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November 20, 2015

Clinton at CFR

Filed under: Border Security,Immigration,Radicalization,Refugee Crisis,Strategy,Terrorist Threats & Attacks — by Philip J. Palin on November 20, 2015

Yesterday Hillary Clinton gave a speech and answered questions at the Council on Foreign Relations.  A transcript and video is available at the CFR website.

Here’s how she set up her remarks:

ISIS is demonstrating new ambition, reach, and capabilities. We have to break the group’s momentum, and then its back. Our goal is not to deter or contain ISIS but to defeat and destroy ISIS.

But we have learned that we can score victories over terrorist leaders and networks only to face metastasizing threats down the road. So we also have to play and win the long game. We should pursue a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy, one that embeds our mission against ISIS within a broader struggle against radical jihadism that is bigger than any one group, whether it’s al-Qaida or ISIS or some other network.

An immediate war against an urgent enemy and a generational struggle against an ideology with deep roots will not be easily torn out. It will require sustained commitment in every pillar of American power. This is a worldwide fight, and America must lead it.

Our strategy should have three main elements: one, defeat ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and across the Middle East; two, disrupt and dismantle the growing terrorist infrastructure that facilities the flow of fighters, financing arms, and propaganda around the world; three, harden our defenses and those of our allies against external and homegrown threats.

Mrs. Clinton proceeds with detailed, balanced, and well-argued analysis and recommendations.  Even one well-known conservative commented, “Candidate Clinton laid out a supple and sophisticated approach.”  It is worth reading — or at least listening — carefully.

While she did not give major attention to the issue of the US receiving Syrian refugees, given the political climate the presidential candidate’s comments could even be characterized as courageous. Below is part of what she said:

Since Paris, no homeland security challenge is being more hotly debated than how to handle Syrian refugees seeking safety in the United States. Our highest priority, of course, must always be protecting the American people. So, yes, we do need to be vigilant in screening and vetting any refugees from Syria, guided by the best judgment of our security professionals in close coordination with our allies and partners. And Congress needs to make sure the necessary resources are provided for comprehensive background checks, drawing on the best intelligence we can get. And we should be taking a close look at the safeguards and the visa programs as well.

But we cannot allow terrorists to intimidate us into abandoning our values and our humanitarian obligations. Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims, slamming the door on every Syrian refugee—that is just not who we are. We are better than that. And remember, many of these refugees are fleeing the same terrorists who threaten us. It would be a cruel irony indeed if ISIS can force families from their homes, and then also prevent them from ever finding new ones. We should be doing more to ease this humanitarian crisis, not less. We should lead the international community in organizing a donor conference and supporting countries like Jordan, who are sheltering the majority of refugees fleeing Syria.

And we can get this right. America’s open, free, tolerant society is described by some as a vulnerability in the struggle against terrorism, but I actually believe it’s one of our strengths. It reduces the appeal of radicalism and enhances the richness and resilience of our communities.


A personal addendum: I have always wondered — worried, really — what I might have done (or perhaps not done) if I had been in Germany when the Nazis began their fear campaign against the Jews (and others), or if I could have encouraged the United States to accept more European refugees in the late 1930s, or if I had been in California when Americans placed fellow citizens of Japanese descent in our own concentration camps.  Right and wrong is so much easier retrospectively.

The House of Representatives has already voted to reject the victims of tyranny, hatred and war.  This is not surprising.  It reflects popular fear and the House was designed to mirror such sentiment.  We are certainly no better than our grandparents. I hope the Senate will act with wider and wiser consideration. But it will, apparently, be a close vote.  Courage and conscience are not major voting blocks.

In regard to receiving refugees, fear and concern ought not be dismissed.  But these are not our only or best options. American neglect and rejection of victims did not help avoid World War II and may have even encouraged those intent on the massacre of innocents.  The victimization of our own citizens was simply unnecessary and profoundly wrong.  In the current context, much of the ISIS strategy depends on the US and rest of the West rejecting the refugees and intimidating our Muslim citizens.

A world in which the stranger, widow and orphan are rejected is a place where none of us are safe.

