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April 1, 2015

Buhari elected in Nigeria

Filed under: International HLS — by Philip J. Palin on April 1, 2015

The election of the opposition candidate in Nigeria is a positive signal regarding prospects for democracy in Africa’s most populace nation.  The election of a retired army general with a predisposition to action promises to contrast sharply with the sometimes bizarre passivity of the current Nigerian president.  The election of a Muslim in a nation closely divided between Christians and Muslims,  plagued by Salafist violence, opens important opportunities for the entire region.

It is significant — and encouraging — that Buhari won in several states with a Christian majority.  (See map)

Less positive assessments could be offered of equal credence.  But as our friend Hegel has argued, “These do not contradict one another, one is as necessary as the other; and constitutes the life of the whole.”

Given the place of Africa in previous and prospective terrorist threats to the United States, the follow-on to this election is likely to have significant homeland security implications.

Lots of news coverage.  Vanguard, one of the leading Nigerian newspapers, is a reasonable place to start.  The Guardian is another respected outlet. Punch claims to have the most readers.

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Comment by Vicki Campbell

April 1, 2015 @ 3:13 pm

Unfortunately, it is our own decidedly anti-democratic actions throughout Africa, past, present and prospective, under the guise of “homeland security” that are the most serious threat to the U.S. emanating from that continent. It is also important to note that these same fairly lawless and brutal “counter-terrorism” interventions make Africans in general, and for the purposes of this topic, Nigerians in particular far, far less secure and far, far more subject to terrorism than anything that we’re likely to ever experience – and the extent to which this goes unreported by the western press, and unacknowledged much less properly critiqued by the Homeland Security establishment is truly abhorrent.

Comment by William R. Cumming

April 2, 2015 @ 8:21 am

Nigerian population 180M and climbing fast?

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