indictment of a police officer who – may have been – threatened by a criminal, a youth stealing and as we saw in the video, arrogant in his gait as he intimidated the store clerk….or unjustifiably murdered a young man. Stealing, disobeying a police officer’s orders and attacking a police officer does not often lead to a good outcome and the Ferguson community who has not chosen to participate in a predominantly Black community, choosing to vote White officials to run Ferguson, well, they too need to take responsibility and run for office and want to participate in the democratic process….and to the Governor speaking out on the basis of party lines rather than facts, well, you should be booted by all voters! How dare you make judgement on a criminal incident without all facts gathered and experts making recommendation based on facts, not the pigment of skin!

The facts are facts and while the police officer may have done wrong and murdered this youth, no one truly knows this and it is only through forensics and fact which can explain just what happened in Ferguson. No one should be presumed guilty until found so by jury. The fact is that this young Black youth chose to steal and then proceeded to impede the flow of traffic, few can dispute these facts…what happened next, well, the grand jury and other law enforcement and community officials can hear and evaluate evidence….will there be any charges filed on the accomplice if he is found to have helped in the attack on police officer…again, if in fact it is found that these two youth continued on their law breaking with heightened attack on a police officer in his cruiser? Surely if the police officer acted criminally, he should be placed under arrest and convicted by jury and fact. We are a Christian nation, a Judeo-Christian community proud of its laws and Constitution and Bill of Rights for all and while this eight year WH resident seemingly seeks to use government to interfere in the local process where we see 50 FBI agents all over Furguson, but hard to find at the “Benghazi Massacre” –

Six of the worst terrorists were released by barry Obama back to those overseas who choose our demise, the very best in terrorist operatives, DHS permitted felons released from jails to walk among us, the borders of our nation porous as never before with no other nation so willing to enable law breakers to enter across their borders and all the while, a US Marine, a brave warrior, watches daily as busload after busload of illegals, children and others, are permitted to enter into our country….try this in any other country and see how quickly you would be arrested!

Militarization of our police departments, is in fact most likely necessary at least at this time when so many seem to to make judgment before the facts are presented and evaluated by those who have the knowledge and experience to do so….populace and government cannot seem to take part in the democratic process and government at least as promoted by Barry Obama, divisive and biased in every manner….Go back to Chicago for as President you have only created many more problems for the Black community in Chicago and you have not visited nor sent your illustrious AG to Chicago while black on black crime is taking Life of so many Black young men and it seems you only immerse yourself Barry when a Civil Rights case may be at hand….Homeland Security, we have many concerns, many….hopefully November elections will regain sanity and we can together, no matter the pigment of our skin, act as fellow Americans with our many similarities versus differences and nurture our youth and communities to their wellness….We do Not need you and your fellow city street organizers, we need jobs and security, two of your most prominent and empty campaign promises….

So while many are abused and the world riddled with bias in every form and this WH has certainly reached its objective in promoting divisiveness and in bringing few solutions to the high unemployment of minorities and so many Black youth having children w/o parental support and Barry and Michelle Obama failing to visit Chicago for example and preferring to take family vacation to Spain….well, the distrust we all have of government does not bode well for the future and contrary to Barry Obama and his illustrious AG, the militarization of our police departments are necessary to protect the public from a decaying core of the populace who prefer dependence on the government rather than being nurtured and understanding that the attainment of education prepares one for a far better quality in Life than youth pushing store clerks and as law breakers, White, Black, Blue and Green, whatever pigment color, law breakers and taking ahold on our streets so militarize our police departments and in fact, if the WH and the AG and even the media play the race card when facts point to credibility of charges and conviction of law breakers, then maybe if Congress cannot get its job done and our US marine is allowed to stay in a Mexican prison for making a U-Turn, well, it might be an idea worth our consideration here on “Main Street USA” to ask the US military/DoD to take the reigns of government temporarily and help us bring back justice and freedom for

On a positive note, let’s look to Vienna this summer:

“One of the most intriguing opportunities for children that are interested in creating or performing musical pieces is to join one of the Salzburg Festival’s Opera Camps. In cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic and support from the Salzburg Foundation of the American Austrian Foundation, young people are able to watch an opera, practice the parts, assist with the designing and building of a set, create an opera of their own, attend dress rehearsals with backstage access, and finally perform their very own opera. This year, an Il trovatore Camp and Fierrabras Camp were offered.