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Comment by Citizen Joe

November 20, 2015 @ 8:37 pm

In reply to Ms. Hillary Clinton and her failed tenure at State and her recent words which Like the Oval office make us here on ‘Main Street USA” shutter and the Parisians and French turning not to NATO, but to the EU and even to shirtless Putin as the embarrassing speeches this past week by Clinton, Kerry and certainly Barry Obama show an intentional leaning to Tehran and the Muslim Brotherhood and the failure to name Islamic Fundamentalist terror as directed by the same Tehran who Barry Obama and this perverse administration seek to send billions of US taxpayer dollars which will do nothing other than support the Islamic terrorists and the wishes of the Rev Wright who in ’08 made it quite clear that as long as the “Zionists” had WMD in hand, why not tehran:

The following can afford even far much more clarity in understanding the real threat western nations confront given the failed leadership of a biased US administration w/terror not global warming on the minds of the US populace:

Radical Islam—The Invisible Enemy

Caroline Glick | November 18

“Like her former boss, U.S. President Barack
Obama, former secretary of state and Democratic
frontrunner Hillary Clinton not only
refused to accept the relevance of the term [“radical
Islam” to describe the ideology motivating
Islamic terrorists to massacre innocents]. Clinton
refused to acknowledge what radical Islam
stands for.

She merely noted some of what it rejects.
In her words, “I think this kind of barbarism
and nihilism, it’s very hard to understand,
other than the lust for power, the rejection of
modernity, the total disregard for human rights,
freedom, or any other value that we know and

Her opponents [at the Democratic Party’s
presidential debate] agreed with her.
But of course, it is easy to understand what
motivates Islamic terrorists. They tell us all the

They want the world to be run by an Islamic
empire. …

True, there are competing schools inside of
the world of radical Islam.

On the one hand, there is the Sunni version of
radical Islam propounded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

… On the other hand, you have the Shiite
version of radical Islam propounded by the
Iranian regime in Tehran. Its adherents want
the Islamic empire to be ruled by an ayatollah in

For Americans and the rest of the free world
though, this is a distinction without any real

The radical Islamic goal of destroying America—and
the rest of the world—is the same
regardless of who ends up winning the intramural
jihad contest.

And as we have seen repeatedly in recent
years, the sides are happy to come together to
achieve their common goal of killing us and
destroying our societies.

The Americans’ avoidance of reality is not

The Europeans also refuse to see it. …

The operational consequences of the West’s
refusal to acknowledge the nature of the forces
waging war against it have been disastrous.
Radical Islam is an ideology that serves both
as an organizing principle for civil societies and a
military doctrine.

By ignoring it, the U.S. and the
rest of the free nations of the world have made
it impossible to conceptualize or implement a
strategy for either discrediting it or defeating its
adherents. …

Abroad, appeasement has taken its most significant
form in the U.S.-led nuclear deal with

As the largest state sponsor of terrorism and
the most active radical Islamic imperialist force
in the Middle East, Iran is the ground zero of radical

… As for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,
if Iran had been interested in preventing its rise,
[the Islamic State] would never have taken over
any territory in either country. …

The most important component of Friday
night’s massacre was the terrorists’ radical
Islamic motivation.
Their belief in their ideology motivated them
to die killing innocent people. Everything else
was secondary. …

To defeat these groups, the U.S. and its allies
need to adopt a strategy that is rooted in an
acknowledgment of the nature of our true enemy:
radical Islam. …

“By definition, the war on terror was always
a misnomer. You can’t fight a war against a
military tactic without identifying the people
and the ideology behind it.

… As we have written from the very beginning, it should have
begun with radical Islam, HEADED BY IRAN—the
world’s leading state sponsor of international
terrorism. But because of politically correct
paralysis and reluctance to offend an entire
religious movement, the U.S. government opted
for a fuzzy definition.”

“The War With No Name,”
theTrumpet.com, March 27, 2009

Comment by Citizen Joe

November 20, 2015 @ 8:59 pm

…and as far as these refugees, I am sorry like many others for those in genuine plight and fear, however We here on “Main Street USA” do not welcome these refugees or anyone else not having applied and who have not waited in limne to meet immigration requirements despite this Oval Office’s ability to continue eroding America at every turn….

