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July 10, 2015

Friday Free Forum

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Philip J. Palin on July 10, 2015

William R. Cumming Forum

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Comment by William R. Cumming

July 10, 2015 @ 7:19 am

Some Cumming postulates for comment and/or debate relating to HS/EM:

1. The Presidential Campaign for 2016 has now ended the first round and looking more and more like the Oligarchs running the USA have picked their candidates!

2. The EU and NATO and Israel are the Achilles Heel of the USA. Wounding of any may be fatal to the USA polity.

3. MENA [Middle-East North Africa] the Achilles Heel of the EU/NATO,and Israel.

4. The 2016 Presidential Campaign will again largely ignore FP [Foreign Policy]!

5. President Obama will have one more SCOTUS appointment maybe two (2)!


7. Russia will swallow the Eastern Ukraine before President Obama leaves office.

8. The US/Iran nuclear deal will not be signed and while the US FP establishment has forgiven Iran for the 1979 hostage taking of US Embassy staff Iran has not forgiven the USA for many reasons.

9. China’s efforts to colonize the Moon by 2030 will accelerate. And US dependence on Russian launch vehicles will continue indefinitely.

10. Urban area housing will increasing feature standby generator systems and electric car plug-in features as marketing ploys.

11. The “new FEMA” having largely remained untested during the Obama Administration will utterly fail to meet expectations in the next natural catastrophe befalling the USA!

12. The Arctic Ocean will largely be the focus of Russian efforts strategically.

13. The death of the Castro Brothers will start a US “gold rush” to exploit the Cubans.

14. More nuclear power reactors will be built outside of the USA then the current 110 existing in the USA over the next decade. But more and more will be of 250 MW or less and none of the 1000 MW variety.

15. The opening of a wider Panama Canal and flight capital by and from China will become a huge political issue.

Have fun?

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 10, 2015 @ 7:19 am

Apparently another individual who takes for granted the freedom and opportunity like none other America offers….so many Blessings afforded to us and this reckless and outright criminal behavior in abuse and an ISIS which respects Life so little and all before the Lord! What a pity that mankind is so often depraved in its ways….the soldiers of Lucifer are walking our streets and We must be far better prepared….laws must be enforced and any elected public office holder including Barry Obama and good ‘ol Ms. Hillary, arrested if not fulfilling the laws – no one is above the law….not even Billy Boy who apparently is ok w/Ms. Hillary seemingly prostituting our country to enable Billy Boy to pay the bills!

How outrageous and how dare you jeopardize our Homeland Security?

“HOLLYWOOD — Just days after learning of her hatred for America, federal investigators have revealed that pop singer Ariana Grande was recruited by ISIS, radicalized by spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani’s Ramadan message, according to intelligence sources.

In a recent audio message, al-Adnani encouraged jihadists to make Ramadan a “calamity for the infidels.” Inspired by this directive, Grande infiltrated a local donut shop disguised as a customer and began maliciously licking pastries left out on display. Her wanton act of terrorism complete, she admitted her allegiance to ISIS by declaring, “I hate Americans! I hate America!”

During questioning by federal auhorities Grande admitted she was always a “dark and deranged” child who would eventually travel a savage and violent path.

“There was a stage, when I was three or four, where my mom thought I might grow up to be a serial killer,” said Grande of her disturbing childhood.

Fans have taken to social media to point out this newest turn of events may have been foreshadowed by the artist’s recent chart-toppers, including “You Don’t Know Me,” “Bang Bang,” and “There Is But One God, Allah (And Muhammad Is His Prophet).” Though the majority of Americans were turned off by Grande’s announcement, others stood by the pop icon.

“I don’t care, I still think she’s dropping the dopest tracks out there,” wrote one online comment by user Abu_Bakr_Tha_Attakr.

Federal law enforcement became suspicious of the pop star’s activities when she began to case various California bakeries in preparation for her brazen attack.

“She doesn’t fit the profile of frequent bakery customer,” said one federal source who wished to remain anonymous. “She obviously has never eaten a donut in her entire life.”

Duffel Blog writer Dirty contributed reporting.

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 10, 2015 @ 7:24 am

What changes if any have been made nationally in riot and civil disorder response training and policing since Baltimore?

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 10, 2015 @ 7:25 am

….and Bill, “US dependence on Russian launch vehicles will continue indefinitely” why is this? Where is our leadership and our vision into the 21st and 22nd centuries and understanding how strategically important the universe and beyond? What idiots!

American exceptionalism….I do hope we are able to keep an edge over the Chinese and the Russians and the new China-Russia-India threesome now emerging given our weakened global political posturing….Wow!

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 10, 2015 @ 7:26 am

Hey Chris! Are the donut makers the real terrorists?

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 10, 2015 @ 10:07 am

Here on “Main Street USA” many of us say, why a woman on the $10 bill, we would prefer a woman on a $25 federal reserve note and when it comes to concerns and questions relative to Homeland Security, we are truly concerned this Friday about the buzz/fact that home grown terrorists lurk about and to top it off that our very own government do not assure us safety from known felons, illegals and further disturbing when talking about the obviously failed government we have on both sides of the aisle, the following buzz which prompts us to have even less confidence in a government which clearly understood that they worked for the People:

July 10
By: Chris Stirewalt

Buzz Cut:
· Confederate flag Rorschach test
· Hillary goes heavy for gun control
· Power Play: Walker wades in
· Trump: Re-birther of a nation
· No charge for the chalupa scent


“Looking back in 20 years, we would not likely remember 2015 as they year in which the Confederate Battle Flag was removed from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse any more than we will remember it as the year of the white black woman or the year we changed the $10 bill.

It might be recalled as the year of the Pearl Harbor of cyber warfare or the year that that Islamic State took root or the year when the new Cold War with Russia heated up.

But that’s not to say that all of our current distractions are created equal.