What have you done Barry and Michelle Obama and your AG to help Black youth in New York and Chicago so, so hopeless, so fearful of the future, so unprepared and having lack of parenting, the teachings of and closeness of family as your broken promises to create jobs and your possible intended enslavement of those who must take government freebees do not bode well for our nation though as a real politician, your politicizing daily rather than dealing with serious global issues, your signature is clearly identified by not only a shirtless Putin, but We here on “Main Street USA” who call for abetter trained and more effective police department w/equipment prepared and available for domestic assailant or from those seeking our demise….This ongoing divisiveness and focus on our respective skin color is Not the way we here on “Main Street USA” live together and stand ready to help one another despite your seemingly ill intentions!

Comment by William R. Cumming

August 24, 2014 @ 1:52 am

he Partnership for Public Warning

A. General Information

The Partnership for Public Warning (PPW) was a think tank, formed shortly after September 11th, which consisted of leaders in the field of disaster warnings and information. The PPW was a not-for-profit, public-private partnership governed by an elected Board of Trustees representing local and state governments, private industry and the non-profit community. Federal agencies participating in PPW included the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Commerce and Federal Communications Commission. For several years the PPW operated with the mission of promoting and enhancing efficient, effective, and integrated dissemination of public warnings and related information.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

August 24, 2014 @ 11:20 am

Bemused by this perverse and divisive eight year privileged resident of the WH “entrusted” to lead this once great nation in this 21st century by a majority of White voters whose perceptions are far beyond the decades of slavery which caused great anguish for many based on the pigment of skin and as well a bias rightly acknowledged by those Greeks, Irish, Armenians, the Hebrews and so forth who came to this country once long ago offering hope and freedom from tyrant and government oppression so abused and discriminated upon….

Despite the empty political rhetoric, the broken promises of creating meaningful employment not only for the Black community still suffering from high unemployment and even higher both rates among teens given the failure of both parenting, the lack of fatherhood and a community which continues to take no responsibility for self and understanding as well as promoting education as the means for enhancing the quality of Life rather than being further – enslaved – by the ever burdensome and imposing government which nurtures poverty and despair….

We the People, Black, White, Blue, Green and other have forgotten that We are the People and this our government to demand accountability and yes that word again and again, demanding transparency by all these self-serving and highly paid salaried and pension seekers on the backs of a now poverty ridden America, a nation and its populace, some 62% some say w/sketchy or bad credit and lots of debt….

Few of those in government today – who by oath of office have sworn to uphold and enforce our laws – which means that every individual willing to break the law as immigrants and Not follow the process that millions do in annually in presenting application and health certificate, portraying character and honesty and sometimes waiting two and three years to be granted or not visa, not a law breaker like a Ferguson, MO youth who knowingly chooses criminal behavior in stealing and with arrogant gait as depicted by video, after committing a robbery, chooses to come back and intimidate a store clerk…prompting the question, did he do the same with his accomplice in attempting to not only beat up on a cop, but come back to intimidate and threaten a law serving police officer serving the community which he has done for many years w/o incident, but so many run to judge an officer including the Governor of Missouri when facts are being assessed….

….and just maybe this police officer was justified to shoot six shots in three seconds, yes, a firearm within three seconds as he was possibly intimidated by a youth much like we saw same to store clerk minutes prior and a youth, Black or White, Blue or Green or other who obviously could care whether he stole from a merchant what was Not his and he did Not earn and then knowingly chose to disrupt traffic, disobeying the orders of a public servant. YOU and I have no idea what happened that day and just like any other such unfortunate incident for all involved, who are these uninformed folks whether the Governor or citizen to demand and act as jury towards a police officer who may have acted quite appropriately or not and should be charged w/murder….the pigment of skin is not the deciding factor, however facts are facts and the experts will tell us.

As Americans, not Black or White, Blue, Green or other, responsible citizens see the self-serving, lust for power and a WH politicizing in every way to hold onto the reigns of real scandals, outright corruption and public servants elected to office indifferent to thwarting the increasing tsunami in a spiraling federal deficit only to see it now exceeding $18 trillion in bankruptcy, while also quite disconcerting to see the lack of genuine regard for our veterans and specifically a brave warrior looking out his Mexican cell window as busload after busload of illegals are allowed to pass the southern and northern borders of Mexico and our own porous border open to criminal and our jailed and convicted felons allowed to return to terrorist ops and felons set free from jail to walk among us….We never leave anyone behind so where is the hop skip and jump by our elite to save our brave warrior by the corruptness of both the Mexican and US government officials from the top down who orchestrate open borders to allow illegals to enter and gun down our border patrol, but a Marine is left behind very reminiscent of the same taking place at the “Benghazi Massacre” where our men were left to die and even the Ambassador reportedly sodomized and those perpetrators allowed to roam free sipping wine to tell their story at the local hotel w/one token arrest after public clamoring and another failure for an administration so willing to bow and kiss the ring of another sovereign nation often associated with sponsoring terror and prompting recollection of the immediacy of this eight year WH resident to fly to cairo and apologize for America to the Muslim Brotherhood, Barry Obama’s reported pals…