We no longer have much trust in this present White House Administration, Ms. Hillary or John Kerry and an Immigration Service who has failed us as well as the failed closing of our borders so given little confidence in our own government and a vetting procedure which is as the experts all point to as a failed process….We are concerned for our own borders, our own US citizens and while we are proud of so many dedicated US law enforcement officials, our military personnel and our Patriots at NSA and other intel agencies working 24×7 to protect us all on “Main Street USA” we have no intent on affording our support in allowing any refugees into our nation whether Muslim or Christian or any other until this government – the USA gets its act together and we do not see DHS releasing convicted felons, a government sponsoring sanctuary cities and failing to support Kate’s Law and a government which is lawless in its own mannerisms failing to enforce laws and seeking to circumvent the Constitution where we are all obligated as US Citizens to protect and stand forthright….

Therefore, send the refugees away for we are not willing to compromise our own kids and their safety to such evil doers seeking our very demise.

We have no confidence and given the fact that there are 1250+ known active who the FBI admittedly says it is understaffed and cannot possibly keep track of those seeking to conduct act against the innocent, well, no refugees and time to bolster the FBI and NOT send billions of tax payer monies Barry Obama and the Rev Wright to your pals in Tehran who are the largest sponsors of State terrorism globally and have the blood of our youth, our brave soldiers who willingly gave Life or limb to protect our beloved Republic!

Enough of this charade – enough!

The EU will downsize to ten nations only and it will be the superpower clearly described in scripture and unless the US voter demands a strong arsenal and an end to this partisan ship in the Senate, again, while his occasional statements may be off the wall and maybe not given that western civilization is at War with Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, bring on the Donald! Restore our faith in our government where today, whether AQ or ISIS or even the Parisians and Europeans and Russians and Chinese, so many listening to comments by Clinton, Kerry and Obama and turning their cheek like so many of us here as well in utter disgust!

I don’t care or do many Americans about these corrupt political parties and the indifference entrusted folks have whether in staining the pants of the WH, sharing emails with the enemy or releasing from GITMO when no one was looking this past Saturday….how dare you?

Thank you to our law enforcement officers and all those who dedicate their Life to protecting our way of Life! A Democracy must not only have a strong arsenal, but the WILL to use such against its most ardent foes!

Point the refugees and any other not having filed an immigration application and providing legal documents and health certificates keeping in mind the forgery in “docs” we have just seen and send the refugees to the Middle East and other locations….America’s own house must get itself in order first!

God Bless America!

Comment by Philip J. Palin

November 21, 2015 @ 5:14 am

Joe: How do you ethically resolve the possibility of harm to you or yours as justifying a decision not to assist those in immediate, urgent need? Especially as someone who has made clear you know the story of the Good Samaritan, how do you decide to play the role of priest or Levite?

There is long-standing law, precedent, and procedure for handling refugees on a different — and often expedited — basis. This reflects the urgency of their need. This has been explicit in US statutes and international law since at least the 1950s. (Even so, the vetting process for refugees allowed into the United States has in recent years typically taken 18-to-24 months.)

I almost hear you saying that because another, whom you abhor, has asked you to care for the stranger beside the road, you are prepared to reject those for whom you would otherwise have compassion.

Comment by Claire Rubin

November 21, 2015 @ 6:17 am

Another set of recommendations, from the WSJ: The Crisis of World Order.

Comment by Philip J. Palin

November 21, 2015 @ 7:07 am

Claire: Thanks. Excellent addition to our reading list. For what it is worth, I expect something very close to the intervention that Kagan describes to unfold over the next 100 days… for better or worse. If there is a second swarm-attack here or in Europe (Brussels today?), I would guess the current probability becomes a near-certainty. In my judgment, if decisive intervention is the path, a crucial consideration is the role of Turkey, the Kurds, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and Egypt. If these are token players or less, it’s probably going to end up being an even bigger mess. Coordination with Shia forces (in Iran, Iraq, and Syria) as well as their Russian allies would help a great deal, but this may be beyond the current time-horizon.