Talking about life in the South, William Faulkner famously wrote “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

So it is particularly admirable that both sides of this struggle have shown goodwill and respect. It is a moment of true patriotic grace when the descendants of Confederate soldiers and the descendants of slaves can reach these terms on their own “with malice toward none and charity for all.”

What Reconstruction and federal legislation could not do, decency and neighborliness have achieved.


Contrast that with the miserable condition of Congress in which Democrats looking to ban the decoration of the graves of Confederate war dead by their descendants hector and shame those who would leave some space and some dignity for those families.

There is an enormous difference between the government of a state flying a flag of rebellion and individuals decorating graves. Pretending otherwise is not only dishonest but also foretells of a larger culture of shaming that threatens much of our history.

Which other symbols and figures will be marked for expunging? The flag of the United States flew for 90 years over a nation with legal slavery. The flag of New York flew over a city in which as many as 20 percent of 18th century inhabitants were slaves.

But more than anything, this is a question not of how you see the past, but rather how you see the present and the future.

If you see America as a great nation and the greatest force for good in human, you are more prone to see our imperfect story in the context of the making of, to quote Lincoln again, “the last best hope of earth.” You would be prone to think that it is good that we fell short so that we would rise to greater heights.

If you see America as a bastion of intolerance and as a force of oppression, then our past is a shameful thing that ought to be expunged. If you believe that America is an instrument of evil, then its past ought not just be forgotten but also reinvented in keeping with modern political aims.

The issue of the flag makes for a useful political Rorschach test for our time.”

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 10, 2015 @ 7:46 pm

Watching the Next War

William Cook, Spectator | July 4

Late last month, on a windswept plain near
the Polish town of Zagan, the defense ministers
of Poland, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands
joined the nato secretary general, Jens
Stoltenberg, to watch nato’s response to Russia’s
incursions into Eastern Europe. The dramatic
culmination of a week of military maneuvers,
Exercise Noble Jump, was a spectacular show of
force by nato’s new vjtf brigade. …
nato was preparing for a new kind of conflict
in which identities are not clear-cut and battle
lines can be hard to draw. … nato’s answer has
been the biggest reinforcement since the end of
the Cold War. After the nato summit in Wales
last September, the alliance’s “ready for action”
Response Force is expanding from 13,000 to
30,000 troops. The vjtf is its spearhead.
vjtf stands for Very High Readiness Joint
Task Force (armies love imperfect acronyms) but
the key words are Joint and Readiness. The Readiness
part is pretty simple: From bases all over
Europe, the vjtf is ready to deploy in 48 hours
in any nato country—far faster than ever before.
The Joint part is more complicated but
equally important. vjtf troops will be drawn
from all 28 nato countries. This results in a far
broader range of firepower than would normally
be available to one brigade. Exercise Noble
Jump involved Dutch light infantry, Norwegian
armored infantry, German Panzers, U.S. Blackhawk
helicopters, Belgian F16 fighter-bombers
and special forces from Poland, Lithuania and the
Netherlands. British troops weren’t involved, but
they soon will be.
This is the first time that nato has created
a multinational brigade from scratch, but it was
actually built around a long-standing multinational
force, the German-Netherlands Corps.
Established 20 years ago, this corps forms the
core of the interim vjtf. “Germany and the Netherlands
have made a decision to cooperate, and to
share their resources,” says Lt.-Gen. Volker Halbauer,
the corps’ commander (and if the Dutch
can forget their grievances against the Germans,
surely anyone can). German efficiency and Dutch
pragmatism is an effective combination. Combining
different national traits within a single corps
isn’t a liability—it’s an asset.
And it isn’t just the top brass who say so.
“I do believe that multinational cooperation is
extremely important and will grow in the future,”
says Warrant Officer Lieske. “Every nation has
special capabilities and special knowledge.” His
German-Netherlands Corps cap badge bears a
Latin motto, Communitate valemus: “Together we
are strong.”
The vjtf takes this winning combination to
a new level. The German-Netherlands Corps is
normally ready to deploy within 20 to 30 days.
The vjtf can be in the field within two, at the
first sign of trouble. Its formation is timely. Russian
defense spending has increased to 4 percent
of gdp. nato members are still striving for 2 percent.
If nato can’t be bigger, it must be smarter—
and more cost-efficient. Pooling military expertise
makes strategic and economic sense. For
Britons, the idea of a “European Army” may conjure
up dark visions of a European superstate,
but this isn’t about ever-closer union—it’s about
meeting strength with strength. …
The vjtf can be deployed in any nato country,
to counter any threat, but the locations of its
six regional headquarters are telling: Romania,
Bulgaria, Poland and the Baltic states.
The location of these maneuvers underlines
the historic significance of Exercise Noble Jump.
This is Silesia, part of Prussia for several centuries
and now part of Poland. It’s been a battleground
throughout European history. Will it be
a battleground again? As the German and Polish
defense ministers pose for photos together
beside a tank, you can’t help but marvel at how
history has turned on its head. Twenty-five years
ago this was Warsaw Pact territory, and Poland
and Russia were allies. Now Poland and Germany
are allies, and Russia is the ghost at the feast.
“That peaceful period after the Second World
War is now over—there are more and more crises
erupting around Europe,” says Tomasz Siemoniak,
the Polish defense minister (and deputy
prime minister). “It’s not only the Ukrainian-Russian
crisis, but also isis and a number of different
crises in northern Africa. We cannot defend our
European way of life if we don’t do more for our
defense.” Noble Jump is just one of over 300 military
exercises in nato countries this year—three
times as many as two years ago. …
Editor’s note: “This development is significant
because it shows European powers building a
multinational brigade around the German-Netherlands
Corps. The Trumpet has long forecast
that European powers would unite militarily and
that the bloc would be led by Germany. Also, as
the article points out, this rallying of European
military powers behind Germany is happening
in response to Russia’s incursions into eastern
Europe. The Trumpet has long said that Russia’s
resurgence would be a catalyst to European
unification, and we now see it happening t