We are besieged from within, therefore unlike Barry Obama and Eric Holder running to Cambridge (MA) and Ferguson (MO) to stroke the flames of divisiveness and bias when a local law enforcement issue and facts unknown, it is time for the folks of Ferguson (MO) to run for office and participate in your community and to promote responsible and well trained and unbiased police officers to patrol the streets – take responsibility and begin to nurture children as responsible parents and encourage children to get an education and be better prepared to gain employment and quality in Life ,much like we see the Asian community and the Indian community who promote family values and hammer the insistence that every youth focus to the best of their abilities to attain the highest possible educational preparedness to participate and contribute to the community and gain independence.

Homeland Security, read the following and you might understand that our local police enforcement officers should be better trained and better equipped and yes, militarized for when we see here on “Main Street USA” a White House and Justice Department so willing to jeopardize the law of the land so and we see Ms. Hillary and Barry Obama standing shoulder to shoulder in blatant lie to the American populace as well as to the world for their own purpose, no wonder there are some 300+ million legal weapons in the homes of Americans – for all lawful purpose – because trust in our own government and those who fail to enforce the present laws, well, much to be concerned about…much to be concerned about!

Homeland Security, many devoted and wonderful brave Patriots serving our nation with our most sincere appreciation, however yes, our front porch flags are turned upside down portraying a nation under duress and distress!

Read the following I noted on the internet reminiscent of 1935 and see how biased and scary folks are who walk among us so yes, train and militarize our police enforcement contrary to this eight year WH resident who has intentionally weakened us in every way and from my perspective should be held under House arrest for suspicion in breach of trust, treason as the future looks quite uncertain and compelling to demand that laws are enforced by all including those taking oath in pledge to our laws and Constitution:

The Savage ISIS Murderers are US and Israeli Agents
by drkresearch

The Savage ISIS Murderers are US and Israeli Agents

The murders committed by the so-called Islamic State, also known as ISIS, rather than Islamic are Zionist in source. That’s because Islamic State (that is ISIS) is a creation of the arch-Zionist cabal. Even so, Islaam prohibits the actions and deeds of the ISIS terror agents. They are the enemies of Islaam, let there be no doubt about it. Using a variety of agents, including common criminals and deranged Muslim extremists, pro-Israeli elements have achieved the spillage of vast human blood.

Journalist James Foley is a prominent example. If Mr. Foley was murdered in Iraq, which seems to now be confirmed, then, it is strictly the Zionists who are responsible regardless of the nature of the henchmen involved. Clearly and categorically, as stated by Rand Paul and others, ISIS is a creation of the US espionage system, most notably the Mossad.

Both the CIA and DHS are extensions of Mossad elements. The Mossad itself, along with the Shin Bet, is curiously known under the umbrella of Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – or ISIS. There is also an ISIS entity in the United States. This entity consists of private military contractors, who work on behalf of the arch-Zionist cabal.

Regarding Mr. Foley, he was involved in supporting the same terrorist elements which are funded and armed by the Zionists and their American collaborators. This included the NATO-supported Libyan militants and most recently the pro-Israeli agents responsible for the aggression against the people of Syria.

If Foley was murdered, as acclaimed, this is not a result of mere Islaamic fundamentalism. In fact, it is the opposite of this. It is the consequence of US and Israeli adventurism in regard to their constant plot to corrupt and control the lands of Islaam. The launching of the ISIS barbaric video is a Zionist plot, not an Islaamic one since, regardless, ISIS is a Zionist creation.
The Middle East is ‘strategic’ to the Zionists because of its oil and gas wealth. ISIS is a creation to gain and maintain that control. Thus, the mechanism behind such ISIS-related murders is strictly Zionist in origin.

The claim is that Islamic State committed the brutal killing of the journalist, among countless others. Then, if it isn’t a truly Islaamic entity what is Islamic State, and who is behind it? It is now clear what is the source of the savagery. It is the Zionist entity and all its agents.