There remain excellent arguments against a Western-led military campaign targeting ISIS. But I perceive those arguments are rapidly losing mind-share.

Comment by Citizen Joe

November 21, 2015 @ 8:43 am

The Washington Times reports that:

Obama warns Asian leaders to avoid ‘pitfalls’ of America

Are you kidding me — Obama runs to Cairo to “apologize” for America and he is Asia warning the Asians of the pitfalls of America….

HLSWatch is dedicated to Homeland Security issues and I truly believe that Barry Obama and his administration cannot be trusted whatsoever in any way in the Oval Office and it is very much the burden on this partisan Senate to either put your party loyalties in your back pocket or face the wrath of American voters in the next election —

We simply cannot trust whatsoever this present administration given its divisiveness and hell bent on diminishing us in every way to safeguard us —

The Asians and the Cubans and those throughout the Middle East, Barry Obama’s pals in Tehran and to the Muslim Brotherhood and so forth, all who he has supported and has sent or intends to send substantial sums of taxpayer monies, our country – this beloved Republic has been so compromised and whether good ‘ol Ms. Hillary or Barry Obama, state secrets have been divulged whether by emails or else and while we talk of NSA keeping a weary eye on citizens to protect us, damn it, are you kidding, reading this headline and story about a sitting US President just as he apologized for America in Cairo, in front of the UN and so embarrassingly he and John Kerry at the G-20 and to the Parisians and to the world, a Paris which did not turn as you clearly witnessed to NATO, but to the EU and soon the Germans and Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg will continue to turn to Russian alliance given the failure of Parisians and Europeans to see a United States of America step up to the plate and lead –

I don’t care what party you think you have loyalty to and if you are indeed an American citizen, I remind you that this great Democracy of which you Senators are obligated by our “entrusted” vote to stand forthright for our laws and to hold everyone accountable just as you did with General P. and his girlfriend and no you must send a clear message by placing Hillary Clinton under arrest for suspicion in breach of trust – treason and for the arrest of Barry Obama for his outright lawlessness and reckless demeanor or it will be our kids who will suffer the consequences of this fecklessness, this reckless manner which we see —

Revisit the 2012 movie America and I remind you that it is not the Republican party who has a war against women and as an independent voter seeing a White America – far from biased as this Barry and Michelle Obama convey at every turn given a white majority who voted a Black man in office twice, but rather, it is the Muslim Brotherhood, Tehran and those throughout the Middle East and the Asians and others who are so degrading to women and it is this sitting President who disgraces us every chance he gets and he must be held accountable to any and all laws which legal experts see he has violated –

The Crisis of World Order begins by our being besieged from within and while Donald Trump’s wife must reel her husband in here and there for some outrageous comments, more and more whether we like it or not, Donald Trump will be the next President of these Blessed United States for enough of this “Chicago-Hollywood-Washington charade” where our country is being diminished by our own elected White House administration, an administration and very much including good ‘ol Ms. Hillary and her lackluster performance as Secretary of State while she and Billy Boy along with his stained pants have been ramping up the Clinton Foundation’s coffers and little Ms. Chelsea mentored in such corruption along the way….

Homeland Security, global stability, geopolitical relationships are all being undermined by this White House and we do not need a WH temporary eight year resident to be spending our tax dollars, not his or Ms. Clinton’s – telling the Asians about our pitfalls!

Karl Theordor zu Guttenberg will take the torch from Merkel soon and he will fill the void left by a failed Hillary Clinton and certainly a Johnny Kerry and Barry Obama – Hussein Obama as this divisive and biased individual who will leave office and hand the torch hopefully not to good ‘ol Ms. Hillary who will do nothing more than prostitute the brand America in every way to assure the Clinton’s and their lust for power and greed continues and apparently it will be the Germans who will downsize the EU to ten nations only and show Tehran that while they have dug deeper and deeper while the Rev Wright and Barry Obama and Johnny Kerry and Clinton have afforded ISIS the time to become a nation itself and at the directive of Tehran who will now receive billions in US taxpayer monies to sponsor more terrorism globally…. it will be Germany who will come to Israel as East Jerusalem comes under siege and they will in turn dupe the Jews and the world and War and global conflagration is certain to cause so much unfortunate turmoil for good folks everywhere – whether Christians as we see today being tortured and this Oval Office dictating that Christianity should be ashamed when in fact refugees who are Christians, not Muslims are foremost on the list of those being tortured ad raped and reports from the US State department show clearly that it is not Christians being given priority to enter this nation, but Muslims —