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 10, 2015 @ 7:48 pm

England Sleeps Again as Our
Enemies Rampage

Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph | July 5

Michael Fallon is one of the more
thoughtful ministers; as Defense Secretary,
he has to be. He inherited a department emasculated
by cuts—or, rather, by the twisted priorities
behind them. It was decided in 2010 that the
world was a safe place, and Britain didn’t need a
proper armed forces. Sadly, as the Arab Spring
unfolded, that decision quickly turned out to be
monumentally wrong.
Mr. Fallon has raised the question of airstrikes
against the Islamic fundamentalists who
murdered 38 tourists, most of them British,
in Tunisia. Let us leave aside whether revenge
attacks would be a good idea …. The real issue,
if you will forgive my repeating myself, is that
we don’t have proper armed forces to take such
Since 2010, as a new report by the UK
National Defense Association (uknda) pointed
out, defense spending has been cut by 9 percent.
New threats to our security have blown up:
not just isis, but also a Russia aggressive towards
Ukraine, and systematically destabilizing members
of nato and the EU.
Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon, introducing
the uknda report, terms the imminent
Strategic Defense and Security Review “the most
important in four decades.” All three services are
at their lowest strength since the 1920s, and Sir
Michael asserts that “whole capabilities are missing
and we have been unable to perform certain
crucial military functions.” …
As one leading defense expert, with decades
of experience, said to me last week, “we no longer
have a credible army or a navy or an air force, but
there’s no need to worry about that because they
are of use only if we have a credible defense policy
based on a credible security policy—and we have
neither.” He also mentioned the recent leak of a
test pilot’s report on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s
“lethal limitations,” exposed when it simulated a
dogfight with a 40-year-old F-16. The shortcomings
were known to analysts for years: The expert
told me the test pilot’s language “made it so vivid
that even the average M.P. should understand.” …
There is a general understanding among
nato countries that each should spend 2 percent
of the annual budget on defense. Britain is dangerously
close to falling under that figure, and
President Obama has started lecturing Mr. Cameron
on the subject. It is certainly true—and I was
in the States last week and picked this up forcefully—that
America feels it is bearing too much of
the burden for the defense of the West and of our
shared values, and that others must pay more.
The Americans, who fund 70 percent of the nato
effort, are right: And the less we pay, the more
isolationist they will become, which will make us
even more vulnerable.
We need a proper security policy that identifies
who our enemies are, and what we must do to
ward them off. We will then need more men and
women under arms, and more and better equipment.
This is not to launch invasions—no one
wants that—but to seek to deter, and to respond
adequately if threatened. I am sure even 2 percent
is not enough. Why not class overseas aid as part
of defense, and spend it protecting the interests
of our allies abroad?
I admire Mr. Fallon, but he must surely see
that, when we cannot defend ourselves, it is reckless
to speculate about interventions elsewhere.
He has exposed a weakness that it is his job to rectify.
I trust he has had a meaningful conversation
with Mr. Osborne about it, because if he hasn’t
the country risks paying a price far higher than
can be calculated in pounds. …

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 10, 2015 @ 7:53 pm

So Mr. Donald, we here on ‘Main Street USA” hear you quite loudly and while the government of Mexico worries much about your talk in trade – Homeland Security issues involving illegal immigrants may not catch the media reporting, however here and there those professionals in the industry do report the real news and facts and WE are listening mr. Donald very attentively in your conveyance straight from the shoulder instead of the empty rhetoric of politicians who have taken oath and are so willing to prostitute America to assure their self-agenda:

Illegal Immigrants Accounted for
Nearly 37 Percent of Federal
Sentences in FY 2014

Breitbart | July 7

While illegal immigrants account for
about 3.5 percent of the U.S. population,
they represented 36.7 percent of federal sentences
in FY 2014 following criminal convictions,
according to U.S. Sentencing Commission (ussc)
data obtained by Breitbart News. …
Broken down by some of the primary
offenses, illegal immigrants represented 16.8 percent
of drug trafficking cases, 20 percent of kidnapping/hostage
taking, 74.1 percent of drug possession,
12.3 percent of money laundering, and 12
percent of murder convictions.
One gop aide expressed shock at the numbers,
e-mailing Breitbart News, “These statistics
blew me away, and they blow a hole through the
oft-repeated line that people only want to come
to America to work.  It’s tragic so few politicians
are willing even to acknowledge the true extent of
this problem, but until more do, more Americans
will keep getting harmed.”
The ussc data only deals with federal offenders
sentenced under the Sentencing Reform Act
of 1984, and does not include other categories like
state cases, death penalty cases or “cases initiated
but for which no convictions were obtained,
offenders convicted for whom no sentences were
yet issued, and offenders sentenced but for whom
no sentencing documents were submitted to the
Commission.” …
Eliminating all immigration violations, illegal
immigrants would account for 13.6 percent of all
the offenders sentenced in FY 2014 following federal
criminal convictions—still greater than the
3.5 percent of the population illegal immigrants

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 11, 2015 @ 6:27 am

FBI Director Comfey citing 41.4 million immigrants in USA with almost 12 million illegal! What is documentation for these numbers?

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 11, 2015 @ 6:31 am

When the Ukraine surrendered its nuclear weapons at the end of the Cold War it now appears the US might have offered its military protection to the Ukraine in a secret arrangement! Any documentation?

How many nations are offered military protection by the USA outside of formal treaty arrangements?



Comment by William R. Cumming

July 11, 2015 @ 6:33 am

Sanctions on CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS SHIPMENTS seem to be holding up Iran/US nuclear talks! The ban is a UN ban. Not US exclusive.

Is this appropriate?

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 11, 2015 @ 8:35 am

IMO sanctions on all potential WMD delivery systems is appropriate. Not that the US is the leading proliferator of these delivery systems.