ISIS and/or ISIL, along with the FSA, seeks treatment in the Zionist strip for all its wounded militants from the battlefield. The brutal, hedonistic Zionist Jews are the creators of ISIS, in part through their agent, Iraqi Jew Ibrahim al-Baghdadi:

Arch-Zionist mole and terminal liar Ken King speaks of his cohort al-Baghdadi, as if he is the man to be most feared in the whole world. The vile Zionist even proclaims that his fellow Jew has targeted New York for his next realm of destruction. If the leader of the entity is a Jew, then, who else could be responsible for ISIS other than Zionist Jewry?

Who believes this dirty Zionist with his phony quote of the fake Islamic bogeyman al-Baghdadi? It is a set-up, just like 9-11. It is as if King is preparing Americans for the next vile pysops operation, the next false flag or perhaps hoax, which would be blamed on Muslims. Apparently, the hierarchy of ISIS finds the Zionist entity to be its key ally:

Will ISIS, then, if it has the capacity, attack the Palestinians instead of the Israelis? This type of treachery has been its trend thus far.
ISIS is all black, as that is the color of terror as well as horror. Curiously, the Prophet Muhammad instructed his followers not to wear black; its energetics are to the detriment of people.

So, what happened to Mr. Foley? His closest relatives do not appear to be in shock in the least considering the degree of the brutality. Even so, it is all a distraction from the real purpose of ISIS, which is to create internecine war within the Islaamic people. It is all according to the platform designed by the Zionists, particularly the arch-Rothschild cabal.

God Bless the United States of America, our beloved Republic!

Be vigilant and support your local law enforcement officials.

Christopher Tingus

Comment by Christopher Tingus

August 24, 2014 @ 11:40 am

In rereading this article referenced I found while perusing the internet regarding ISIS, quite scary that folks truly believe such trash and w/ISIS now looking at Rome, not New York for we heard the Pope talk about the issue and threat to mankind at hand as German and Vatican intelligence is enlightening leaders as to the dynamics of a Middle East to become unravelled even more so, Germany and the ever powerful Vatican will most assuredly now begin to play a more evident role in Middle East confrontations rather than behind the scenes. Tehran who well see the wrath of Germans and a Germany like in World War I and WWII not to be trusted either….arch enemies of America!

Close our borders now! Enforce our present laws and participate in your local community standing forthright for what is right versus wrong. We must portray strength and our commitment towards neighbor and good ‘ol Glory and shun those seeking to use divisiveness to place wedge between us –

Comment by Christopher Tingus

August 24, 2014 @ 10:05 pm

By Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

The Dance: The greenhouse effect takes place in the atmosphere. We now have over 1/3 of a century of global atmospheric satellite temperature records. They are far more globally comprehensive and reliable than any other temperature records. Yet, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and other entities that follow it, use surface-air temperatures records, which are far less comprehensive and subject to significant biases such as changes in land use (e.g. urban heat island effect).

The most closely followed surface-air temperature record, that of the Met Office Hadley Center and the Climatic Research Unit (HadCRUT), shows no significant warming for more than 17 years, which contradicts temperature forecasts from the models the IPCC uses and suggests something is wrong that prevailing IPCC mind-set that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is the major driver of global warming/climate change.

Comment by William R, Cumming

August 27, 2014 @ 9:12 pm

Extract from Stafford Act:

Sec. 202. Disaster Warnings (42 U.S.C. 5132)
(a) Readiness of Federal Agencies to Issue Warnings to State and Local Officials – The President shall insure that all appropriate Federal agencies are prepared to issue warnings of disasters to State and local officials.
(b) Technical Assistance to State and Local Governments for Effective Warnings – The President shall direct appropriate Federal agencies to provide technical assistance to State and local governments to insure that timely and effective disaster warning is provided.
(c) Warnings to Governmental Authorities and Public Endangered by Disaster – The President is authorized to utilize or to make available to Federal, State, and local agencies the facilities of the civil defense communications system established and maintained pursuant to section 5196(c) of this title [Section 611(c)] or any other Federal communications system for the purpose of providing warning to governmental authorities and the civilian population in areas endangered by disasters.
(d) Agreements with Commercial Communications Systems for Use of Facilities – The President is authorized to enter into agreements with the officers or agents of any private or commercial communications systems who volunteer the use of their systems on a reimbursable or nonreimbursable basis for the purpose of providing warning to governmental authorities and the civilian population endangered by disasters.

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