….so given the emerging crisis as we are warned by our intel folks of impending attacks here in America and this appalling news that Barry Obama is in Asia telling of our pitfalls just as he did in his days with the illustrious Billy Ayers and those types at Harv’rd when standing on his milk box spewing his empty rhetoric and his dismissal of our brave police officers as we have seen himself in Cambridge (MA) and his illustrious Justice Department run to everywhere and inflame criminal investigations without allowing indisputable and objective facts to unfold and along with the Rev Wright sitting in his pew for 20 years without standing up to reprimand such reprehensible chants against our nation and the Hebrew not holding the Islamic fundamentalist who chooses to use terror and dilute Islam as a faith which supports terror when in fact the majority of Muslims like Christians are peace loving and family-oriented folks with a choice in their religious practice and do not support any such terror against another Muslim, Christian, Hebrew or Hindu or other, yet we see Barry Obama diminishing American and telling us about slavery issues some 150 years ago when in fact, it is the Jews who were persecuted, walked naked into the gas chamber, stripped of their clothes and themselves and family and this only some seventy years ago and despite the hatred and the shunning even this Muslim bent Barry Obama portrays against the Israeli leadership having them greeted by the kitchen staff in the past when coming to the White House -so appalling – it is the Hebrew who has picked themselves up and in seventy years have not looked for hand out and a government seeking to enslave it populous, but an Israel who leads in technology and all other industries and has suffered far more than anyone else so while certainly Blacks and Whites, the Irish, the Greeks, the Italians and so forth have all suffered bias, let’s take a look at the Asian here in America, another minority group who has stood steadfast in family values and appreciates the values of America and a strong arsenal in democracy and the freedom that even Hong Kong cannot fully offer….

Enough of this charade in the 21st century and NO YOU Senators or anyone else can assure us and our kids that we will be safe for the FBI and other intel agencies – dedicated in every way, NSA Patriots and others such cannot assure us safety as terror cells have found their way here on the streets of America as ISIS and its keenness in glorifying itself and bringing recruits has been so allowed by this Oval office and We do NOT trust this White House or YOU the Senators who will allow – not the Christians being persecuted globally and on the no.1 priority list, but Muslims into our nation truly unvetted as you cannot do the job whether at the IRS or in any other agency where we have seen such outrageous and failed performance –

ISIS has been allowed its pleasures by this Oval office and Tehran and who can blame the Germans and the Parisians for frowning and shortly turning to the Russians for they clearly see a US leadership and an America compromised so and therefore, prepare yourselves for global conflagration shortly for without a strong American Arsenal and WILL, the soldiers of Lucifer march!

Soon Turkey will turn further away from the US and the west with its stability shaken to the bone and when we see such events take place, prepare yourselves as global tensions increase and those in Yemen who are walking freely will cause disruption in tanker traffic and more and more the Europeans will be dependent on shirtless Putin — the stage has been set by a wavering and misdirected America at the hand of corrupt folks who seek to earn a million dollars for a speech and who make decisions within our government which benefit the coffers of themselves as elected officials and families….

As an elder, I will not be here to see the continuing downfall of America at the hand of such divisive and anti-American rhetoric as we have seen spewed from this White House and this State Department having no Respect or regard for office or nation and a history not to be ashamed of whatsoever, but a nation of Blacks, Whites, Blue, Green and other who thought they could vote a Black man into the Oval office who would help to promote a togetherness rather than such divide and help the precious Black kids in Chicago and other cities who have fallen to crime against their own in such hugh numbers and while all Life matters, in seven years, this White House has done little to help stop such criminal behavior and instead of worry about sanctuary cities, taking such monies as well as the billions the Oval office is directing – tax payer monies – Blacks, Whites, Blue or Green folks, we ass Americans with handclasp to one another working day and night to provide for our families and taking this money destined to the Rev Wright’s pals in Tehran and improving schools in Chicago for instance and reaching into the community with such monies and promoting family values and helping to train folks to be able to have vocation and feel good about themselves, but this White House and the corrupt politicians in Chicago as a good example of these corrupt ways executed by this WH and Ms. Jarrett and leanings to support the Muslim Brotherhood is what this is all about, the pledge of Barry Obama to Hussein Obama and his Kenyan pals all anti-Christian and anti-colonialists….