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 11, 2015 @ 5:46 pm

A Resurgent Russia—Its Strategy and Strategic Posture and the Implications for the United States and NATO

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 12, 2015 @ 9:59 am

Deal-making in Vienna

By John Bolton

“After repeatedly ignoring self-imposed deadlines, Iran and the U.N. Security Council’s five permanent members (plus Germany) are about to sign a nuclear deal in Vienna. To most Americans, reaching an agreement means moving on to performance.

But the Tehran regime has a very different view. To the mullahs, the Vienna accord is merely a rest stop before starting new negotiations, not their conclusion. This so-called “final” agreement is simply one more interim step, one more tactic to extract further concessions from Barack Obama. Whatever Congress acts on in the coming days is already on the way to becoming just another dusty document in the archives.

The recent frantic discussions in Vienna did not produce real breakthroughs or compromises resolving longstanding disagreements. Instead, for many hotly disputed issues, the sides have been crafting what the British primly call “a form of words” that obscures the continuing differences rather than decides them. Dominating the next round of talks will be renewed efforts, yet again, to resolve the continuing disagreements over what these “forms of words” actually mean.

Of course, far too many substantive concessions have already been made, starting with allowing Iran to retain any uranium-enrichment capacity. By giving away this basic point, President Obama erased years of U.S., European and even Security Council insistence that Iran cease all enrichment and reprocessing activity. All the other concessions flowed downhill from there.
Quote from John Bolton

For Iran, a deal stops nothing. Radicalism can’t be stopped by sanctions & subtle diplomacy. Read more from me: http://goo.gl/JpBxDA

Tweet It

Quote from John Bolton

Moreover, leaks indicate that the Vienna deal will be implemented in stages, with partial performance from both sides before it “goes live” completely. These significant unresolved areas provide new opportunities for Iran to extract concessions from Obama. Consider just three examples still being disputed even in the last hours:
Iran’s prior weaponization activities (the military work to take enriched uranium or plutonium and actually create the critical mass necessary for the uncontrolled chain reaction of a nuclear explosion) are far from resolved. Endless disputes and obstruction by Tehran are still entirely possible.

The extent and nature of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency are still very much undecided. Whatever paper agreement is reached is worth little until actual implementation, when Iranian concealment, cheating, delay and obstruction can defeat whatever is written.

The White House claims the parties agreed on a “snapback” mechanism to revive economic sanctions if Iran is found to have violated the deal. This highly questionable assertion turns critically on deciding that there is actually a violation, which itself can be subject to endless dispute and further delays.
These outstanding issues exemplify the enormous loopholes Tehran can already exploit and substantive policy areas where Obama, incredibly, still has more concessions he can make. The entire accord is shaped around the central premise that Iran has lied in the past and will lie in the future. It has already violated its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty pledge not to develop nuclear weapons, not to mention all the commitments made in prior negotiations over the past 12-plus years.

The basic difference in the parties’ respective approaches to negotiation was one of many things the White House never understood about Tehran. This is not about policy substance, but negotiation methodology and tactics. We have known for some time that Iran was winning on substance. Now, we can see unambiguously that Iran is also winning on diplomatic tradecraft.

But what is Tehran’s objective through this endless negotiation process? Iran’s perspective, warped but determined, is that it is engaged in a millennial religious struggle with the United States, Israel and the Sunni Muslim world. Iran is simply not playing for the same stakes as the United States: acceptance in the ill-defined “international community” and an end to its global “isolation.” The mullahs don’t think they are isolated; they think they are right and the rest of us are wrong.

Ironically, as evidence of Iran’s trustworthiness, the administration has repeatedly cited a 2003 “fatwa” by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, declaring that Muslims will not use or seek nuclear weapons. Iranian President Rouhani made it a centerpiece of his 2013 United Nations address, but no Westerner has actually read this supposed fatwa’s text or even seen an actual copy.

Most importantly, Iran feels no time pressure to reach a “final” agreement on the nuclear issue. Time is rarely a neutral factor in negotiations, and with nuclear proliferation it is virtually an iron law that time works in favor of the proliferator. Time is required to overcome all the complex scientific and technological obstacles on the road to deliverable nuclear weapons. In fact, time may ultimately be more important than resources, one reason why international sanctions, despite causing harm to Iran’s economy, have done precious little to slow its nuclear program.

Continuing negotiations with Tehran, whatever deal actually emerges in Vienna, is a prescription for Iranian nuclear weapons. This is the depressing consequence of a U.S. strategy that believes that a theocratic ideology can be dissuaded by modest economic pressure and subtle diplomacy. No wonder the ayatollahs must think we are fools” –

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 12, 2015 @ 4:05 pm






“I am an illegal alien and I have been the victim of a serious crime. I am afraid to report the crime or to assist the police with their investigation.
As the victim of a serious crime you may be eligible to apply for a U-Visa. The U visa applies to immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, who are the victims of certain serious crimes and who have cooperated with authorities in the prosecution of the perpetrator. An immigrant granted a U Visa or I-360 Petition will subsequently be given legal status to reside and work in the United States.

In October 2000, Congress created the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act (Act). Finally, after seven years of interim rules, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) has published final Regulations on U Visa’s, which became effective October 17, 2007. The U visa applies to immigrants who are the victims of certain serious crimes and who have cooperated with authorities in the prosecution of the perpetrator.

What is the purpose of a U-Visa?
The law gives law enforcement agencies the ability to investigate and prosecute certain types of criminal cases, including: domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking of aliens and other crimes while, at the same time, offering protection to victims of such crimes.

The law also helps law enforcement agencies to provide assistance to immigrants who are victims of crime.

