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March 26, 2015

Yemen: Some fundamentals

Filed under: International HLS,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on March 26, 2015

This week the disintegration of Yemen appears nearly complete.

Long-time home of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Yemen has been an important area of operations for US, Saudi, and other counter-terrorist services.  Earlier this week both US and British military advisers were withdrawn in the face of escalating violence.

Many in the CT community consider AQAP the most direct threat to the US homeland. Since 9/11 AQAP has been implicated in several successful and unsuccessful attacks against the United States.

The collapse of the Yemeni central government, which has cooperated in operations against AQAP, will — at least in the near-term — likely enhance the terror group’s freedom of operation.  But AQAP may also be distracted by adversaries closer-at-home.

The current situation is fast-moving.  Following is some background information that may be helpful to your consideration of how the emerging outcomes could impact US homeland security.



The maps above were developed by The Fanack Foundation of the Netherlands.  Other information on Yemen is available from the Fanack Chronicle.

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Comment by Christopher Tingus

March 26, 2015 @ 8:03 am

As a proud American citizen and in the memory of all those who have given their Life or limb to protect our nation and preserve Liberty for all, I most certainly will comment on the most serious travesty to befall America and as clearly depicted by the release of five known terrorists and strategic planners by this perverse White House and this “Shiite Obama” w/o conferring with Congress and coupled with his utter disregard and hatred for the Hebrew and Israel, Barry Obama’s favoritism support of the Muslim Brotherhood and especially towards the “Brutes of Tehran” where the illustrious Rev Wright in ’08 stated that as long as the “Zionists” had WMD in hand, then why not Tehran and Barry and Michelle Obama sitting in the pews listening attentively week after week and Barry Obama for 20 years and You truly believe that Barry Obama has the interest of America and our Constitution and capitalism in his best interests…wake up!

The support of the Shiite axis by “Shiite Barry” who I have no respect for whatsoever as well as good ‘ol Ms. Hillary who left our brave warriors behind at the “Benghazi Massacre” and they should be under House arrest for suspicion in breach of faith, treason and now seeing good ‘ol Ms. Hillary making jokes about her email account and her server, all the property of you and I and she having not turned these papers and server back to the State Department, well, let there be no mistake that the Shiite axis is led by the “Brutes of Tehran” and this administration at least since last fall have been working w/the Houthis and one no longer needs to imagine how corrupt and tainted this White House is when working with this Iranian backed group to overthrow America’s ally and we have now seen the government fall….

Noe the rest of the story unfolds and the Houthi’ takeover of Yemen in gaining control of the world’s most strategic waterway will adversely affect the world’s oil markets, European and American security, global trade and enhances the gateway to Africa and Islamic terror adventurism even more so….

You who have chosen this path and enabling our beloved Republic to fall into the hands of the corrupt are soon to see much punishment for you who have failed to support Jerusalem and the Israeli and the land bequeathed and to keep watch over, you are now being cursed by God himself and as explained by Leviticus 26:

“And I will break the pride of your power…and your strength will be spent in vain” – You who especially in the northeast who fail to go to church and repent and stand forthright for our Judeo-Christian values and our Constitution enabling Barry Obama in his only pledge to his father, Hussein Obama and his anti-Christian, anti-colonial pals, well, do you really believe that the Mullahs have any intent to keep any supposed tainted Agreement with the infidel..wake up!

You who disgrace our nation as this “Shiite Barry Obama” does in bypassing Israel en route to Cairo to “apologize” for America and Michelle Obama who talks about her distaste for America yet it is You who read no Scripture and do not understand or choose to about God and have no understanding that the only solution to the Life threatening challenges we now face from this Shiite Obama and his his Shiite Iranian thugs who not only control five capitals now, but will soon take over Cairo itself!

Read your Bibles and read your Bibles with your children and begin with Ezekiel 33:11 for the only way America will survive is through repentance. Satan’s growing number of foot soldiers are obvious to many, yet You enable the expansion of his grip on humanity which it is quite obvious and further reading Daniel 8:23-25, the evil man such as “Shiite Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood and these thugs in Tehran will even attempt to take on Christ, however as clearly depicted if you were not so ignorant and so self-serving: “He shall be broken without hand – that is, broken by the power of God!