While Ben Carson, the brilliant doctor who may not have lots of international experience, however can muster the experts to advise him….he is seemingly too good for America in all his genuineness and while my candidate of choice as an independent and proud American voter, unless this nation acts now to place Hillary as they did with General P and his disclosure of classified material to his girlfriend and this nation decides to vote the Clintons and their questionable behaviors from intern to classified docs, then we in America will have strife on our streets as scripture clearly states that our streets will be on fire unless we repent and take responsibility to assure that those choosing such lust in greed and bias towards America drom within will not win!

God Bless America – and yes, We here on “Main Street USA” hear the threats of ISI clearly and Yes, we take them seriously as they, too among us see the weakness and failed leadership of an Oval Office so hell bent on apologizing and now telling the Asians about our pit falls, the same Asians who we are so indebted to and the intent by this White House by such dictates, to weaken the confidence of Asians in America and their Respect for our great nation and Barry Obama’s wish to come true to see the Asians pull the plug and watch our currency values crumble overnight — the real story of this Oval office folks as you see it daily evolve and you have sen clearly at the G-20 and to Parisians and the world a strategy which does not include them, but a strategy to assure the failure of our nation!

Again, recall the words of james madison (1785):

“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. But, in reality it will be an Enemy from within” –


in the words of Samuel Adams (1775):

“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can they be easily subdued, when knowledge is wide spread and Virtue preserved” –


in the words of one of my favorite writers and leaders, Frederick Douglass:

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress” –

God Bless us all and we pledge our devotion and Life to ‘ol Glory and to all our first responders and brave law enforcement officials who we hold with much Respect!

It is time to place Barry Obama and good ‘ol Ms. Hillary Clinton under House Arrest for suspicion in brach of trust – treason! No one is above the law and these lawless acts must be questioned and heard in the court of the People!

Enough of this divisiveness and “apologizing” for America and enslaving our population to an ever burdensome government —

If you cannot abide by your oath to the Constitution given our “entrusted vote” to support and uphold the laws, to enforce immigration laws and to protect us as a People, then resign and today I as a natural born American citizen I am calling along with far many more than Johnny Kerry can imagine for the immediate resignation of John Kerry for starters! Your words to the Parisians and to the world were appalling and nothing less —

Joe Citizen

Comment by William R. Cumming

November 21, 2015 @ 9:54 am

Well Claire beat me to it!

The crisis in the world order is a crisis but Kagan in the article describe symptons but no cures.

The absolutely bipartisan fecklessness of US FP [since 1992] is indicative a country that really believes it is immune from the consequences of its own actions and protected by its oceans.

Add one statistic that may reveal quite a bit about the USA today and help shed its collective protective coating of mythology.

2015 : U.S. trade in goods with China
NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may not equal totals due to rounding.

Month Exports Imports Balance
January 2015 9,552.0 38,158.4 -28,606.4
February 2015 8,699.8 31,240.1 -22,540.3
March 2015 9,887.2 41,121.9 -31,234.7
April 2015 9,316.8 35,795.1 -26,478.3
May 2015 8,758.8 39,211.2 -30,452.4
June 2015 9,687.8 41,145.1 -31,457.3
July 2015 9,500.7 41,077.2 -31,576.6
August 2015 9,166.7 44,117.2 -34,950.5
September 2015 9,423.7 45,700.6 -36,277.0
TOTAL 2015 83,993.5 357,566.9 -273,573.4

More to follow!

Comment by William R. Cumming

November 21, 2015 @ 10:09 am

We do NOT know the FP [foreign policy] of the Federal Reserve and central banks of the world.