What is a U Visa?
The Act created a U visa, which is available to illegal immigrants who have met each of the five points below:
Has been the victim of one of the following crimes; and
Abduction Incest Rape
Abusive Sexual Contact Involuntary Servitude Sexual Assault
Blackmail Kidnapping Sexual Exploitation
Domestic Violence Manslaughter Slave Trade
Extortion Murder Torture
False Imprisonment Obstruction of Justice Trafficking
Felonious Assault Peonage Unlawful Criminal Restraint
Female Genital Mutilation Perjury Witness Tampering
Hostage Prostitution Attempt, conspiracy or solicitation to commit any of the above crimes
Has suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of having been a victim of one of the above crimes; and
Has useful information concerning the crime which occurred; and
Has helped, or is likely to help, in the investigation or prosecution of the crime, and
The crime committed violated the laws of the United States or occurred in the United States.

How do I apply for a U Visa?
The immigrant must first obtain a law enforcement certification before filing a Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status (Form I-918). All U visas must be filed with Immigration at the Vermont Service Center.
What is a law enforcement certification?
An immigrant who is the victim of one of the listed crimes must obtain a certification from a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency, or a prosecutor, judge or other authority, which is responsible for the investigation or prosecution of the crime. Other agencies such as child protective services, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor can also issue a certification.
Is there a form for the law enforcement certification?
Yes. The U Nonimmigrant Status Certification (Form I-918, Supplement B) is a USCIS form which must be completed and signed by the agency or authority responsible for the investigation or prosecution.
Can anyone who is employed by the agency or authority responsible for the investigation or prosecution of the qualifying crime complete and sign the Form I-918?
No. The person completing and signing the I-918 must either be: (1) the head of the agency; or (2) a supervisor designated by the agency and authorized to issue a certification on behalf of the agency” –

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 12, 2015 @ 4:16 pm

Two-hundred and seventy (276) sanctuary cities and counting – all NOT falling Federal Law! Our brave first responders – Police Officers are in jeopardy and as Mr. Trump correctly asserts, protection of the illegal in America now seems more of a priority than the oath of office taken by politicians led by the tainted White House rather than protecting Citizen Joe!

Prompting my next question Mr. Trump, “Who is funding the protection of these criminals caught and then released and the majority then committing more felonies knowing that they can flee to most “Main Street USA” cities known to them as simply what they are called…. Sanctuary Cities and interestingly….

“Suspect López-Sánchez admitted he came to San Francisco after being deported because he knew San Francisco’s “sanctuary” policy shields him from deportation.

Moreover, according to Heritage scholar, Hans von Spakovsky, in the article How San Francisco Aided and Abetted the Murder of Kate Steinle, it is not the first time this policy facilitates this kind of tragedy. Spakovsky references how a family was murdered by another criminal who was shielded from deportation by the city.

In addition, Spakovsky points out the follow alarming data: “ICE has released tens of thousands of dangerous, violent, criminal aliens, from murderers and drug dealers, to kidnappers and robbers, onto the streets—almost 70,000 in just the past two years.” –

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 12, 2015 @ 4:25 pm

276 Sanctuary Cities NOT following Federal Law – How dare you?

….and as Jack Kennedy said, “Do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” well, my suggestion folks is for you to call your officials from top to bottom and advise them, educate them for their self-agenda, their blatant arrogance or maybe ignorance in the fact that the laws of this nation must be enforced for all – for it seems that Billy Boy and good ‘ol Ms. Hillary and ‘O’Malley and others, all elected officials, they don’t seem to understand that we have checks and balances in our system and no one — NO ONE – is above the law! Thank you Mr. Trump for standing forthright for the folks on “Main Street USA” – who could give a damn about political party, but seek a safe America seemingly sponsored by politicians seeking votes and could give a damn about the laws of this country!

Enough is enough if we are truly to protect the Homeland!

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 13, 2015 @ 12:44 pm

….and to We here on “Main Street USA” feel so much safer:

WASHINGTON — President Obama announced on Monday that he was commuting the sentences of 46 federal drug offenders, more than doubling the number of nonviolent criminals to whom he has granted clemency since taking office.

“These men and women were not violent criminals, but the overwhelming majority had been sentenced to at least 20 years; 14 of them had been sentenced to life for nonviolent drug offenses, so their punishments didn’t fit the crime,” Mr. Obama said in a video released on the White House Facebook page, in which he is shown signing the commutation letters. “I believe that America, at its heart, is a nation of second chances, and I believe these folks deserve their second chance.”

Mr. Obama’s action on Monday brought the total number of commutations he has issued to 89, exceeding that of any president since Lyndon B. Johnson, who commuted 80 sentences during his tenure. It also meant that he has commuted more sentences than the last four presidents combined.

In a letter written to each of the inmates in which he personally notifies them that their sentences have been commuted, Mr. Obama says he has chosen them out of the thousands who apply for clemency because “you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around.”

“I believe in your ability to prove the doubters wrong, and change your life for the better,” Mr. Obama wrote. “So good luck, and Godspeed.”

The commutations are part of a second-term push by Mr. Obama to use clemency to correct what he sees as the excesses of the past, when politicians eager to be tough on crime threw away the key even for minor criminals. As a result, African-American and Hispanic men were disproportionately affected.

Mr. Obama had already commuted the sentences of 43 prisoners, as part of an initiative begun last year by James M. Cole, the deputy attorney general at the time, who set criteria for who might qualify: generally nonviolent inmates who have served more than 10 years in prison; have behaved well while incarcerated; and who would not have received as lengthy a sentence under today’s revised sentencing rules.

Mr. Obama plans to spend much of the week talking about a criminal justice overhaul that would include changes to sentencing guidelines, lessening penalties for drug offenders. The president plans to introduce his proposals on Tuesday in Philadelphia before the N.A.A.C.P.’s annual convention.

Overhauling the criminal justice system has become a bipartisan venture. Like Mr. Obama, Republicans running for his job are calling for systemic changes. Lawmakers from both parties are collaborating on legislation. And the United States Sentencing Commission has revised guidelines for drug offenders, so far retroactively reducing sentences for more than 9,500 inmates, nearly three-quarters of them black or Hispanic.