On a similar note and worthy to say, while you and I do not see color, the illustrious “Shiite Obama” and his AG acted without hesitation and got involved in a 911 Cambridge police action which required no US Presidential insertion whatsoever yet we saw the race card played out shortly after election and since then “hands up don’t shoot” as the theme of this Wh which has been the ground game as in the words that Trayvon Martin could have been the President’s son and the radical leftists and good ‘ol Al Sharpton sitting at Barry Obama’s side at the White House is all about creating a race war to evoke hatred and division and we have seen only a divisive White House and certainly hatred and bias, yet not once this ‘Shiite Obama” visiting Chicago and the kids on the streets who as Blacks killing other precious Black youth and neither Barry Obama nor Michelle Obama there on the streets of Chicago because they could given a damn about jobs of Black Americans or its precious youth for its agenda in this less than “transparent” administration supported by this Gestapo type of media support, division and anti-cop rhetoric much the same as we heard this “Chicago city street slicker” and nothing more and his Bill Ayers and other pals at Har’vd spewing this hatred from when standing on their milk cartons!

Enough is enough!

Yemen is now in the hands and control of Iran and Saudi Arabia just began to bomb Yemen because it is all quite clear to the Saudis and other regional governments that Tehran is very much supported by this “Shiite Obama” and his Muslim Brotherhood and Houthi pals and they are next as well as the world seeing massive challenges as the world’s most strategic waterway will now be under the control of Lucifer’s foot soldiers!

Realizing just how ignorant the American population seems to be in enabling good ‘ol Ms. Hillary to leave our brave Patriots behind at the “Benghazi Massacre” keep her server and mock you and this “Shiite Obama” and his Rev Wright being allowed to encourage the “spinning” by the these Mullahs w/the blood of our precious youth on its hands and even the educated Persian who saw this tainted administration in ’09 purposely turn its back on the rich and educated Persian youth who screamed for America and the Mullahs who could have only fantasized of such support by an American White House…what troubles me most I think is that you did little to make note of the February 2013 DOJ 16-page document stating that this warped administration believes it is above the law and has the power to kill any American citizen it considers a threat and without due process!

Again, one other example of this lawless US White House executive which makes such a dictate w/no law authorizing any such action and breaks state and federal laws as well as completely contrary to language in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! …and you know what is troubling, You stood by and like good ‘ol Ms. Hillary’s server, you have enabled our Constitution to be trampled on despite your obligation as an American citizen to stand forthright and protect!

America has been protected only because we have been recipients of the blessings God promised to a very faithful Abraham and you who cannot read anything but your droid and empty texts all day do not even know or would understand what Winston Churchill said when he stated that the history of man is the History of War!

Reality will scare you, however it will be too late for you have allowed those from within to abscond with our Liberty and pretty much because of your ignorance and bliss so unappreciative of the Blessings and freedom which You take for granted!

Tehran is on the move and the “JV” Isis, well, thousands more to die and many Christians to be slain at the hands of the devil!

God Bless America!

Comment by William R. Cumming

March 26, 2015 @ 8:46 am

Several factoids?

1. YEMEN has larger population than Saudi Arabia!

2. Last September President Obama announced YEMEN a success story for US MENA FP!

3. Oil prices skyrocketing!

Comment by Philip J. Palin

March 26, 2015 @ 9:15 am

Mr. Tingus:

It is my judgment that many of your comments, such as this one, have become counter-productive in almost every way. Your highly personalized and partisan attacks detract from any substance that may exist within the fire-breathing rhetoric.

Your tendency to repeat the same attacks again and again (regardless of topic), discourage anyone (other than me?) from even scanning what you have written. Your apparent spiteful disregard for thoughtful people with alternative perspectives discourages dialogue. The tone and length of your comments discourage others from offering their comments. Where you clearly are trying to encourage more active citizenship, I perceive you are actually contributing to the opposite.

The only public benefit in allowing your sort of commentary may be to remind readers that some proportion of our neighbors are so afraid, or angry, or … I’m really not sure… that authentic discourse may not be possible.

So… with considerable regret and with this public notice, on Thursdays and Fridays I will begin to disallow your comments when they feature name-calling or other grossly ad hominem attacks or include comments substantially off-topic when there is no credible (to me) argument to link topics. To the extent I have time, I will — and with public notice — edit your comments to allow what I consider on-topic contributions that do not indulge in name-calling. Unfortunately (or not), I will not often have such time and am more likely to simply push the “unapprove” button on my moderation panel. This will cause your words to disappear.

I value your substantive inputs, especially when I disagree with you. But your style and tone have become of such concern to me that — at least on Thursdays and Fridays when I am the putative host here — I insist you participate in a civil way or you are not welcome.

Comment by claire rubin

March 26, 2015 @ 12:07 pm

Thanks for the basic info. I know virtually nothing about Yemen.


Comment by William R. Cumming

March 27, 2015 @ 9:39 am

Apparently 12 million Yemenis live and work in Saudi Arabia!

Comment by William R. Cumming

March 28, 2015 @ 9:21 am

S.A. massing 150,000 troops on Yemen’s border. If S.A. invades Yemen expect Egypt to invade Libya.

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