IMO the largely unregulated casino economy of Wall Street almost in and of itself came close to the destruction of the World order. We do know that the various so-called hedge funds are almost completely untaxed and unregulated.

But the gurus of FP helped in a big way to destabilize the world. HRC should win hands down despite her past mistakes if FP is as essential to the domestic economy as it is IMO.

If the slow-down in China alone brings on economic chaos it will destroy the gains since 1992 for the Chinese people and many others.

GOVERNORS of most US states and former governors just don’t have anywhere close to having the understanding FP and the international economy. This included President WJC and other baby boomer Presidents. These men all lack GRAVITAS and judgement IMO despite their pretensions.

Since war fighting seems to be beyond the ken of most of the military FLAG RANKS ine reform is to mandate they serve until age 70 and no up or out for them. Their post-employment is CORRUPTING the US Armed Forces and their absolute ignorance and increasing exclusion from being a respected voice based on their expertise a growing national scandal.

But what really hurts is the continuing undermining and destabilization that seems to be the continuing policy of the US.

Only candidate Bernie Sanders has announced that he is against regime change military interventions. Is this a good or bad policy? No study or analysis of it in depth that I
know of.

What Bernie may not understand is that even without military interventions, the USA because of its size and history intervenes daily in the life and future of the world’s peoples.

Comment by Philip J. Palin

November 22, 2015 @ 6:34 am

Another take on near and mid-term (not long-term)options related to ISIS: From the BBC, The Inquiry, Can ISIS be Defeated? (23 minutes) http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0388n4p

Comment by Concerned Citizen

November 23, 2015 @ 11:14 pm



In 2013, ICE freed 36,007 convicted criminal aliens from detention who were awaiting the outcome of deportation proceedings, according to a document obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies. This group included aliens convicted of hundreds of violent and serious crimes, including homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. The list of crimes also includes more than 16,000 drunk or drugged driving convictions. The vast majority of these releases from ICE custody were discretionary, not required by law (in fact, in some instances, apparently contrary to law), nor the result of local sanctuary policies.

The document reveals that the 36,007 convicted criminal aliens freed from ICE custody in many instances had multiple convictions. Among them, the 36,007 had nearly 88,000 convictions, including:

193 homicide convictions (including one willful killing of a public official with gun)

426 sexual assault convictions

303 kidnapping convictions

1,075 aggravated assault convictions

1,160 stolen vehicle convictions

9,187 dangerous drug convictions

16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions

303 flight escape convictions

This enumeration of FY 2013 criminal aliens freed and the criminal convictions tied to these individuals was prepared by ICE in response to congressional inquiries following a report published by the Center for Immigration Studies. That report, “Catch and Release”, showed that ICE officers declined to bring immigration charges in 68,000 cases of criminal aliens they encountered in 2013.

It is important to recognize that the 36,007 criminal aliens counted in this document are a different set of cases from the 68,000 releases reported earlier. The 36,007 criminal aliens counted here are aliens who were being processed for deportation and were freed while awaiting the final disposition of their cases, or afterwards. The 68,000 releases were cases of alien criminals encountered by ICE officers, usually in jails, but who were let go in lieu of processing them for immigration removal charges in that year.

The 36,007 criminal aliens itemized in this document were released by means of bond; order of recognizance (unsupervised); order of supervision (which can consist of nothing more than a periodic telephone call to a designated ICE telephone number); an alternative to detention (such as an electronic ankle bracelet, or other form of tracking device); or parole (a form of legal status). The ICE document does not specify the number or type of criminal aliens released according to the form of release.

Separate information obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals that the vast majority of these releases were discretionary, or even contrary to the requirements of various provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Only a small share of these criminal aliens (fewer than 3,000) were released in accordance with a 2001 Supreme Court decision, Zadvydas v. Davis, which prevents ICE from indefinitely detaining certain aliens whose countries will not accept them back. (See “Reining in Zadvydas v. Davis”.) Another small number may have been offered parole or legal status, either in exchange for their cooperation with ICE or another law enforcement agency in connection with a criminal prosecution, or because of another compelling public interest.