The drive to recalibrate the system has brought together groups from across the political spectrum. The Center for American Progress, a liberal advocacy organization with close ties to the White House and Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton, has teamed up with Koch Industries, the conglomerate owned by the conservative brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch, who finance Republican candidates, to press for reducing prison populations and overhauling sentencing.

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 13, 2015 @ 2:13 pm

The Launch vehicle dependency on Russia can be blamed on NASA AND THE CONGRESS IMO.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 13, 2015 @ 8:19 pm

Oh my…these political parties and Congress and the US Senate seemingly all so immersed in self-serving ways so easily dismissing their constituency and most importantly turning their cheek to Bible, Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values and all in witness to the Lord….

….and We here on “Main Street USA” plain folks – ya know aka Citizen Joe now have less and less confidence in government and we now see more and more that War looms ahead and conflagration to again grip the history of mankind as a result of greed and lusting for power rather than to repent and conduct one’s self in an ethical manner —

Homeland Security? Less and less confidence and we clearly see the bias, the hatred spewed from the White House and in the case of this young woman in SF who precious Life taken away in a sanctuary city and a felon, not even a call from the White House or a remark….

….Oh so corrupt in your ways and every way….what a pity! When Mrs. Obama stated that she had not been proud of her country, she was right on the mark for we have lost our way given this tainted White House at the helm and on the eve of the possible election of his “Benghazi Massacre” cohort standing shoulder to shoulder in blatant lie, oh my….

The next election will determine the fate of YOU and America!

Without a strong arsenal in Democracy, War looms ahead….

God Bless all of us and certainly God Bless America!


Hillary’s Secret War
By: Judge Andrew P. NapolltanoJuly 3, 2015

In the course of my work at Fox News, I am often asked by colleagues to review and explain documents and statutes. Recently, in conjunction with my colleagues Catherine Herridge, our chief intelligence correspondent, and Pamela Browne, our senior executive producer, I read the transcripts of an interview Browne did with a man named Marc Turi, and Herridge asked me to review emails to and from State Department and congressional officials during the years when Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state.

What I saw has persuaded me beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that Clinton provided material assistance to terrorists and lied to Congress in a venue where the law required her to be truthful. Here is the backstory.

Turi is a lawfully licensed American arms dealer. In 2011, he applied to the Departments of State and Treasury for approvals to sell arms to the government of Qatar. Qatar is a small Middle Eastern country whose government is so entwined with the U.S. government that it almost always will do what American government officials ask of it.

In its efforts to keep arms from countries and groups that might harm Americans and American interests, Congress has authorized the Departments of State and Treasury to be arms gatekeepers. They can declare a country or group to be a terrorist organization, in which case selling or facilitating the sale of arms to them is a felony. They also can license dealers to sell.

Turi sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of arms to the government of Qatar, which then, at the request of American government officials, were sold, bartered or given to rebel groups in Libya and Syria. Some of the groups that received the arms were on the U.S. terror list. Thus, the same State and Treasury Departments that licensed the sales also prohibited them.

How could that be?

That’s where Clinton’s secret State Department and her secret war come in. Because Clinton used her husband’s computer server for all of her email traffic while she was the secretary of state, a violation of three federal laws, few in the State Department outside her inner circle knew what she was up to.

Now we know.

She obtained permission from President Obama and consent from congressional leaders in both houses of Congress and in both parties to arm rebels in Syria and Libya in an effort to overthrow the governments of those countries.

Many of the rebels Clinton armed, using the weapons lawfully sold to Qatar by Turi and others, were terrorist groups who are our sworn enemies. There was no congressional declaration of war, no congressional vote, no congressional knowledge beyond fewer than a dozen members, and no federal statute that authorized this.

When Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., asked Clinton at a public hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Jan. 23, 2013, whether she knew about American arms shipped to the Middle East, to Turkey or to any other country, she denied any knowledge. It is unclear whether she was under oath at the time, but that is legally irrelevant. The obligation to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to Congress pertains to all witnesses who testify before congressional committees, whether an oath has been administered or not. (Just ask Roger Clemens, who was twice prosecuted for misleading Congress about the contents of his urine while not under oath. He was acquitted.)

Here is her relevant testimony.

Paul: My question is … is the U.S. involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons … buying, selling … anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey … out of Libya?

Clinton: To Turkey? … I will have to take that question for the record. Nobody’s ever raised that with me. I, I…

Paul: It’s been in news reports that ships have been leaving from Libya and that they may have weapons … and what I’d like to know is … the (Benghazi) annex that was close by… Were they involved with procuring, buying, selling, obtaining weapons … and were any of these weapons transferred to other countries … any countries, Turkey included?

Clinton: Senator, you will have to direct that question to the agency that ran the (Benghazi) annex. And I will see what information is available and … ahhhh…

Paul: You are saying you don’t know…

Clinton: I do not know. I don’t have any information on that.

At the time that Clinton denied knowledge of the arms shipments, she and her State Department political designee Andrew Shapiro had authorized thousands of shipments of billions of dollars’ worth of arms to U.S. enemies to fight her secret war. Among the casualties of her war were U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three colleagues, who were assassinated at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, by rebels Clinton armed with American military hardware in violation of American law.

This secret war and the criminal behavior that animated it was the product of conspirators in the White House, the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Justice Department, the CIA and a tight-knit group of members of Congress. Their conspiracy has now unraveled. Where is the outrage among the balance of Congress?

Hillary Clinton lied to Congress, gave arms to terrorists and destroyed her emails. How much longer can she hide the truth? How much longer can her lawlessness go unchallenged and unprosecuted? Does she really think the American voters will overlook her criminal behavior and put her in the White House where she can pardon herself?

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 14, 2015 @ 5:01 am

How dare you?

How dare you open an accord as well with Cuba? The devil walks among us and those engaging these agreements will see in the not-too-distant future the calamity which they have brought upon mankind !

As Biblical verse states so clearly, Lucifer reigns here on earth and mankind’s destiny very much a part of greed and lusting for power and control….not even 100 years since WWII and in this 21st century where God has bestowed us such brilliance in innovation and a look to the promise for the future in our ability to see our own universe, those far beyond, the hundreds and thousands of universes and we think we will find a nickel – a token of goodness in the muddied waters lurking among us and the biases, the outright hatred spewed in all this divisiveness led by this tainted White House and then encouraging the worst of the worst, felons for instance allowed to walk among us….well, Homeland Security now with a weakened Armed forces, a government bent on apologies to the enemy and so on and so forth, oh my, oh my, what have you done?

God Bless us all!


Iran Nuclear Deal Is Reached After Long Negotiations

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 3:10 AM EDT

Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States have agreed to a historic accord to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions against Iran, a senior Western diplomat involved in the negotiations said on Tuesday.
The deal culminates 20 months of negotiations on a deal that President Obama had long sought as the biggest diplomatic achievement of his presidency.
A formal announcement of the agreement was expected later on Tuesday, when foreign ministers from Iran and the six nations it has been negotiating with will meet at a United Nations complex here in Vienna. Catherine Ray, a spokeswoman for the European Union, said a final plenary meeting of the six nations – the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia – will take place at 10:30 a.m. in Vienna, followed by a press conference, but provided no more details.

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 14, 2015 @ 6:02 am

A suggested book to read (NOW):

America Under Attack by Gerrald Flurry

God says we have become like the wicked Sodom and Gomorrah and our last line of defense, our esteemed police officers, our willing police departments to respond to whomever is dialing 911 and subsequently attacked and belittled by the White House and Justice Department – how dare you?

Read: Isaiah 1:10 and while you might have the Bible in hand, at least you who truly believe in God, read Daniel 8:12 where you will see that this destructive leader you voted (twice) and this individual has been empowered to do his destructive work “by reason of transgression” and “it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practiced and prospered” –

Our moral and spiritual lives are so rotten that I remind you that God said that “Even when you lift up your hands and pray to me, I will not answer you” – read (Isaiah 1:15) clearly its states, the cities will burn with fire (verse 70….well as we have seen good ‘ol Al Sharpton at the White House table and when we seriously talk of Homeland Security here at HLSWatch.com well, the issues we talk about are much part of what Al Sharpton was permitted to say: “We need the Justice Department to step in and take over policing in this country. in the 20th century, they had to fight states’ rights….We’re going to have to fight states!’

How dare you?

in fact, the strategy being employed right before our eyes is that local police departments, our first line of defense against the criminals, well, they are being discredited just as we saw Barry Obama run to Cambridge to interfere with a 911 call and as we have seen in case after case involving white and Black issues, but heck no White House or Justice department saying a word about this lovely woman killed by multiple felon in SF nor anyone showing up in Chicago to help address the ruthless and precious loss of Black youth in violent crimes on the streets of Chicago….

In fact, our Homeland Security is being openly jeopardized by a federal government led by Barry Obama by making police departments in cash-strapped neighborhoods dependent on federal handouts. Yes, that’s right and the implication, if police departments want federal money, they must adhere to the official Justice Department line and adopt policies….The federal government is gaining more and more control in local police departments and in tearing down our first line of defense, police officers and their departments who strive to do their job with excellence and objectives with no such divisiveness responding to every call and jeopardizing their Life, well, unfortunately YOU have allowed this rhetoric filled with lies and deceitful in every way and as we read in Isaiah 1:7, cities will be burned with fires and these culprits led by Barry Obama and the likes of Billy Ayers and others – they are full of wrath (Revelation 12:12)

When talking about Homeland Security and all we have seen thus far in those tearing the United States of America and reminding you as I have repeatedly of the wisdom and warnings of James Madison (1785):

“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. But, in reality it will be an Enemy from within” – and again, in the words of Samuel Adams (1775): “No People will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can they be easily subdued, when knowledge is wide spread and Virtue is preserved”-

Folks, we are under attack and as Frederick Douglass stated:

“Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress” –

By turning away from God and without repentance as we have seen so many in this once great nation choose, it is YOU who have empowered Barry Obama et al to do their work spewing the same divisiveness, the same empty rhetoric as he and others have done since his days on the milk box at Harvard so anti-Christian and so anti-America w/pledge to his father and Kenyan pals to tear down our nation given their anti-Christian and anti-colonialist perspectives and it is YOU who have allowed this White House and this Justice Department which boasts that “Over the last five fiscal years, our Civil Rights Division has opened more than 20 investigations into police departments across the country – more than twice as many opened in the previous five years” and continues to state and believe and place black and white at odds stating that black people are charged with more crimes than would be expected based on their population which they state proves police racism. What a charade…. The Justice Department says it is due to “implicit” or “unconscious” bias by officers unaware of biases in their actions. They are supposedly subconsciously biased and YOU allow this nonsense to discredit the very police officers throughout this nation who again respond to every 911 call w/o any bias and do their job w/often dealing with the worst of the worst black or white, in fact what I prefer to see as colorless, just damn criminals –

Homeland Security….well folks, listen attentively and watch good ‘ol Ms. Hillary and Billy Boy who so willingly prostitute America for the sake of the Clinton Foundation’s coffers and to enable Billy Boy, ya remember the fella who “stained” the White House to pay his bills while you are at the food bank….