This document raises questions about the Obama administration’s management of enforcement resources, as well as its enforcement plans and priorities. For instance, a series of directives to ICE agents and officers known as “prosecutorial discretion”, and the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, have made certain broad categories of illegal aliens off-limits for enforcement. These policies have forced ICE officers in the field to avoid or cease deportation action in thousands of cases, even in cases of aliens charged with or convicted of crimes. ICE officers have testified in federal court that some arrested aliens have claimed to be eligible for DACA knowing that they likely will be released from custody and from immigration charges without verification of their claims. ICE should be asked to disclose how many and which of the 36,007 criminal alien releases occurred due to these recent policy changes.

In addition, over the last year certain advocacy groups have called for the Obama administration to scale back the number of deportations or halt them altogether. A number of criminal aliens in detention while awaiting completion of deportation proceedings have been the subject of petition campaigns, prayer vigils, demonstrations, and other forms of protest against enforcement. Typically these protests occur on behalf of a criminal alien who has family members in the United States. ICE should be asked to disclose how many of these releases came after such appeals were made on behalf of criminal aliens.

These figures call into question President Obama’s request to Congress for permission to reduce immigration detention capacity by 10 percent in favor of permission to make wider use of experimental alternatives to detention. These alternatives already are subject to serious questions about their efficacy and cost, and ICE’s methodology for evaluating the results needs to be carefully scrutinized. The reduced detention bed-space request, submitted as part of the executive branch’s budget plan, comes at a time in which ICE’s detention space needs are expanding due to rapidly increasing illegal arrivals along parts of the southwest border and continued high numbers of criminal aliens encountered by agents in the interior. The news that ICE released so many criminal aliens convicted of so many serious and violent crimes suggests that ICE could use more detention capacity, not less, in order to prevent further harm to the public from these individuals. ICE should be asked to track and disclose what additional crimes may have been committed by these individuals after their release.

ICE devotes very few resources to victim assistance and notification programs, and these meager efforts are focused primarily on helping victims of human trafficking rather than those who have been harmed by alien criminals. In fact, the only “ombudsman” type of position ICE has established — and maintained even in the face of specific congressional de-funding of the position — focuses on aiding illegal aliens, not their victims. ICE should establish a notification system, modeled on the most successful federal, state, or local victim-witness assistance programs, to alert the victims of alien criminals, local law enforcement agencies, and the public when violent or dangerous criminal aliens are released from its custody.

The criminal aliens released in 2013 had more than 300 convictions for “flight escape,” indicating that they had a prior history of fleeing from authorities. Experience (and common sense) suggests that such individuals would be poor candidates for release while awaiting possible deportation. Studies have shown that fewer than a quarter of deportable aliens who are released from custody while awaiting the outcome of immigration proceedings will show up for immigration court to finish their case. The departments of Homeland Security and Justice should be asked to disclose how many of these criminal aliens became fugitives after their release from ICE custody.


The revelation that 36,007 criminal aliens were released from ICE custody in 2013, an average of nearly 100 per day, is shocking, and could further shake public faith in the effectiveness of current immigration enforcement policies. This information is sure to raise concerns that, despite professions of a focus on removal of criminal aliens, Obama administration policies frequently have allowed political considerations to trump public safety factors and, as a result, aliens with serious criminal convictions have been allowed to return to the streets instead of being removed to their home countries.

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is on the verge of announcing the results of a review of deportation policies, ordered by the president in response to immigrant advocacy group protests. Most observers believe this review will result in policy changes to further expand the number and categories of illegal aliens who effectively are exempt from immigration enforcement and, if experience is a guide, will further increase the number of criminal aliens who are released instead of deported. Lawmakers and the public must insist that DHS fully disclose and be held accountable for the public safety impact of any additional deportation policy changes.

Comment by William R. Cumming

November 24, 2015 @ 8:27 am

Chris! Have you not heard that almost 80% of voters have NO FAITH in US immigration and deportation policy or program implementation. And over five years ago I posted a comment on this blog denouncing administration of the visa waiver program controlled by the STATE Department not DHS.

If my info is correct over 60 nation-states have been given visa waivers by the US out of over 200 UN member nation-states.

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