The truth of the matter is that it is YOU who are empowering this Chicago city street slicker by your very own transgressions w/a United States of America filled with porn, marriage under attack, late term abortions performed, families and values disintegrating and a nation witnessed by the Lord which has gotten so bad that again, read: (Isaiah 1:15) —

As I stated early in this commentary, besides reading Biblical verse – suggested reading this Friday, Gerald Flurry’s “America Under Attack”

God Bless these United States of America and every first responder who so willingly and competently come to our aid when no one else cares — where is the Justice Department and Barry and Michelle Obama in Chicago as Black Life and all Life matters for we are all God’s children and unfortunately where are the jobs…jobs…jobs…to be created to enable individuals to earn a living and provide for family here in America – is simply moving up the hourly wage the only measure providing help or where is the emphasis on family and education, seeking achievement and better preparing our youth by example, by mentoring and their attainment of being educated to gain better access to more meaningful employment —

…this to me is Homeland Security!

God Bless us as War looms straight ahead…God help us, however will he (Isaiah 1:15) this depends on YOU!

Christopher Tingus
“Main Street USA”
PO Box 1612
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 14, 2015 @ 6:44 am

Imagine thus agent of Tehran and nothing less, thus supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood rather than the People of Egypt, this tyrant in the White House spewing such divisiveness and so contrary to our Constitution and rule of law – lawless himself —

Kindly read:

Obama Vows to Veto Any Legislation That Would Block Iran Deal

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 7:27 AM EDT

Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States said they had reached a historic accord on Tuesday to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions.
President Obama, in an early morning appearance at the White House that was broadcast live in Iran, began what promised to be an arduous effort to sell the deal to Congress and the American public, saying the agreement was “not built on trust. It is built on verification.”
But Mr. Obama made it abundantly clear that he would fight to preserve the deal in its entirety, saying, “I will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal.”
He added that the accord was preferable to the alternate scenario of an unbridled Iran touching off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, adding that his successors in the White House “will be in a far stronger position” to restrain Iran for decades to come than they would be without it.
Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, made a brief statement, saying that the Iranian people’s “prayers have come true.”

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 14, 2015 @ 6:58 am

It seems to me that the USA has negotiated against itself in both Cuba and Iran and is betting on the people of Cuba and Iran to forge the future over their current dictatorship.

Question why do WE [US] always assume the good faith of other nation-states peoples when dictatorships are the real history of those Nation-States?


Comment by William R. Cumming

July 15, 2015 @ 3:04 pm

If anyone hears or sees stories about TRUMP during or after Storm Sandy or impact on his properties would be of interest?

Could an airtight border between Mexico and USA lead to a Mexican Revolution?

Comment by Vicki Campbell

July 15, 2015 @ 8:13 pm

Bill, I’m sorry but I disagree with you that the US has negotiated against itself in either Cuba or Iran. What do you base that statement on? I’m also unclear what you mean by “could Cuba be next?” (sorry if I’m just being dense).

Comment by Christopher Tingus

July 15, 2015 @ 8:45 pm

“The road ahead will still be that of resistance against the neocon nut jobs, their acronym fest of spy agencies, and their regional cohorts and machinations”

– FARS News Agency commentary

….and in our ?hearts and minds, this is exactly why we do not trust these ?”?Brutes of Tehran” and unfortunately neither Barry Obama and his Rev Wright who in ’08 referenced the “Zionists” as having WMD, so why NOT Tehran!? The same who supported the Muslim Brotherhood! ?

We have called our own fatwah against any such support of any such proposal! Our hostages will come home and our tax dollars in the billions will not be handed into the hands of these megalomaniacs!

Christopher Tingus
“Main Street USA
Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 020645 USA

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 16, 2015 @ 7:09 am

Vicki! Next referred to STATEHOOD in USA!

Both the Cuban and Iranian agreements are focused on the hope that the generations born after 1959 and 1979 in Cuba and Iran will be more pro-USA and not view USA as a Captialist plot or the Great Satan.


Comment by William R. Cumming

July 16, 2015 @ 7:17 am

I have spent considerable time and effort analyzing federal WMD detection, prevention, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities.

In Washington DC that analysis reveals little in the way of planning and preparedness for NUDETs and/or RDDs.

So perhaps reliance on a military that also does not view domestic NUDET or RDD capability a priority?

Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) for Domestic Consequence Management (CM) Operations in Response to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive (CBRNE) Incident, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3125.01B, 19 August 2009

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 16, 2015 @ 7:19 am

The DoD document is on the FAS/FEMA webpage!

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 16, 2015 @ 8:45 am

Full text if Iran/US Nuclear Agreement:


Comment by William R. Cumming

July 16, 2015 @ 12:27 pm

Chris! Try Ann Coulter’s new book. 3 of the Republican announced Presidential candidates have publically announced their view that the USA in a crisis of governance? Thoughts or comments.

While IMO the present trend-line for USA is down for both hard AND soft power and almost no real Homeland Security or Preparedness events will provide the next real crisis for the USA in GOVERNANCE probably at all levels.

Can an election provoke a crisis? Yes IMO! Even in democracies.

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 16, 2015 @ 7:52 pm

Today the 70th Anniversary of the TRINITY PROJECTS successful test of the BOMB!

Comment by Vicki Campbell

July 17, 2015 @ 11:52 am

Bill – Ann Coulter??? Seriously????

Re your comment:
“Both the Cuban and Iranian agreements are focused on the hope that the generations born after 1959 and 1979 in Cuba and Iran will be more pro-USA and not view USA as a Captialist plot or the Great Satan.”

First, both agreements are founded on considerably more serious, complex, sane and vital concerns than that, as well they should be. Also, if we want a more “pro-USA” sentiment on the part of Cuba, Iran, or anybody else in the future, the USA might want to stop offering the world such a good imitation of behaving like “a capitalist plot or the great satan” – don’t you think?

And, it goes without saying that there’s certainly nothing to celebrate about the first successful test of the nuclear bomb, that is for damned sure…

Comment by William R. Cumming

July 18, 2015 @ 6:18 am

No celebration here for nuclear weapons anniversary.

And YES Iran has announced that the USA is still the GREAT SATAN. Israel the LITTLE SATAN!

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